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June 6th, 2013
First of all, let me saying this. This all charts is based on my taste and what i list in this is the OP that i NEVER SKIP (usually i always skip the OP parts). Honestly, i list this based on the suitability within music and the story for the anime itself and of course, its subjective. Anyway, the rank in this article doesnt mean anything. so there is #1 or anything. Anyway, i guarantee you will enjoy the rank that i made. so, hope you like it!

1. The Tatami Galaxy (Asian Kung-fu Generation - Maigo inu to ame no beat)

Why do i like it? Honestly, i dont know it too. but its so unique and the beat from asian kung-fu generation was so catchy.

2. Mushishi (Ally Kerr - The Sore Feet Song)

Do i need to tell the reason? Geeez, fine. If you havent watched mushishi then watch it, if you dont like it then its your problem. but at least try listening this OP. Its amazingly good. Its calm, cool, mild, relaxing. Oh god! JUST LISTENING this and you will know how it feels

3. Space Brothers

Space Brother, another great anime that many people didnt realize it. Space Brother being into my top anime with many particular reason, its a great slice of life anime. I recommend it! Not just the anime itself, the music was great too and those two openings are my favorite!

4. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari (Seira Kagami - Follow Me)

Never heard the anime? well, this anime wasnt so popular because it just appears in OVA. but this anime was like a hidden diamond. if you love some harem and romance anime this one is totally suitable with your taste. Anyway, the OP is the greatest song that i've ever heard. Its so catchy and easy listening. I bet you will love it too....
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