Rio "Stephanie" Kinezono

Rio Kinezono

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Rio Kinezono (利緒)

This busty blonde is the main character of the series. She's trained in martial arts and is always the person leading an attack. She likes to look good and loves buying pretty things. Unfortunately, her spending habits keep her in eternal debt, so she's always looking for good-paying jobs to support her lifestyle. She has a desk job working for the police in Policetown and counts on work with Team Warrior to pay her bills. Always trying to find the easy way out, she tries to hook up with any rich guy she can find in the hopes that he'll be able to buy her all the pretty things she desires.

Voice Actors
Imai, Yuka
Lee, Amanda Winn
Cenciarelli, Maura
Aguirre, Rossy
Marinho, Raquel
Portuguese (BR)
Vallée, Dominique

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