Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha

Darker than Black

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: DTB
Japanese: Darker than BLACK -黒の契約者-
English: Darker than Black
German: Darker Than Black
French: Darker than Black
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Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2007 to Sep 28, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Fridays at Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Bones
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, MysteryMystery, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Theme: Super PowerSuper Power
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.071 (scored by 419615419,615 users)
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Ranked: #4972
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Popularity: #156
Members: 887,642
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Darker than black, combined with a few "American hitman movies" like Bourne, Leon, Wanted... would get you Requiem for the Phantom, as both main characters are assassins working for a crime Syndicate.  
report Recommended by aswani
Both have action. However, Darker Than Black has a bit more deep story line. Black Cat adds some humor into the mix up.  
report Recommended by MisterYoda
It shares a lot of the same themes and the main characters are somewhat similar. Both are unable to forget their past and move forward. The most obvious is the the style and the music as well.  
report Recommended by teletha
Darker than Black and Code Geass are both in a technological world where the protagonist have a very powerful ability. There are lots of pizza hut hidden in the background or just somewhere on the screen. Suspense and fights, thats what they are all about. 
report Recommended by Kyo_Kagami
Both take place in future. The same idea, that people with 'anomalies' work for organization against people having the same kind of 'anomalies'. The same mood. Both main characters are something like garbage.  
report Recommended by Sony_Plastation
Let's just say Darker Than Black is much grittier and darker, and there are nothing assumed. It's also more intelligent and you can't find any over used cliche at all. If Witch Hunter Robin was an excellent show for you, then Darker than Black will be a superior show for you. 
report Recommended by rayyhum777
The main characters (Hei and Kazuma) are both contractors and the others also have some extra-ordinary powers which other people don't have. Than we also have the detective/police woman, in Darker than BLACK Misaki and in Kaze no Stigma Kirika. I think that Kaze no Stigma contains some more humour than Darker than BLACK but I enjoyed both of this series very much. Somehow I saw some things that were alike so I wanted to do this recommendation.. 
report Recommended by Erisu
Both of them have this mysterious feel around the plot and characters working behind the scenes for a larger vision.  
report Recommended by Metictype
Two of the darkest, supernatural AND mystery genera that I know of. They both use a lot of dark lighting for their night scenes, and a lot of light, when it comes to the day time. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
People with special abilities and groups performing missions. Not to mention all around action. Darker than Black is of course edgier and well, darker [no pun intended] but they have the same feel and pacing. 
report Recommended by HRinka
Both are about how the people who have powers use them in the right and clever way to outdo their opponent, and not that if one person has a slightly better power that he wins by default or something like that. They both have that detective vs. plotter, and also they both have that mid-episode cliffhanger where you really have no idea how they would solve or handle the solution, but then they come with the most awesome things that you really never would have thought of. PS: they're both very good animes by default, you should watch them both anyway. 
report Recommended by tsunande
They have a similar sort of mystery/action thing going for them, though the pacing is quicker in Canaan, and the mystery is more... well, mysterious for Darker than Black. 
report Recommended by bettynoire
Mystery/action shows about super-powered individuals. Both protagonists have electric powers. 
report Recommended by Keirik
The author of Dimension W was the character designer for Darker than BLACK, and this little fact seems to explain why there are so many striking similarities between the two series: DW is probably best described as the author's very own edited version of DtB. Firstly, there is DW's dead-eyed, knife-rope badarse lead with an initially mysterious past as a soldier in a fictional war; currently finding himself working as something of a jack of all trades mercenary. Then there is the main plot involving a largely unexplained supernatural phenomenon that allows for all kinds of episodicness, such as even a ghost murder mystery story. So far,  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Does one have an interest in storylines about "mutant"/ESP powers? Darker than Black and Senkou no Night Raid both happen to have this around their storylines and have dark storylines that includes the relationship between those who have the powers. The style is also rather gothic when it comes to the animation and character design, not to mention also rather detailed. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Action shows with involving stories, dark atmospheres and very pretty, very flashy battles. 
report Recommended by Keirik
Characters with superpowers solving mysteries. 
report Recommended by BitoruKun
Both shows contain a somewhat "dark" atmosphere with a lighter tone appearing now and then. Each has a "secret" organization that rules the city. Each also has a sort of "special power gene" that only certain humans can obtain. This gives the characters in both series new skills and abilities. With interesting plot lines, both of these will keep you glued to your chair. 
report Recommended by Xinil
Both are sci-fi animations with a gloomy atmosphere and people who have strange abilities. 
report Recommended by Lain
An atmosphere of darkness and mystery flushes both of these series. The main character in Ergo Proxy and Darker Than Black live a double life, they have masks which hide their true faces. But not only similar characters put these titles together. The worlds described in DTB and Ergo Proxy are results of great catastrophes, connected with the main characters' destinies. 
report Recommended by Iahel
Both share a similar style where a greater storyline is carried on by seemingly unrelated episodes (or episode pairs in the case of Darker than Black). 
report Recommended by luinthoron
Also made by Studio Bones. Has a similar concept of social outcasts (Contractors/Wolves) of whose existence the general public is unaware, posing as humans and trying to survive any way they can.  
report Recommended by quitearush
Very similar super powers and how people use them . 
report Recommended by DarknessAngel
Darker than Black follows a more episodic structure, but both of them have memorable soundtracks filled with jazz. 
report Recommended by heiserx
Two dark and austere cities. One has people who possess supernatural powers, the other inhuman abilities. But in both cases, they have to compensate for their powers and they are feared by many and admired by few. Wrapped in secrets, the cities harbour a mystery or two that are only waiting to be unveiled. 
report Recommended by tameiiki
Different mood but shares similar qualities, both series adapts a small cast of main characters gifted with supernatural abilities. With those abilities also come with responsibility as they play their roles in their perspective stories. And speaking of stories, there are mysteries relating to the origins, context, and characters. There is more comedy in Mekakucity Actors while Darker than Black has a more serious nature. Nonetheless, I recommend both series for anyone interested in supernatural phenomenons.  
report Recommended by Stark700
+Both main characters are similar, both are mysterious and are assassin. +Both are Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Super Power genre. +Both anime got secret organization or Crime syndicate. +Both anime main female character got a girl beside them. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Similar dark premise as far as story lines are concerned, main characters are different but seem to both fit in their perspective storylines well. Common misconceptions from the main charcters, help thicken both plots. Great action scenes of the use of superhuman abilities, as well as the idea of an alternate reality. Overall DTB was an awesome anime, what else would you expect from a BONES production, but greatness. 
report Recommended by Aiege_Rikumaru
Both have a guy who seems innocent on the outside, but have special powers and connected to secret organisations which battle against certain phenomena which affect people within the city; all part of many principles tying up to form a large plot. Both have the same dark supernatural power which takes over certain people which they must overcome. 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
In both: - A mysterious phenomenon takes place: In DTB is the appearance of Hell´s gate and in ZnT is the Tree of Genesis. - A group of people has supernatural powers related to that phenomenon: In DTB are psychics and in ZnT are mages. - The use of magic requires remuneration. - One of the main girls is able to use powers related to time, while other has a power that can be used for good or evil. - Both have complicated dialogues/plot and are by studio BONES. IMO, Znt had more likable and more "human" characters than DTB.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
The existence of espers and beings with supernatural abilities are prominent in both of these series. In fact, some of these individuals are considered dangerous to society. The main character in both series have similar personalities in being calculating, independent, and often does things on his own. He does have a partner though who aids him with various goals. Both series has action, drama, and a mysterious background to them. In addition, they have a similar mood to them involving organizations. 
report Recommended by Stark700
both series are about some weird event that changed the world and some individuals got super powers after that they are so damn similar, i wonder from wich book they are copied or wich one is the rip off of the other one. :/ 
report Recommended by JudgeRuthless
Both have the same hellish atmosphere to them. They're also similar in terms of series structure whereas Darker than BLACK is a different story every two episodes and Jigoku Shoujo is a story per episode. Definitely worth checking out if you liked one or the other 
report Recommended by Isumers
The premise are extremely similar to each other as both deals with people with supernatural abilities that are born after a mysterious event. However, whereas Darker than Black is more seinen and SF, Needless is much more shounen and action oriented. 
report Recommended by wakka9ca
Both are dark animes with great plot, very good action and loved both of them 
report Recommended by RedExorcist
Get Backers is more light and comedy than Darker Than Black, but the themes of powers is the same, and both series has main characters that manipulates electricity in similar ways. 
report Recommended by krisjunaeien
Similar concept. Love both universes. 
report Recommended by monica_aaaa
Both anime involve humans with superhuman abilities who pair up together and an encased world that is cut-off from anywhere else. Darker than Black has contractors and dolls while Black Bullet has initiators and promoters. Black Bullet's world has protective walls built around it, whereas Darker than Black has two large areas on Earth that became inaccessible due to a strange phenomena. There's also neat fight scenes between superhuman characters in both. 
report Recommended by Chdata
There are so many similarities between these two shows even though the plots/stories are incredibly different. first of all, both series are very dark and involve a lot of action. the main characters in both series are incredibly alluring and the female supporting cast is epic as well. mayushii and yin are both mysterious heroines whose roles and relations to the male protagonist remain a mystery throughout the series. most of all both shows own SUSPENSE!!! great thrillers that are both a MUST WATCH! 
report Recommended by ItsmeAshtray
Both are very psychological, have well-choreographed fight scenes and influences from film noir. Homewer, Noir setting doesn't involve sci-fi or fantasy elements. 
report Recommended by Miyamoris
Both have main character with surpernatural ability , and both are very enjoyable anime with great and dark storyline too. 
report Recommended by tornado63
it has the same feel to it...with organizations and fight scenes...not to mention the supernatural powers 
report Recommended by lyza
Somehow Pandora is similar to Darker than BLACK - series shows a road to the important place, which is isolated and in here almost everything is explained, but there are some questions that left. 
report Recommended by Eriis
If you equate the Contractors with the Demoniac, everything else falls into place. 
report Recommended by Shurtugal
These two anime have virtually nothing in common in terms of plot. However they both have similar fast paced and impressive action sequences without sacrificing a compelling and coherent plot. Both also have a-typical protagonist personalities. 
report Recommended by Azeal
They're both dark Animes... they have really lovable villains... and in DTB the main character kinda has split personalities too... Elfen Lied's the bloodier of the two.. but if you like one of them... the other is worth checking out ^^ 
report Recommended by StabbyPWNS
Like the law of Equivalent Exchange (The rule that alchemists in the series consider to be the foundation of Alchemy, or even the fundamental law of the world: to obtain, something of equal value must be lost.) in Full Metal Alchemist; Darker than BLACK has a similar form of "payment" as a form of a contract payment or remuneration in exchange for their superhuman powers. 
report Recommended by alugirl613
Set in cities where a strange, other worldly gate has appeared turning the city into a place filled with the strange and wonderful. Kekkai Sensen tends to be lighter as it contains comedic elements, while Darker than Black maintains it's serious tone throughout the series. 
report Recommended by Kylax-
Both show has a cool story around all the character who's process super nature power...... 
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both series contain sci-fi themes mixed in with action and drama. Additionally, both series have a darker mood as the episodes progresses. There is also a bit of mystery in both series covered up malevolence. In addition, the main character are accompanied by a girl with supernatural powers and with a similar stoic personality in which the protagonist tries to save.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Similar atmosphere in these series. Little dark and gloomy, but still have funny and cute moments. And there is a "isolated town" leitmotiv in both. 
report Recommended by Bufu-hime
Although the plot is a litte different, both main characters are very similar. Hei possesses supernatural powers, wears mask on his missions and hides his true personality exactly like Lelouch. For both the most important are their younger sisters. Yin resembles Anya (similar hairstyle and emotionless). Both C.C. and Amber travel through the time, have many secrects and look alike (green long hairs, similar white clothes). 
report Recommended by Kokkishin
Both anime are immersed in the supernatural and a male protagonist with wicked fighting skills. The protagonist also shows similarities to the things he fights against. With a team including a young girl and a middle-aged man who assigns jobs, the protagonist works as a mercenary. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Darker than Black has a more supernatural tendency than Black Lagoon, but the idea of mercenaries kicking butt everywhere is pretty much universal to both these anime. Amazing action sequences, gun fights, agendas and plotting, blood and gore, they've got them both. If you want an anime with similar action style, watch this 
report Recommended by Mythical_Truth
If you need action and a deep multiple episode long story to get your anime hard-on, either of these will work. Darker than BLACK contains supernatural action and police-scoured situations with a slowly evolving story, and Gungrave takes the action one step further with intense gun-fights and classic mafia-esque plot development. Watching one will prepare you for the alternative, but make sure you have several months of free time if you plan on watching both @_@ 
report Recommended by Starman
They are both creepy and dark but have a very good story line and have very likeable characters. 
report Recommended by Fayt
Superpowers, secret organizations, badass main characters, the powers in R.O.D are much cooler and original than DTB but the plot of DTB is more interesting  
report Recommended by BleakBurst
Both anime involve characters with abilities but they have restriction on using them both are very well made amazing story and art style one is the abilities are held by anyone and the other only teens can have abilities.  
report Recommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
Anime protagonists with professional killers. Golgo 13 the protagonist is very smart and simply cold and the best sniper in the world, for those who like very op. Dark Than Black has very op protagonist as well. Recommend! 
report Recommended by xCr4zyEviiL
The animation is similar, the characterdesign is similar and in both animes the protagonist/s are fighting against creatures who look like humans and have special abilities. 
report Recommended by Lopika
-Both Naruto and Darker Than Black have people fighting with powers that are elemental, supernatural, eye powered, and destructive -Some characters fight a similar style in both series even ninja like -Gadget and weaponry involved -both are episodic, dark, and comedic as well -Mystery, Mission like, Huge Scale Fight, and World affairs -destruction and chaos involving world and people 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Masked men, mysteries, action, supernatural or sci-fi genres. Both are highly enjoyable series for the fans of mentioned themes. 
report Recommended by Jazma
Tooru reminds me Hei from Darker than Black. I think they are quite close in fighting styles and general attitude. Both of them fight with daggers with attached strings and glow in red/blue when using their powers. Both refer themselves as soulless killing machines - a Saboteur and a Contractor, while often showing unexpected kindness and dignity. Also, Chaika is somewhat similar to Suo from DTB2 with her magical sniper rifle, although differs from her in personality. Also, both shows are made by the same studio, Bones. 
report Recommended by robert_foster
They are completely different in terms of atmosphere, but there are some interesting similarities: Episodic plot focus, Both take place mostly in a huge city and most importantly, both have lots of characters with unique supernatural abilities. 
report Recommended by PorcupineHead
Watching Kara No Kyoukai came to mind that it made me think about Darker Than Black. After watching Darker than Black and Kara no kyoukai, both animes seem so incredibly fascinating in terms of supernatural events, not necessarily supernatural but Kara no Kyoukai has more mystery into it that leads to more further investigating than Darker Than Black. Darker Than Black deals with contractors who are humans as well, though I haven't really come to study about the true meaning of contractors, but contractors are just like humans who possess human characteristics. That being said, I highly recommend this anime to Kara No Kyoukai due  read more 
report Recommended by MysticStrider
in akame ga kill all have some magnificient power this is like in darker than black hei and oteas have power the story is kind of same that all of his comrades are gone one by one and i think it is the most saddest part in both anime anime. both animes are excellent to watch  
report Recommended by FlaMeGaIzER
Similar tone and feel. Both revolve around action, mystery, and confusing plots that unravel over the course of the show.  
report Recommended by kburger8
Special powers, fighting and violence. DTB is more about story and DW is rather more about boy. 
report Recommended by Eriis
The highlight of both show's main similarities are centered around the main protagonists: They are willing to do wrong to achieve things which are right to them. They have a dark past which constantly taunt them. They are emotionless when it comes to violence. They use aliases but their true names are unknown. They are terrorists in the eyes of society. Other than that, both shows somehow touch on society's problems but also involve conspiracy plots. They are also dark. Of course, the visuals are nice in both of these shows. When it comes to differences, however, DtB is more fast-paced in action and has more characters to fill in the plot  read more 
report Recommended by FalloutShounen3
Both involve high technology, plenty of battles and a somewhat dark storyline. In DtB, Hei is somewhat related to an incident resulting in the disappearance of South America. Similiarily, in Noein, Karasu is distantly related to the disappearance of various alternate worlds. Both protogonists are capable fighters, and both are searching for what happened in past times. 
report Recommended by HalRyder
Both are set in post apocolyptic times, however a bit different 
report Recommended by Anna0_o
They give off very similar vibes. Urban settings (mostly at night), assassins, action, etc. Very similar jazzy soundtrack that really make the mood work well. They are also both about large organizations/cities that try to organize the characters. If you want something fun and exciting, while a bit ridiculous, these are both enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Make a contract with me and become a... paranormal investigator... of sorts? P4 and DtB have a similar aesthetic going on. Very dark, muted colours for serious scenes, vivid colours for more relaxed endeavours. When the action gets going, it's flashy. Very, very flashy and over the top. Moral dilemmas. Sexy collarbones. It's all here. 
report Recommended by Keirik
It might seem like a bit of a long shot, but Gintama and Darker than Black do share similar elements especially in story structure. The obvious difference is that Gintama is full of slapstick and dirty jokes while Darker than Black has no comedy at all (that I can recall). The similarities come in its story telling; once Gintama establishes its world and characters the show focuses on telling stories about new guest/side-characters usually in 2-3 episode arcs. Darker than Black does the same but in 2 episode arcs. The protagonists, Sakata Gintoki in Gintama and Hei in Darker than Black, usually play a  read more 
report Recommended by Kylax-
Big O and Darker than Black draw influences from film noir (and, some may say, Batman). Both are set in a grim future brought about by a cataclysmic event that occurred years prior. The protagonists are well-known professionals in their line of work with shady pasts that may be connected to the aforementioned disaster. 
report Recommended by Berkut
DKTB and X are supernatural shows with people fighting against each other in a city (DKTB is a police scenario and X is battle royale). They both have character focus on each important character as well as heavy dialogue which makes the story's pacing slower making the pace varying on and on like a slippery slope. They both have an apocalyptic setting. DKTB is unpredictable and you will understand by your own research on the other hand, X is predictable but is not that simple. Both have a character who takes on the bad side and has a sister complex (Fuuma and Hei to Kotori  read more 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both have dark haired cool (or cold, choose) main hero with hidden identity and "secret job", who is overpowered. There are also some imouto issues, lot of stereotypical side characters and running away from past. The similarity in setting: It's postapokalyptic, there are two types of people (contractors and magicians vs. "normal") and there is significant military involvement. 
report Recommended by Monoxid
Yusei and Hei are silent protagonists who live a daily life fulfilling their duties with the aid of powerful allies but for the most part the story revolves a lot with their past in a similar setting only to lead to a conclusion which will lead them to a bigger journey. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
The supernatural element is quite similar in both anime, especially the king's power and the power of the contractor, and is set in an (slightly) alternate universe. Both have opposing organisations in control of, or fighting to control, these powers - the sources of which remains mostly mysterious throughout both series. Darker Than Black has more sophisticated storytelling than K (which is considerably less 'put together') and better developed characters. However, K is good for general entertainment, especially since it's only 13 episodes long, while DTB has more episodic storytelling over 25 episodes.  
report Recommended by fullmetalbender
it talks about war between the secret organizations and gangs They both share a dark vision of the world 
report Recommended by Mohamed_shaban
Darker Than Black may be an anime but it has elements similar to superhero/detective/supernatural shows and Batman is one of them. Darker Than Black is a great addition to watch if you like Batman especially Gotham Knight because here are the similarities: -Hei and Bruce Wayne are on a double life as Black Reaper and Batman -Both deal with criminals -Both have partners -Both deal with crime scenes Differences: -Hei is employed by the Syndicate to eradicate Contractors whereas Bruce Wayne takes down criminals as a vigilante -Darker Than Black have supernatural powers and Batman deals with people with artificial powers 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Both shows are set on sci fi setting and Setsuna F Seiei and Hei are on daily missions that will lead to something far greater than what they are achieving. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Stargazing is involved in both series as a theme as a science fiction despite being different type of series (Gundam Seed CE 73 Stargazer-Mecha and Darker than Black-Supernatural). Both shows are great and if you tried either one, try the other one as well! 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Both main characters look human, but are more than that. And they both have a double persona and run around in all black during most nights. 
report Recommended by HilaryStahlbaum
Both shows take place in worlds occupied by both humans and "superhuman" entities, and explore the tensions created between them. They both take place in modern Tokyo and heavily feature urban settings.  
report Recommended by clamsworth
Both are set in the present / near future and have distinctly "darker" atmosphere and deal with strange beings. A certain fascination with death is present in both series. 
report Recommended by BruscoLee
Baccano was already recommended so i wanted to recommend another... Both deals with crime and have the same atmosphere/ feeling (dark, 'eerie', violent) 'Waging war in the dark' and both goes under the seinen genre i guess 
report Recommended by WeiWeiWei
Both shows have a wide range of clever, scheming characters that don't exactly act as either the heroes or villains of the series.The shows both have a lot of action, and have violence in many parts as well. They also share a dark, jazzy vibe, making it feel like the viewer is really in the shadows of the big city. (Note: Fujiko Mine is much more sexually explicit than DTB, though more for artistic reasons rather than for fanservice). 
report Recommended by nemosea11
Both of these anime include great/cool fighting scenes, and the characters play out the "dark" bad guys (less in SAO). Darker than Black has magic, but SAO doesn't. And the artwork is different, but great, in both. If you've seen one and liked it, you'll probably like the other! 
report Recommended by AlveeJK
Both shows deal with a knife wielding masked MC who leads a double life is guided by supernatural companions and a talking cat in a gothic and murder setting filled with mysteries that needed to be uncovered while opposed by the law enforcement and a female prosecutor. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both are noir themed action stories that focus on hunting down criminals as well as lots of sci fi in it as well too. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
both focus on contract mercenary work and hunting down the bad guys as well too. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
Both shows feature underground syndicate groups with supernatural abilities, who deal with criminal problems. Both shows also follow similar episodic/arc-based storylines  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Episodic narratives concerning superpowered characters. DtB has a darker, more noir feel to it while KS is a bit more lighthearted 
report Recommended by joschmo11
Tokyo Ghoul gave me, especially on the two last seasons, a very similar feeling to Darker Than Black. Both series are about superpowers, a single character fighting against an organization and a lot of confusing things going on, which later on (mostly) get clear. Even though this adaption has been ruhsed, DTB is less rushed. Except at the very end, which is not as harsh as in this anime. Though the most important part for this recommendation is the mystery feel, on which DTB emphasizes a bit more than TG imo.  
report Recommended by Fabyo64
How does assassination change a person? Will a common target help a group of assassins form a bond, or the opposite? How do assassins even act? And who or what are they even killing for? How troublesome it is to be a contracted killer. These questions will be tackled by Darker than Black in a rather sinister fashion, offering an insight into the world of organized crime, while Ansatsu Kyoushitsu will shed some light on how regular life is for students who are supposed to assassinate their teacher and how they interact with the underground world. In the end, is either world as mild, or heartrending, as  read more 
report Recommended by Cenba
Both share a cast with supernatural abilities as well as a conspiracy behind the events that they are in and also a broody mc in it as well too. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
in both, catastrophic explosion caused a mysterious area to appear, impossible to enter by regular means. at the same time, new type of humans revealed themselves, which sparked a long lasting conflict. in both, main character is forced to join an organization and use his powers against his own kin. 
report Recommended by sillyfang
Similarities - Both MCs are contract killers - Both MCs have no emotion - Both MCs are skilled in hand to hand and firearms - Both MCs discover nefarious plots Differences - MC in Darker than black doesn't reincarnate - Darker than black isn't a harem 
report Recommended by ST63LTH
Follows the exploits of a electricity user who works in a 4 man team to complete missions in a world filled with other people with special powers.....except this series is considerably heavier in tone. If you enjoy espionage, kidnapping and murder give this a go.  
report Recommended by cursedcaldera
Firstly, the two main characters (Killy and Hei) are almost identical. Really.They act alike almost all the times and the overall "aura" of both series is pretty much the same. Sci-Fi, Action, Seinen... 
report Recommended by Aragusuku
Both series have mysterious protagonists with some unique power whose journey brings them into contact with others who similarly have their own unique powers. Both series begin with little explanation and flesh out the story and the relationships of the character, their past, etc throughout. In both series those with and those without powers are physiologically distinct in an immutable way, creating power imbalances. Darker than Black has heavier sci-fi themes and much less levity than Dorohedoro. It follows the lives of people, many ex-special forces or similar, who gained unique superpowers/magic abilities after being present during a mysterious event wherein an anomaly of physics swallowed  read more 
report Recommended by redacted27
-both of these are action and dark anime -china as a main element -characters have chinese names -main character seeks for their relative  
report Recommended by Hiru_Napyeer
In an altered world, the protagonists, with the help of their supernatural powers, defend themselves from the other dangerous denizens and try to fulfill their goal. Both series raise a lot of questions while watching and contain many melancholic moments. 
report Recommended by Dark_Abolisher
If you like an anime in which the protagonist is fucking and cold as the grisaia you should watch this anime 
report Recommended by Psycho00
Both anime deal with "super powers" that are only given to a few of people. As usual there are those humans that are jealous of the contractors/minimum holders or even fear them. The main characters have friends that help them and even former friends that betrayed them at some point.  
report Recommended by conanxnaruto
Completely different storylines but they sure have some similarities in between: - Characters have superpowers - when characters use their powers their eyes glow(kinda) - in DTB they have to pay a depth after using their abilities, in Darwin's game there is n depth but there is a grading system, gaining points or losing points - main characters look similar 
report Recommended by inuranus
both deal with the underground world and people with superpowers  
report Recommended by Andrey793
Similarities: •Main character shares similar personalities (both are strong, cynical, cares for others from time-to-time, etc.). •Main character both care for their sister. •Both share a similar atmosphere/feel. •Both anime are decently long (each has 2 seasons with 20+ episodes). (•My personal opinion but both shows are very good.) Differences: •Grisaia No Kajitsu has nudity while Darker Than Black doesn't have any. •People in Darker Than Black has powers due to contracts that were made while Grisaia No Kajitsu doesn't.  
report Recommended by RFernandez23
most of the themes are handled better here. 
report Recommended by lycan_
Both are about people who give up (or lose) a part of their humanity to gain special abilities. Both also have gloomy cardboard main characters. 
report Recommended by Lizard23
Both are set in a dark sci fi setting with unsettling violence in Japan. Fuse and Hei start off as killers but gradually develop feelings later on. Not to mention both are badasses with hidden personalities that truly personify them. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Darker Than Black and X-Men are about a group of beings with supernatural powers that contains many mysteries yet to be revealed. In addition, discrimination plays a role between those with power and no power. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
-The MCs in both shows are similar as they deal with a double life as a student/vigilante with a mask and knife aided by a talking cat and other companions. -The supernatural setting (Hells Gate and Mementos) take place in Japan -Persona users are similar to Contractors 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
both have supernatural powers and the abilities the main characters' powers are almost the same 
report Recommended by Seppafer
Both male and female MCs start off as non human at first until they undergo a series of episodic fashion throughout the story that deals with suffering, death, angst, and despair that involves the death of people while at the same time they develop human feelings. I can't help but compare arbiters to contractors since they are human and non human in terms of feelings. Both are good stories and if you happen to check out one or the other, give it a shot because you won't regret it after completing it! 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both shows are dark and mysterious in such manner. I can't help but compare Shun to Hei as both characters fight to search for their sisters with supernatural elements. Both setting have a supernatural phenomenon that have yet to be explained. Stargazing element is in both shows but DKTB emphasizes on it more than Arc V. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Code Geass ATE and DTB feature an MC who is badass and is known for their murderous reputation that garners attention of both allies and enemies alike while at the same time has issues that they have to deal with. Likewise the story in both shows deal with sci fi and supernatural elements therefore making it interesting to watch if you find it tasteful. The soundtrack in both show have whats in common: Jazz which is splendidly well done. Artwork and animation is kickass thanks to the budget that was delivered in both shows. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both of the shows revolve around a phenomenon that happened a few years ago, giving people special abilities. 
report Recommended by Gerard546
Both Anime Have to do something to activate their powers 
report Recommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
Mysterious powers, characters searching for their past, complex relationships and a dash of action in both. 
report Recommended by eklie
Like Darker than Blackhe first half is character focus, is mature and most timen slow pace narrative. 
report Recommended by hikarutsukino
1. Similar anime heroines. Both are emotionless girls at first. But then, thanks to the partner, they acquire emotions. 2. Similar relationships between the protagonists. Their roles in partnership are similar. 3. In general, the atmosphere is similar. 
report Recommended by DollParanoid
Enjoy sword fights, good animation and the supernatural? Darker than Black and First Squad feature a group of characters trying to correct their own realities and defend them from evil.  
report Recommended by arimakenshin
Both of these animes seem to have a lot of similarities. They basically both deal and have that mystery and investigation aspect.  
report Recommended by MysticStrider
Both are mysterious and in an episodic style. (Ok, maybe 2 episodes) Very interesting characters and good pacing to keep you on your toes. However, Darker than Black is graphic and realistic while MTNN is more fantasy based.  
report Recommended by Jen9204
Monster likes the slower paced storytelling of meeting many new characters that only appear for a short few episodes as Tenma is on his journey. Darker than Black uses a similar strategy as many characters are introduced during missions.  
report Recommended by ss4gojetanks
Superpowers, espionage, and British people. 
report Recommended by Nyktos
similar in style I think, like the agents and over all 'feel' :D 
report Recommended by kailamay
Is a sci-fi anime. Instead of cyborgs there are Contractors. Has a lot of action, but still a awesome mystery type story. 
report Recommended by Glamrgrl104
In both shows there is an organization that is trying to control "non-humans". 
report Recommended by chang
They both have super sick main characters. Vash and Hei both have sibling problems. Hei and Vash both have multiple personalities. They both contain a lot of action. Trigun is definately funnier. 
report Recommended by mailman7
Darker than Black has a similar episodic style to Samurai Champloo. Also similar to Samurai Champloo, Darker than Black has a core group of characters whose histories and motives are gradually revealed as the plot progresses, along a bevy of interesting minor characters. 
report Recommended by Ephesus
It took me awhile to understand which anime is most like Darker than Black. I know that Chobits and Darker than BLACK are two completely different genres, but if you think about it they are somewhat similar. Darker than Black has contractors that are used like machines doing the dirty work of people without the powers of a contractor. In Chobits the persocoms were normally treated as mere objects. However in the middle of both series characters begin to realize that both contractors and persocoms don't seem to be just tools but they may have some life within and act like normal humans. I'm not  read more 
report Recommended by Aji
Though the similarities aren't so obvious, if you observe closely you 'll find them. Both series are based on the character development and the relations between them, having a melancholic atmosphere. In one hand we have "Contractors" in the other "Xamdous". Both are treated like "monsters". Finally there is a controversy about justice and humanity in both shows. 
report Recommended by LyraScience
They are two diffrent anime, but they both have the same kind of mystery: Why is there a big wall in Darker than BLACK and why do Coralians appear, in E7. 
report Recommended by XzaR
darker than black is about some sort of parasite that crashed from space with a meteor, it gives super powers and have to give it something in return ayakashi is almost the same 
report Recommended by JudgeRuthless
TMGK is about a group of kids who fight to protect the city. DTB is about a group that fight to gain the truth. Althought there's no real main character in TMGK, Hei is the lovely lead role in Darker Than Black. Both anime have magic, or people magical/mystical/spiritual powers and action, fighting scenes. Personally I love both of them, so watch 'em 
report Recommended by sakR9
It gives the same kind of tension. The main characters are also both loners, and behave similarly in certain ways. 
report Recommended by Shurtugal
Because Darker than Black is almost the same als Night Head Genesis about special powers and stuff. They are both very enjoyable, worth a watch! 
report Recommended by Cursethefall
Yet another show where you've got certain people suddenly developing powers, factions of them grouping together, factions of humans trying to control or eliminate them, and various protagonists on the different sides. Similar at least in terms of the super-powers and the not-quite-making-sense-ness of it. 
report Recommended by Dorothea
supernatural, psychological, action-packed thrillers. both are expressed in different arcs, consisting of unique and very clever storylines. darker than black however is more based on the strange phenomena of people having strange powers and "hell's gate" whilst shigofumi is based on letters from the recently dead; but both are very dramatic dark anime which has lots of character development and intriguing twists and turns as well as tension and even gruesome parts. both good watches which require some thought (darker than black more so).  
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
While Iron Man doesn't get as dark as Darker Than Black, it is dark. Then again, it is hard to get darker then Darker than Black. But the thing is, Darker than Black has very many simularities to the Marvel universe, yet takes a spin on the super hero genera. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
both of the main characters work for some agency. also contractors and the cyborgs both have emotionless to be more efficient when a decision. both contractors and cyborgs are mutated humans in some sense. in gunslinger girl its artifical but in darker than black it is nonartifical and genuine. henrietta and hei both act differently compared to their peers.  
report Recommended by lexdemon514
We have here, two bloody tales, the animation invibes with 'artistic' renditions of this, if one might call it that. There is a huge mystery, surrounding the whole thing, and a theme of having peices of the puzzle missing for the reason, the information seems to be sealed off. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
What would happen if humans were to develop powers? Each of these shows take a slightly different view point on if this should happen and how normal people would react, from the view point of those with power and those likely prejudiced. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both deal with having special powers and abiities, not to mention secret organizations. The thing though is, Gauken Alice is aimed for a lower age level, while Darker than Black is aimed for a higher one, so be forewarned about that. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
They both have a type of sub-human none to myth with diffrent power for each sub-human. tones of fighting, blood, political to a fault and unemotional killers. 
report Recommended by gizmo99
~similar superpowers ~clash of different organizations ~similar characters  
report Recommended by shadows04
They both have very jazzy soundtracks, similarly dark urban vibes, and an eccentric cast of characters. One is about a group of hired hands, often used as bodyguards or assassins, the other is about a group of detectives that take various jobs. In this way, the shows are both essentially about their characters taking odd-jobs, separated into smaller arcs that culminate into an over-arching story. Sherlock is much more comical and goofy, but they both feel like they could have come from the same creator. The character designs could easily be moved around between the two and wouldn't feel out of place. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Darker Than Black and Mirai Nikki have a similar type of feel when you're watching them. They both have unique plots as well. In both Darker Than Black and Mirai Nikki, there are people trying to kill people while others try to protect them. 
report Recommended by vaninilla
Both are military experiments and both could possibly lead to the end of civilization! 
report Recommended by Yetenekli
Both series feature mysterious, darkly charismatic male leads with otherwordly powers. Though set in different time periods and geographical locations, they both feature fantastic character designs and tight, elegantly choreographed action sequences. Thematically, characters in both series struggle with what constitutes good and evil, as well as the meaning of being human. 
report Recommended by WillMunny
After a disaster which start in one area of the world, strange things appeared (in DTD it's contractor and it's admonition in M3) The both of them have a good dark ambiance and tend to make characters more interesting by their psychological behavior. 
report Recommended by Ookamiko
Both series involves a rather indifferent main character. Both series has supernatural elements mixed with action, comedy, and some emotions in later episodes. Additionally, both series has a main female character with a strange origin. Both series also has a similar feeling with detective fiction. 
report Recommended by Stark700
As far as these two anime series goes, Darker than Black and Red Garden has a dark atmosphere to them involving a small cast of characters. Among these characters, they possesses supernatural abilities that can be dangerous to society. At the same time, there's a mysterious like atmosphere relating to their origins as well as the story as a whole. There's action and characterization in both series. However, more character interactions are explored in Red Garden as we get to see more in depth of their every day lives. At the same time, mystery becomes a prominent theme in both series as the characters learns about  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both protagonists have superpowers. Hei uses lightning and fighting skills, and Tsuna uses fire mixed with fighting skills. 
report Recommended by Krish34
Even though the plots are different when one is about being an assassin and one a detective but they gives of the same feeling. They both deal with supernatural beings and the main characters are in confusion of betrayal, also they lost someone dear to them. Both anime also have human-like beings (Doll/AI) Both anime contain mystery and investigation, with gloomy and dark aura. But darker than black contains actions which Un-GO doesn't since it focuses on the mystery part. Watching Darker than black reminds me of Un-GO. 
report Recommended by Queen_Vania
Both quite dark and gritty in both storylines and animation style however one is rather lazier than the other in plot development and in the fullness and diversity on the character Which one is the lazy one? 
report Recommended by javaxcore
In both Darker than Black and Gatchaman Crowds, there exists beings with supernatural abilities. Some uses them for good while others for malevolent deeds. Luckily, there is an organization/group present in both series that tries to maintain order and puts a stop to those who tries to step above the law. Some of the main characters contrasts in personalities although Yin and Utsu-tsu has some resemblance. There is decent action present in both series as well. However, Darker than Black maintains a more serious tone with its super power theme. At the same time though, they still relate to the idea of the Tokyo setting with people  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both series contain a dark and gloom atmosphere. While watching the series, there is also a mystery background-like feeling that fills the void of the story. Both series contain action, violence, and drama. Additionally, both the main protagonists are cold not wanting others to get involved with them. Both series also contain supernatural elements set in a dark city with an almost dystopian-like background.  
report Recommended by Stark700
The plot is based on physical possibilities of human's body, guns and fightings. 
report Recommended by Entony
While the characters and plot aren't all that similar, I found them to both have very good action, and a somewhat interesting plot (Although DTB's is better). They both had a very similar feeling for me. 
report Recommended by Aldeishahn
I guess that if as a kid you were excited as hell to find out how the new Sailor transforms//what power has the new Pokemon, and somewhere along the process of maturing into a real otaku :) you go crazy trying to guess what kind of power has a Zanpakuto of a new Bleach character, than Darker than Black is a natural choice. The Contractors in DTB have also lots of amazing specialties. Both anime have lots of action in them. Hei in DTB is known as the Black Reaper and is kind of a unique contractor among contractors, just like Ichigo is a  read more 
report Recommended by Tsukin3Hoshi
Both shows are trying to co-exist with each other has love ,betrayal,hate,Powers and a semi good ending. 
report Recommended by RosyXkid
The idea of the dreams residing inside humans is similar, how the humans change when they have a dream in them hei and Chizuru Kawanam have a similar attitude +merry and hei both seem different than others like them 
report Recommended by bliceheart
Both Series have a protagonist who is socially inept, but likeable anyway. Also, for both their ability is only partially due to special abilities and largely due to actual physical training on thier part. Both are dark tortured souls though they come of as mild-manored and in control. 
report Recommended by indi135
Both have detective vibes and nuar feelings with badass protagonist. 
report Recommended by wccrafter
We have action, supernatural events, dark tones to the plot, and pretty much characters clones made by BONES. How doesn't the main protagonist seems to base their appearance from the other in the similar anime?  
report Recommended by GigaSPX
Both have a similar atmosphere to them. Also, Akidzuki and Hei are kinda similar in attitude and in discipline. Bakumatsu is deeply based in the history of Japan during the Edo period. So if you don't mind watching a few historical events, then you might like Bakumatsu as well. 
report Recommended by Leap250
Both shows involve war between normal people and espers, in both shows espers have to pay a price for their powers, and both shows include cool personality MC. 
report Recommended by IceCreeeamXP
Hei and Jo are pretty much identical. Other than that, I suppose there's a good deal of shady business regarding the exploitation of special powers.  
report Recommended by SamuraiBlue19
though DTB is darker (obviously) than SNS theyre both about people who contract with ......things and both have a lot of action. 
report Recommended by sarcastic_neon
Both series have similar structures; each series have small stories with minor characters that do not heavily feature the main protagonists until the end. Death is a recurring theme in both series. 
report Recommended by lordblackness88
They use special powers , powers that where obtain ,or are link to a special land. The land appear because of a special phenomenon that created a special land. The main character do jobs for money using there special powers . 
report Recommended by narutoichigo88
Imagine 2 completely opposite plots, give them opposite mood and setting but involve somewhat similar characters and outstanding value. That would be Mushi-shi and Darker Than Black. One is almost exact opposite of another, and both are captivating in manner of its own. Main characters look somewhat same and are more (Hei) or less (Ginko) insane. Besides both are very composed, mature and logical. Both may seem older than actually are and are brilliant professionals in own fields. Difference lies in their approach and goals. While Mushishi's character longs to light, DTB's one is forcing self deeper and deeper in darkness. Other similarities: 1. outstanding art value. DTB  read more 
report Recommended by NeoYojik