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The term ‘Overpowered’ simply cannot be expressed enough time and time again. There is no better feeling than putting oneself in the public spotlight to be look down upon by a superior being only for that food chain to be turned around and giving the hunter a taste of its own medicine. ‘Kakegurui’ hammers in an environment where power and position are determined by a person’s sheer will to control fate which in turn excludes fair play in an unwritten rule. The storyline and character development paves well with its gender inequality as can be seen by a lack of male characters at top positions but   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
The biggest similarity between No Game No Life and Kakegurui is the game aspect. In No Game No Life, you have to play a game to settle any argument. You don't have to play a game to settle everything in Kakegurui, however the characters choose to do it any way.
report Recommended by derichgels
When it comes to games with high stakes, NGNL is easily the most popular one among recent shows. Also, both of these shows feature games with ridiculous setups.
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
The same plot where it involves games , gambling, ecchi and high stakes, except of course in the setting and players were different, cu'z in NGNL it involves a brother and sister duo, while in Kakegurui it only involves one hot girl.
report Recommended by Whoahoho
getting inside the characters' head to find out their strategy to win a game, always intriguing and possibly twisted
report Recommended by dindasmart
In both anime everything is done through games and gambling and game conditions are also on extreme level (In some cases life and death).
report Recommended by XZAVIERIVAN
Two places where games and gambling are everything to them; a school in Kakegurui and a whole world in No Game No Life. But when unlikely characters enter these places; a girl to the school and a guy with his little sister, they will show strange ways to play. These two anime revolve around the concept of games. They show psychological battles when playing games, that become such an entertaining watch for both anime.
report Recommended by Phloup
They are similar in gambling in an insane level and the game is the life for the main characters in each one.
report Recommended by Youssef_Samir
extreme gambling
report Recommended by kfys93
If you liked the THINKS FOR EVERYTHING AND MANIPULATES EVERYONE characters and also has a pretty insane reason then both of these are for you If you like high stakes BOTH ARE FOR YOU! If you like both dubbed, more power too you. If you like learning different games said charterers play Then Watch these.
report Recommended by Neko-Nini
For anyone who likes an anime that involves gambling.
report Recommended by Confusi0n
-Smart protagonist -Animes who talk about gambling
report Recommended by Gintoki3301
The MCs both like to win. The games must have consequences in order to play. No mercy while playing the games.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince