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glassknuckles 6 hours ago
Can't even afford the model kit right now.

Oh damn, that's expensive. Buy hey, for a little more than half of that, you can get Miyuki's car :P (which I completely misidentified lol)

It sucks to be a fan of an old anime and to want to collect stuff. Slayers still gets products from time to time (this year a Lina Inverse nendoroid came out for preorder, so I jumped on it) though and its most recent anime also came out 10 years ago, so who knows, maybe some new YUA stuff will come out some time, like nendoroids, that'd be neat. (There's a Slayers collab going on this year as well with some RPG, though I suppose it could just mean Slayers is more popular).

Now, if only Natsumi and Miyuki were to get into a Labor...(crossover never ;_;)

I would pay to see that. I think Miyuki and Kanuka would get along, at least at first. In the meantime your post reminded me of this:

I have no idea what I'm looking at. This some kind of weird inside joke or what?

I think it's imdb page for some kind of web or podcast show and whatever computer program imdb uses to populate these pages got confused due to the similarity in name and started putting YUA images in it.

So, when I was doing an image search for YUA on google I followed an image to this imdb pge, where i saw there was a "you're under arrest...again" for 2018 and I'm like, 'there's a new anime?! what?'

The worst episode was definitely when Sena was complaining about her senile husband forgetting their anniversary or whatever the fuck.

That reminded me, Nakajima's family dynamic is pretty messed up. Poor guy's basically emasculated by his dirtbag biker dad, no wonder he's losing to Natsumi in terms of husband material.

There were some episodes in s3 I remember thinking were pretty good, so ganbatte! I have a feeling that Fujishima must have long since abandoned writing YUA stories in favor of Oh My Goddess by the time DEEN was through with the 1990s series, so I think these later seasons are probably DEEN written.
Are you interested in the manga?
Davxity Yesterday, 7:29 PM
I want to get to know more people in the community!
glassknuckles Yesterday, 7:28 PM
Looked it up out of curiosity, and it seems to be rare but it does happen, though often not lethally. I'm also seeing crazy stuff like net-guns and other non-lethal weapons. I think the way the police operate, and how the public views them is different than somewhere like the US, and with cultural differences, going for the gun doesn't seem to be their first priority.

Yeah. I guess there's also a greater power difference since they can be reasonably sure that suspects aren't carrying guns, though I guess concealed knives would be a problem to worry about.
I've noticed that in more recent anime police are often wearing body armor (probably stab vests) and I think policewomen wear pants now.
I see you already watched the America special, what did you think about that?

Hmm, there's a YUA drama. I might have to look for subs later (and then never get around to watching it, just like the Patlabor live action)

I think this has been cropped for copyright purposes, but man, every Japanese anime live-action adaptation I've seen looks like it was shot on a camcorder lol i watched about 7 minutes of it trying to figure out which one was Aoi, no joy

Btw, if you have the cash, the Honda Today used in the live action series is for sale:

I did want to check out that Patlabor live-action back when it came out (2014? 2015? Feels so long ago...) but I never figured out where to watch it. I care more about the characters in Patlabor more than the Labors, yet each new Patlabor iteration has a different cast, which is kind of a turn-off as well.
I came across this page and got happy, confused and sad in that order lol

And some of these episodes are kind of annoying for some reason, and others are kind of okay.

Yeah, when I was watching the episode where Natsumi took a pie to the face I was like, 'what is this, keystone cops?'
Not that I didn't enjoy that moment on some level, but still, it was pretty dumb. It gets kinda overly cartoony in other places as well.
Davxity Oct 21, 8:30 PM
glassknuckles Oct 21, 7:04 PM
Seeing Natsumi in love is kind of cute though, and they didn't ruin her character with the 'found someone stronger than me' thing.

I guess they didn't want to add any deaths just because it was a movie.

Yeah, it wouldn't have been consistent with the tone of the franchise.
The lack of lethal violence was actually something that annoyed me when I first discovered the series because I wanted to see them kick ass like in something like Dirty Pair or Gunsmith Cats.
I wonder if Japanese police ever shoot anybody; I saw a video where some guy in Roppongi is drunk or something, cussing and getting aggressive physically, they're very chill and just laugh it off and roll him up in a blanket and haul him out of there.
They're obviously not it in it for the money lol

true, but the compensation for risking getting your head in a helicopter blade or eating the pavement just to catch up with those guys is clearly not commensurate with the risk lol
they literally saved the entire global economy from what would have been a recession at best, and they're probably never going to get promoted out of that traffic division. You have to consider that :-P
They kind of ruined the designs though by changing their eye colors and basically giving Natsumi and Miyuki the same shaped eyes. But it looks pretty good for 2001

Same, I remember thinking the digital coloring was actually an improvement over how bad the picture was, though they made the gals not look as nice; also Aoi's lip color was changed to a rather hideous purple iirc
glassknuckles Oct 20, 8:41 PM
I just watched the movie again. It's kinda unbelievable how many still frames are in it, for being a movie smh

Also, fuck Tokairin. What kind of a madman would leave a woman like Natsumi to go hiking? He doesn't deserve her :)

I kinda forgot that the weapons in Miyuki's locker are all airsoft guns, but I guess shooting terrorists in the back with live ammo would be murder?...
I loved Miyuki shooting the guy in head and going, 'this gun really does shoot high' with smug satisfaction.

I really enjoyed the final series of stunts with the car being dropped by helicopter and Natsumi riding on the superintendent :D
The absolute madwomen, what ever they're getting paid, it isn't enough.
glassknuckles Oct 20, 4:16 PM
Ah, thanks. It's hard to believe there's any anime no one licenses each season.

I remember some individual scenes pretty well, like Miyuki's secret gun stash and the other officers being horrified lol
I should really watch it again...
Oddly enough, it's the gap between Miyuki's polite gentleness and her tendency to want to get back at those who get one past her (that is so exaggerated in the specials) that I find intriguing.

That's a nice analysis. Thinking back on it, Miyuki is kinda the 'beware the quiet ones' type, and you can kinda see the repressed aspects of her personality coming out in the flashy 1970s Datsun Fairlady she drives or her gun stash.

You've mentioned Monster Musume before too, are you a fan?

Yeah, not a hardcore fan or anything, but I like it and I read the manga when volumes come out. I liked that the ecchi was more absurd and extreme than what I had seen before, and also I liked what I felt was the show was making fun of the audience for liking it. The character shticks are amusing to me, like a mermaid who is obsessed with ensuring a bad ending for herself because she wants to live out The Little Mermaid, or how the spider-woman is obsessed with bondage because...spiders.
glassknuckles Oct 19, 7:21 PM

Hmm what show was that?

Yeah. I like her voice as well. Her JP voice actress does a pretty good job. Weirdly enough, the voice acting seems to peak in the damn specials, lol. In the scene where they're in the toilet-voyeurs van, they're yelling/banter is really well done. Especially when Miyuki yells at Natsumi to stop looking at Nakajima on-screen at the end. It just really stood out to me.

Yeah, it's probably the effect of the VAs working together so long.

To be honest though, some of my scores are pretty arbitrary/weird, so I've never found it super helpful anyway.

Yeah, I don't usually rate things because it's basically me just having to pick a number to mean a gut feeling; sometimes something will feel like "this is an 8/10' to me, but it is pretty arbitrary. I usually don't put in the work to deeply analyze or take note of things anymore since I feel like I don't have the time.

I guess it is a design element I liked it for other reasons too obviously.

Ah, I should've realized that sooner from your avi. I got ya
glassknuckles Oct 19, 1:53 PM
I see you started watching UzaMaid, what do you think?

I'd like to find a girl with a physique like Kamoi's, damn
I'm just gonna watch this show to oggle her
The lolicon angle is distasteful, but I can kinda overlook it I guess since it's yuri (and I already more or less did that with Happy Sugar Life and Engaged to the Unidentified)

How many times have you gone though the series?

I treat YUA like I do long running American shows like Star Trek TNG, where after watching every episode I usually just watch individual episodes when I have a desire to, so you could say I've only seen it once to the end. I'm kinda fuzzy on probably most of the later episodes at this point but I remember some episodes pretty well. The one that basically predicted drones, for example, where those guys were creeping around with a camera on an RC plane connected to 1990s internet somehow, was surprisingly ahead of the curve.

(Though I find it odd how casual they were about attempted murder of a police officer, when Aoi gets shot).

Yeah, despite the title, almost no one gets arrested on this show lol

they needed to stretch Natsumi's and (especially) Miyuki's personalities to their limit just to get the scenarios to work

Yeah, that's exactly it. There oughta be a 'scream counter' for all of Miyuki's screaming iirc smh

I really like Natsumi's design, a lot, a whole lot. She has this 'cat-eyed' look that really gets me going.

Like her cute haircut too. I like her personality too, she reminds me a bit of a girl I knew in high school who used to tease me.

I remember the atmosphere and mood of this to be very finely and carefully crafted. Another thing on the rewatch list, I guess. Since we're talking about aesthetic slice of life, maybe give Fuujin Monogatari a try (and that's not just because I want everyone to watch one of my favorite shows, but it is a little bit)

Ah, I searched your list before it fully loaded again.
Yeah, I'll give that a look. I just realized all the swimwear in the show picture are country flags (except the girl in purple, i guess)
You know, I can't believe we have a -10 affinity, that doesn't sound right

My favorite parts of Flying Witch weren't the backgrounds, if you catch my drift

tbh I'm not sure, you mean the character designs? I've been meaning to finish the show, but...

I like the character designs in old anime, really like the soft round 1980s Rumiko Takahashi style and sharper, more agressively angular 1990s ones as well.
glassknuckles Oct 18, 8:03 PM
will be on the lookout for that scene lol.

So, I took a look through my specials dvd and masochist-kun is in episode 2 :)
My massive crush on Natsumi is flaring up again

Stick close to that bookstore, you might find some even better stuff.

It gives me an excuse to go out when it's sunny and I have nowhere to be lol
They actually had a dvd of End of Evangelion for a low price, but once I got the JP bluray rip with english audio added a few years ago, I no longer needed it. The best item I ever saw there was the complete blu ray set of Monster Musume for 13 dollars! And the kicker is that I saw that like a week after I bought MonMusu online for $40. At the same time they're trying to sell the individual Pioneer Trigun dvds at like $8 each smh The manager has no idea how to sell anime lol

Not a huge fan of Trigger

I'm not really either. I just don't really click with their shows.

I honestly have more of a problem with the terribly bland background art that has become exceedingly common

Funnily enough, I have the opposite opinion. Like, Flying Witch really impresses me with their backgrounds and foregrounds, more than any other part of that show lol I feel like backgrounds generally look better than they used to thanks to HD

I don't know, modern anime just isn't something I watch specifically for its artfulness, and since most modern shows don't have a huge mechanical/detail-oriented element to them, it's relatively easy for me to dismiss a lot of these problems ...And with all of that said, I think cel animation has a feeling and look about it that simply cannot be topped by modern methods and there's no way to deny the level of detail and care that were put into their production.

Yeah, same. I love the photorealism/high quality in stuff like Garden of Words, Garden of Sinners (made in 2008, looks like it was made in 2018!), or Violet Evergarden ( I otherwise hate that show), but the highest summits of the cel/early computer-aided era are still comparable in quality to the highest summits of modern HD production.

I just recently watched Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (1998), and i generally don't enjoy slice of life, but this was an exception. The animation is phenomenal, they even drew shadows moving on the ground as clouds moved overhead. I highly recommend.

Something I like particularly about 1980s-90s TV and especially OVAs is that the analog film grain, a general low-fi, standard def quality (plus actual dirt on the film! :P) gives them a gritty, '80s-90s industrial' look that unintentionally enhances the dark color pallets and tones of the era's dark and 'edgy' anime; like I feel this with Key the Metal Idol, Devil Lady and Vampire Princess Miyu for example. Boogiepop Phantom's sepia color palate and heavy use of grain gives it a unique gritty look that i don't think can be replicated in HD.
Hey, have you ever seen this?

This is my aesthetic.
My parents had one of those old white base, blue blade fans when I was a kid and I want one. Since no one makes those anymore they're like 70+ dollars on ebay :(
This year I've been on a 'retro-fying my life' binge, wearing a digital watch and getting a CRT tv/vcr. I'm typing this on a beige IBM keyboard from 1996 that sounds like a typewriter lol. Now what i need is one of those stereo receivers with a graphic equalizer that is in all those old anime and a film camera :D
glassknuckles Oct 18, 9:25 AM
I used to be able to consistently pull like 6 episodes on a Friday night/weekend back in the day before I joined MAL. I'd get bored watching 6 episodes of the same thing usually, so I would watch like 3 shows in two episodes at a time, like it was adult swim or something
Nowadays I come online right away to start commenting on what I watched, and I'm lucky to watch 4 episodes after spending like a half-hour+ online after each episode lol

Will leave this here without comment: PURUpyon Saitou's Goodesses' Paradise. Should find it with a simple google search, or wherever you usually get your H-fix.


A local used bookstore gets a lot of old anime dvds in stock somehow (I found a complete Hyper Police dvd set there, and snatched that up on sight lol) and a few months ago they had both of the ex-Driver OVA dvds and a few copies of the movie, and also Gundress. I should have bought those right then on the spot (except the movie ofc), since the next time I went there with the intention of getting those exDriver dvds somebody bought em (except for the movie ofc, which looks pretty bad). The place has no consistent pricing scheme though, they gave 3 different (overpriced) prices to the exact same used volume of the Pioneer Serial Experiments Lain release, for example.

Girls, guns, cars, bikes, robots. Any combination of these with cel animation will make me a very happy person...When it comes to color and design, hand-drawn mechanicals are just so damn beautiful. I think those themes also work better because of the sensibility of older anime, and how stories were told and what they focused on.

I hear you. 1980s/1990s OVAs were really some of the best anime has to offer imo; the quality is extremely high, and the mechanical drawing is top notch, and there's a minimal amount of computer assistance. Something like Gunsmith Cats or the Patlabor movies is like a lost art. It seems like once Japanese animators were given computers they became incapable of making anything look good. Like mixing digital coloring and cels starting in 1998 in some shows, and the godawful CG in everything since then. At least some people have the sense to do toon shading or shomething on cars or whatever so it actually blends once in a while. I'd love it if a Gunsmith Cats anime was announced, for example, but then I would have to worry about bad cg.

It's amazing that the industry has had like 20 years to adapt to computes and yet if I watch something new like Cells at Work I can't watch it without gigguk's voice in my head going 'bad CG!' at every crowd walking animation, which in a way is worse than the Golden Kamuy bear that was at least only used in two episodes
Bayek Oct 18, 3:47 AM
Ah well, it probably would have been more enjoyable if I had someone to take me with them. Nah, I just went alone. I was mostly trying to get out of my comfort zone since I've grown up having to keep anime to myself. Never been able to actually talk to people about it irl.

Admittedly this is why I don't like shipping fanatics. They'll become so fixated on their supposed "OTP" that they willfully ignore a character's motives & will in order to project their own fantasies onto them. There was an ugly shipping war back when Nagi no Asukara was airing. People were continuously shipping their favorite characters and basically telling the other ones to die if they encroached onto that ship. I just find it insulting to the characters, plot & overall makeup of an anime when people decide how it should be without even trying to understand why it doesn't align with their own preferences. I can think of no better example than the Naruto x Sasuke shippers who, even to this day, believe they are lovers.

"Those are the kinds of subtleties that keep me emotionally and intellectually engaged with anime."
- Indeed, finding those finer details really can lead to a greater overall appreciation. This might sound silly, but what won me over when I was watching Romeo no Aoi Sora was when the character was trapped in a thunderstorm a few episodes in. In most shows, the thunder & lightning happen at the same time for special effects. In this, however, the lightning and thunder were realistically spaced out and occurred in varying intervals. It just made me think "This show is going to be special" (and it certainly was).

While I've learned a variety of methods for character analysis, I think the best starting point is Stanislavski's "Magic If." If I were this character in these circumstances, what would I do? As far as anime goes, I typically forego "official" methods of character analysis and just focus on empathizing with & inserting myself into a character's situation. I'd say this has made my experience with anime more universal as I can relate to a wide range of characters from all different walks of life. Whether it's a middle school girl or a grandfather on his deathbed, there's always something there that can speak to me on a personal level.

I didn't know there was a GochiUsa movie. I'll see it when I can. Goodness though, I absolutely adore Run from A-Channel. Ditzy, "GENKI-DESU!" airhead type of characters are among my favorites. That's why I just happen to love the lead girls from both Love Live series.

I typically define CGDCT as a mundane SOL where the main focus is on the girls' everyday antics & interactions. I also factor in the art style (i.e. moe). This is why, looking at it now, I really wouldn't consider Aria or Love Live CGDCT in the truest sense. Though I also certainly wouldn't consider CGDCT mindless entertainment either, so it becomes increasingly difficult for me to define it.

On a side note, I've been obsessed with the newest Assassin's Creed for the past week. Probably going to be late on comments until I finish it.
glassknuckles Oct 17, 7:30 PM
You're watching this really fast lol
it would take me much longer to get through an anime of this length.

In general, I really like the way the anime treats them. The best fanservice is sometimes fantasy.

Yes, I prefer relatively mild fanservice in something like this. I guess that's why the min-specials exist (which are so fixated on panties they're kinda closer to Burn Up Excess in tone, now that I think about it)

I liked the movie, it's as close to a traditional American action movie as I think YUA gets. I feel like the quality of the franchise went downhill after the turn of the millennium, but you should judge for yourself. I can't complain about the extremely yuri Full Throttle ending credits though :D

That crossover H-doujin with YUA I came across makes a ton more sense now, and not just thematically. I liked ex-Driver quite a bit.

H-doujin?! Can I have a link for...research purposes?
I've been meaning to watch ex-Driver again sometime, since we keep getting closer to autonomous cars irl
I love cool girls with cool cars almost as much as I love cool girls with guns.

I almost bought that game out of curiosity, but decided against it. Was it any good?

I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with it; I would say YMMV depending on how much you like SRPGs and dating sims.
I think the dating sim aspect, where you earn affection points in dialogue trees and such, is what I enjoyed most about it (and it's not explicitly 'dating'; it's more like in the Persona games where completing a girl's story-line about some problem she's having, like trying to save Harlem from crooked land speculators, levels her up in the combat portions of the game. You of course do get to pick a girlfriend, which natch changes the ending depending on which girl you pick as your favorite.

On the SRPG side I can only really compare it to other SRPGs like the Valkyria Chronicles and Fire Emblem franchises; and I would say as an SRPG it's probably the most forgiving I've played. In my opinion Valkyria Chronicles 1 is the queen of this genre, and it's not a very punishing game either, compared to Fire Emblem games.

Also just noticed that some random dude on my friends list put YUA in their PTW list. Coincidence, I think not.

dude, you're a trendsetter!
glassknuckles Oct 17, 8:29 AM

There were a series of mini-specials in 1999 that are imo mostly garbage, but there was one sketch where a guy tried to provoke Natsumi and Miyuki into violating his civil rights, if you get my meaning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Strikeman does mention Detroit once, but not sure if that's the same as what the dub does with it.

How about that, now I have to go check that out in the Japanese track. I've always assumed it was thrown in as like a "Detroit is a hellhole' kind of American joke from that period.

I watched Sakura Wars for the hell of it, but have no experience in the franchise and didn't get much out of it. I guess knowing the characters from the games would have helped.

My knowledge of the Shouwa characters is pretty much from the OVA/anime, sadly the original 1995 Saturn game has an unfinished English fan translation, so just another reason I need to get cracking on learning Japanese characters I guess.
However, the fifth game, which is set in 1920s USA, was released in 2010 for Wii (of all things) Playstation 2, and I own that. I dated the munchkin gender-queer Japanese hipster who listened to the new thing called 'jazz' in Harlem lol
Fujishima Kousuke is character designer for the Sakura Wars franchise, as well as mangaka for You're Under Arrest, and Oh my Goddess (as you can tell, I really like this guy's art!)
glassknuckles Oct 16, 6:21 PM
Natsumi is the best :D
Yoriko is worst girl

I listen mainly to the dub track, which has some American pop culture jokes in it, like references to Duke Nukem, Detroit, etc. Strikeman speaks in high level diction "oh what lugubrious misfortune!" (which I'm not sure if it's the same in Japanese, or just something the dubbing studio did).

I was creeping on your list and I see you've seen Sakura Wars. That's a guilty pleasure of mine since I don't think the anime is particularly great, but I enjoy it/the franchise anyway since it ticks a lot of my boxes (steampunk, 1920s Japan, amazon brigade (mostly), oujosama).