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Wolf's Rain
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Wolf's Rain
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Also made by Studio Bones. Has a similar concept of social outcasts (Contractors/Wolves) of whose existence the general public is unaware, posing as humans and trying to survive any way they can.
report Recommended by quitearush
They are both dark anime,and in both of them,races with supernatural powers,hunted by the normal humans, are trying to find their benediction. In Darker than Black,they are the contractors,that need to go to the Hell's gate,and in Wolf's rain,they are the wolfs,that are searching to find their own paradise. Police is also related to both anime,as well as mystery and experiments. It is only that Darker than black is more ''light'' mooded,it even has some comedy at times,when in Wolf's rain that doesn't exist.
report Recommended by Lunaria
Bones made both of these animes with about the same depressing, slow-moving tone. The major difference is that DtB is very episodic and Wolf's Rain tends to just wander all over the place. The protagonists, Hei and Kiba, are practically the same character.
report Recommended by owlf
Very similar styles of exposition, in that there is very little blatant expositional spouting; you have to think and pay attention to really get what's going on. Both are mostly serious shows with some humor.
report Recommended by -7-4ucjs5-8fe
The storytelling and plot progression are very similar; However, Darker than Black is more episodic. Protagonist Hei is also much like Wolf's Rain's Kiba, in that they are more secluded and serious leaders trying to find their ways to something. Each have a supernatural aspect of themselves and are rather skilled at fighting. Both stories are more dark than happy and each involve the police and fantasy and sci-fi themes. The tone is both are kept more serious. As they are created by the same company, the art styles are comparable with similar colors and quality. While Wolf's Rain takes a more religious approach, Darker   read more
report Recommended by Contaminated
These are some of the best endings you will ever see in anime. Important questions are answered yet it remains open-ended enough to decide the happiest ending, or the saddest one. That's all up to you sugar plum!
report Recommended by McKemzie
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