Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Recommendations

Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Darker than black, combined with a few "American hitman movies" like Bourne, Leon, Wanted... would get you Requiem for the Phantom, as both main characters are assassins working for a crime Syndicate.
report Recommended by aswani
Darker than Black and Phantom are animes that give me a dark and mysterious feeling. Both the main male characters are much alike, and are in an organization which they have to obey.
report Recommended by Wolfbrotherm
Both of the character are a good fighter.
report Recommended by georgeobj
Darker than Black and the re-make of Phantom surely do share a lot of points: - both face stories involving around assassins and criminal organizations - both have a main male character (Hei / Zwei) which a similar personality and job - both main characters are accompanied by two emotionless girls (Yin / Ein) which they both somehow develop to love - both series have this dark atmosphere all around characters and places - very good, and maybe similar a little, art style and character design for both anime - well done the character development in both series too Mystery, action and fight scenes wont miss in either of them. So, for all   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both anime deal with cold blooded assassins as the main characters and organizations that use these super skilled assassins to achieve their goals. Although unlike Phantom, Darker than Black has some supernatural elements these two anime have the same kind of atmosphere.
report Recommended by kokuro
bad ass assassins
report Recommended by otakufries
zwei and hei are "actors" in their own way... they have emotionless companions: ein (who gradually changes) and yin (who, slowly changes... as i see her) they are both under a powerful organization from which they cannot easily escape: inferno and syndicate
report Recommended by bwub
Not very similiar story but İf you love yandere characters, Yin and Ein too smilar.in both action and romance anime.two anime protagonist contractors Hei and assassin Zwei.
report Recommended by kickyourself
For one, main characters use almost indentical masks and work for Underground organizations (mafia). Whenever it comes to assasin work, both characters are unemotional and are good actors. The difference is that Reiji is far more lively, believable and emotional than Hei who most of the time doesn't give a damn and sometimes seems two dimensional. Also in Phantom they use real life guns, no super powers.
report Recommended by kitten320
this is similar to phantom they similar in the main idea about the animation you know.. about the gangs and another things and There are similarities in Hero of the animation
report Recommended by saaad-77
Similar character
report Recommended by Bimbazuccherata
Dude in a mask that works for a shady organization goes around killing the shit out of people.
report Recommended by robfoster
Psychic of the main characters is similar. Both of them under the mask of calmness and silence are very emotional. They both got their girls ;). The fight scenes are other but also very good. I enjoyed Phantom really much and i think if you like DtB than Phantom is something for you.
report Recommended by Erewan
They both have Assassins and an organisations that they work for If you liked Darker Than Black then you will more then likely enjoy Phantom ~ requiem for the Phantom~
report Recommended by Voracielo
I thoroughly enjoyed both series for a lot of the same reasons, particularly the changes in the main cast as the series progressed. I would say Phantom has a darker theme with more powerful and memorable scenes, however Darker than Black I felt had an overall more intriguing plot and cast of characters.
report Recommended by Dekkar
So similar. Both have underground organizations groups working as the main background figures. Main characters are used for killing (assassins).
report Recommended by gregory003
It is impossible to say that Darker than Black (specifically the first season of DtB) and Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom are not similar, especially the characters. Hei and Zwei are both assassins who work for an organisation they don't really know much about; while Yin and Ein both start out seemingly emotionless but undergo significant character development throughout the series. If you liked one, it is very likely you will enjoy the other one as well.
report Recommended by Negligence
i think Hei (DTB) is like an assassin who works for a private organisation Called the Synicate (although he has supernatural powers which makes him a Contractor) and as such killed with his powers and with guns; Renji in Phantom: RFTP was turned n trained in Assassination, working for a private organisation called Inferno and has killed with guns, both men were apathetic/indifferent at first but then began to have emotions. Both assassins turn against their Organisation at the end of their respective series and go on the run with their partners, both men taught little girls how to become assassins/contractors (though in   read more
report Recommended by KatieMH
Though Darker has a supernatural/scifi premise and Phantom is about brainwashed mafia assassins, both series follow a protagonist of dubious morality embroiled in a violent underworld who becomes motivated by a faint hope of redemption. Both also have a female figure from the protagonist's past who shows up later to oppose him, although Phantom attempts to develop (quite literally) this character type while Darker leaves her origins somewhat ambiguous. And although the assassins of Phantom don't have superpowers, the action sequences and plot points in the series can be almost as implausible. ;)
report Recommended by Bpwner
Both focus on assassins who don't quite have everything figured out. Both have emotionless female characters. Both focus on criminal aspects and some stories tend to be alike.
report Recommended by Tired_Smurph
Both main characters are assassins working for an organization, both animes have great batles and are very sad. Same feelings.
report Recommended by GustavoMP
The sense of thriller, action, drama, and the darker side of anime tends to be rare these days. But when you watch Darker than Black, it's hard not to think about Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. As such, these two series have quite a lot in common. First of all, both series features a main protagonist with a stoic personality with extraordinary abilities after a certain event. Not only that, but in both series, the main male protagonist wears a hollow mask. Additionally, they are both assassins owned by a governing power. Secondly, both series has a darker tone that has a thriller feeling to it.   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both of these series share many areas such as: Mood: the same dark mood, us against the world Topic: an elite group working for a secret organization Story wise: -Well developed story which is revealed through the series -Very good character development
report Recommended by BronzeAge
Some Of The Similarities - - Both Main Characters Are Top Notch Assassins Working For A Criminal Organization. - Both Main Characters Try To Escape From Said Organization. - Both Main Characters Wear Extremely Similar Masks :P . - Both Are Sort Of Darker Actions Dramas With Psychological Elements. - Both Heroines (Yin/Ein) Start Generally Emotionless, But Slowly Develop Throughout The Series. Some Of The Differences - - Hei (Dtb) Has A Goal And Is Using The Syndicate, Zwei (Rftp) Is Forced Into The Origination Via Kidnapping And Brainwashing. - Darker Than Black Is Based Around Super Natural And Sci Fi Elements. - Requiem For The Phantom Focuses More On   read more
report Recommended by Rio-Bot
Shows about a few assassins working for a mysterious, large crime syndicate. Both give off dark atmosphere and are shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere for the entire show.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
If you enjoyed the neo-noir themes in DtB you might enjoy Requiem for the Phantom; while lacking the supernatural element present in DtB the protagonists share a few similar traits. They were both ordinary citizens before going through a life changing event which is wrapped in a conspiracy. similarities: - awesome action scenes - mask wearing protagonists - work for a less than legal orginization - conspiracy differences: - (lack of) supernatural elements This is my first recommendation sorry if it's a bit choppy and long.
report Recommended by Drift-Kaze
Darker than Black deals with similar moral convictions that people have regarding death, survival and friendship. Both are vary intense more so Phantom, but DTB can still be a lot to handle.
report Recommended by theonoctis
Both basically the same thing: some badass asassin main character who goes around killing people. They have generally simillar atmospheres except Darker than Black also has some comedic moments. I guess it's slightly less serious. Basically, if you like watching people kill other people, you'll probably like both of these.
report Recommended by Murdaj_Steve
Both main characters are involved in the world of assassins/contract killers. Both main character duos are trying to leave said world of crime. Both are top-notch action/drama series!!
report Recommended by almostacrayon
The concept of these anime series is quite similar, but Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom executes it far better in my opinion.
report Recommended by Tokumei-no-B
Darker than Black and Phantom are great examples how to make anime with exciting action and interesting mystery. Plot of both serial is focused on Syndicate (criminal organization) and fates of main characters. Storyline is very good made and it has got unexpected plot twists. The main characters are really cool. They are professionalists and always keep cool head. Overall, They are empathic and their stories are really enjoyable to watch. summarizing, if you look for a lot of action, interesting characters and good mystery, you won't be disappointed.
report Recommended by Merodiak
Both adopt similar theme about secret agents in a dark organization
report Recommended by Smugdear
Both anime revolve around a cast in the midst of a emotionless and cold vs. humanistic and livable lifestyles. Characters will fill nihilistic ideas with reason and logic whilst being forced to deal with unforetold emotion and gut feelings. Filled with only the slightest glimpses of hope at some times they show you what it's like to hang on. I recommend if you like high action, suspense, and strong characters.
report Recommended by austispomonti
it talks about war between the secret organizations and gangs They both share a dark vision of the world
report Recommended by Mohamed_shaban
The MC´s of both animes are "emotionless" killers They have contracts or assignmants by an organisation Lots of gunfighting.
report Recommended by AdunToridas11
These shows have similar dark feel. Characters have some extremely bad-ass moments. There are some silly moments especially between arc/season transitions in both shows.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
I'ld say it's "kinda similar", why ? Because some points are similar in a deep/lesser way. Anyways, you have - Dark ambiance - A syndicate/ agency - Few main characters, can compare Hei & Yin with Ein & Zwei. Even if the relationship between them is different. - You may have the same feelings for Yin that you had (would have) for Ein. Even if both characters are significantly differents. The storyline is deeper in Darker Than Black, but you may not be really attached to characters. I highly recommend to see Phantom Requiem for the Phantom AFTER Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha. Or, with a pause between them. Otherwise you   read more
report Recommended by ThanaanDaPagan
Strong male Protagonist, they both work for an organization to assassinate people, and have a kinda dark atmosphere . They both have a Partner in Crime and are most time not very talkative. I would say Darker thank Black is a little less tragic than Phantom but still has the right amount of it to be a good anime.
report Recommended by QuellWisdom
They both have a similar grey feeling to them and the main characters (Hei and "Zwei") are both quieter badass characters. There are some differences, like Darker than Black is more super natural whereas Phantom is more "realistic", but that difference is good if you are interested in a show with a similar feel but a different plot.
report Recommended by ValeCactus
both shows have badass main protagonist with a girl side character and kind of dark theme. only phantom is less about superpowers.
report Recommended by vicsana
"Darker than Black" as a recommendation to "Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom" is very fitting, although "Phantom" is not about esper abilities, but the atmosphere and structure in both anime is very similar. Maybe some of you know the movie "Léon the Professional" the atmosphere in both anime is well comparable to the movie. Moreover, the character pairs in both anime are also very similar. Hei is an assassin who is in the service of a mysterious organisation called Syndicate and his partner Yin seems emotionless at first, but makes an impressive character development in the course of the series. In "Phantom", Renji (Two) was   read more
report Recommended by Sesshomaru
Both shows deal with the topic of spies and mercenaries who are hired to do tasks. Both shows are also similar in the way they execute said action scenes, with combinations of stealth and guns blazing
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both animes are very similar. The male protagonists are assassins working for a crime organization accompanied by a emotionless girl. Also They have supernatural powers that help them to kill people. The organization only used them as pawns then at a certain moment in the story, they must escape from that organization, looking to be free. In my opinion, both are very good animes and i liked them a lot.
report Recommended by Nikkocai
Both are dark themed action stories that focus on hunting down the bad guys as well as lots of strange shit happening from time to time as well too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Strong, cold mc that changes over the course of the series? Check Dark tone? Check Good characters? Check Assassin/hitman related? Check Abit of romance? Check Lots of action and killing? Check Is awesome? Check
report Recommended by Nazcaa
story of an assassin's from secret organization
report Recommended by OtaRobo
Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom are VERY similar anime. The main protagonists of both series have a similar appearance and are both working for an organization of assassins. The art styles of both anime are almost identical and the pacing is similar. Fans of one are sure to like the other.
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
I think it has the same feel and tone as dark then black but Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is more realistic because it has no powers just a lot of violence
report Recommended by Question666
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