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An atmosphere of darkness and mystery flushes both of these series. The main character in Ergo Proxy and Darker Than Black live a double life, they have masks which hide their true faces. But not only similar characters put these titles together. The worlds described in DTB and Ergo Proxy are results of great catastrophes, connected with the main characters' destinies.
report Recommended by Iahel
They have similar character development world in future that has been destroyed due to human actions. colours .. dark .. ergo proxy and darker than black are the two animes that really made me watch them almost like nonstop .. and they still often come back in my memories ..
report Recommended by ThePuisiitis
Not terribly similiar in their facades. However, that's what's clever about the two series'. They both have subtle details and philosophical questions that the average viewer won't be able to perceive on their first viewing. Physically, they both focus on chasing after truths that lie beyond a secure womb-like environment. Not to mention some of the brilliant animation that is present in both of them.
report Recommended by lancelotgeass
Both set in rather dark and misterious environment, with a motive of main heroes searching for their identity and being trapped in a network of connections that not only can't be trusted, but also seem to be relatively changing with the plot. And most important of all (even though I rated Ergo Proxy slightly higher) - they are great series, evolving with time, yet very addictive from first eps.
report Recommended by jumikao
For the ones who likes "Ergo Proxy" series tv, DTB is a increable option of anime to see. If you like sci-fi, then you'll must like it. ^^
report Recommended by haasseo
Darker than Black and Ergo Proxy have a dark, western style art type. They share some similar genres though Ergo Proxy is more psychological, not focusing on action. Where as Darker than Black has considerably more action and is less psychological. These two anime are story driven as they focus on the main characters, their interactions with the people and places around them and the choices they make.
report Recommended by Snakes