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Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Oct 20, 4:50 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 6
Oct 20, 4:49 PM
Watching 3/12 · Scored -
Non Non Biyori Movie: Vacation
Non Non Biyori Movie: Vacation
Oct 20, 4:49 PM
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Oct 8, 3:49 AM
Reading 230/? · Scored 10
Futari Ashita mo Sorenari ni
Futari Ashita mo Sorenari ni
Oct 3, 6:19 PM
Reading 66/? · Scored 7
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Sep 27, 6:35 PM
Reading 35/? · Scored 8


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SiriusTimeKeeper Oct 15, 6:26 PM
:(( soz, chinese translated manga website game too strong xP

I did with a small portion of SAO, but haven't follow it for a long time
SiriusTimeKeeper Sep 29, 10:51 AM
hey! thank you so much for the compliment! <3 The manga website which I usually read from is called DM5. All the manga in this particular website are translated to mandarin ;0
Lylaaz Jun 12, 2019 2:46 PM
Oh i'm so sorry. I meant recommendations. Silly me mixing up words all the time. Yes!
You are welcome! :D
Lylaaz Jun 7, 2019 3:29 PM
Wow you have written some really good reviews. I think you bring out something innate that is really hard to put into words sometimes :)
That's it. That's all I wanted to say.
Have a nice day. :D
Folipurba Apr 2, 2019 1:19 PM
all in all i can agree - one really just cant read anything after a certain point of a formed opinion or preference. I would also say that i am picky myself. Lots of time is wasted on combing through archives or suggestions which -as you said are sometimes so misleading or just shallow.

ill check your list though, as im sure i glimpsed some i havent read before or only heard the name of. ;)

at this point though it is still to early to hope more female reader oriented content with agreeable topics or art will appear soon. Instead i guess its just back to sifting though the usual crap.

as i am not active in the forums as of yet i havent noticed any despicable behaviour or shady demands of readers towards certain topics. i am sure though that there must be people actively seeking these out. on a more philosophical note i would say that changing the views of so many readers or lets say consumers of a certain genre/trope is rather impossible or even problematic. i mean sure people can agree that these topics - especially underage and noncon/rape ( i hate the word noncon, its a "softener" it hides what it truly is : rape) are morally definitely no good. but as an example lets use traditions. people today know that some traditions are bad, and ought to be changed but have they really? and how long did it take? i think this matter in its entirety will be on too large a scale to measure as it bleeds into society, moral views, laws and personal freedom as also freedom of expression.

so the recommendations and comments and reviews you can write here are a good measure to push the good stuff and lower the popularity of some less valuable reads. i think this idea is not bad.

what was your first manga/anime you read or watched? what got you into animanga at first?
Folipurba Mar 31, 2019 5:09 AM
i can only agree 100% with what you say! finding some community where people discuss the topic and more people gathering and suggesting or inspiring creators would be a great starting point.

(i totally understand the jinx feeling, its the same with every series i watch, currently i hope the anime thats being annouced for netflix doesnt turn the series bad. or well lets say i really hope the will stick to the books as closely as possible- which is always my greatest fear with adaptations )

as on thefetishisazion i can also agree. what i find the most disturbing is also as you mentioned the amount of non-con/rape or underage relationships depicted. Clearly it is unhealthy practise, but then again the question arises as to why it seems so popular in the first place, i guess there has to be some demand at least, else it would not spread. is it the allure of the forbidden or scandalous that makes these scenarios popular? i wonder if it would still have the same popularity if these guilty pleasure aspects would decline due to larger acceptance among the public. dont get me wrong as long as everyone involved is of age and consents i have no problems whatsoever as to sexual preferences or kinks anyone might have. but the few examples i have skimmed though in the yaoi/yuri genre a good part have the non con aspect, and to me this is not only questionable it makes me averse to it and reject it.

it seems to me that aspects of dominance or assertion thereof, the portraying of uses of power are frequent in manga even in hetero romance stories. it somehow ties into all this. often in these romance stories the female character is weak and feeble and the male lead forces himself on her or manipulates or whatever to get his will. i wonder if this is due to the culture prevalent in most of asia ( in this case japan) where women have a lower social status or if it just feeds into our archaic very prehistoric "need of dominant males" in general.

oh and dont feel bad about ranting, its important to think about why some topics press our buttons and we react strongly.
yes sakamichi is a really great anime, it is one of the rare cases where i watched before i read.

hmm... favourite genres is kind of difficult to pinpoint. Sure romance is a big category, and action too, if my collection of naruto or FMA is any indication. but i would say since i started reading online for financial reasons *coughcough* i think its a good mix of everything.

there is the shounen/seinen side with naruto at the start, i ve read also "until death do us part" which definitely goes into the "another stronger opponent" category, but it keeps stuff interesting and to a certain degree philosophy or politics play a role. its not as good as golden kamuy but still a nice well drawn read with interesting characters.(some is cliche but in a understated way) ive also read one of the "fist of the north star" spin offs which is just a fight manga, it was okay as it was short, i really dont like if it drags on forever ... what i find appealing on shonen/seinen is the mix of action/suspense/morality/justice? and usually some rather good looking hero ;) . lets be real, as manga/anime is a visual medium of course we all are here to some degree because the drawn charactars have some appeal.

here comes another point into play which is art style. as i have been involved in drawing myself, i have some standards. what i found was that some shonen/seinen have amazing art styles sometimes so much better than the soft lines and often bubbly or overloaded shoujo. i prefer clean lines, expressive and somewhat realistic style over overly soft and fluffy or stuffed with patterns style.
i often complain about the style in romance manga as i think the art style i prefer is rather found in yaoi ( which i find unreasonably unfair as i dont read it ) or in shounen- where romance is scarce. its somehow a mix and difficult to explain.

then there is the epic or multi-faceted manga/anime like 7 seeds, FMA, Golden Kamuy,Promised Neverland,Basara, ES Eternal sabbath, stories like these that are multi dimensional and overall great reads. tha sad thing is there are so few of them. this would be the largest group of manga i ve read. but you cant really put them in one genre i guess.

generally i read purely romance manga only if its short and doesnt drag on, as it is just plain repetitive.

so tl,dr, i wish there were more stories with my prefered art style of some seinen artists but with more faceted stories like 7 seeds?
im sorry if i dont make any sense at this point, it kinda derailed into thinking out loud... :)

what is your preferred genre and art style ? what makes it appeal to you? what kind of genres do you avoid or are not interested in?

Folipurba Mar 29, 2019 2:40 PM
yeah i understand that and youre right, its the same with the gaming indusry. how can we do something about that? I whish there was more content!
oh and about 7 seeds i read the english scanlation first on manganelo and they are at chapter 161 /vol 31 now. its only five more books! besides, the last updates have been almost weekly...? so maybe they are hurrying, since the series is complete?

dont worry ill not spoil anything only vaguely hint: the plot thickens but as my japanese is not so good i can only assume most of whats being discussed and some important things are cleared up and talked through, some very important key moments also happen.
yeah Botan and Ayu are cool too, Matsuri is the tanned girl with the poofy curly hair. she develops a crush on ryo while on the ship. ;)

as a female reader i wonder why there is so much yaoi content. i mean ok, its sometimes sweet and all, but ...why? my best friend likes yaoi alot, but somehow i am at a loss here, i also read one or two, but i just wish it were het couples? i mean the only decent adult romance josei manga i found with a nice balance between art, story and characters are trom Oomi tomu. but then again, the focus is solely romance and nothing else....*sigh*
do you read yaoi? or what is your opinion?

i just wish there were more translations or rather publications of tamura yumis books
i think basara isnt even available anymore since its been published around 2005-2008 if i remember correctly. (man im getting old!)

do you know sakamichi no apollon?

Folipurba Mar 26, 2019 3:16 PM
yeah its true, i prefer to read more than watch anime, since "the bleach experience" ( where i was not content with the manga series as well as the anime which was just more enemies more fighting and basically no real plot, but i digress) ive kinda withdrawn from that and stick to my favourite of reading. ive been at it for over 15 years now so i guess it will stay. anime is not bad ,though and golden kamuy is an experience, to be sure! i totally get though why one would extend periods of reading since the updates really DO take a looooooooong time....

I read a lot, so i have kinda a system where to check , when and for what update.
about characterization, i wonder why there is so few material published by either western or eastern artists targeting female readers over 20- is it because the respective cultures expect women to have children or other interests? it somehow seems to me to be acceptable for males in any age range to read comics/manga but for women after the teenage years there is hardly anything, or strongly relationship focused and afer lets say 25 there is just nothing.
(funny enough the same goes for female oriented hentai - there should be a huge market but all there seems to be is yaoi? like no real hetero female oriented hentai at all? its weird.)

as per my favourite characters in 7Seeds, its a lot of them, as you say, but one of them is definitely aramaki and ryo and matsury, maybe? i usually go for the side characters, as the main heroes are sometimes too good....
Folipurba Mar 21, 2019 3:10 PM
oh and i totally forgot, who are your favourite characters or even couples and what do you like about 7 seeds the most?
we can shift this to pm though too :D
Folipurba Mar 21, 2019 3:09 PM
the usual order in which i do this is read first, then watch, ( like with books and movie adaptations) but with golden kamuy it was the other way round, and i couldnt stop! after finishing the second season i was soo hooked i immediately dug up the manga and binged that one too. it is seriously the best read since 7 seeds finished, and i have to sadly admit, i prefer the drawing style more, even though it is male-oriented. still its very easy on the eyes especially for female readers i dare say. although i find it interesting to see how manliness or femininity are portrayed differently in each genre towards each male or female oriented audience.
as for yakusoku no neverland i read the manga first. the anime i havent watched yet and i am not sure if i will? most likely though i will. but with golden kamuy though its totally worth it reading and watching both, they changed some stuff which is totally ok for me, so its ok.

another thing i find really funny is that somehow there seem a ton of women readily digging into shonen or seinen whereas very rarely i have heard ob male readers in the shojo or even josei genre.
Folipurba Mar 20, 2019 2:57 PM
i totally agree! i have also high hopes for teh adaptation , lets keep our fingers crossed they dont mess up!!! have you read basara? also if you like 7 Seeds and maybe "yakusoku no neverland" or golden Kamuy might help pass the time? i stumbled over these two gems and cant recommend it highly enough! yeah, if it would be published in english or my native language id buy all of them, seriously its been a long time since i found a manga worth buying. ^^
Folipurba Mar 12, 2019 3:14 PM
Hello There! Thank you for commenting and reading my review! The sad news is, i bought the whole manga series (36 books) in japanese online via ebay. So i only know the last chapters because of that. On the other hand i know only basic japanese and not nearly enough, so the most i understand is context and sometimes i ask my friend. Im sorry i cant be of better help in this case!
rpool179 Feb 11, 2019 10:26 PM
Thoughts on Vic Mignogna?! This is insane. Career officially over with not a shred of evidence. That shows where I stand but want to hear your reply because I've been following this religiously and have a lot to link after I hear back. This is crazy!
rpool179 Jan 25, 2019 12:17 AM
Cry with me 😭😭😭

Can't wait for my 3rd watch. Been 3 years since 12/25/2015. Yes, I remember rewatching it for the first time and finishing it on Christmas. Great times.
rpool179 Jan 24, 2019 7:08 PM
Look whose back from the dead! Wait, is this really you or did someone transmute your remains and this is you as a homunculus talking to me? Haha.

2019 is going great!

Still haven't started Voltron yet. Currently shunning all responsibilities as a near 30 year old to play this. My #1: