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It shares a lot of the same themes and the main characters are somewhat similar. Both are unable to forget their past and move forward. The most obvious is the the style and the music as well.
report Recommended by teletha
A lot of similarities. Each series is very episodic, though Darker Than Black has more stories that span over 2 episodes. Interesting choreographed fight scenes. Music is great in each series.
report Recommended by Chicken008
Both have a similar sci-fi episodic adventure format, where the main characters take up missions and jobs in order to make money. The main difference is that DtB's adventures span 2 episodes whereas CB spans 1. ^_^
report Recommended by Master10K
Both shows have episodic formats (although in DTB each "episode" is actually a two-parter) and involve the main characters taking jobs involving tracking people down for money. Both of them are, when you get down to it, about characters trying to escape the past (and failing, for the most part). They also both have kickass soundtracks by Yoko Kanno, and many of the people who worked on Bebop went on to join Studio BONES, which produced DTB.
report Recommended by Nyktos
Similar plot mechanics, where a sub-story is treated every few episodes but also constitute the main plot of the anime. Also, an important focus on characters and character development. Moreover, some aspects of OST are similar.
report Recommended by Xi__s
Both Darker than Black and Cowboy Bebop are both episodic anime which eventually lead to an overall plot that is tied in with the main character's past in some way(ie Spike and Hei) that are presented in the last few episodes. They also both feature a soundtrack done by Yoko Kanno
report Recommended by ZakuHead
Both shows are episodic escapades that focus on style above plot. The characters are well-established and explored, but minimally developed in both series, meaning that they are both a comfortable watch. The action and ease of viewing make them great for group viewings.
report Recommended by iwantcandy2
they are both kind of dark and investigationy. they have the same atmoshpere but darker than black has less humor
report Recommended by instantcake
Shows that feature a charming, cool protagonist in a dark, sci-if world. A particular style of jazzy, chill music is common in both shows. Even though the main plot of the shows consist of the protagonists' missions, full of all sorts of action with some elements of mystery, the core message is an essay on what it means to be humans.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
They have the same kind of feel to them with the episodic plot and the main group doing missions together for their jobs and you discover each character's past little by little. and the characters take on personal matters sometimes. there's definitely a very similar plot development in both series. if you liked one you will probably like the other.
report Recommended by Sabamet
both are episodic, similar protagonist, similar ovarall plot, same music composer the difference is that darker than black is more supernatural and bebop is more of a sci-fi
report Recommended by maverick0999
They both share similar plot and give the same atmosphere. Both are episodic, and have specific music style. The endings have an unexpected emotional twist. If you liked DTB you'll probably like Cowboy Bebop.
report Recommended by SaruhikoFushimi
- If you like awesome soundtracks (Jazz) , story telling in an episodic fashion with an underlying depressing story, awesome fight scenes + good character development, than these Animes are for you! Bebop is a classic, and Darker Than Black should be recognized as Anime at its finest also.
report Recommended by Khanal1
Realist/dark themes with occasional fun moments but few stereotypical cheesy "anime" tropes you see in straight slice of life or comedy shows. Awesome music. Beautiful action scenes, and scf-fi elements.
report Recommended by SheldonTheWhale
These series share a similar episodic format, Cowboy Bebop's plot spanning one episode while Darker Than Black spans for two. In each of these miniature arcs the main group of character's more or less are completing a mission as part of their careers, bounty hunting and assassinations. In addition, these arcs are very well development and serve to expand on multiple main character's backgrounds. There are episodes targeted for comic relief but it isn't a central aspect of either of these shows. They both also touch on serious topics, contain symbolism throughout, and are thought provoking. Spike and Hei's character similarly have a dark past   read more
report Recommended by wildshadow14
Both are dark themed action stories that focus on hunting down the bad guys as well as lots of strange shit happening from time to time as well too.
report Recommended by Crow_Black
as far as similar to bebop think in tone. its a serious anime about people that are assassins that have powers that they weaponize to kill very very good
report Recommended by SilentOni