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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Dhurarara!!, Dyurarara!!, Dulalala!!, Dullalala!!, DRRR!!
Japanese: デュラララ!!
English: Durarara!!
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 2010 to Jun 25, 2010
Premiered: Winter 2010
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:25 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Brain's Base
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, MysteryMystery, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.141 (scored by 574755574,755 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #3782
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #74
Members: 1,241,358
Favorites: 28,527

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Same author, same studio. Both animes focus on various characters from the underworld -- criminals, violent gangs and misfits -- with splashes of the occult and the supernatural but set in a thoroughly modern society not unlike ours. While Baccano! had immortals and mysterious elixirs propelling the story along, Durarara! has a dullahan, which according to Irish myths, is a headless rider. Like Baccano!, Durarara! is told by an all-seeing narrator, populated by a large cast, and initially seems very scattered in terms of its storyline but should begin to make sense the more episodes you see. 
report Recommended by jutester
Both series have what appears to be a somewhat naive, 'head in the clouds' main character, though both have a hidden side and secrets to be revealed. The series also have a similar... Atmosphere to them, I guess you'd say. There is just something about both of them. Sends pleasant shivers down your spine. They also have a variety of viewpoints, both switching from time to time to focus on different characters and aspects of one huge puzzle; though Durarara is more complex than K, with a broader cast of characters as well. 
report Recommended by quercifolia
Similar kind of character dynamics, back-and-forths between light slice of life humor and serious action scenes, split character group factions, and splashes of the supernatural (featured often but not the center of the story). Details on similarities: - Main characters (Atsushi/Mikado) are inexperienced and weak; grows through his experiences with his new friends. - Main supporting characters (Dazai/Kida) are light-hearted, humorous, but also have streaks of dark pasts and experiences in them. They also are protectively brotherly towards the main character. - Both animes have casts of supporting characters and various "faction groups" that they swear their allegiances to. And the supernatural powers from these characters are similar  read more 
report Recommended by dalartsun
Both deal with a high-rank criminality city Both have several delinquents groups (mafia) Both deal with hacker characters Both have comics moments Both have beautiful graphics Both have similar patterns Both have tigh-knit friendship Surely you like one you will like the other  
report Recommended by cainael
Both of these series have a similar vibe for me. Both the main characters are highschool students bored of their current lives, who accidentally end up with power over a huge amount of people. They both keep their real identities a secret from their followers, and their followers are a mixture of old, young, rich, poor, etc. Both series also have darkly fantastical creatures; in Death Note, the Shinigame, and in Durarara, the Dullahan. However, despite their ominous appearances and folktales, neither being is evil. They both give guidance to the main character, without supplying all the information and working for their own cause. I would definitely  read more 
report Recommended by Xephia
Both of these Anime are done in simular styles as each other and they start off being told from the same persepective, the point of view of the male character. There is a mystery element to both and the characters in both series have their own qwirks. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The characters in Odd Taxi city know each other somehow or another, with each episode feeling like something is building up between all the different groups  
report Recommended by OnGlitch
Supernatural abilities and a bunch of equally important characters who are more connected than it seems at first glance. 
report Recommended by Inevitabilis
Two of the darkest, supernatural AND mystery genera that I know of. They both use a lot of dark lighting for their night scenes, and a lot of light, when it comes to the day time. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Do you like wacky action? Do you like unusual cities? Do YOU like cool characters? And finally, do you like some good ol bromance? Chances are you do if you are looking through the recommendations for kekkai sensen or durarara. Both of these shows offer this, heck, both of them have guys in suits! They have a lot of similarities, so you will probably like one if you like the other. 
report Recommended by DeviousBlaze
Both shows are visually stunning, filled with interesting characters and fresh. Their plots are also both strange; however, Bakemonogatari's is more episodic, whereas Durarara!!'s starts off episodic and comes together about half way through. 
report Recommended by owlf
It's detective and full of adventures. You can find many similar things. 
report Recommended by NARKOZ
Durarara!! and Steins;Gate share quite a few interesting themes: * Both start off with a slow paced "slice of life" ambience that, very subtly, foreshadows the following... * ...Jump into a neatly intertwined plot. * Insane characters; * Norse Mythology references; * A sprinkle of metaphysics: Time Travel (in Steins;Gate) and Norse Myth Fairies (in Durarara!!). If you liked any of these aspects in one series, you'll most likely also enjoy the other. Also, there's the "same voice actor" bonus: Mamoru Miyano and Hana Kanazawa. 
report Recommended by aleatorio
Durarara has the same atmosphere and is also story about a mysterious city. All the characters have some relationship between them. Both are fun to watch! 
report Recommended by lady-leen
Ikebukuro, mystery, Brains Base. What more do I need to say? They're great. 
report Recommended by mwp
If you are a Durarara fan you will immediately see the resemblance between the two. The story telling in Occultic Nine is non-chronological and shown from multiple points of view (as there is no 'main' character) just like in our famous Durarara, which are all it's recognizable features. The theme of a 'town which has a normal and an abnormal side' is present with the only difference that Durarara is kind of making fun of it, while Occultic Nine is pretty serious. They are set in the same time; the time that is very influenced by television and internet and especially by one blog (in  read more 
report Recommended by Shimai_ni
What I liked about Higurashi was the way it spun a tale, even though it could be a tad violent at times. The storyline was one that kept you guessing, and I had been looking for something of simular storyline, perhaps not as violent or into the horror genera as that. I found that in Durarara!!... which has it's own unexpected twists into the realm of stretching the believability in just the right ways. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Social media plays a huge role in both series. 
report Recommended by ta0paipai
With both Durarara!! and Boogiepop Phantom you get a sense of the dark supernatural underside of the city, as evidenced by certain characters (Boogiepop, Celty). 
report Recommended by RodG
Both stories have very big settings. Both stories feature organizations' conflicts Both stories have some creepy characters. Both stories have massive amount of characters. Currently, Index>Durarara!! though. 
report Recommended by eul721
In general, both series has a similar background with a supernatural feeling. The characters from both series also gets caught up in various events that changes their lives. Both series' setting also are similar in a metro like city. In fact, both series starts off at a setting involving a train/subway station. Both series has supernatural elements so expect some elements to be not so normal. There is action from what that comes from. Finally, the visuals from Durarara!! and DS2 shares somewhat similar designs in terms of their characters and settings. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Supernatural happenings in the big city. Both have unconventional ways of telling a story and have large casts of characters each with their own motivations and goals. Boogiepop is darker and gritter than Durarara, but both deal with supernatural beings that are found in myth and lore throughout the world all while living in a hectic concrete jungle. Each both have compelling stories with meaningful drama and terrific characters. 
report Recommended by takkun_
Both have lovable characters, though the quirks of the cast in Durarara!! makes each character more distinct and stand out more. Both have a Magnificent Bastard who is extremely intelligent and use chess to plan their moves. Both have suspenseful battles and intriguing plot twists that keep you on edge. 
report Recommended by Yuni---
- Both revolves around gangs in tokyo - Both have interesting characters with a great story - Good and unpredictable plot  
report Recommended by Illumine
I'm surprised this hasn't been recommended yet. Both are alluring and dark, taking the average person into a world of chaos, crime and justice. Both appeal to a mature audience and dabble with a bit of the supernatural. Psycho Pass is set in a far futuristic version of Tokyo while Durarara is present day. Amazing seiyuu Kana Hanazawa and Miyuki Sawashiro play female leads in both. Psycho Pass' main focus is crime and police while Durarara is gang violence and the not so ordinary lives of three teenagers.  
report Recommended by ItsmeAshtray
Unbelievable, and Unbelievably charismatic characters. Fast paced story and just as fun to watch... though be careful there's a bit of angst in Durarara... more dilemma of a serious nature less FLCL Naota emo-ness. XP 
report Recommended by OrangeCakeJam
Both anime deal with gangs, mafias, and other groups fighting over turf through crimes of violence and drug-dealing. Both also have characters with physical abilities that surpass the limits of normal humans. There's a good amount of action and mystery in both anime plus the art styles are somewhat similar. 
report Recommended by Xenovius
The comedy in both shows is all over the place yet still has a realistic feeling to it. The Anime both have a wide range of characters who don't fit inside the box and they have similar Anime styles. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
There's a similar vibe and atmosphere about these anime. Both are set in a city where mysterious and supernatural things happen with a cast of colorful, out of the ordinary characters. Even the openings feel alike. 
report Recommended by Ryo_Nightray
Although these two differ in a lot of ways, their atmospheres seem very similar. In both shows, all of the characters share an interesting sort of bond which is linked to the place in which they live and great emphasis is placed on the setting of the anime. 
report Recommended by SaraSlurpsCoffee
Same director, same atmosphere. Both take place in large cities where the internet takes a large role in events happening in the city. Eccentric cast of characters, crazy happenings. If you liked one, you'll like the other.  
report Recommended by Mayuka
Ikebukuro West Gate Park is basically Durarara without the supernatural aspect to it. So "good guys" from the public dealing with gang activity, and so on.  
report Recommended by Dignity
Both have gangs Both have a HUGE cast Both have a bit of fantasy  
report Recommended by ReadReadRead
These shows focus on a guy trying to leave some of his old life behind in a new city and when you think you are understanding the story, another point of view shows you what really happened behind the scenes and have amazing background music for every key moment. 
report Recommended by lkevsan
Each episode is told from a different perspective of another character. This makes storytelling very similar in both anime. 
report Recommended by staI1n
Celty has a death scythe and so is the other characters of "soul eater". It also has that same feel because its also a bit Gothic and a little weird and scary. Once you watch Soul Eater you should also watch Durarara! because these two are both good and awesome anime! 
report Recommended by connielas
Both have a focus on character connections. In each story there is just a touch of the supernatural, but not a ton. The emphasis on character's relationships over other things is the main commonality. 
report Recommended by auditear
o Unique Plot o violence o shoolgirls with swords o mysteries o split personalities  
report Recommended by -michira-
If you like Izaya you will like this show. Megane is very similar to Izaya, but eviler and with magic that involves manipulating people with her words. AKA so much worse for those against her. Like Izaya she loves all humans though. In this character comparison Alicetaria is Shizou, which fits but minus shipping. Great huge cast all bouncing off of each other trying to not destroy or destroy the city!  
report Recommended by MariSan28
If you like anime set in cities and smart characters who like toying with people, Durarara / Zankyou no Terror is the way to look. Both also have that fun and seemingly playful character who has had darker times, and even a shy girl if that's what you're looking for. Aside from the sense of mystery, the art style is admittedly similar at points- You have that 'online' element though with Durarara it is with chat rooms, as well as beautiful night scenes with buildings and cars motorbikes. There is also rivalry for its fans, and potential ships as a bonus.  
report Recommended by Glaede
Air Gear has a lot of gangs competing to be number one, like in Durarara 
report Recommended by xRollerPrincessx
If you're to choose which one is more similar to Durarara!! between Baccano! and Baccano! Specials, I'd say the Special one, since it has more things in common than the parent story. It provides you with a conflict and fight between two gangs, just like Durarara!!, and both series have some hints of romance throughout the episodes plus some light violence in it. Baccano! Specials also has more rumors and brighter theme in it, and just like Durarara!!, uses all of the characters' point-of-view, shows a lot of things which happened at the same time though in different places, and don’t forget the amazing characters. 
report Recommended by Ellenna
In both shows, there is secrecy and mystery about known Internet group, yet no one knows who are the members or for what reason they exist. Social networking plays important role in both series.  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
the 3 main characters are basically the same, and both animes change a lot between drama and comedy 
report Recommended by flyingpardin
Both feature a motley crew of sinners, of people who fight, kill, or conduct shady deals for a living. In Black Lagoon, the main characters are modern-day pirates. In Durarara!!, many characters are gang members, part of the black market, or just plain old thugs.  
report Recommended by donut_jelly
Both have very similar art style and are focused on bonds between people. 
report Recommended by RayRosther
The main characters are young people that get thrown into mysterious events. I think the artstyle somehow also is similar. 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both shady, full of surprises, dynamic, with interesting character. Drr! is more comedy and ZnT more mystery/drama. 
report Recommended by Eriis
The area is ruled by a mafia style rule that is meant to protect the community the people care so much about. Special powers are involved and the stories have a bit of mystery to them. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Mysteries hidden in the alleyways and streets of human civilization, secrets that people hold and forgotten memories. Experiences that can be terrifying yet at times not so bad. If the part of Dennou Coil or Durarara!! that you liked the best is the urban mystery (internet rumors, urban legends, unexplainable(?) phenomena) with a colorful cast of characters, try the other out.  
report Recommended by CookieBun
They both have gang-type moments and they are set in a city area. Most of the characters are boys, and some of the characters are really strong in both. 
report Recommended by ecimer
both character design are familiar both action characters have unusual personality.. 
report Recommended by pakin
I recommend Durarara because it has a similar feel to Natsume Yuujinchou , its mostly a peaceful anime even when there is violence just like Natsume Yuujinchou and there are charactrers and types of people similar to the anime, i dont want to give any spoilers. 
report Recommended by Dannyboy420
The characters and the general atmosphere are quite similar.The characters are sometimes cruel or the protagonist isn't like your typical protagonist and can be cold hearted.Also the dark creatures in Ajin are similar to the headless rider in Durarara.Plus they are mystery and supernatural genres. 
report Recommended by Missionchaos
Somehow Tsuritama and Durarara!! remind me of each other. Maybe it's the art, sound, or style, who knows. I really love how all the characters fit together and interact. 
report Recommended by sleepysloth54
Even though they have different stories they both have a lot of characters that, no matter on what side they are, you will grow into liking them. Also, they both have well made stories with few (if any) cliches. 
report Recommended by ayamedream
It's mysterious and odd, without all the gore and blood. The story is really fun and interesting. Honestly I wish everyone would watch durarara 
report Recommended by Leonoreora
These two are similar because the series covers the problems of the entire cast of characters rather than just being fixated on the MCs. It adds a different dynamic when you have several favorite characters and you don't know which one to cheer for. Drrr! does it on a larger scale than Bakuman, one episode comes to mind where the MC was on screen for less than 1 minute. Also, the MC's look very similar. Mashiro and Mikado (The two MC's) are both shy and timid, but can also be very passionate. Takagi and Masaomi both are the best friends with the MCs, and are  read more 
report Recommended by sheebie
The non linear filming, the love of a town, unique people that make it up and the same feeling of I don't know what's going on but I love it anyways 
report Recommended by orphiic
There are connections between different events with several characters who don't know each other at first. In addition, the story regularly returns to past scenes to understand the interaction between the different characters. 
report Recommended by TuyNOM
- Similar visuals (including character designs) - Broad cast of unique and lovable characters with each of them contributing to story - Similar urban setting. City itself plays important role. - Lots of comedy and action  
report Recommended by Piromysl
They both have gang issues that are important in the story. The protagonists pertain at different gangs that compete with each other with the difference that Durarara!! has only one kind of gang while DRAMAtical Murder has Rhyme and Rib. In both shows the gang leaders are males and people who knows each other closely. 
report Recommended by FesbakAky
Urban environments and an emphasis on the color of clothing worn by their characters is what these two have in common. In Life no Color, those at the bottom of society wear red clothing to symbolize their inferior status, while those above them wear blue. Durarara!! deals with "color gangs," who show their alliance by wearing specifically colored clothing. 
report Recommended by 5hine
Though the time of setting and technologies is way different, but both have gangs, action, fighting, shooting and motorcycles. 
report Recommended by Hutai
After wathing CC first episode a strong similarity to Durarara hit me! In my opinion it has the same kind of crazy atmosphere were you need to focus to understand the plot!-this is my strongest point on their similarity-!!! The music is also somenthing that remimded me of Durarara!...jazz touches and stuff that perfectly fit the anime's scenes! 
report Recommended by kelpiechan
You might be surprised to find Fullemtal Alchemist and Durarara!!! both much alike. First, they both have a lot of things going on. For example, the overarching plot lines which Durarara and FM did marvelously on. One thing happens and it leads to another, when show does not reveal the character until somewhere throughout the story fills much mystery to the watcher. Izaya is an information breaker for Durarara!! that controls his pieces is shown in the first episode has an easy going guy but dangerous as Masaomi Kida puts it for his friend Ryuugamine Mikado who is entirely new to the city. The further  read more 
report Recommended by Akira_Tsukino
The history of both shows takes place in an District/City, where anything of Bizarre and supernatural can happen in just one episode. In Durarara is the District of Ikebukuro, In JoJo Arc 4 is Morioh. 
report Recommended by HappyNeko
While these two shows have many things in common when it comes to tone (though Wixoss is quite the bit darker) and setting, with a big modern city and dark magical elements, the main reason for this recommendation is the duality of Izaya (Durarara) and Satomi (Wixoss). Both characters serve as driving forces from behind the shadows in their shows, and have similar motivations and personalities. I think that, if you like one show specifically for that elemenent, you'll definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by requimcompany123
If you liked the series Durarara!! then I recommend you check out the movie Tekkon Kinkreet. Although both are very different in style, both are similar thematically, dealing with a superficial storyline about gang relations and both share a similar atmosphere. There are deeper currents below the surface of both of these anime and although the darker elements are there, neither anime really beats you over the head to demonstrate the point. The point is made, rather, by events unfurling and by watching what develops around the characters. If you enjoyed the movie for a more extended visit to a similar  read more 
report Recommended by charlie21
While these two shows have many things in common when it comes to tone (though Wixoss is quite the bit darker) and setting, with a big modern city and dark magical elements, the main reason for this recommendation is the duality of Izaya (Durarara) and Satomi (Wixoss). Both characters serve as driving forces from behind the shadows in their shows, and have similar motivations and personalities. I think that, if you like one show specifically for that elemenent, you'll definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by requimcompany123
Both feature large casts, and will often shift focus to whichever character has the most interesting narrative at the given moment. There is a main character who is important to the plot but isn't always heavily involved in every aspect of the narrative. As well, both shows have a heavy emphasis on comedy and using mysteries to drive the plot.  
report Recommended by MrHatz4Patz
it might take a while longer but a normal kid who looks like a loser becomes badass in his own unique way. they are not exactly the same though because durarara focuses on many other characters too which have their own unique and very very interesting stories while evil or live focuses on 1 protagonist. 
report Recommended by Nyoroni
Follows several seemingly/at first unrelated characters living within a city; their fates however proceed to intertwine and eventually build up to a greater, overarching story. Heat Guy's narration is a bit simpler, as it remains mostly focused on one MC and doesn't introduce the entire cast at once. Its first half also consists mostly of episodic stories, whereas Durarara starts meshing up a greater whole straight away and the MC/narrator varies per episode.  
report Recommended by pometlo
Itsuka Shidou, just like Mikado Ryuugamine, enters a proverbial world where the supernatural is treated as an everyday occurence that must be staved off. Major events occur as a result of these supernatural factors, and while Date A Live treats Shidou as though getting rid of the supernatural was his job, Durarara!! treats its cast as though it were everyone's job. Their misadventures across their local area lead them to encounter a multitude of conventionally attractive girls who possess superpowers with mysterious origins, as well as groups of people who want to help them and organizations who are against their cause. Their loved ones are occasionally  read more 
report Recommended by SAT0rii
If you like legend of the galactic heroes then you will love Durarara!!, in this series the characters are smart and leaders of their own crew, but in this case there is not alliance or galactic empire, there are crews with young teenagers.This series will make you think and they are entertaining should give them a try. 
report Recommended by Paituwin
If you're looking for a bunch of characters with twisted love, both shows will definitely meet your needs.  
report Recommended by destinical
If you like Saiki K, you'll also enjoy Durarara!! Both shows poke fun at common anime tropes and aren't afraid to make fun of the audience. While Durarara!! does have more drama than Saiki K, the comedy is still there. It's very self aware.  
report Recommended by willIV
Both of these anime have an incredibly colorful and unique cast of characters. Both settings are crazy and erratic in the best way possible. 
report Recommended by fatboypat
Both Golden Kamuy and Durarara!! are well written and beautifully animated, involve an eccentric cast of characters and sweet action in a specific locale of Japan, and have a twisted sense of humor. Golden Kamuy is historical and kind of gory, while Durarara!! takes place in modern Japan and has supernatural elements. 
report Recommended by UsernameWithheld
An important cast with characters that are all connected to each other. A dynamic atmosphere alternating between drama and comedy. Both series contain romance that is built progressively. 
report Recommended by hulu2
The crazy environment looks quite the same. The two protagonist are newcomers that discover a crazy town and learn to live in it. 
report Recommended by _Yunnix_
Both stories revolve around supernatural elements minus the setting which are the main focus of both plots. Also one char has a rivalry with another char. I find some of the characters to be similar though: Shizuo-Guts Izaya-Griffith 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both take place in Japan featuring large cast of characters and supernatural elements. Tatsuya and Izaya are similar as well as Masaki and Shizuo. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both are supernatural stories set in a certain setting: Durarara-City Yugioh GX-Island What they have in common is discrimination between certain factions. Both have smart and strong characters. The only exception is that Durarara is superior to Yugioh GX because Durarara is an original story whereas Yugioh GX is nothing more than a cashcow. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both stories revolve around supernatural elements minus the setting which are the main focus of both plots. Also one char has a rivalry with another char. I find some of the characters to be similar though: Shizuo-Guts Izaya-Griffith 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both start of as lighthearted stories featuring a protagonist who starts off an adventure filled with mysteries. Later it would get serious and dark with formidable enemies coming in. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both take place in an urban setting that involves a potential group with unwanted attention with supernatural powers. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both stories revolve around supernatural elements minus the setting which are the main focus of both plots. Also one char has a rivalry with another char. I find some of the characters to be similar though: Shizuo-Guts Izaya-Griffith 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Multiple love triangles in both series. (Ex: Mugi, Hanabi, Sanae in Kuzu no Honkai and Mika, Seiji, Namie in DRRR !!) Many romances or twisted loves between the characters. (Eg Akane of Kuzu no Honkai or Haruna of DRRR !!) These series are very focused on the psychology and the development of the characters. 
report Recommended by nareva__
In both series, we have many characters that are all related to each other. Moreover the characters are mysterious and seem to hide a secret. (Boku and Kunagisa in Kubikiri Cycle and Mikado, Masaomi and Anri in Durarara !!) These are action series with the supernatural but very focused on the dialogue and narration. 
report Recommended by nareva__
similar dramatic soundtrack and bizarre happenings. they have a similar vibe 
report Recommended by spicywok
In both anime there are several gangs/factions fighting for power and control over their respective cities. Both also feature a mysterious person that, from the shadows, gets involved with the rivalries between the gangs by manipulating them. Other than that both anime are quite different. Texhnolyze is slow paced, darker, depressing and contains sci-fi elements unlike Durarara which is mostly the opposite and has supernatural elements in it. 
report Recommended by Xenovius
P5 like Durarara is a supernatural high school themed story that deals with a high school teenager whose life would change forever from a regular student who would later involve with conflicts and supernatural aspects that go beyond a scale wilder than their imagination could handle. The Seiyuu cast in both shows are superb and their music is composed by the titans of their industries making it another reason to watch. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
We find conflicts between different gangs. In addition there are characters with supernatural powers (Celty, Anri and Mob, Teruki) with normal characters without supernatural abilities (Reigen and Mikado). Durarara!! is however more serious and mature than Mob Psycho 100 is more focused on comedy. 
report Recommended by TuyNOM
Both of these anime have an enticing plot, unexpected plot twists, complex character backstories and a relation to unexplainable powers that make all involved have to take some really interesting choices. Also, if you are a fan of anime music, the soundtrack of Bokurano and Durarara is great, the songs fit perfectly with the anime's atmosphere. I strongly suggest both of them if you are searching for an impressive plot and some thrilling fight scenes. 
report Recommended by LoneObserver
I'm surprised no-one has put these two down for recommendations yet. Both similar types of drawings. Both supernatural (Ao no Exorcist - Demons, DRRR! - not fully centred on supernatural, but a big majority of it is based on myths/legends/demons). Both similar genres - action, comedy, drama-ish, etc. Both a very enjoyable watch. Although I would say that DRRR! is more complex (but still easy to understand), while Ao no Excorcist has a much more simple story line. 
report Recommended by rosy2lee2
Very much like Ikebukuro in Durarara, Gintama takes place mostly within the confines of Edo (Tokyo). Both the cities have a bunch of odd ball characters that make regular appearances in various episodes and bring in their flavor of humor and drama. Gintama is more episodic, but the feel you get from both the anime is quite similar. Both series have yakuza wars as well. 
report Recommended by jonnyhan
Both have similar drawing. Both about something supernatural (DRRR! = Myths, Hell girl = Hell) They both have a similar feel to them, even though they are honestly completely different plot and entertainment-wise. There are also a few references to hell girl in DRRR, but that has nothing to do with anything anyway. 
report Recommended by rosy2lee2
Both deal with a large number of people connected by a mysterious supernatural entity - Celty in 'Durarara!' and Shonen Bat in 'Paranoia Agent'. In both shows, there's loads of characters, ranging from sick fetishists to angst-ridden outcasts. The story in each show is told from the various viewpoints surrounding the odd events and every episode focuses on a different character. However, 'Paranoia Agent' has a tighter, more linear approach. The tone of both shows become gradually darker as they continue, with most episodes easily switching from dark comedy to light drama in a heartbeat. Both function as psychological thrillers and have few action scenes. 
report Recommended by zaberiel
...Yea it may seem weird, but it actually gives the same feelings while watching. KHR, may take a little while, but keep watching it gets more interesting. KHR is just almost like a longer version of gangs and stuff like that... You would eighther of them if you like gangs, mafia and stuff like that. 
report Recommended by NEKO-est
Although TNC was a disappointment to many, if you liked the urban setting and theme of gang wars or street fights with a supernatural twist near the end, you may find an interest in Durarara!!, which contains many bishounen characters like Togainu no Chi, and some action with supernatural twist(especially near the endings). 
report Recommended by Pikangie
Both main characters are looking for something exciting in their life. DRRR is about secrets and myths, BECK is about music. Funny thing is that Mikado from Drrr uses screenname Tanaka while Beck's main character's name is Tanaka. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Similar animation style, sprawling city-scape moto chases, powerful humans that use their pure strength with hand to hand combat that have special powers. 
report Recommended by djsjr
Both have very well developed characters that throughout the series inquire you to find out about their motives and reasons. Both are also open-ended in various arcs. 
report Recommended by locklockboy
Exept the eyes, the artstyle is pretty similar. One character looks like blond Mikado wearing a bartender's suit. :D  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Well i can't say that they are very similar, storyline is totally different, although there's supernatural in both of them. But! when i saw street scenes in Kannagi i was reminded of Durarara. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
some what both follow a storyline thats destined, and each other of the characters of the stories have a plot where they have to figure out who they are and what they are. 
report Recommended by edeiku
both have a calm atmosphere, mysterious stories and story telling method which leaves u wanting for more! Both have different characters brought together in the story because of one common incident 
report Recommended by Chai_
Both are about a main protagonist who is a normal boy at first but then he later is involved in a strange chain of events that seem to connect and affect all the people around him. While DRRR was supernatural tones, C has fantasy.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both have a gothic style to the art that goes into the show and is rich in detail. The night scenes have rather dark colors. There is also the subtle mystery element to the whole thing. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are from the mystery genera, with a possible supernatural twist to them. I say possible, because whether or not Ayatsuri Sakon has that, is interly up the the veiwer, whether Ukon is a possesed puppet or not. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
For the same reason I made the recomendation for the first season of Higurashi, I liked the plot twists in both of these, though Durarara is less in the horror genera, and more in the mystery. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both anime show us story about big city life. There are few organisations fighting with each other and on the other side we can see daily routine of quite untypical teenagers. Both series have a large number of heroes. Each of them has its own personality, individual traits, habits and vices.Their fate is often intertwined with each other, complicating the whole story-line. Consummate sociologist will definetly find himself in both stories. However, the plot in Durarara!! is conducted in more mature way. 
report Recommended by 2Pack
Both have quirky characters, a unique plot, and share some of the same voice actors.  
report Recommended by scaryneonshoes
Although these series’ respective settings and genres are disparate, their similarities lie in mutual employment of innovative cinematography, circumstantially driven storylines, and intertwining character interactions, all of which combine to spin seemingly ordinary tales in unconventional media. 
report Recommended by coffeebanchou
Although they are not similar in a lot of ways, what they do have in common is the fantastic animation and character interactions. Michiko to Hatchin is created by the same creators of Samarai Champloo, so each and every episode of Michiko to Hatchin and Durarara!! is unique in the genre they take on. For example, one episode focuses on action, whereas another introduces a new character and relationship with others, and the other an outlook into a main character's past and personality. I hope you find Durarara!! and Michiko to Hatchin as enjoyable as either. 
report Recommended by Jazze
Durarara!! almost feels like the full series equivalent of Denpa teki na Kanojo's OVA. Both have a dark and mysterious, psychological thriller feel to them, with some school life, supernatural and suspense elements thrown in. Both are also based on light novels. 
report Recommended by TehManyard
Ancient magic in a modern setting, pretty art and character driven plot. 
report Recommended by eklie
These are two completely different series that share, however, a somewhat similar way to deal with friendship and human relationships. I personally think that even though the plots have nothing in common and Durarara's story contains mystery and avant-garde elements, while Bakuman focus on two young men's dream of becoming professional mangaka. In Bakuman 3 the set is a bit different already. Nevertheless, I would challenge fans of both Durarara and the Bakuman universe to get to know both series (and also the amazing manga of Bakuman). 
report Recommended by andredrezefilth
the main cast are a trio who are in a love triangle ans shit happens between them, so they both fight at some point. both main guys move to a new location where the other 2 were already are. takuto and kida are voiced by the same guy. izaya=head because they act the same most of the time. both trio's in each anime all have different powers unlike each others or the rest. there's a girl in both animes that have "unpleasant" fantasies between the 2 guys... 
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Similar atmosphere - big city, wild events, crazy characters, strong female characters, rivalry, heroes, villains, supernatural elements, murder storylines. Both have a lot of "WTF" moments and good comedy thrown in.  
report Recommended by Mayuka
*there are knives in both but in full metal panic its mostly the robots with the knifes *izaya and gauron are both really mean but silly *izaya and gauron both cause fires *i think izaya would definitely become a terrorist for fun and gauron is a terrorist who has fun at work *they both have wacky twin sisters introduced later 
report Recommended by helveticaotsu
Although saying the anime to be similar is an understatement to how good Durarara is, I cannot turn a blind eye at how both anime has the same style of art and direction. Both anime insert a critique towards our society into shounen themed action-drama genre with comedy. We can also say Enen no Shouboutai is a cheap imitation to Durarara. 
report Recommended by sora2eugene
When watching Durarara!!, I had that same feeling i had when watching code geass, that feeling of being their stunned and amazed at what had just happened. 
report Recommended by quadnia
The story and the art may not be similar ( nothing is similar) but if you like how they focus on one character every episode you may like this anime.  
report Recommended by Addicer_xx
What makes Durarara and Kuroko no Basket similar is how they are glorified by the urban legends, The Headless Rider and The Generation of Miracles respectively. From an ordinary game or normal life, you now have one full of surprises. The group with no special powers, Seirin 2nd years, Mikado, Masaomi, Shinra are your friends and support. The group with powers Kuroko, Kagami, Generation of Miracles, Headless Rider, Shizuo, Anri, Izaya are your legends and ace. 
report Recommended by iamKetranLang
If you watched durarara and thought "man i like urban legends" here is a lot of them in occult gakuin, also full of humor and cool characters. 
report Recommended by grsh
These two shows have a great deal in common as far as setting, tone, and pacing, not to mention the culture. The urban lifestyle is a bit different, Tribe having a more gangster vibe, Durarara a more ordinary pop culture one. That being said, slow reveals of past relationships that hugely impact the story, the background concept of gangs at war with one another, and the presence of unexplainable superhuman characters appearing among the supporting or antagonistic characters. Both great, and definitely worth watching, if you liked either, giving the other a chance is highly recommended.  
report Recommended by Fi3473
Both have a mysterious and supernatural element in them and have a deeper plot as the story moves along. The plots themselves are pretty different, but the genres (and dare I say, the art) is kind of similar too.  
report Recommended by ShintakoInari
Most anime typically concentrates on one point of view, the main character. However, these two anime jumps around to several points of view throughout the main cast. Durarara has several episodes revolving around a different side character while Fate Zero doesn't really have a main character so it hops around between the main cast. Both excel in their characters too, by the way.  
report Recommended by Fujaku
Both have High school students. Both are supernatural. Both have gangs. Both have many great twist. Both have some romance although Guilty Crown was more suited for the romance genre. 
report Recommended by py_user
Both anime have main characters that are leader of some kind of gang. Both anime can be quite silly. Both have a human girl who has been turned into a monster and is trying to become human again. 
report Recommended by Khalan
Shizuo and Kakeru's seiyuus are the same. And both has action and fantasy. 
report Recommended by MizukoAoki
At first there wouldn't seem like there's much in common between these two. But at the core they are about a supernatural girl looking to remember or find out why she exists. That and interesting cast of characters around what is going on makes me feel like these two could be enjoyed side by side. 
report Recommended by fiore777
Both stories where setting is the key, with Durarara!! taking place in Ikebukuro and The Eccentric Family in Osaka, the two anime heavy making use of their respective towns. The two anime mix the urban with the fantastic with absolute perfection pulling you in, and the great characters, the occasional action and humor and realistic worlds are sure to please. 
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
Humans that are same as monsters. Humans with exceptionally power and mind.  
report Recommended by Lulu1221_
Suoh Tamaki of Ouran High School Host Club is somewhat like Kida Masaomi of Durarara!! especially their way of speaking. 
report Recommended by owie21
Both Angel Beats! and Durarara!! are amazing for the same reasons, including engrossing (but much different) story lines, lovable characters, great use of animation and art style, in depth development of characters and much more. For this they're both similar and just as amazing as each other. Don't let the difference in genre put you off, if you enjoyed Angel Beats! and can handle violence in anime then I 100% recommend Durarara!!  
report Recommended by lunafloon
so many that I don't know where to start .. - same setting and overall atmosphere .. - both main characters move to a new place with a difficulty to fit in .. they kinda look alike too .. ( mikado x ganta ) - both have a childhood friend , very protective and provide comic relief .. ( kida x shiro ) - both have a character with tough looks, enjoy slashing their enemies and pretty cool (shizo x crow) - both have a character that enjoys manipulating others as some sort of a game ..(Izaya x tamaki) - both have mysterious conversations under  read more 
report Recommended by colorful_smile
The main stuffs: * Students that are involve with different gangs * Hilarious moments * Crazy fights * Crazy creatures, in Durarara!! it's Celty and in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun it's the chicken * Friendship and love 
report Recommended by kairi07
They both have fighting to get to their goals. Ben-To - to get to boxed lunches, Durarara! - to get Celty her head AND some people find out who Celty is. 
report Recommended by blackenedbaby
The main character is bored with life. They seek/get involved with supernatural beings and certain clubs/organizations in order to make life more interesting. Each of these shows features supernatural intrigue alongside a colorful cast of characters who are more than they seem. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
Both shows feature a rather sizeable cast where the focus changes frequently from character to character in order to reveal more sides to the plot. 
report Recommended by vividlyASMR
Although incongruent in regards to plot, Durarara! and the Monogatari Series present themselves in a similar manner. Seemingly-disconnected story arcs intertwine and come together impressively, the supernatural encroaches upon the real world in a rather mundane manner, and characters are emphasized as being quintessentially human (even if they technically aren't), with their own strengths and flaws. 
report Recommended by Tatterdemalion