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Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.
Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.
5 hours ago
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Tasogare Out Focus
Tasogare Out Focus
5 hours ago
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Maougun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta
Maougun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta
5 hours ago
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Kunii Jun 5, 3:21 PM
yea the would building and character development is insanely good. Whos ur fav so far in the series?
Kunii May 23, 3:42 PM
Oh, gonna be hype to continue it soon, must be a lot of epic fight coming in it
KuriPuri May 23, 12:35 PM
*lemme pretend I didn't get caught up in writing my master thesis and I forgot to answer* :)

Nope, I haven't seen Arcane, but I've heard it's been very well made, I also like the cosplays of some cosplayers on instagram, so I thought of giving it a chance sometime later this year.

I'm planning to watch the movie One Piece Red sometime this year hopefully, but I would also like to binge watch Wano Arc at some point too :D so who knows

This time it was a lot easier, imo, thanks to HoF site. I have chosen such a weird anime but so enjoyable xD like the great mixture of wtf am I watching but I enjoy it!

I might probably disappear sometime soon due to finals and thesis literally catching up and biting on my shoulder like: Hellouw! Are you ready? xD My thesis is a mess... but my supervisor is not really helpfull hahaha... I just hope to pass it somehow, idc about the marks, just lemme pass, and we won't have to see each other again. I've noticed how annoyed my supervisor was when I wrote her, if she could take a look at my thesis. Haven't heard from her again since that time :') so yup...regret all the way for choosing her, since we shared some interests in the past. But then once again, I could not choose anybody else, cuz other profs accepting literature for thesis topic were... far worse. Or they would not accept my topic lmao, which now I even regret of choosing myself. But I keep saying to myself (to motivate me): As long as you pass this shit, you will never see them again xD like the moment they give me the passing grades, I'm leaving and never returning :D got enough of their "funny" bs...

Anyway, how is studying going for you? :)
Ashhk May 16, 5:32 AM
I don't really know if there were fillers arc in One Piece since I mainly just read the manga but I think there were some mini arcs at least but the fillers probably did poorly especially in Japan I suppose hence why they don't want to risk making ones if One Piece loses some audience or that people just skip it... it's just that they're hit or miss, Bleach's Bount arc vs Zanpakuto Rebellion is the best example of how filler arcs can be terrible or actually as good as canon stuff.

I definitely understand this logic, actually this is also how I used to think when it comes to "popular and high rated anime", I waited a lot of time before watching some of them just because I was afraid there won't be many shows like that anymore, like Hunter x Hunter for example etc.

Sadly she's the poster girl... I mean the childhood friend loses in 90% of these stories, which makes them predictable as well, of course it started to shift because nowadays anime are trying to be different than the previous meta and what has been done before (even though some of them don't even make this effort sadly lol).

That's the right thing to do, just watch what you want at the pace you want, no need to rush things anymore :)
I mainly use a french one :/ my profile in case you want to check it but I think the site is in french only I also made a letterbox before but I'm lazy to update it since I mainly use the french site and there's no need to make a 2nd account on another site except for the international part.
Well since you're German I think you maybe know this movie but my favorite one is Aguirre, The Wrath of God (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes) by Werner Herzog one of my favorite directors of all time, with another of his movies "Fitzcarraldo" which is very similar to this one as well, and when it comes to Herzog I especially love his documentaries, definitely the best documentary filmmaker in my opinion.
Do you have a favorite movie as well?
Kunii May 14, 3:17 PM
Oh will need to check this out, do you like the current arc better or the last arc?
Kunii May 7, 3:29 PM
I can't rmb exactly which one again, have you seen that one you mention?
Kunii May 6, 3:49 PM
Yea i think you should try do that!

True, think there is a new OVA or special for one piece
Ashhk Apr 25, 3:59 PM
Yeah I meant the recent arcs, but it's great to hear, definitely makes me want to check what's next... they could fix the pacing if only they either paused it from time to time or just gave it more fillers, but I'm curious if the new adaptation will completely fix the pacing if it keeps up for a long time.

Part 5 was my favorite one along the 3rd one, I loved 4th part but it feels different, kinda how part 7 was if you ever read it at some point, part 6 is definitely worth it now that it has its own anime though.

What happened in the manga's ending actually I'm curious? You mean it's not really conclusive?

Thanks, I wonder if I'll eventually reach the 2000th anime milestone, sounds crazy, 1000 is already a lot anyway... my next goal is for (non-animated) movies though, I want to reach 1000 of them, probably for next year, I'm almost at 850 right now.
Kunii Apr 18, 1:47 PM
I think you can watch it before the wano arc, it dones't really do much to the main story of One Piece just for all the other movies
Ashhk Apr 13, 12:49 PM
How are you liking the recent One Piece stuff compared to how it used to be?

Same, it's just that people are still angry regarding the 2nd half of Death Note (I still really liked it, but I can understand why it can be disappointing for some people) so they also didn't really like how the ending followed afterward.
You prefer the earliest Jojo parts or haven't read what they haven't adapted yet? (Mainly P7).
NHK for me it was mainly how deep MC's relationship with Misaki became after he tried to kill himself at the very end and fortunately failed to do it.

Tbh for me Deadman Wonderland is actually very forgettable, I watched the anime and even read the whole manga but I still forgot most about it, it's just that the part that the anime adapted is better than what followed afterward in the manga imo.
I think the main One Piece prison arc is right where I paused lol (Water Seen).
It's actually true, I sometimes forget about Rainbow because it's still very underrated, I only watched the anime though, but the show wasn't afraid to let main characters die and also show how deep the boys trauma can be, it was rough in a good way.
Kunii Apr 9, 3:30 PM
Gold is prob one of my fav too along with Z. I didn't really like the recent One Piece Red movie as much
KuriPuri Mar 2, 3:05 PM
Haha, I know that far too well. I should be working on my thesis and preparing for state exams... but here I am watching anime daily lol.. I need to get into my post-procrastination mode (which mostly kicks in like 2 weeks prior lol, just don't know how I will make my thesis in 2 weeks haha)

Cool! Thanks for some feedback on it. I was hesitant, because first pictures just didn't amaze me enough to care about it lol. But if the job is decent, then I will give it a try.

I should catch up on the movies as well. Maybe once I will get into marathon mode again, but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

It's funny that Auction House got announced a few days after I asked Shey if there are any plans on reviving it haha, just got me laughing at the notification. Hopefully I can haunt some good anime there :) not really sure if there was anything "worth mentioning" for the time I didn't watch the seasonals, so maybe I can haunt some post 2019s. I wouldn't mind to try something older too, because even some 70s shows have their own sparkle.
Ashhk Feb 28, 6:50 AM
Yeah, it's definitely better this way.

It's indeed really hard when it comes to ending because I realize when I try thinking about it I end up with the same titles as you, especially how they're so limited in number, and some other stuff just had ending I didn't like much like Toradora, well there's Death Note's ending that I liked but it's a hit or miss, I would still say my best example of great endings are Jojo's ones, even though it's divided between parts I think each of them count as a definitive ending since it's a totally different story and characters. Also I really liked NHK's one back then.

I can't say much about Naruto or Fairy Tail because I haven't seen them but it's a pity that even when they give it a proper ending they need to continue it even in a different form (like with Boruto) that was the same for Shaman King.

It's even better when his subject is a character with a creepy/disturbing face not on purpose, that's just perfect for how he does it xD

Sadly it's because these subjects are so limited, like even when it comes to prison anime there are so few and when one has a good reputation it often doesn't feel the same to me, just like Deadman Wonderland or Nanbaka for example.
Kunii Feb 16, 3:38 PM
Yeah, its great to see them taking their next step to the next level, i really wanna watch some new episodes of one piece soon now!!!!
KuriPuri Feb 12, 8:16 AM
That sounds interesting. You'd get lots of reading everywhere lol. And honestly, as long as you enjoy your studies, it's a win-win situation.. for me, at first I did enjoy it during my bachelor studies.. but then at master studies I've realized how useless my master degree will be :') and all of my classes sucked hard, I haven't really learnt anything new and there was only 1 class for the whole 2 years that I did enjoy. Kinda disappointed now, when I realize it will not really help me get the job I want lol. #Wasted3YearsOfLifeForNothing

Is the Live Action by Netflix worth it? I kinda got discouraged when I saw the first pics from the shooting ^^;; I'm thinking of rewatching anime from the Fish-man Island, since I don't really remember that much from that arc lol, I don't know why, but then once again it's been ages since I've seen it. And during Whole Cake Saga that arc played some role as well. As for manga, I'm waiting for it to finish Egghead arc lol.. and for anime, Wano Country Arc is waiting for me, but maybe I will wait a couple of years to binge-watch it together with the Egghead arc as well :D

But who knows, for now I am enjoying the official yearly challenge once again. (cuz I have free time while working on my diploma thesis lol)
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