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syncrogazer May 7, 4:11 PM
Sounds like it'd be stressful, good luck.

that isn't good

It looks like it sorted itself out. At least I'll have a backup in case MAL implodes or becomes too insufferable.
syncrogazer May 7, 8:09 AM
How far along are you in your degree? The way things are, I imagine you'd get a little push back from both sides for taking that stance.

Anilist needs a better password recovery system. And I changed my username to match this one and it redirects me to a 404 page lol.
syncrogazer May 2, 3:32 PM
Hmm, it seems I did make an account on anilist in the past
Imported my list but I'm not sure if I'll keep it updated.

>Write a status
Holy shit this is next level compared to MAL
MeitanteiKates Apr 30, 9:53 AM
Sorry for the lateness of this reply! I know we agreed online communication is usually delayed so it's no biggie, but I still feel a little bad taking longer than usual lol

Okay that gif was amazing xDD And though I've only seen 3 eps of Sarazanmai so far which makes me still pretty inexperienced with Ikuhara's stuff, I feel safe enough saying I'm not surprised at all that that's the kind of homoeroticism he would put in Utena haha. He's already referenced Utena quite a few times already in Sarazanmai:

Huh, that sounds really interesting. It does seem like Utena's handling of those topics is subtler, but subtle in a good way that invokes discussion. (Though imagery-wise it seems anything but subtle lmao) In a lot of ways, I feel like shows like that that aren't so straightforward with their themes and ideas are more fun because they require a lot more speculation. They get you thinking, and if a show gets you thinking I believe that means it's been mostly successful. And I love that all the characters seem to get enough characterization that each has their own distinct psychology. For me, my favorite aspect of a show is its character roster, and I personally feel like a strong cast (or even just a strong lead) can really make or break a show more than any other element. So hearing that Utena has put a lot of effort into building a solid cast is pretty encouraging :D

All right, you've officially sold me—I'm gonna formally add Utena to my PTW list!

Also, my bit about how I love characters has given me another question to ask you: What's your favorite part of a show/anime? Like that part that can really make or break a show for you depending on how well it's done? Could be anything, like characters, plot, premise, writing, animation, backgrounds, etc.

Sarazanmai is an interesting one lol. It's still too early to really judge its quality because it's unclear where Ikuhara is going with all his crazy ideas, so it's wise of you to wait until it's over and people have given their verdicts before diving into it. It's so wacky and weird, but it's really amusing and entertaining imo. My big issue right now is that it's a bit repetitive, since he recycles the same sequences in each episode so a lot of what we see is a tweaked version of something we just saw an episode before. I get that recycling animation and song and dance sequences is more practical, buuuuut when you see the same thing over and over and the episodes stories all seem to follow the same formula pretty strictly, it gets a little stale. I'm curious to see if/when he'll spice things up.

Yeah, your opinion on moe shows sounds fair. (I've yet to see a moe show as far as I know so I have no idea what I'd think of one haha.) And that "amazon brigade" show premise you came up with would be great xD That would really spice up the current roster of women-centric anime we see these days that lean toward getting too repetitive in their content.

Ahh Dirty Pair's opening is so fun!! It's so stylized and expressive; you can tell the show has tons of personality. The show wasn't even on my radar until talking with you, so I'm gonna look more into it now :O

Yesss Yang Wenli is amazing! He was easily the highlight of the show. Gotta respect that man and his unwavering love of history and alcohol haha

It actually didn't occur to me that the insistence on raw power was a more Japanese thing, but damn, that's a good point! They do seem to emphasize force more than in American superhero movies, which is interesting because you'd normally think the West would be more forceful. And lmao I'm the same—I pretty much only watch the Marvel movies when it comes to modern films xDD Got a favorite Marvel movie? Aaaaand have you seen Endgame yet? :D

. . . now I'm like double excited to see Heaven's Feel holy crap :OO Sakura sounds like she's gonna be awesome *.*

Ooh, interesting picks! Devil Lady seems cool from hearing what you like about it, and I don't know much about Cutie Honey but I know the 1973 opening is amazing so I'm inclined to believe you that it's underrated ;D

Btw, how are you enjoying Ranma 1/2?
syncrogazer Apr 30, 7:32 AM
Shinobu doesn't appear as much as the rest of the cast so I guess she kinda slips out of my radar.

That's partly why I like her lol.

Maybe the 'aesthetic' trends helps too.

I couldn't help but think of this too. In general I'm might not really a fan of reducing the look and feel of older anime to a memetic subculture trend, but Zillion would be a goldmine for those people. It might be all of the blue...

How's Valkyria Chronicles going?

So I like Kai Leena and all, but I feel like the way the game handled her spying was incredibly underwhelming. I never saw a group of people brush something so serious under the rug so quickly before. Felt weird, but I guess the writing doesn't want us to dwell on it too much. I think I just beat the Winter Witch for the final time. She's really hot by the way.

You should come to Anilist so I can subject you to my shitposts :D

I was thinking about importing my list just to see, but I don't know if I want to update more than one list, and I'm so used to MAL at this point. Does the site generate list stats similar to MALgraph?
syncrogazer Apr 29, 7:03 AM
Shinobu is kinda like the SV2 team mom and Goto is kinda like the dad figure, don't you think?

Yeah. If you had asked me just last year I might have said Kanuka or Noa.

I think it's all fan art.

I wonder what possessed them and I think Sentai to go around buying old licenses.

Maybe they're cheap licenses? I guess if there is a Blu-ray release in Japan, that makes it easier to put out a new release for the English-speaking market since no American company is going to be remastering anything themselves, and they're basing the timing on the Japanese releases. That's the only thing that makes sense to me. Zillion is pretty fun, if the Blu-ray set was a little cheaper I might've bought it just to get support the old stuff.

I'm also kinda doing this in the delusional belief that it will encourage the Japanese music industry to globalize if they notice an increase in CD sales from overseas.

A noble goal. Where do you buy, cdjapan or something similar?

I want an oujosama to wave stacks of money in my face and slap me around with them XD

That's pretty hot.

Just to make sure I'm not insane, the low sound-effect(?) playing in the background here ( is the same as what can be heard inside the entry-plugs in Eva, right? I wonder how many other older shows use this sound-effect because this is the first time I've heard it anywhere else. And it such an iconic sound for me.
syncrogazer Apr 28, 8:02 AM
Who's your favorite girl from Patlabor, by the way?

Hard to pick between Shinobu and Kanuka. Maybe Shinobu?

But speaking of favorite girls, I'm only 8 episodes into Zillion and Apple is winning me over real fast. And this artist is pretty amazing too, and they have good taste

I never thought I'd say this but, thank God for Funimation and their new translations of remastered 80s anime.

I wanna give Japanese women my money lol

What artists?

Not gonna lie, IRL I think it's in poor taste and pathetic but I wouldn't mind being findom'd by 2D girls.
syncrogazer Apr 27, 4:24 PM
I think I have to admit I mostly watch anime to have my fetishes catered to.

Oh yeah, that should go without saying.

It seems like that pesky context for something doesn't matter anymore, so it's easier to advocate banning something and still feel like they have the moral high ground

They really need to watch out because in 10 2 years (maybe less) whatever they just said will be put under the microscope by their replacements without regard to context. That is, unless we can somehow get out of this chaotic, voracious culture of offense and signaling. It was hardly a true 'reaction' to Seinfeld as much as it was Seinfeld providing the bare minimum for them to be offended.

What those people were doing in that video was basically performance art.

btw you might get a kick out of Punie-chan:

syncrogazer Apr 25, 8:11 AM
I was just reflecting recently that it's funny that now that I'm older I really like campy stuff like Cutie Honey that I would never have given the time of day to seven years ago, because back then everything had to be 'taken seriously' for me

Oh, for sure. I feel like this is true for like 90% of the anime I watch now. As a teenager I would never have thought about watching slice of life anime, for the most obvious example. 'You'll like it when you're older' is sort of a meme about moe but I think it's mostly true.

Hell, I can get enjoyment out of a literal toy commercial like Gyrozetter, something I would have ignored as childish (which it is) 10 years ago. But, I am sort of disappointed that I couldn't have grown up with an anime like that (the tits, robots, cars and cards would have blown my mind). I'm not hesitant to admit that I watch a lot of anime now because I want to recapture some sort of childish wonderment.

An anime-esque cartoon like Totally Spies (which probably comes closest to capturing the spirit of anime in general) seemed to predict my eventual anime interests more than some of the actual anime I was watching at the time. I do wonder whether some cartoons like this are worth going back to.

In general I dislike British comedy too, I find it sadistic and depressing

There was this British sitcom, Peep Show, that I tried to get in to at one time and I found it nauseatingly self-deprecating. Not that American humor doesn't do this, but in this case it was unbelievable, just read the synopsis on wikipedia and that feeling comes through. Sadistic and depressing are good ways to describe it. Also, in some cases anime-Japanese is more intelligible to me than their accents lol.

You might like this clip form Life of Brian.

Can't say if this is true in Britain, but I don't think we get comedy writing on this level anymore. It's the kind of thing I can appreciate but not really get into.

Yeah. Young people today use their media consumption to virtue signal, and turn the production and consumption of fiction into a moral choice and a battleground for jihad yet all they're really doing is sitting behind a computer all day writing nasty things online.

Since we've talked about Seinfeld before I might as well spread the misery:
It's curious to me that some of these young adults can only see the humor as positively ideological (I can't explain their reactions any other way), and not, you know a joke to make you laugh at the uncomfortable, awkward scenarios. I guess that's symptomatic of a sense of humor that is very dependent on looking for some sort of encoded belief. The fact that the two girls can't understand why a man might have a problem being wrongfully identified as gay shows how little they know about human interaction.

Yeah, I think writers are trying to mimic the shareability and interactivity of social media by giving the audience something they can 'like' or respond to, whether literally or not. And there's no room for something different on most people's twitter timelines. I like that you used the word jihad, because it can certainly be related to a religious conflict.

It was stuff like Ren and Stimpy and Rugrats that pushed me to anime when I was little, simply because of how they looked; I found American animation to be often nauseatingly gross and grotesque and I much preferred the cute, graceful and attractive human beings in anime maybe I realized it on some subconscious level as sex appeal).

I never thought about this growing up, Rugrats was like my favorite cartoon. It was only after I really saw animation in an artistic sense that I realized, 'man these shows looked like vomit.' I can relate though, there was a reason that Misty was like my first animated girl crush. American cartoons just aren't attractive in that way.

There was more respectable and very high quality American stuff like Batman TAS, Gargoyles, Pinky and the Brain, and Animaniacs on TV at the same time, but for whatever reason I never watched them.

I watched all of these, though I remember Gargoyles the least. Batman was a great cartoon and I was very young when I watched it. There was certainly a sophistication in those titles that I can recognize even now, having not seen them since in forever. But even as a kid I thought Animaniacs was a little too Hollywood-referential.

Thinking about it I've watched a ton of cartoons, which I guess shouldn't be surprising lol.
syncrogazer Apr 23, 8:32 AM
That's on my ptw, is it just bad looking?

No, the character art looked really good, the first episode just did basically everything wrong in terms of making me want to watch the second. Really bland stuff with wonky writing.

I notice these are all basically about the same thing. 'Gritty' depictions of crime, drug dealing, etc.- I could care less

Yeah, I feel the same way. Back when James Gandolfini died I tried getting into The Sopranos because everybody was talking about it and found it incredibly boring. I tend to think that these kinds of shows are escapism for a lot of the people that watch them, just much different than the kinds of escapism people like you and I might want to see. I think this relates to the sorts of drama shows you might find on premium cable channels which don't necessarily deal with crime but with aimless, vulgar, dysfunctional people. Something like It's Always Sunny but without the layer of comedy to distance the audience from what happens, where the writing either makes you think that the audience really acts like this, or they truly wish that they did. I think Hollywood cynicism is the main culprit of this, where their own warped understanding of a 'normal' person's daily or family life becomes the 'must see television' for the so-called normal people. It's particularly grating when Hollywood acts as if they have the moral high ground over anyone, when they are for the most part corrupt and disgusting people. 'The hypocrisy of American life brought to you by Harvard elites and rich sex-offenders.' Yeah I'll pass.

it tries to confine you into an iron cage of "the real world" even when such reality is highly stylized and unrealistic anyway.

That's a nice way of putting it. I think it becomes so 'real' that it's unreal. This might be why it's so hard for me to connect to live-action fiction. When a character in a movie gets hurt or dies you can't help but think of the special effects that creates the wound or the process of acting and filming that creates the scene. In anime in particular the wound, characters, objects, the background all exist and are privileged in the same way. I feel worse when an anime character dies because they are more concretely fixed into their own fictional reality so it's easier to feel empathy. Live-action just doesn't feel 'real' enough to me. I can't remember where I heard this but, but someone described film as the most 'imperfect artform' and I can't help but agree with that even if it goes against what every other pop-culture critic thinks. Not to say that I could never enjoy live-action, it's just very hard for me to.

When I was in high school I was sort of obsessed with spaghetti western films. I didn't realize this at the time, but I think what I enjoyed so much about them was what I would describe now as their 'cartoonishness.'

so I tend to feel something like a partisan fighting against a foreign occupation army when I feel the medium is being disrespected by the American establishment.

I blame people like Ralph Bakshi for this sort of disrespect. There was an opportunity back then to do something different in animation and we got 'it's like Disney but crude.' Might sound dumb coming from an anime fan like myself who watches a lot of things that obviously aren't high-art... but yeah.

Have you ever seen any Monty Python by the way?

No. I've never really had the opportunity to. British humor...I don't have a lot of experience with it but it doesn't seem to be my cup of tea.

Have you ever noticed it seems like redheads are mostly found in animation? It's like in live-action they don't exist...

Thanks to hair dye aren't they now more prevalent than ever? lol. But yeah, animated redheads are a miracle of the universe.

The toxic fanbases of some of these shows actually make me hate the cartoon without having any other reason to care about it (Steven Universe comes immediately to mind!). I think they call that 'Calarts style'?

Definitely. These cancerous people don't come out of nowhere, these shows attract them for a reason. inb4 someone says it isn't 'fair' to dislike something because of its fans lol.

Anime fans seem to think that normal people see all cartoons as 'just for kids.' But, if shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe prove anything, it's that even cartoons for kids aren't really for kids. Children's animation exists only in CG basically, and it makes me fear for the aesthetic sensibilities of the next generation (not that the visual tradition of American cartoons has ever been that great. Thanks John K). Though, there is a hand-drawn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, that I've seen around, and the designs and motion are somewhat interesting. Not that I'd ever watch it though.
syncrogazer Apr 22, 7:36 AM
The 'beautiful fighting girl' certainly isn't dead as a character but I think her popularity has been waning for a while

The irony is that after I said this I finished Upotte which is about girls who are literally guns. Thinking about it, there are analogues to the fighting girl even during this moe revolution, Strike Witches and etc. would count. But yeah, I think the solitary fighting girl has sort of lost her place in anime. Fairy Gone this season seemed like it would have a fighting female lead (though a woman not a girl) but that series looks to be unwatchable unfortunately.

Speaking of ojousamas, how do you feel about comic relief ojou characters?
(you'll have to deal with the non-English subs, it's all I could find)

Yes, I want to write a complete cultural history of the 1970s-1990s US-Japan relationship

Wow, that's pretty large in scope. Would that end up being a book-length work?, because it seems like it.

I mostly watch anime as my main source of entertainment too,

That makes me feel a little better. According to this site if you watch mainly anime you must be a 'self-hating weeb' who refuses to watch Western entertainment. Supposedly 'television' (streaming services) is the new film, but I can't get invested in it.

Sometimes when I can't sleep I'll turn on the actual TV and I'll end up watching adult swim for the hell of it, and every time, I think that we have exhausted what can be expressed in our 'adult' animation. It's all garbage. I've always heard that the French (I think it's the French) have produced interesting animation, but I have yet to branch out from anime.

I heard Gravity Falls was good

I've seen this once or twice though I can't say anything about it other than there's some red-haired chick in it.
My superficial issue with a lot of these kinds of cartoons is they look like they came right off of someone's tumblr page.

syncrogazer Apr 20, 8:02 AM
Could be, could be

I reread the passage where he talks about the Japanese otaku, and it is unclear to me whether 'getting release from Wedding Peach' is meant to be only sexual or maybe sexual but also in some cathartic sense. Because he mentions the otaku's sexuality as well an emotional connection. So I'm sort of confused about what he's confused about, because it shouldn't be a surprise to a psychiatrist that a drawn image could be used as a masturbatory aid. But the book is contradictory in other places too so maybe it's not that big of a deal. In the beginning he talks about anime as if he is at least somewhat knowledgeable about it, but at the end of the book he says he thought he could write about anime without watching it and instead just looking up stuff online. So I don't know, at the very least his analysis of anime as a media form is very accurate.

I appreciated that the author included an afterword (the book was originally published in 2000) basically admitting that he could never have predicted the 'moe boom' that came post-2005. The 'beautiful fighting girl' certainly isn't dead as a character but I think her popularity has been waning for a while, unless I'm just watching the wrong modern anime.

'hey! That's my thesis topic!'


I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it in that way.

It's just me being weird I think. I saw Keiko as an unsavory human being from the beginning, so it was hard for me to be attracted to her dominance. I couldn't help but see it as her being dominated by her own greed in pursuit of illusory, flimsy power.

Human signboard? Go to France

Someone else on this site told me to watch this. Is it any good?

It's really humbling to think that Notre Dame survived 8 and a half centuries, two world wars and burned down in an afternoon.

Yeah, there are some thing you just imagine will always exist even if you don't think about them very often. I don't know if there's anything to be gleamed from this fact, but that it might have been the restoration process that destroyed it is tragic.

Do you watch any Western cartoons btw?

Not in a very long time, no. Anime has been my main source of entertainment for like the past three years.

syncrogazer Apr 19, 7:28 AM
I'm only half-joking though when I say that the 'history of memes' could be a real new field of history

Memers have been chronicling their memes since the beginning (Encyclopedia Dramatica etc) so you're not really too far off.

Maybe this is his own posturing for the sake of the mainstream Japanese reception?

Maybe. He refers to the guy as 'a patient I can't empathize with' which is suspicious to me, considering the book for the most part treats otaku very fairly. Or he has his own unresolved moe trauma and doesn't want to admit it. I personally would never want to work in that field, no matter what you say you aren't safe lol.

I kinda wish I could call the weather ladies (or as they prefer to be called, 'fake(?) meteorologists') Oneesan instead...

Become a stereotypical drunk old man in Japan and you can do it too!

I watched it last night. It's certainly a product of its time: Curse you made in Japan
It was entertaining to say the least though I didn't find it really erotic.

Anime's relationship with France is always humorous to me, no matter the profession someone is always going to France to work. News anchor? Go to France.

syncrogazer Apr 18, 8:03 AM
I could have said this if had I seen your post

Would it even be appreciated?

Sadly, he only writes about one specific Japanese otaku, I guess for a Japanese readership foreign otaku are more interesting, and I understand why he would do so for the purposes of the book...but I can talk to English speaking anime fans anytime lol.

One of the main identifiers of an otaku for the author is the ability to fap to 2D women (an ability he acts oddly confused about, like is it really that weird? lol).

Weather Report Girl

I'll give it a try if I can find it.
syncrogazer Apr 16, 3:15 PM
So, here's a fun quote from Saito Tamaki's Beautiful Fighting Girl:
An anime creator is born from the experience of moe as a trauma, and the next generation of anime fans finds moe in the heroines he creates. I am almost certain that this chain of moe as trauma underlies the currents of today's anime culture.

None of his ideas are what I would call weird. In fact they're pretty easy to swallow, because one could scoff at his 'phallic girl' as a concept and his analysis would still be sensical. The part where he isn't talking about otaku, but about the nature of manga/anime as high-context media was probably the highlight for me.

His casual psychoanalysis of Miyazaki (which relates to the quote above) was also very humorous mainly because of contemporary memes, and if English-speakers would ever read it, it could easily be turned into a meme itself...unless it already has.

An interesting little book, if a little underwhelming. I get the feeling he wrote it in the margins of his notebooks or something.