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Tsuki ga Kirei
Tsuki ga Kirei
May 14, 6:53 PM
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Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
Apr 2, 10:42 PM
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Apr 2, 10:41 PM
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Yesterday, 12:34 AM
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Haru-nee ga Boku ni xx Suru Riyuu
Haru-nee ga Boku ni xx Suru Riyuu
May 23, 11:29 PM
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
May 23, 2:50 AM
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Akashika12 Yesterday, 2:59 AM
saya mau nanya gimana cara nambahin gambar di bio,, maaf ya saya masih baru
tsog May 20, 5:17 PM

Did I mention they are Indonesian before? That's cool~
CheekyPenguin May 18, 3:53 AM
gw buat poll-nya ya nanti utk fall 2016...lupa bnran wkwkw
tsog May 17, 3:55 PM
How? is there any hint in the first season that she wasn't really dead?

Remember, they never even found her body in season one. Plus she's easily the best girl in the show. Would be a shame if she dead.

So u got hooked when Kazuki appears in the Amane's back past? lol
Um. Yeah....?

How could ANYONE not be :P

Wait what?
OK, I'll wait. Shoot?

but the other two?
Oh. Well. I don't know. They both look good?

Whats your PC spec btw?
Pretty sure I mentioned it before....

Dual core + 860M, GPU perf on par with first gen PS4.

You're not gonna moving to Canada?
It's cold up there

Incest is Wincest, right?

Kazuki has great personality, that's all I can say.

Cold but not all that cold, sarcastic but also caring, and drop dead gorgeous hahahaha

And she's the smart one

And sure, the incest angle helps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I don't have an explicit preference for incest, I'll ship whoever I like, and I'll hate on sisters if I have to (OreImo).

Btw you're not gonna be MAL supporter? Since i see you use this site alot. lol
LOL is that a serious question
CheekyPenguin May 17, 5:12 AM
Yoi bang. Sbrnya hiatus sih Januari-Februari kemarin utk nyari kerja, tp bis itu lgsg nge-MAL lg haha.

Btw thx bgt buat poll IALC-nya utk season ini, lupa gw wkwkwk...
tsog May 15, 5:37 PM
Huh what? thats a lot. I probably gonna think twice if it was release in here. lol
Well it was import BD vs. domestic DVD, so the cost is doubly more expensive.

In the VN and the anime, Yuuji already said his sister is already dead or something and its kinda been said in Amane's route when Amane and Yuuji comes to the forest and pay respect for her tomb or something.
Yeah but it was kinda obvious she wasn't really dead :P

Wow, you're gonna bought a complete set of Grisaia? so what makes you bought that? moreover, what makes you interested with grisaia?
My issue with the first anime is how rushed it was, but the underlying story is solid. Plus, I can't get enough of Kazuki <3 <3 <3

Well, lets see... maybe Tsuki ga Kirei ?
Yup on my list

Let's see... not as many hyped shows for me this season, namely Alice to Zokuro, Fukumenkei Noise, Hinako Note, Zero Kara, and guilty pleasures like Renai Bokun, Machiavellian, and Re:Creator for action pick.

DAMN, DAT WAS CHEAP though the harddisk is kinda small.
Oh no I think it came with 1TB HDD too.

I'd buy it but I want to ride my current PC out another two years

Well, i want it but Trump wouldnt allowed me tho. lol
Yeah I recommend Canada nowadays

One more reason why Kazuki is best girl:
CheekyPenguin May 14, 8:46 PM
Haha selo bang. Gw msh aktif masuk2in org sampe skrg jg.
tsog May 12, 6:06 PM
But you know the worth is not about the quality in the content but the feeling when you have collection of it. (not sure if i phrase it right)
Sure? Mushishi BD also happens to cost like 10x more than the Funimation DVD release.

I care more about quality though so I won't knowingly spend more for an upscale (I didn't know the NISA Toradora BD was just an upscale mkay T_T ).

I dont know but somehow i know you're gonna pick that girl.
Kazuki is the easy choice though. She's actually got the most favorites here on MAL.

Lets see if you're gonna watch Renai Boukun, i believe you will be attracted to this girl.
Hmm well let me just say I don't like her design much

Yeah, Kazuki is not showing much because at the first Yuuji already said she is already dead or something (CMIIW) so i dont expect that she wil appears in another series but seems my guess is wrong
Didn't you watch Eden of Grisaia???

AFAIK the original Grisaia story has ended. And yeah I broke down and preordered the English Grisaia complete box. I slowed down on buying anime this year, that's how I justified this lololol

Anyway, what anime did you gonna follow on this season?
Well I watch everything not bishie or mecha, so.... IDK, take your pick lololol

Oh and I saw a deal on a refurbished gaming PC yesterday.... $450 for 6th gen Core i5, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD, AND the 4GB RX480..... such a good deal but I didn't need another PC. Move here man...
Playcool Apr 28, 7:53 AM
Yeah, nice to see him doing something that in the end breaks the mold of what he has been known for, and excelling at that, great!

There were some stuff they never gave us responses to, that many of us taken it to be as creators' choice of doing things, letting us think that out by ourselves.
Well you say you are not going to watch it, but I dont believe you wont have the desire to see Lelouch again, when S3 starts to air.

I have been watching recent anime, Alice, Tsumugomo and Virgin Soul, since I m doing projects of those for hi10 anime. Dont have an interest in the rest, when I have to wait weekly for it, it is a kill joy.

tsog Apr 27, 5:05 PM
if there was like Mushishi, Space Brothers or Toradora BD
From what I've read Mushishi BD is just an upscale and not worth the premium over DVD

The NISA Toradora BD is another upscale, people say it's worse than even the DVDs they previously released. Not sure if the JP one is proper HD or if it's another upscale.

I see that you finished the Grisaia anime, i am happy that you actually finished it. lol. so how was it?
First season made me want to read the VN, although I have to admit the anime was too rushed.

Season two was getting boring until the second half, and ultimately it had a somewhat opposite effect. Kazuki is absolutely the best girl, but unfortunately she only really shows up in Eden which kinda makes me not want to play the first two VNs.

Yes, Kazuki is THAT GOOD. She basically overshadowed all the other girls and, well, makes me want to read it less now.
Akashika12 Apr 24, 7:55 PM
terimakasih salam kenal
HiroC27 Apr 23, 12:18 AM
konnichiwa ~
Kynov mau konfirmasi nih , buat join di grup ,
udah request kemarin buat join + add ente , cuman belum di Confrim request join nya , sama acc friend request nya ~
tolong di proses ya , makasih.

tsog Apr 22, 5:03 PM
I dont need kind of gamers comp or something just an affordable comp that can run play many high tier games in normal graphic.
Hmm you might be able to get away with a 1050/1050TI then. Those are just a bit over $100. About half the perf of a 1060.

So now, the minimum for ram is 8gb?
I mean you can run Windows at lower RAM than that but 8GB isn't that much more expensive and would definitely help....

I disable page file on my computers so I prefer 8GB minimum.

and what is the diff between SSD and HDD? thats the first time i heard it.
LOL really?

SSD is much faster but more expensive per GB than HDD.

There are lots of other differences but I won't bore you with them :)

Damn you have nier automata?
No not yet. Hasn't been on good sale on Steam yet, plus like I said my PC can't drive it that well. Also just no time for RPGs lol

I think they say the minimum spec is a 770GTX, my 860M is lower than that.

so u bought ps4?
Nah I thought about it but I rather buy a high end PC instead for more money cuz there's not much use for a PS4 for me. With PC I can actually use it for PC stuff.

I was just comparing the GPU performances of PS4 and the mid-range GPUs nowadays.

They like cramped the 5 heroine stories into 12 episodes which is a bad idea.
Haha I get this feeling. It's a very long VN after all.

Oh and I totally misread the complete box listing, it DOES NOT include Phantom Trigger, only the same games as in the Japanese version. Guess I'll stick to Steam games then.

Toradora BD? wahh thats my first anime. If it was here, maybe i would bought it.
Do you have a BD player?
tsog Apr 21, 4:09 PM
I like her character and her design, you know as usual baka girl.
Man that's the the type of character I don't like T_T

Vigne my fav if I had to pick one

I just search aboout RX480 and it was cost about 200$ in here or 3 million rupiah. It only for the graphic cards, how about the others? you know like the processor and etc?
LOL maybe it's cheaper if you buy it from store here and ship it to Indonesia :)

IDK, CPU depends on how many cores you need etc. For me I think 2 cores are enough, but really depends on the games you play.

Check around for reviews (I read AnandTech everyday, there are bunch of other sites that review hardware). Some games are highly threaded while other games don't care if you run on 2 cores or 4.

Minimum 8GB of RAM, HDD you can save money by getting mechanical HDD instead of SSD.

Wow, what kind of intensive game did you play anyway?
Uh nothing right now really.

I have Megadimension VII in my library, that's the most intensive game I own probably (oh there's Shadow of Mordor but I probably won't get around to play it for years, want to play all the anime games first :3 :3 :3).

I plan to get FFF Advanced Dark and Nier: Automata as well. Both are PS4 ports, and Nier Automata is more demanding cuz I think they got fancier effects for the PS4 Pro.

I think RX480 is just a tad under the GPU perf of a PS4 Pro. I only got a 860M which is roughly on par with the first XBONE and PS4.

If you don't mind the 860M the first gen Alienware Alpha (which is what I got) is hella cheap now. IIRC it was like only $200 last holiday sale. It won't run Nier at 1080P max settings though that's for sure.... the RX480 should be able to.

and what did you play right now?
VNs and RR3. That's it for now. Plan to start on another RPG in a few weeks/months when I'm done watching Winter shows.

About Grisaia, For the Grisaia no Kajitsu i think its pretty damn well. The story is so thrilling at the end and believe me, you will enjoy this one and i think its doesnt have any problem if u dont see the 18++ stuff since its not too much related to the story.
I gonna watch the anime first and decide :D

The complete VN box for 250 + 55 shipping is not cheap at all.... but if it's a really good VN series I can bite. Heck I imported the Shigofumi BD set for one. Tempted to import the JP Toradora BD set too cuz the one released by NISA here has shitty video quality T_T

For Phantom trigger, i absolutely have no idea about that franchise.
IDK probably sequel or side story to the whole Grisaia franchise. Should be the last VN for the series if what they say is correct, lol.
tsog Apr 20, 4:56 PM
Btw dang man, recently, i am more interested in SoL and anime like Cute girls doing things like gabriel drop out or demi chan. Man, did i degenerate or something?
No man, welcome to the club :D

Though I can't say Gabriel Dropout was any good...

Well, i just thinking , did i can build some good pc (for gaming especially) at 500-600$? Well, you know at least i can play some high tier games in normal quality.
Absolutely, yeah. I've seen prebuilt PCs with RX480 for slightly above that. RX480 should be good enough to play most modern games at max setting at 1080P. The RX500s series just got released this week so RX480 should be even cheaper in the coming months. RX580 isn't that much better than the RX480 so no need to get the latest gen. The best deal I saw was a 4GB RX480 for only $140 a few months back.

I've been thinking of building my own PC too but I honestly don't have the time right now to be playing many intensive games (seriously, most of my Steam library are VNs).

That reminds me:

So... how good is Grisaia? I'm tempted to pick up this complete box lol. Hopefully it's for realz complete this time.... after they released the complete box last year (JP only) they ended up releasing Phantom Trigger this year.

I have the original game on Steam and never got around to play it. The Steam one is missing all the 18+ stuff so the complete box would have the full story.