Tsubame Matsunaga

Tsubame Matsunaga

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!
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Tsubame Matsunaga (松永 燕)
One of the four Goddesses of War. She shown as to be very intelligent and cunning, using plans and strategies at a level that rivals both Yamato and Touma Aoi. She is also a master of the art of tactics and has never lost a battle. Tsubame has stated that she has never fought a battle that she didn't think she could win. Also, she is the second strongest female martial artist in the world with Momoyo as First.

She didn't appear in original MajiKoi VN but has a cameo appearance in anime and plays large role in future fan-disc MajiKoi-S

Voice Actors
Flecknoe, Maggie
Nagatsuma, Juri