Sumire "Ice Flower of the Stage" Hikami

Sumire Hikami

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Sumire Hikami (氷上 スミレ)

Age: 12-13 (Season 3)
Blood type: AB
Birthday: October 20
Sign: Libra
Favorite food: Red tea and scones

Sumire is a very beautiful girl with a calm disposition and is kind, soft-spoken, and polite. She has always preferred being by herself, but this began to change when Akari became her roommate. She loves LoLi GoThiC and fortune-telling and is commonly seen carrying tarot cards with her. She also seems to admire Yurika Toudou, as she has a poster of her up on the wall of her room. Her special talent is 'positive reading'; she can make any fortune into a positive statement.

(Source: Aikatsu Wikia)

Voice Actors
Wakui, Yuu
Tomoyama, Mona