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Both are about how the people who have powers use them in the right and clever way to outdo their opponent, and not that if one person has a slightly better power that he wins by default or something like that. They both have that detective vs. plotter, and also they both have that mid-episode cliffhanger where you really have no idea how they would solve or handle the solution, but then they come with the most awesome things that you really never would have thought of. PS: they're both very good animes by default, you should watch them both anyway.
report Recommended by tsunande
Both main characters act all innocent in public. When in private, they kill the bad people secretly and not get detected by the police.
report Recommended by tamdvd9
DTB has the detective element to it. It's simliar to Death Note because of the "trying to outdo the police" part of the plot. The characters are wonderful, and the plot is unique. I highly reccomend this anime.
report Recommended by peachykeen
Both are about people with supernatural killing abilities.
report Recommended by ParaTerran
Both animes are just awesome. In Darker Than Black, Hei and the other contractors started out as just normal people. When the Heaven's Gate and Hell's Gate appeared they turned into contractors and got their powers which they killed people with. They lost their emotions and were unable to feel regret about what they did. In Death Note, when Light finds the Death Note and realizes that he can use it to kill people, he does. He doesn't feel that there is anything wrong with what he does. Also, both animes end very sadly...
report Recommended by hiddenmoonlight
Darker than black and Death Note have a similar appeal and share a similar atmosphere and mood, especially with the characters. They both have supernatural themes and are both mystery stories involving big companies and investigation agencies which try to investigate and outsmart each other. They are also both seinen style (more mature shows) involving darker issues and violence.
report Recommended by crazyfoalrus
Both anime have an air of mystery, suspense, and darkness to them. Darker than Black has a more ambiguous tone with its plot and characters exposing the viewer slowly to the pieces in the puzzle. The same can be said about Death Note however the entire puzzle is revealed to the viewer and not to all the characters. However the process of piecing together what will happen next is similar to how Darker than Black unravels.
report Recommended by Swiftstrike
They are both kinda dark! and they have the detective aginst the main charecter! they both are kinda super natural! and they both KICK ASS!!!
report Recommended by tashaluvzero
I guess you would say the 'feel' of this anime is so close to that of death note. although its not as brilliantly clever as death note it still has its own parallel in unique anime story telling.
report Recommended by Holland_Novak
The mood and atmosphere---being very dark---are similar in both Death Note and Darker than Black. Death Note is just a tad darker because there is much less comic relief. Both are relatively gory shows stemming from the use of supernatural abilities. Both Light Yagami and Hei are grim male protagonists with two sides of their personalities, one of which they have to keep hidden in public: Light, with his Kira persona and his public persona, and Hei with his Black Reaper persona and his public Li Shengshun persona. Both anime also focus to some degree on the themes of right vs. wrong (Death Note, more   read more
report Recommended by EzloSpirit
Neither of the two has humor but focuses mainly on the story line referring it to go even deep into the story to involve audience into much darker personalities and possibilities. As to when ever you watch them you have an unique feeling if i am watching them at the same time. Every new episode builds up your interest to watch it even more but never gives you the ending you expected.
report Recommended by H-Callahan_XX