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glassknuckles Jun 12, 10:36 PM
Somewhat disappointed in fanart time.

Of the new girls, Hatsuho really is the best. People must be sleeping

Like how much bad stuff can they fit in one episode?

I didn't really mind the melodrama, I actually enjoyed it. It was more shoujo that way lol

Her accidental one-man show was really fun to watch for example.

Yeah, that was my favorite episode. I would watch that irl
I recognized the Western plays, but I later learned at least one of the Japanese plays is also real ("Growing Up"), which is nice, you don't often see real stuff referenced in anime

acting was sort of a terrifying thing

like, by being the center of attention?

I bought the Switch thinking I'd get into Fire Emblem. I should probably play it. If you're playing it obsessively it must be pretty good?

I like it,the story so far and characters are to my liking. I feel they put a lot more effort into writing the scenario this time. For example, each month of the calendar has a lovely medieval style illustration of a scene evocative of that month, like for example, ships tossed about during the rainy season month (of course it's the same as Japan, June) and peasants harvesting wheat in September. The interactions between the characters are pretty funny to me, so it makes me look forward to unlock new scenes of characters interacting. Especially the socially anxious girl. I enjoy watching her suffer lol

Have you played any FE games before? I'll know how much to nerd out on you :p

Something that I do dislike about it is that my playtime is much higher than usual for a FE game because Nintendo is chasing the Persona money and they added a Persona-style life-simulation gameplay mode. If you give me a mode like that, it becomes time sink for me lol I guess I fall more towards being a completionist so my total playtime is probably going to be in the 80 to 100 hours, like a Persona game, instead of the normal Fire Emblem range of 40-50 hours.

The game is definitely not as hard as the FE games I cut my teeth on, it's actually pretty forgiving on Hard if you don't want to get every treasure chest or reward. So the difficulty is often self-imposed. In my opinion, it's not Fire Emblem if you are not suffering lol so I always go for every chest/reward.
glassknuckles Jun 10, 9:50 PM
I'm sorry I didn't reply for so long :(

What kind of funny outcomes have you been getting?

In the first couple of chapters I said my real gender was female so I could use the bath; I called a Chinese girl a pervert; and I tried to peep on Hatsuho in the bath
I was meaning to go back and get screenshots of all of that but I just didn't do it, so this is what I had on hand

What did you think about Glass no kamen?

I started playing Fire Emblem Three Houses on switch and playing it obsessively, I haven't watched much anime lately.
Something that does irk me about Sakura Wars a little is how the voice acting is not full, so you go from voiced conversations to the voices cutting out. Otoh Three Houses is a 100+ hour game and it's fully voice acted, the difference between Nintendo and Sega money I guess
glassknuckles May 31, 5:28 PM
Sorry to hear about your lucky cat. Is that why you want to build bookends?

thanks :) the bookends were just an idea for something to do with my hands. I'm sucked into Shin Sakura Wars now, so I'm doing that for the time being. I'm having a lot of fun with the wacky dialogue options. I usually stick to normal anime dialogue to not lose points, but I've decided to make an effort to get funny outcomes.

also, here's Sumire making me a gimp

Why are they always swarming where you are?

proximity to NYC. It made my town turn from a steel town into a bedroom town I guess once the plant went bankrupt in the late 90s.

My anime watching has slowed down a little bit, and I'm not sure what to think about that But it's like 6 episodes instead of 8 each night so it's not like I'm 'burned out.'

that's more than me

Who're you watching?

Here's Ange talking about her sexual fetishes
Nearly all of the vtubers I regularly watch are from Hololive though. There's a meme community around Hololive, like how crass and un-idol-like everyone at hololive is, how they roast the company president on streams, how many of hololive's vtubers flirt with each other, like Marine, for example. I think my favorites are Korone, Kiryu Coco, Marine, and Natsuiro Matsuri. I like Pekora and Rushia too.

I think vtubers are really interesting, since they often make efforts to speak in English so you feel like you are sitting at a crossroads of two languages and cultures, with a lot of times the games being released in both the West and Japan forming this commonality.
I think vtubers are also interesting because there's some performance, some playing of a character; but the real person underneath shines through quite often. To me it's kind of like how women in the Heian era were hidden behind screens. There was talking through the screen but the woman was only visible as a silhouette. I wonder what the people underneath the avatars look like. Kiryu Coco speaks Japanese with a really weird accent so everyone thinks she's a foreigner, like a southerner American, for example; Marine claims to be 17, but self-dates herself in a way that suggests she was probably a teenager in the early 2000s lol.
glassknuckles May 28, 7:49 PM
With the bookshelves, I used to have my knick-knacks in front of the books; I thought it just seemed more aesthetic and functional to have the knick-knacks in between the books so the books are not obstructed. I lost my lucky cat to this though. Some books fell on it and scooted it right off the shelf and it broke. My luck ran out...

How is shopping where you are?

I reverted back to a high school mentality basically. The Home Depot is fairly loose, but at Target and Walmart there are more controls so I became anxious about following the rules. Like basically, the fear of messing up and being yelled at.

My first time in a lockdown Walmart was today and I noticed there was signs on the floor in an attempt to direct traffic inside, eg. some aisles are going in one direction and other aisles are in the other. So that was new and unique. Before the pandemic ofc Walmart has always had a very obvious architecture of control, like for example, metal gates at the entrance that remind me of a cattle pen. Apparently these are "anti-theft," but they look like a crowd control measure. I really dislike Walmarts for this oppressive, industrial architecture.

I'm basically violating the spirit of the stay at home order by going out for frivolous goods like wood stain and lampshades instead of food or soap or something. And ofc cleaning supplies are never in stock lol Otoh, traffic is beautiful, there's no rush hour anymore. This is what the future should be like. Driving around my town during the last 5 years used to be aggravating because the large number of New Yorkers were clogging up the roads with their expensive SUVs at all hours of the day.

I played the standard game without any of the expansion stuff.

so you didn't see Serana? She was like the only good-looking female model in Skyrim lol
I did like the voices of the female Dark Elves though. I liked the quests for the female Daedra entites too.

Yeah, I was thinking about watching this actually. I definitely will now.

let me know what you think!

this month I didn't spend that much time watching anime or playing video games, probably most time each day spent watching clips of vtubers
glassknuckles May 27, 6:04 PM
Interior design and woodworking sounds like a good fit.

tbh it's not anything more sophisticated than rearranging my bookshelves and knick-knacks to be arranged more like the bookshelves everybody has behind them on TV now lol
also wasting hours of my life going to big box stores for new lampshades

I only really remember one in which I couldn't do damage to the last boss.

was that the main quest boss, or from one of the expansion packs? I honestly don't remember who the final boss was except for the last one I fought which was the vampire guy because that battle lasted forever and I only won because of a bug iirc

I finally watched Princess Minerva.

Ah, I liked that one.
Now that's a huge amount of hot fantasy babes

that's the same reason I really liked the Legend of Himiko that I just finished

Can I also suggest Dragon Half to you? It's just a kinda silly unfinished 2 episode OVA.
glassknuckles May 26, 6:32 PM
How was your memorial day? I'm on a real interior design kinda mood rn, just rearranging everything.

I consider games like Fallout and Skyrim just to be huge time sinks now, but that openness and freedom in-game still appeals to me.

I put like 200 hours into Skyrim on PS4 in Summer 2018. I had a lot of fun with it, even though the combat system was so easy even I could it and there were millions of bugs. After two weeks I developed some kind of bug where the game gave me the overburdened movement penalty every time I loaded a save. That was super annoying and I thought I couldn't use the bug fix fan patches because Sony wasn't allowing fan patches on pS4 or something. I kinda hated Skyrim as a game because it was so buggy, but I also loved the world, the norweigan accents, I got to build and furnish a house, and Laura Bailey is in it. Can't romance Serana though, booo

It was the first (and only) Elder Scrolls game I've played, though I want to play Oblivion sometime. Also want to play Fallout New Vegas sometime.

I don't know if I'm going to stick with Myst. The constant clicking to do everything is kinda annoying me. Of course, I'm playing the original 1990s version with 1990s game play and 1990s (difficult to see at times) graphics; it might have been better to pay more for the most updated version. I thought I had a higher tolerance for old games than I do, perhaps.

I watched Elf Princess Rane, not sure i this your style of humor or not, but it does have redhed sextuplets

Minare's thighs were mentioned in the next ep preview. Looks like it'll be a good one.

I wanna see Mitsuo get punished lol
glassknuckles May 22, 7:04 PM
I'm picturing a flat metal triangle lol. Is that really it?

No, it was the musical 'instrument' triangle, the kind in westerns where the farm mom comes out on the porch with it and hits it yelling "cum 'n' git it!" to announce dinner
It seems weird to think I shaped a metal bar into a triangle and made a striker since I don't even remember doing that now. I could not tell you the process for making a triangle.

Around what time were you doing this?

like, 2012 to...probably 2015 or something
I had a system to maximize my DVD turnaround to get as many DVDs per month as I could, and I kinda fondly remember that now as a kind of gaming lol. I probably gave Netflix a huge chunk of my income when I had it, but I don't miss it, either DVDs or streaming. I thought that streaming quality in 2012 was poor so I preferred DVDs, but streaming quality seemed to improve but the selection is terribad.

Is it fun or frustrating?

I think the controls are the biggest enemy. Like I was stuck on a puzzle for 20 or 30 minutes and accidentally discovered holding the mouse button down longer than I had been was what I needed to do to solve it and I was furious. I already advanced out of the first stage after an hour, so I think the How Long to Beat site estimate of 6 hours might be accurate for me.

The controls are classic tank controls movement and point-and-click . Sometimes there's no obvious reason to click on something and just random clicking seems to unlock something. I think I had a similar problem in Grim Fandango (which I just rage quit three years because of how the puzzles seemed incomprehensible without a walkthrough)

aaaahhh srsly pls make Mizuho and Minare gay, anime-kami
Bayek May 20, 9:57 PM
Well I'd say it was a bit of an unexpected departure from anime. And basically everything. Literally. I ended up doing some hardcore gaming in April and lost track of everything else. Only breaks I took were to binge Supernatural (which I haven't watched in years). I feel like I'm finally waking up to my surroundings.

Can't say much changed for me either. I go out for groceries once a week and then just continue business as usual for a shut-in. Ironically I was planning to make some big changes in my life in March, but then this hit so I've had to just focus on home fitness and upping my game for when things return to (relative) normality. I've gotta say though, I love how stores are so orderly and disciplined now. Aisles with one way arrows, cordoned off lanes for checking out, buy limits on customers. I've gotta say, I hope things stay like this long after the pandemic cools down.

Anywho, I'm getting a feel for anime again with Haikyuu. Definitely a nice motivator for my training.
glassknuckles May 19, 3:49 PM
I'm pretty clumsy too, feel like I'm always causing damage

How they were made I don't remember, but a bald eagle and Model T are still hanging up in my parent's basement. The only other thing that comes to mind is a metal box, with an image of Luigi (taken from the Luigi's Mansion player's manual) punched into the lid. I probably should have saved that one, but it's long gone.

that sounds way better than what I made in metal shop, I made a triangle lol

Let me know how your bookends turn out.

I'll do that.

I wonder if someone will actually die before the season's over.

well, the body turned out to be Minare's mutton, so my guess is probably not
but boy, did I like the shrine maiden/ onmyoji costumes. Minare x Mizuho, I ship it hard

Sounds like something that would happen to me. Were the movies worth watching otherwise?

yeah, I enjoyed what I watched. I used to rent up up to 5 or 6 DVDs at a time from Netflix, including some anime series, and I would pair movies with anime based on genre.

So I started playing Myst. Like other point and click games the game doesn't give you a lot of direction, and when I thought I figured out how to proceed, that turns out to be wrong. And I'm going,"this is going to be one of those games, isn't it.."
Bayek May 19, 11:02 AM
Hey it's been a while. Just came back from a bit of a hiatus and trying to catch up with comments/conversations. How has all of this madness been for you so far?
glassknuckles May 17, 5:46 PM
How handy are you?

I try lol I can't say I've fixed that many issues successfully

What kind of things did you make in metal shop?

I'm admittedly a perfectionist but I'm not too happy with how this bookend I made in middle school is coming out; I pre-treated the wood but by the third coat of stain it's gone blotchy for some reason. I guess I won't worry about it, since it's a student project and has a lot of scratches from the wrong grit of sandpaper and rough cuts. I don't have a lot of faith in getting help from reddit, my threads never seem to get a lot of replies.

I think that I might try and make new bookends though, that might be fun. I really enjoy the look of wood grain and the idea of working with wood...I must be getting old.

Got my garden planted finally.

Good luck!

Wave...The way it weaves its darker elements into its comedy (but still playing it safe somehow) is really interesting.

Yeah, like the black-haired woman at the curry resturant who was 'locked up like Kaspar Hauser,' that is some dark shit. For all the times the cops are called in this anime, you'd think this would be a good reason to. Something I like about this anime is the references to non-anime in it, like the esoteric Kaspar Hauser reference and Monty Python in the same episode iirc

This is one of those legendary games isn't it? Remember staring in awe at screenshots in a magazine years ago.

Yeah, i have a goal to play landmark video games. this is the successor to my completed goal of watching landmark pop culture movies that are referenced all the time so I would know the references and be able to talk to people about movies (though I hardly ever used my movie knowledge in conversation after all)

I love the way their hair is drawn too. Very cute and sensual.

agree, it's nice hair

Wave is pretty good, it's really grown on me. The way it weaves its darker elements into its comedy (but still playing it safe somehow) is really interesting. We were talking about how everyone looks like they could be serial killers before, and it's fitting. Same with the overall gritty aesthetic.

I was expecting all anime to be delayed, but it only happened to my beloved fishing girls. Makes me sad.

glassknuckles May 16, 5:55 PM
I tried doing some home improvement in the last two weeks. I started by trying to remove water damage left by a potted plant on my dresserm and I ended up trading one kind of damage for another by obsessively rubbing a hole in the lacquer and trying ineffectively to fix it. So that wasn't good, and I spent a lot of time on youtube trying to learn about lacquer and wood finishes etc. Something that's going reasonably well is staining some woodshop projects I made in middle school. I think I might want to learn woodworking as a hobby, but I dunno, I'm still scared of the jigsaw.

I haven't started any new game yet since Amazonisn't planning to ship me Shin Sakura Wars until the end of May. I knew this would happen, but I wanted to use the points. I've been meaning to play Myst this week but I haven't been getting around to it.

>Watch anything interesting lately?

I watched Kirara, I think I can see why you liked it. Cat faces :)
Been watching a lot of virtual youtubers though, just enjoying their antics and hearing them talk.

My Next Life as a Villianess and Wave Listen to Me are my favorites this season. I love Minare so much
glassknuckles May 15, 6:35 PM
Hey, how are you doing?
glassknuckles May 3, 12:57 PM
They didn't end up focusing on the two working together to 'solve cases' as much as I thought they would.

Yeah, having finished it,the last 4 episodes were mostly different from the first 2. Only the first, second and fourth episode had something resembling cases. But on the other hand, there was a lot of Yuumi wrestling and that was good. Female wrestlers are one of my things...

in the middle of the episode there was an advertisement for the CD singles for the songs in the show. Might be the first time I've ever seen tha

wow, that's unsubtle
it sounds like a youtube video

Poor Shirow.

my thoughts exactly every time Mamoru Oshii is credited by online articles as the creator of Ghost in the Shell lmao
how are the SAC Major and the manga Major different?

What kind of politics is it trying to touch upon, that it's not quite able to?

In the first episode, they make a big deal out of the 'new' character of war as 'sustainable' and I'm like, 'sustainable war isn't new, that's what they have in Africa and the Middle East.' Low-intensity, long-term conflict arising in areas with market incentives to create a permanent war economy.

I thought the whole premise was post-global market collapse, but the US is Mad Max and Japan is still a functioning state for some reason. Like, Japan is not that secure it can survive without Middle East supply lines or US crop imports, for example. I'm not doubting the US would become Mad Max, but Japan would probably become a cheesy 1990s post-apoc OVA in that same scenario.

Don't get me wrong though, I certainly had fun watching the first episode and got some laughs out of it.
glassknuckles Apr 30, 5:06 PM
What do you think of Yuumi?

take me to suplex city, Yuumi

I like the idea of matching a police officer and a practical magician, it feels like one of those 80s screwball detective shows
Based on the second episode, Ninomii and Yuumi together give me a Dirty Pair Flash vibe, though Ninomii seems much worse than Kei and Yuri

I saw a webm of some naked dude doing back flips up a staircase.

yeah, I watched that clip as soon as I heard about it. I dunno, this doesn't bother me. Tbh, I've seen worse CGI (Appleseed XIII comes to mind) but it does have a definite...PS4 quality. The lip syncing is also pretty unconvincing.

How's the Major's character? I must admit she does look pretty cute.

yeah, it's the same old Major personality-wise, I think. I think she doesn't look bad either in this version.

Like, at first the idea of Section 9 working as hired guns for American One-Percenters to put down unruly commoners after a global depression that bankrupts all nation-states sounds plausible, then it hit me.

tfw you realize the Section 9 gang literally became the bad guys from a cheesy 1990s cyberpunk movie

-except Togusa, who's now a private investigator in Japan, that still has a functioning government and society for some inexplicable reason. But he doesn't have his Mateba revolver aaaahhh why???

My biggest complaint is that I think the anime is trying to punch above its weight politically and it's not succeeding, at least in the first episode anyway.