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One Outs
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One Outs
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No Game No Life
Both main characters are brilliant at mindgames and deceiving. If you liked that in either one of these shows you will find the satisfactory in the other, too.
report Recommended by Lylaaz
-both have superb mind games that just leave the opponent speechless -both have cocky but smart main characters
report Recommended by gizzm0x
Both about the main characters completely outsmarting and dominating the other characters. Both incredibly amazing and addictive!
report Recommended by SaikaKS
If you want a series of thrilling gambles with a lot in stake and a protagonist that seems to have everything planned out and almost always wins flawlessly with unmatched intellect and skill just like in No Game No Life, these are all in One Outs. Though One Outs is only about baseball, it is still a suspenseful watch.
report Recommended by IrMaXuS
Both MC's Will do ANYTHING to win and use strategic and psychological warfare to their advantage!
report Recommended by Synic
Both protagonists have uncanny abilities to read their opponents and make for a great psychological battle. no game no life is basically one outs without the sports and with ecchi.
report Recommended by uoam
-both have extremely cocky but intelligent main protagonists -both involve gambling or betting as a major part of the story. -both involve mind games and trickery
report Recommended by Pman1994
Different in settings only. But they share many similarities -Winning gambles is the main objective. -Both MCs own high intelligence -Use deceiving tricks to win -Both MCs are unbeatable -People around them do not have faith in them for the first time, but after several games, they are shocked and amazed -Produced by the same company
report Recommended by chiyo-german
Although the plots are completely different the main characters always use there head to outsmart and outplay their opponents. In NGNL one of the main characters has an ability called "Cold reading" where he can tell what someone is thinking by the way they are acting, in One Outs the MC has the same ability.
report Recommended by CremisiAnime
well both anime's mc/mcs are extreamly talented at what they do and are down right amazing in crushing there opponents
report Recommended by Khan_Niazi
It's all about winning game over the opponent by using psychology and tactics. Totally fun, shouldn't miss any of them.
report Recommended by reren