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Death Note turned comedy. MC from both series are intelligent and confident in their abilities. Playing mind games with anyone who faces them. In Death Note: MC uses the power of the Death Note to create a new world. While in No Game No Life: Sora and Shina ( Siblings) are transported to a fantasy world where they play a game. Both series involves Life and Death situations. One is dark while other comedy and ecchi at times.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Now obviously No Game No Life is more light-hearted than Death Note but they both have a ridiculously smart main character and both have the same sort of mind games going on.
report Recommended by oliveoyl2
Both main characters are geniuses in their own right. They're both master planers and have incredible reasoning and deduction skills. While the shows differ on tone, one being dark and serious, and the other light-hearted and care free. The shows central plot revolves around the achievement of godlike status. Figuratively or literally.
report Recommended by g0tadman
No Game No Life is basically just a complete mind game. Unlike Death Note, this is probably an easier anime to understand.
report Recommended by Kaka_bum
Both anime show the brilliance of the characters minds.It is a fight of the protagonists minds and their opponents one might say.Both will make you wonder how in the world did they think of each of their moves and decisions.The only difference is that in Death Note they fight with their lives on the line.
report Recommended by chester212
If you enjoy smart shows, like Death Note, No Game No Life is an absolute must watch series. Both series showcase brilliant characters, albeit in extremely different circumstances, and both plots are compelling. While I was watching No Game No Life, all I could think of were the amazing strategies that both Light and Shiro/Sora employed to reach their goals. All in all, No Game No Life is a must- watch for Death Note fans craving brilliant characters.
report Recommended by Fandang
Genius protagonists mentally dominate everyone around them.
report Recommended by TheZarrox
The real similarity between these two titles is the complexity of the plot and to a small degree the core idea as well. Both shows depict two sides trying to get ahead of each other. The plot is like a game where the main characters are constantly trying to think ahead and set up traps for their opponents; I find their schemes are generally really clever. That being said that's probably their biggest/only notable similarity. Death Note is much more dramatic and heavy whereas No Game No Life is light, colourful, and contains more anime tropes.
report Recommended by CinnamonSoda
Imagine Death Note's intricate, constantly twisting plot, and remove all the gloomy death and misery; Imagine that Light and L are both good guys but take nothing seriously; Imagine that instead of operating in modern Japan they are transported to a world where all fantasy meets. Now slap on an ultra-bright, fast, fluid pastelish animation style, and you have No Game No Life, the middle point where Death Note meets Gurren Lagann
report Recommended by lupin-x2
They both have main character that are all based on strategy,both with extremely smart protagonists The difference is that,while no game no life has a more colorful atmosphere,death note has a darker one
report Recommended by JohannSenpai
No Game No Life and Death Note are that kind of anime that has some badass genius characters, if you want someone for you to get amazed by his/her brilliant mind, dude, these are the best animes.
report Recommended by King_Meruem169
brain trips
report Recommended by kerbless
No Game No Life doesn't have the real world feel that is brilliantly displayed in Death Note, however the strategy and mental battles between characters are found in both of these great titles. NGNL will entertain you while BLANK takes over the world that they have won the right to live in, until they conquer God himself. The artwork is spectacular, bright and lively, enough ecchi to not become generic to watch, and of course the games are amazing. I highly recommend watching this light novel adaptation it is one of my top favorite anime of all time.
report Recommended by CikDemo
Same stunning brain game on the main character
report Recommended by Sheyne
Both include insanely intelligent people who Predict their opponents moves.
report Recommended by lleintt
Similarity - Challenge another side - Some Fantasy involved but not superpower Difference - No game no life is about winning game such as chess and poker - Death note is to catch the criminal Which one is better? should watch both
report Recommended by reren
Lots of thinking and mind games. Smart and cocky main character.
report Recommended by Alex2422
Death Note is a very mind boggling anime as the viewers a constantly involved with the cases involved in it. Constant observation is required to understand the schemes related to the plot
report Recommended by Kyuboyo
main protagonists are geniuses and it's really fun to see how they solve the problems at hand
report Recommended by SSJcupcake
Strategy and Conquer. Death Note and NGNL knows no bounds of showing how people use clever plans and strategy to conquer the opponent. Both anime start with intelligent people, though Light is a high school student, whereas Blank, which is Sora and Shiro, are NEETs, who end up being associated in an extraordinary event. In Death Note, it is the battle of Kira vs L, NGNL shows a battle of Blank vs the world. Death Note gives a great rivalry to witness, though countless interesting mind games are given in NGNL as Blank battles various individuals and races.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
They don't have much in common. It's just that, if you want to send your brain 'cells at work' (Pun intended,though I haven't watched CAW yet) trying to understand a series, these 2 definitely deserve an A+ in that case.
report Recommended by Codex_1051
Both are centered around a genius who goes around dominating their world, although Death Note can be a lot more morbid than NGNL.
report Recommended by fudge290
equally smart who can exceed ordinary humans
report Recommended by RazanMI_29
both are psychological to some extent death note being darker but both of them share the same thing in common, they both have psychological warfare between the protaganist/antagonist and another character if you are into thrillers like these which leave you on the edge of your seat then you will definitely enjoy death note or no game no life
report Recommended by PringleDrop
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