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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
The main characters (Hei and Kazuma) are both contractors and the others also have some extra-ordinary powers which other people don't have. Than we also have the detective/police woman, in Darker than BLACK Misaki and in Kaze no Stigma Kirika. I think that Kaze no Stigma contains some more humour than Darker than BLACK but I enjoyed both of this series very much. Somehow I saw some things that were alike so I wanted to do this recommendation..
report Recommended by Erisu
Both of them deal with contractors who obtain super powers ... DTB is much better than Kaze no stigma in my opinion but they both have the same theme. Kaze no stigma is not as dark as DTB though.
report Recommended by Forough
dark, magical, good action and decent plot structure alot of fun to watch
report Recommended by justinhhp87
darker than black is more action-based, whereas kaze no stigma also has the action, but more geared towards comedy/romance (not to mention the lack of a holistic plot, but then again... the manga for kaze no stigma will never reach completion, so i'll give it a break :P). but i highly enjoyed both. in fact, i took the recommend of kaze no stigma from DtB so i hope someone else to like them too :)
report Recommended by tarepanda
Both Hei and Kazuma are slick contractors (they literally say contractor in both), with awesomely unique abilities. Darker than black is a lot more serious in tone in comparison to Kaze No Stigma, but it's still a fun watch if you're into cool action sequences.
report Recommended by Wolfxzer0
Both anime have a dark undertone with both Male Main Characters in each series that use supernatural powers with deadly intelligence and a decided lack of conscience as both characters have killed without remorse, Both series resolves around the main characters and their pasts whilst they go on missions with others assigned to them by an authoritative figure (in DTB MMC Hei is assigned to a team by a mysterious organisation as a contractor/assassin and in KNS, MMC Kazuma is assigned missions by his grandfather and is teamed up with his love interest/younger cousin and his brother), KNS is a bit more romantic then DTB   read more
report Recommended by KatieMH
Darker than Black has in my opinion the same style of fighting as Kaze no stigma, magic and stuff. Both main characters have a dark past (Lee and Kazuma) have lost a loved one (tswe ling for kaze and Lee's sister in darker than black). both come in small arcs or single episodes intill about episode 14. Darker than Black is a lot darker and bloodier than kaze in my opinion, it has no romance or comedy. in kaze there are only 3 types of magic but in darker than black all of the characters have different powers. Both are great shows
report Recommended by TuGaWaR545
Kazuma and Hei both behave in the very same way. They are both calm and cool. When it comes to girls they freak out. Both anime's have supernatural powers.
report Recommended by master0537
Watching one makes me think of the other. Both male leads are really powerful, and scary when they get mad.
report Recommended by killua94
Both Animes have a Badass Main Anime Character, i rly liked them both.
report Recommended by sileca
Firstly they both involve: ability's, contractors and above all a lot of quality action. Both characters are fairly dark and have good backstorys however you also grow attached to both of them. Also both the main characters grow other relationships however their past follows them around. In both anime the Art, soundtrack and story is good and I would recommend both :D.
report Recommended by bogsaxe
Kaze no stigma is a light-hearted DTB that is more light-hearted and humorous than DTB. The fight scene is decent. The plot is basically a badass MC and his tsundere cousin fighting villains. This is probably the closest things to the world of contractors
report Recommended by theslickasian