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The term ‘Overpowered’ simply cannot be expressed enough time and time again. There is no better feeling than putting oneself in the public spotlight to be look down upon by a superior being only for that food chain to be turned around and giving the hunter a taste of its own medicine. ‘Kakegurui’ hammers in an environment where power and position are determined by a person’s sheer will to control fate which in turn excludes fair play in an unwritten rule. The storyline and character development paves well with its gender inequality as can be seen by a lack of male characters at top positions but   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
The biggest similarity between No Game No Life and Kakegurui is the game aspect. In No Game No Life, you have to play a game to settle any argument. You don't have to play a game to settle everything in Kakegurui, however the characters choose to do it any way.
report Recommended by derichgels
When it comes to games with high stakes, NGNL is easily the most popular one among recent shows. Also, both of these shows feature games with ridiculous setups.
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
The same plot where it involves games , gambling, ecchi and high stakes, except of course in the setting and players were different, cu'z in NGNL it involves a brother and sister duo, while in Kakegurui it only involves one hot girl.
report Recommended by Whoahoho
getting inside the characters' head to find out their strategy to win a game, always intriguing and possibly twisted
report Recommended by dindasmart
both animes use games as a way to gain a higher position and respect in the hierarchy. In my opinion, both animes are very enjoyable with characters who have a depth to them. I recommend both animes! x
report Recommended by HardeepIsGay
In both anime everything is done through games and gambling and game conditions are also on extreme level (In some cases life and death).
report Recommended by XZAVIERIVAN
They are similar in gambling in an insane level and the game is the life for the main characters in each one.
report Recommended by Youssef_Samir
extreme gambling
report Recommended by kfys93
If you liked the THINKS FOR EVERYTHING AND MANIPULATES EVERYONE characters and also has a pretty insane reason then both of these are for you If you like high stakes BOTH ARE FOR YOU! If you like both dubbed, more power too you. If you like learning different games said charterers play Then Watch these.
report Recommended by Neko-Nini
For anyone who likes an anime that involves gambling.
report Recommended by Confusi0n
-Smart protagonist -Animes who talk about gambling
report Recommended by Gintoki3301
Both include some sort of gambling. Both have godly HIGH IQ mc. Both have an off voice explaining whats happening. In both the gambling is the most important thing in the f* world. In both being good at games mean everything.
report Recommended by iNVE14
The MCs both like to win. The games must have consequences in order to play. No mercy while playing the games.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
These two animes talk about gambling with high stakes involved.
report Recommended by Ryouta_Yuuki
these anime have ONE thing truly in common with each other, that is the theme of gambling. The use of games to declare the victor of an argument or all out stakes resulting in tremendous outcomes for the parties is what really links these anime together. Also the characters share quite some traits like Yumeko and Sora are really both risk takers, both going into a bet as if they know they're bout to win
report Recommended by 1iq-Salty
playing games are the deciding factor for settling decisions and bets; intense gambling
report Recommended by silhouwets
Both focus on an OP main character playing games, sometimes skill-based and sometimes luck-based, and finding fancy ways to win while putting all their lives on the line.
report Recommended by StardustSailor
-Both include gambling while playing games -Both include figuring out how the opponent is cheating -Fanservice... A ton...
report Recommended by kar1a
In Kakegurui the students of a school decide everything by games like in No game no life where they are in world where everything is decided by games
report Recommended by GoodSmess
-Both revolve around games and gambling -All protagonists are able to see though and observe their opponents' strategies and tricks -The stakes are really high, causing tons of suspense (sometimes even one's life)
report Recommended by notalyssa
high stakes mind games, powerful protagonists, unexpected twists
report Recommended by alex-l
Mind games and ecchi. The MCs are pretty likeable in both series, i liked the way they enjoy the game itself while everyone is worried about the stakes.
report Recommended by andrewgon
If you enjoy the "I outsmarted your outsmarting" trope in game-type animes, both of these is perfect for you. While No Game No Life is leaned more towards the fantasy / isekai genre, Kakegurui is somewhat more realistic, in a sense that its events are more likely to happen in real life. Both anime explore how people cheat in order to win and how the protagonists outsmart these opponents. Albeit being "new" to the environment they are presented into, they ace everyone else and quickly rise to the top of their respective hierarchy.
report Recommended by KondouKureno
If you saw both, you'll notice that there's one similarity: overpower. - The two shows involves badass characters - Both of the main protagonists spend almost their whole time playing and betting with another people. - The concept of gambling can be applied to both. - The only difference is No Game no Life is like an isekai, and Kakegurui is more designed to be intriguing and horrifying. - And also the animation is noticeably different. If someone will ask me which I prefer, I'll stay on the side of No Game no Life, even if the two shows are great.
report Recommended by tomioka_hashira
Both are extremely good animes but I think kakegurui is better than no game no life. Both are similar in their ways of how games rule everything. Everything must be settled through games.
report Recommended by nyecoal
World centered around competing in games
report Recommended by Alphatreyu
Kakegurui and No Game No Life share many similarities in terms of story, art, and overall production. Starting off with story, Kakegurui centers around a gambling school in which students strive to earn money and respect. Alternatively, No Game No Life is a distinctive isekai themed series in which two siblings battle the god of games for the throne. The animes show an obvious parallel: people game and gamble with the intention of coming out on top. Moving on to the topic of art, it may be different on a superficial level, but looking closer they use many of the same tactics to bring the shows to   read more
report Recommended by akirasceiling
In similarity, both have very exhilarating moments and lots of climatic build up though to understand you must have a high IQ.
report Recommended by Angroooo
Both have gaming as the central premise and characters decide their fates by dueling in a game. Both also have fanservice and some lewd jokes/themes.
report Recommended by 3005
There is also gambling in "No Game No Life" and definitely some inappropriate humor.
report Recommended by ringside
Wanna bet your life and everything on gambling? These animes are one of the best psychological and thriller of all time. The plot twists are incredible. Your brain gets tired after watching these. No Game is only 12 episodes long with unfortunately no sequel and Kakegurui has 2 seasons each with 12 episodes so both can be watched in a day or two.
report Recommended by OtakuGamer5
For those who liked the way the games are taken to another level, you should enjoy this one too.
report Recommended by Ericxsw
Both game related and MC are Crazy! Big Gambles (Life or Death) -"Isekai" or High school setting is better? -Normal crazy or Craziness!
report Recommended by Nico-A-N-I-M-E-
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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