Tsubame Matsunaga

Tsubame Matsunaga

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!
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Tsubame Matsunaga (松永 燕)
One of the four Goddesses of War. She shown as to be very intelligent and cunning, using plans and strategies at a level that rivals both Yamato and Touma Aoi. She is also a master of the art of tactics and has never lost a battle. Tsubame has stated that she has never fought a battle that she didn't think she could win. Also, she is the second strongest female martial artist in the world with Momoyo as First.

Note: She did not appear in the original MajiKoi VN, but does have a cameo appearance in the anime and plays a large role in the future fan-disc MajiKoi-S.

Voice Actors
Flecknoe, Maggie
Nagatsuma, Juri