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Yuukoku no Moriarty
Yuukoku no Moriarty
Oct 9, 4:38 AM
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Oct 8, 7:46 AM
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Tonari no Seki-kun
Tonari no Seki-kun
Oct 8, 4:45 AM
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KuriPuri Oct 15, 2:01 AM
Yea, I also still wonder if I want to get my offer or risk Ink Pool for some "fun" xD the hard time of deciding haha
Kunii Oct 14, 6:43 PM
I see, yea i think some see him as a character that is pretty relatable. But overall i would say some character development does happen.

You like Tower of God?
Kunii Oct 9, 3:34 PM
Nicee, I haven't took a look at this season yet, but hear it's better than the last one

Hmm, maybe Oregiru s3? I recently watched it, and prob the best i've watched so far in a while
KuriPuri Oct 9, 2:34 AM
I think during September and October I watched mostly only the monthlies and some movies/OVAs... but the 24-26 eps ones are getting harder to choose from for me (cuz everyone had seen everything I had seen as well xD). I hope for 24-26 eps one, but I will be gladly to watch anything new haha.
Kunii Oct 8, 3:46 PM
I see, have took a look at the current season and if anything that you might wanna watch later?
Kunii Oct 7, 4:49 PM
Have a good one! and hope you've been doing fine lately :)
Serpent-niisama Oct 7, 4:21 AM
Happy Birthday man :>
Kunii Oct 7, 2:56 AM
Happy Birthday!
KuriPuri Oct 6, 2:45 PM
Yup yup, haha, noticed too! ^^

Same here xD I think I've used up all of my luck in previous two rounds and I bet now no one will want to get those anime I'm planning to offer xD but who knows.. hopefully I'll get to watch some 24-26s one to watch ^^
KuriPuri Sep 21, 6:15 AM
You're welcome! Hope you will enjoy them.

I'm planning to take a look at the series as well, so hopefully I will enjoy the classic too.

Yes, I actually did. xD Despite the slow starting I was slowly getting into it and I truly enjoyed it during my hectic time in August and now I miss my 5-eps per day of Beelzebub at least :D I'm thinking of starting some other "longer" one soon, so hopefully something will catch my attention (*ignoring the airing Black Clover, One Piece or Ahiru no Sora*)
KuriPuri Sep 18, 5:48 AM
Not sure if there is any movie site like this around the world. I tried to look around but couldn't find anything similar to it. Or my english is just poor.. :( I use the czech one called "", where you can also write the title of the movie/series in english and in most of the cases it'll lead you to the right one, but yea - sometimes it's tricky too.

From the latest ones, the "100 Things" definetly got me laughing. I've seen it in german, btw, cuz why not :D "Of Mice and Men" from 1992 - definetly a good adaptation of the book. And since I'm into psychological "behind" of psychopats or villians, I can only recommend you "Joker". You don't need to know the Batman movies so much (my case :D) and you will still understand. Plus the movie can be seen as some kind of prequel to the first movie, imo. (Despite not watching the Batman movies before that much - only like a child - I still remember a few things, so then it made me sense and now I feel like watching the movies. :D) And despite not caring that much about 2000s early history or incidents, the movie "12 Strong" was also interesting one. "Into the Wild" got me with its details on the nature and also the thoughts during the movie itself (despite hating the MC in the beggining, I was slowly getting to know him better and then it made sense, why he did what he did and so on.. but that ending got me chuckling a bit.) You might like "Fight Club" from 1999, but I remember I didn't like that one due its main focus, I guess. From Netflix series, I've seen 2 seasons of "13 Reasons why" and I really enjoyed the 2nd one, despite struggling a bit with the first one xD and another series which got me interested lately a bit is "Disenchantment" but there I've seen only a few eps - still a good laughter, with slow starting. And... idk, anything from Marvel, I guess :'D it's hard to choose only a few ones, since each movie can be seen differently by different people.

I'm planning to see Ghost in the Shell sometime soon. But I think I'll watch the anime version first since it's been sitting on my PTW list for too long. Plus what if I don't like the movie and it'll take me ages to try to give anime a chance too. xD
KuriPuri Sep 10, 1:20 PM
Most of the movies you've noted, I've seen them all :D (except for The Beauty and the Beast, and I have no idea how to come xD I remember wanting to watch it some time ago.. seems I've forgotten about it xD)
As for the game-source-movies, I know only Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider.. didn't know Assasins Creed got a movie :O (time to work on it haha). As for WoW, I've heard about this one before, but never really cared about it. I'm rather sceptical about the movies with game sources, dunno why. :D
I've also seen the DN movies and I enjoyed them.

I remember watching the second season of Re: series which didn't make any sense at all and I felt like dropping it so badly. xD But I was curious if it gets worse or no. And it got worse xDD
KuriPuri Sep 9, 5:47 AM
It actually is one national language xD but each region has its own variations or "unique" words.. So you can tell right away, who is Moravian and who is Bohemian.

It somehow just didn't convice to watch it ever again. Nor the first movie, I believe, since I think I've seen both movies only once and.. I liked the idea but maybe I'll prefer book.
Do you know by any chance some interesting fantasy movies?

I will take a look at Arslan Senki's manga soon hopefully, since that story was really unique and I enjoy a lot these types of anime.
Yup, even the first two seasons have a lot of changes (I read the manga after finishing all series from TG.. I still wonder how to come I could like it... especially with so many things left out or censored), but then you see the Re: seasons and you just wonder "what's going on? Did I miss something in previous eps?" (Nope, they just left it out from manga.. which later doesn't make sense for anime-watchers only..)
KuriPuri Sep 7, 3:02 PM
Everyone wants to visit Prague, while I was there only once and wasn't any impressed by it :D + the whole fight between Bohemian and Moravian parts is still a thing here haha. (different mentality despite being one country? Yes :D different language? Well, kinda :'D and so on..)

Maybe I stumbled over Percy Jackson at bad time, when I wasn't into Fantasy that much, so it seemed to me as a copycat of other stories somehow.. + the MC's actor looked... horrible :'D I didn't believe him he is the character he plays (if it makes sense xD)

Blue Exorcist was a surprise for me too (and even after I find out that half of the 1st season is filler but I still enjoyed it years ago xD). But yea, sometimes it's worth the waiting, sometimes you are disappointed (for example Arslan Senki - I didn't enjoy the second season as much as 1st one - still liked it though - especially when they made only 8 eps... like pls... whyyyy torturing me like this :'D and that ending was like hitting me with manga, saying: "Read it finally!" :'D especially when you like the story... or Tokyo Ghoul... the last season got me so disappointed... still need to read manga tho, to see if it's so "badly" as in anime, or it's better. I hope for the latter since the original TG was also different from anime... so lemme hope a bit xD)
KuriPuri Sep 4, 1:17 AM
I've heard about it but never played either.

I never liked the main character in Percy Jackson movies xD years later I tried the second movie, without remembering much from the first movie, and I didn't want to watch it just to be later like: "Okay, see ya in a year, second movie." Maybe the books will be better for me, since I can imagine the character better (hopefully).

Yes, german language was my "second mandatory" language back in the school :D and I still remember a bit from it despite not talking in german actively. I'm from Czechia, horrible country and I wanna out. But impossible with corona around :D

Yes :D being able to watch the 2nd season after only bit of time is great. (Not like waiting ages for at least the annoucement of Season 2)