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SunlitSonata Sep 24, 8:45 PM
Oooh. Thanks again for reading! I'll be sure to send more in the future if/when I write them! Or just general show thoughts on stuff like the aforementioned Merc Storia or the Persona 4 Golden series.

I think it’s a combination of lackluster writing AND pacing. I mentioned the writing issues I had in my review, but in regards to pacing, because the pacing is so fast, it hardly lets us feel in what should be moments of tension (I note the scene where they land on Planet Icriss and instantly find a get out of free ship in 10 minutes), preventing any planetary activities from lasting too long and trivializing the stakes. Characters like Yunhua or Luca “develop” early on with hardly any time and then subsequently do absolutely nothing going forward but claim they’re totally different people anyway. Said struggles that last maybe half an episode at most. And some like Aries or Zack don’t even get that! Even the ending feels anticlimactic. Perhaps if the kids had one final confrontation with their parents it would’ve brought the theme full circle but that’s barely there, instead they call the number and the job is done for them. Almost nothing about the clone twist led up to it before it happened, and you really question the ethics of clones when they don’t simply kill them for body parts. If you want to read an interesting book relating to the production and use of a clone from the point of view of a clone main character, I’d recommend the book “House of the Scorpion”. I note how the game shaking clone twist happens when 2/3 of the series is already passed on, so it has to rush the aftermath, and in hindsight, make it highly questionable that no one ever mentioned clones, that the parents didn’t just chuck the spaceship with the clones in the sun, or that Charce just take Aries and leave the rest. It can’t build the bulk of the series around the clone premise, and with how uncompromisingly evil nearly all the parents were (Kanata’s father seemed like he could be more interesting but the show dropped that point)/the kids having no personal culpability in their faults, it really hurts the attempts at drama. The Persona 4 anime's drama worked better to me because it felt like the characters were actively at fault for the way they let the flaws of their personalities boil up to where they needed help from friends to accept that bad part of themselves and grow stronger as people afterwards. It also had a similarly consistent theme of societal conformity it hit home well, if moreso in the game than in the anime. Back to Astra. Some of the twists, like the alternate earth thing, were totally superfluous in the long run, and the show had no backbone to let anyone die in this SURVIVAL series. I also had issues with the first Danganronpa game/anime pulling the Planet of the Apes “the world was f*cked the whole time” twist since it’s lazy and cliché, but the way this story expositions off its setting in the last episode feels incredibly forced and very much tell don’t show. Space stories have a lot of interesting ways to justify their settings. Hell, the movie Wall-E, which was rated G, had way more going for it both thematically and in creating its setting, so that this “PG-13” effort feels like a show crafted for an audience far below that movie says a hell of a lot.

What I meant in relation to Space Dandy and Outlaw Star is that: even disregarding the more advanced civilizations of those series, space ITSELF looks much better and animates far smoother in both past shows compared to this 2019 product, and both shows contain far more interesting planetary designs. Note I didn’t include Cowboy Bebop since that show’s aesthetic is more diluted, because SD and OS are going for the same kind of insane color vibrancy Astra wants to and falls incredibly short at. The space planets in this show top out early on and have about as much impact as computer screensaver backgrounds. Space is a setting with limitless potential and equally limitless danger, and they capitalized on very little of it beyond the opening of Episode 1, or plot devices like spaceships and wormholes. Though do I really care about lasting consequences and tension in a show like Space Dandy? No, because that’s never what it’s about. Astra CLAIMS it’s about survival and these kids being lost in space but decided it wanted to dip way too deep into cutesy comedy while trying to be super serious and deep with all the cliffhanger spam. Imagine how much more intense the show would be if the kids were being pursued by aliens or otherwise rogue bounty hunters banished the same way via this wormhole. There might have been tension!
SunlitSonata Sep 21, 5:16 PM
Given you came out liking the series you may disagree with me but I made another review on the series see her:
SunlitSonata Sep 18, 8:49 AM
I have another review coming up on Astra Lost in Space, so look forward to that......once the sub materials come in of course because there's a major delay to it. So a few hours.

V3's cast is definitely the most eccentric of the bunch. On purpose given the themes of that game, but you do start to get attached to several of them over the course of the game for one reason or another. The cast as a whole is likeable enough with a few bad apples here or there but the main characters are pretty well done in this one, aside from the way the final villain is executed.

I'll try to balance anime with video games, college work and other stuff, but good luck with that yourself. If I see the show I'll be sure to let you know how it goes there.
Lolight3 Sep 14, 11:32 AM
Heya, Sorry for taking so long to accept the friend request, i forgot to check on MAL :P
Thank you for sending it though! :D
Timbsoka Sep 5, 9:37 PM
Don't worry about late responses!!! (I'm also a mess so no worries)

That's great, I'm so happy to hear that :D Must be nice lol I've been nothing but tired for as long as I can remember :') That's very interesting though!! I've also started my senior year of college but my schedule still sucks.

This Summer season has been okay for me. I enjoy most of the shows I've been watching, but there are only a few shows that I've been loving. Araburu and Astra Lost in Space are probably the main two but even then, Astra isn't as good as the manga in my personal opinion. But I've been liking Araburu a lot. I have somehow managed to not watch a single episode of Vinland Saga just because I want to binge the first half once I find the right time for it :') Even though I haven't seen it yet, I still consider it my top anime for this season haha. Continuing anime have been the main source of entertainment and enjoyment for me with shows like One Piece, Demon Slayer, Carole & Tuesday.

I've been doing pretty good lately. Can't escape being tired but that's normal everyday shit for me lol. Been getting back on my school stuff, and getting ready to go back to work next week. Been trying to find more time for weeb shit lately, mainly by trying to procrastinate on other stuff. Haven't had time to watch any other anime that are not seasonals tbh. Although I have started Fate/Zero and have been enjoying it. I'm a few episodes into the second season and I'm planning on finishing it hopefully next week. I've been playing a lot of video games lately though so that's honestly a big reason why I haven't been binging much anime. It also doesn't help that I'm in a bit of an anime slump at the moment I guess? But I'll get back into it real soon hopefully haha :)
SunlitSonata Aug 22, 8:25 AM
Thank you so much for reading it!

“I love that you brought the perspective of someone who played the game to the anime experience, and I especially appreciated that you judged the anime for what it was instead of being like the kinds of people who'd write the show off for ‘not being as good as the game.’ But you examined the show on what it added to the Persona 4 experience, which I think made your review so good—there were things the anime was clearly able to do very well, and there were others that didn't translate as well to television, but overall it was a solid adaptation."

That was my intention. Persona 4 was a really interesting case study in this regard given how much there was to adapt, the changes that could be potentially made in going from PS2 models and brief head cuts to animated characters, and keeping some of the gamey aspects while making anime original stories to fit others in. Inevitably there would be issues, which I address, but I also have a great understanding of the effort on display to try and make it the best they could, with most of the game's English dub (played the game in English) even returning as well. I see it as a "good" show either way but as a game player there was enough to appreciate so it wouldn't solely be an inferior copy, even if I think the game is better. It was the perfect game anime to make this issue, because even if I played say, God Eater or Tales of Zestiria, their animes wouldn't really tell me much beyond falling into the Blandness Preservation Committee.

If you like nice reviews, I’d recommend…..first off the rest of the reviews I wrote agree or disagree (though their quality generally improved with time), and secondly reviews from some friends. You can just say I led you their way:

Glad to hear you understood your logic anyways. Super Danganronpa 2 and V3 I would still recommend playing in that the animes do not spoil those games (ok the big twists of DR2 are spoiled by Danganronpa 3's Despair Arc but not the moment to moment gameplay), and V3 I would 100% recommend since it has nothing to do with the characters you recognize but tells its story in a similar way featuring an entirely new cast:

Sure. I could use a bit of unbridled positivity every now and then (aside from the Fruits Basket reboot), especially as the college year starts creeping up on me in the coming days. Sadly, Trinity Soul was pretty deflating. But I'll let you know what I think of Merc Storia either way.
Timbsoka Aug 20, 7:17 PM
HEYYY!!!! I hope you've been super duper swell <3 :D
Sorry for this insane 5 month late reply!!!

What have you been up to lately?? Any good shows you've been keeping up with? :)
SunlitSonata Aug 18, 1:24 PM
Also, check out this review I wrote of the Persona 4 anime:
SunlitSonata Aug 8, 6:30 PM
Actually yes. You can watch the two Ace Attorney animes, because they cover the same story from the games and you don’t need to play the games. However, the animes spoil everything from the three games except for one case that wasn’t touched, so then what’s the point of playing when you know everything. And the first series brought nothing new for fans aside from a nicely disconnected filler episode.
I would never recommend the animes over the games personally given the poor production values and rushed pace, since the mysteries by nature are very interesting and there’s a noticeable lack of oomph or original content to compensate. But if you really have to, you can watch the animes and completely follow them, but the games are available on so many consoles at this point that there's no way you don't have something that can access them.

This was the first teaser trailer for the Danganronpa 3 anime. Hilariously, it fakes you out by making you think there would be an anime series based on the second game, before leading into the announcement
There was later another trailer that briefly recapped what you need to know about both of the previous games, and marketed the anime as an original story that was “the end of the Hope’s Peak saga”, because the later Danganronpa V3 game would be a soft reboot with an entirely new cast. And you don’t need to have seen the Danganronpa 3 anime to understand V3 beyond the fact that it existed.
To get the most out of it yes, since most of Despair Arc is based around your foreknowledge of future events, even if Danganronpa 3’s use of brainwashing demystifies the game’s implications. That pink rabbit thing on the robot’s computer screen in Future Arc was the mascot character from Danganronpa 2. The reason why all of the characters of the class were being introduced that way was because that would make sense as a way to start the class and re-introduce fans to the characters pre-despairing. The whole concept of Future Foundation and Makoto’s plan regarding the Remnants being on that island are things that only make sense upon playing the 2nd game. The second game also established the student council killings that would later be visualized in the anime, and Hajime’s relationship with Chiaki, which you saw in that brief scene at the very end of Despair Arc, which actually is in the prologue to Danganronpa 2. The game takes place after the first but before Future Arc. Despair Arc is basically a “how we got here” for the series as a whole.

That spazziness is charming in its own right. How much you seem to be popping with interest.

I think it is because Merc Storia was swept under the rug for not seeming like it would blow minds, with less people comes less ratings, and less ratings comes a higher chance for the score to tilt from dissenters. SAO for instance being even that highly rated is majorly due to how popular it is leading to more high scores. Compared to something like Hand Shakers or Ousama Game where there are more than enough reasons for people to greatly turn against those series, Merc Storia just seems like a simple, enjoyable comfy romp that isn’t actively doing anything wrong but can inspire joy nonetheless. So I’ll look forward to seeing it as a breather and let know if I enjoy it.
SunlitSonata Aug 8, 9:34 AM
Also, so Merc Storia is just a really wholesome and comfy series all around? The type of show to watch when you'd want to relax that still has adventure? It certainly seems to have lot of color and life.
SunlitSonata Aug 8, 9:24 AM
Theoretically, I think it would be possible. If you doubled the episode count to make a lot of the moments in the original anime breath, incorporated elements of the Free Time Events and did a better job maintaining the clean character designs compared to the “rough around the edges” look of the anime, I think it would be a better show, but even still, there’s something lost in presentation despite additions like cinematography and more active character animation compared to sprite swapping because of the missing game UI. That said, the way the execution scenes were replicated shockingly well despite all that.
The peculiar nature of Ace Attorney (which also had a low-quality anime) and Danganronpa, visual novels that have incredibly unique and active gameplay systems, doesn’t fit them to anime well even when adapted faithfully or with animation of actual quality. In comparison to pure reading affairs like Steins;Gate, Clannad and the Fate series, or a game with more combat focus like Persona. Without you gathering evidence or sifting through testimony yourself, it makes it look like characters like Makoto, Kyoko and Phoenix are pulling things out of their asses and always correct for it. That they’re too faithful despite the vast difference between a game and an anime while simultaneously weakly presented and rushed really detracts from their watch value. It is a big reason why anime such as Persona Trinity Soul and Danganronpa 3 had to be different; because they were designed for anime first, not a videogame.

No no, Danganronpa 3 was meant as an actual sequel for brand expansion. It was announced alongside “Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony” (the actual third video game which didn’t come out until after the Danganronpa 3 anime series ended) to expand the plot and brand potential. If the anime series were called “Danganronpa Future to Past” or “Danganronpa Despair Birth/Misery End”, or “Danganronpa 11037 Hope/77th Despair”, then I feel like the confusion would be warranted. But that it specifically called itself Danganronpa 3 made me it at least wanted me to know what happened in Danganronpas 1 and 2, and also that I have friends who’ve seen the animes and played the games to know you should have the two in mind. And yes, the games are very investing. If you have a PS4 you should get the trilogy pack, or get 2 and V3 on Steam.

I mean the Persona games are MASSIVE time sinks, so I can understand you not having time for them. But even regardless I do look forward to seeing how the animes attempt to add or replicate them with the addition of cinematography and subtraction of repeated battle animations, so I will let you know how I see certain portrayals as someone who already saw their original form through the game version. Because in that regard, they would be like supplements to the P3/P4 experience.

Wow, thank you! Really appreciate you looking through all the show tags I spent so long writing. I did similar on your end and it helped better appreciate similar and different perspectives with actual descriptions. I’m the type of person who wants to really SAY something about finishing an anime series rather than just take it or leave it. Similarly, a friend of mine on here, CodeBlazeFate, took after that.
You seem pretty chill, and Troy Baker’s Excalibur really was something. Soul Eater is my cousin’s favorite anime, and I respect it a lot too, silly ending aside.
SunlitSonata Aug 7, 5:23 PM
From what I’ve seen, the first series absolutely does not do it justice. The artwork is incredibly rough compared to the game’s clean character outlines (grouping characters together in a way that feels off), it’s way too short and rushed, lacking any Free Time Events from the game, and there’s a certain rhythm to the trials lost without the very unique aesthetic and gameplay diversions. You can’t play the music that happens during the rhythm minigame with nothing on screen; it’s just not the same.

Danganronpa 3 straight up was not meant for people not familiar with the events of the first two games. I mean, I had my own major gripes with both series AS a fan of the game (too contrived, put focus on the wrong elements, brainwashing retcon, reveal that makes the Mastermind of the Final Killing Game look like a total idiot, Chiaki shilling, bland new characters save Juzo and in general not being as interesting as the first two games or Danganronpa V3, the game that follows it) but connecting with the class in Despair Arc wasn’t really one of them, since I’d already formed a connection to those characters through them being THE cast of Super Danganronpa 2.
I would recommend playing the series though since it at least helps to better understand stuff, and the plots you don’t know in SDR2 and V3 are very absorbing.

Not sure if you veer the same way regarding the Persona animes but I do plan to binge them all (aside from 5’s one since I haven’t played the game) soon enough since I’d recently beaten 3 earlier in the year and Persona 4 a few days ago. Took 79 hours to beat that one. Persona 3 has a set of four movies as well you didn’t see yet, which covers the plot stuff from the game with some nice action beats at the extent of lax characterization and gutting the social element which leaves the second and third movies being very rushed. They at least start and end well since there’s less story to burn through.
SunlitSonata Aug 7, 3:55 PM
Looking at your list mate, did you watch Danganronpa 3 without playing the 2nd game?
-Dokk- Jun 29, 8:36 AM
its alright dont worry about it ;o

Ive been good overall, ty (the heat is killing me tho aaa its getting worse and makes it impossible to get enough sleep)

:D I hope we dont run out of stuff to talk about but otherwise should be easy to talk a lot w u since u dont reply short like some people thankfully c:

it should be great :o I like some of them a lot but some I still gotta talk to more to be sure I can trust them
so not sure who Ill visit yet (italy/spain/america/austria are the options for now :o)

my brother is 21 but behaves like a little kid often :DD yh either he or the heat makes it super hard to slee enough for me

well I used to stay up 24h or more often lasty years
ofc it wasnt good but thankfully I dont do it often anymore :D

ok we can talk about MHA fav characters or other stuff on discord if u want I dont wanna make the messages on here so long

oh maybe u already saw my style then but decided for another? :D
I understand changing styles often but Ill prob keep mine till I find some other great one

its good overall but some people are a bit annoying and in the breaks I cant really talk w people
Ig its cuz Im shy and the people there are so different :/

yh sure u can ask me whatever u want and Ill respond to most things :D
I work at a shop that sells food that other shops would throw away

its nice they sell food cheap and people who cant pay much can buy food there :)

oh that might be it but think I also havent heard of that sports cuz its not a thing here in germany :o

well I was just taking a long break without working or anything so I was super lazy :D
Idk if I told u but I didnt do any work etc for a while cuz I have trouble to go out/talk to people

I got some questions about ur diet and might wanna try something like that myself but yh Ill ask on discord

yh I also enjoy riding w my bike the nice wind makes me feel free :D

Im struggling w this english book so many words I dont know and its annoying to look em up
but it will help in the long run so its ok (Im barely reading rn tho after work I never feel like it :/)

oh thats awesome and I hope u can get a job like that one day c:
great that u already found something like that u love

I have no clue what job I wanna do in the future

this is super interesting o,O yh Ive heard about that way to eat like I said Ill ask on discord or this message would be super long (it already is long aaah I cant focus my annoying brother walking around + someone calling next room)

yh Id say Im good at battling
oh well it prob was a mix of both like u said
I could help u get better if u would be interested :D

tho its kinda hard to explain some things to people who never played it competitively

oh hard to say I love so many songs and diff music genres
mainly anime music these days
but some artists that come to mind that arent anime are Ed Sheeran and Linkin Park

I just cook simple things Im not a good cook yet
rice/pasta/potatoes w veggies often :D and some vegan protein source

take all the time u need to reply its fine c:

oof yh we will have lots of fun hopefully :D

I understand not posting ur discord in public

oh if u got any questions dont be shy to ask about discord I wont bite and try to explain everything

LunarStarGirl345 Jun 24, 8:27 PM
Yup, I know right?! :D That's why I enjoyed them so much lol.

Yeah, true. They could have been great and better as the previous ones they did earlier, but oh well...:/
Guess that's just how it is, I suppose haha.

Hahaha, I knew I would convince you to hence why you need to see it soon. :P

OMG yeah, tell me about it man!! :D That's why it looks so good on him! It makes his character even more great and interesting if you know what I mean lol.
Hahaha, what makes you think that? xDDD

That's awesome! :3
Yeah, someone told me about that new series too. Don't really know much about it, tbh. :P
Lol, I know right? I guess they're more into action and shounen anime's rather than stuff like this, I guess xD.