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Samurai Flamenco
Samurai Flamenco
4 hours ago
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Comic Girls
Comic Girls
Yesterday, 9:18 AM
On-Hold 3/12 · Scored -
Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
Yesterday, 7:58 AM
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Sasurai Emanon
Sasurai Emanon
Apr 16, 8:47 AM
Completed 17/17 · Scored 4
Emanon - Sasurai Emanon Episode: 1
Emanon - Sasurai Emanon Episode: 1
Apr 16, 8:23 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 7
Omoide Emanon
Omoide Emanon
Apr 16, 8:03 AM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 8


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jal90 Mar 29, 8:34 AM
Thank you! Glad to read that, because as I was writing it I was realizing how much of a confusing mess my relationship with this series is and how difficult it was to me to write something with a semblance of coherence xD

Nice timing on your recommendation, by the way, because I just watched the OVA xD. And it was great! The first story by Kokona is pure blissful exploration, and the second a light conflict that was very well-executed. Perhaps the fact it is standalone benefits it, since the s2 felt like a rollercoaster with constant shifts in quality to me, but this one was specially satisfying. I'm absolutely looking forward to the third season. If not for regularity in execution, at least for aesthetics and for the great moments it will be able to bring.
gabrielrroiz Mar 27, 1:32 PM
Thanks for reading my stuff
I have heard from a crític I really respect that the TV series is way better so I definitely plan to check it out eventually, the only thing stopping is the bigger length
GranSaiyaman Mar 27, 10:01 AM
I hope so, since I have just my phone with a crappy connection to watch anime I don't think I can u_u
5936313 Mar 27, 3:34 AM
Finally only 5 on-hold. :^)
GranSaiyaman Mar 26, 11:11 PM
Thanks for that, I just kinda commented what I felt to (and that I'm a crybaby lol XD) and thought it ended up too long for anyone to read XD, I would like to watch that anime but unfortunately I'm not good with animes that are already over :c, but it will be on my list so I can watch it as soon as I can so thanks for the recommendation nwn/
Prankster_001 Mar 26, 3:43 PM
Well i had also watched Yuru Camp btw i find it good
Prankster_001 Mar 26, 3:17 PM
Yo matey
5936313 Mar 25, 7:57 AM
Well, is it possible to be cuter than Alice? :v
5936313 Mar 25, 5:40 AM
Yo syn, just started Kiniro. What's your opinion on the show?
reniga Mar 23, 4:11 PM
Some people just don't have souls.
5936313 Mar 15, 4:30 PM
Oh, the person in question told me it wasn't 'that bad' and I checked. It really didn't affect me, he just mentioned and I said 'k, Imma watch it' and like, that's it.
5936313 Mar 15, 4:27 PM
I won't stop praising it to death. It's called Yotsuba and like the only comedy out of Japan I actually laugh at. And I really can't say much about it other than that it's super endearing. I'm usually not a fan of lighthearted stuff, but this one is like, the only exception to the rule. Like, to you specifically, it's my ultimate recommendation.
5936313 Mar 15, 4:24 PM
Anyway, I notice you finished Azumanga. Dude, do you know another manga from this guy is actually my #2 manga?
5936313 Mar 15, 4:16 PM
Yeah, it's just a celebration. It's very little. Again, I just said the differences between the two shows and why the latter impresses me more. I'm not easily impressed, I like engrossing works. I think you got from me that Animegataris should've done 'this and that', but seriously, I couldn't care less. Not only I think thematic exploration and character development has little place to blossom, I also doubt the writer of it even had that in mind, to begin with, but that's a mere assumption. Being simplistic and jovial isn't inherently bad, but doesn't catch my interest. Also, if I were to make an analysis of what Animegataris wanted to do I'd feel wasting my time since 1, I don't care about it, 2, you've already made one, so it's pointless.

Yeah man, I'm not trying to convince anyone to dislike/like anything, since it's utterly pointless. I believe both anime share some elements, their intents are different and I won't try to find 'defects' anime animegataris, it's just not my thing. Doesn't do much to catch my interest and that's about it (same with most school-based slice of life). Glad I'm able to at least to convey something. Also, dude, I despise Re:zero and yet they keep referencing it, that shit annoyed me lol reee
5936313 Mar 15, 12:29 PM
I don't care about the archetype's origin. When I say it's poor man's Genshiken, I mean that all I've seen in Animegataris I've seen in Genshiken, but Genshiken did more. I understand both shows are different in their intent, one isn't ambitious enough for me to care about it, the other is. One plays safe and creates a lighthearted atmosphere of humor who one may or may not enjoy, the other goes beyond that and uses humor to put in perspective whether something is actually bad or just harmless, or the opposite. One uses its characterization to present archetypes and make fun of otakus, while the other presents archetypical characters just to reveal other sides to them over time and showcase how the idea of someone being an archetypical 'otaku' is socially constructed and they have more to them than just that. One presents all the main characters as soon as possible so they can partake in the daily adventures of the club whereas the other slowly introduce the viewers to new characters and the way the previously introduced ones react showcases how they changed from the beginning, denoting the aforementioned development and perspective shifts.

Basically, Animegataris is a 'cute fun lighthearted' anime, which by no means is inherently bad, but I can't forgive but think I've seen this before and simply better made. I laughed at Genshiken, I liked most of its characters, I enjoyed the mature approach, the fact they put actually different characters alongside each other and not just 'different types of anime fans'. I like how they talk about other things that aren't anime, but still, maintain anime and the anime club as the focus. You can talk about dating, family, sex, exams, the future, and still have comedy and cool funny moments. I know you enjoy Animegataris for what it is, I do the same as well. The difference is that, to me, Animegataris is not much, therefore, my enjoyment is little, almost nonexistent. The only reason I finished it was because a friend of mine Konakana asked me to check it, and it was... ok, I guess? I mean, it's not bad, it's just nothing to me.