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Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
May 13, 2018 9:46 AM
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Fate/Extra: Last Encore
Feb 17, 2018 7:42 AM
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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Hokkaido-hen
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Hokkaido-hen
Oct 17, 2017 11:59 AM
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Zaregoto Series
Zaregoto Series
Oct 12, 2017 10:31 AM
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Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk
Oct 5, 2017 3:17 AM
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BitchOnTheBeach 16 minutes ago
But I live in Ukraine, without any opportunity to get an official job related to Japanese translation, remember? ;-;

Hopefully you don't, because bullies are the worst kind of people :<
Mark, the said movie has a lesbian sex scene, masturbation scene and Portman's character has a conflict with her mother, I don't think my mother would approve of this film :P

It should be winter iirc so it'd be a perfect time to order some spicy stuff to warm up oneself~

Mark, but aliens are already more progressed then humans in theory, I don't think I'm on their level at all ;-;

I'm trying to ;-;
I dunno but these ones are making my eyes itch and teary, they have the same components as my old ones so I shouldn't be allergic to them.

Is Moderna and Pfizer the most approved ones then? Does your govt beliefs CovidShield causes blood clots or what lol?
I swear I remember asking you and you answered that, or maybe you were talking about SinoVac.

Will try to, my mother is sending me for groceries after vaccination though, no compassion :c
Feel like shit today, can't wait to feel even worse tomorrow. Shall ask if I can use antibiotics to fight fever tomorrow.
Did you have any side effects? I heard that usually it's small fever or arm pain.

You would still see the text even if you claimed the 5* already. If you don't see it now, you are safe to not bother. Also let me think :<

Now, yes. For the last few months it wasn't so and I skipped some weeks. I uninstalled while keeping the bind code too :^)

Good job! Can't say our run is good but we are least received gold :P
Did you get any medals in cycling? Don't bother following the events sadly :<

Nah, some whales still need to wait for second rate-ups, not all of them are funded by Yakuza. Some are just wasting their neetbuxs on it and get sad if they fail to get their waifu.
I could've lurked around without being forced to make an account though :<

I was approached first, I don't start conversations first in 99% of cases :P
Can I assume that I got ghosted if I didn't receive a reply still, oh well. Evil girl who expressed her opinion on feminism in civil way has killed a man by doing so. Many such cases. :<
Also forgot to mention that a few weeks ago, Miss Ukraine organizer announced that they lack good looking women and looking for more. One of criterias was "not having tattoos/piercings" and another one "didn't work in sex industry".
Can't believe having a tattoo makes you an uggo.

Can't scare us with a claim like this, we are used to chocking so it's not going to be that disappointing :P
Also we still don't know who will replace him!
BitchOnTheBeach Yesterday, 8:41 AM
Hopefully you're right, but I'm not seeing any difference :'^)

Mark, I don't live in Burgerland....:P

Nope, but you have all the opportunities to do so :<
I'm not using it lel, I just got weirded out by how unhealthy their proportions are, if my mother will complain about me being skinny I'll show her some pictures of ballerinas ;-;

I'll order that stuff once in half a year only lol, maybe when they will receive new flavours I dunno :P

But what if I don't have any growth charts at all and am doomed to stay where I am for as long as I live? ;-;

But I get such reflexes, can't help it ;-;
Also can I cry afterwards or no? :'^)

I wasn't serious but I had to do it because I can't enter the clinic without an ID and I'm not a student anymore lmao.
No idea honestly, here everyone is obsessed with Pfizer or Moderna, J&J too but only the choosen ones can get it. Others are treated as piss :'^)
Don't worry Mark, I won't treat you as a second sort!!! :<

I will check my temp before heading out to get a shot, you can't take it with a fever 38+ and I'm having my period unfortunately which means I might as well have fever.
Also I'll be for the hell of a ride from both side effects and this shit.

Then you don't have to go beyond your limit and actually play the game to keep her :P
Not yet, my choice remains the same honestly. Either a literal thot or a boomer.

Hmm, I actually don't remember but I think I had them since Summer? I think I had 150 or so, and we got another 150 as a present. Of course it was all useless.

Then good for the dude for making it viral and not getting his ass fined :'^)

We also got our first gold! And it's a member of our Prez's party who got it...:P

Mark, not all whales have unlimited money, I believe there's one guy who spent tons to get spooked and left without Tamamo :P
Nope but the memories of that guy still are there. Also you were forcing me to interact with their community by yourself, never did so :^)

Yeah I did and I can't unless I downloaded additional 3rd party software and root my phone. If you want to steal my info than go away :<

I know actually, but this dude is said to pretend to be a trans just to score more women because women are kinder to women and trans. He still didn't get anyone it seems.
Also he mixes his sperm with Fanta and drinks it.
Something you probably never wanted to know in your lifetime but I don't want to suffer with this fact alone :P

The thing is the convo was friendly actually, then this comment randomly popped up. If I get ghosted then it'd be the biggest meme ever because I was civil in my reply and dude is just straw manning.
Here you still can't get some jobs because you're a women, it's punished by law but a plenty of companies do not care, IT field especially. Also given how victim blaming culture here is normalized, I don't think both genders live in equal peace here.

Mark, I'm very sorry but your coach should've told your players to not play basketball on a football field and maybe things would go better for you :P
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 3, 9:00 AM
Can't help with my catastrophic thinking, it's either bad or it's the worst for me, no good stuff can happen :'^)

"Preparing" lol. The whole sister surgery incident discouraged me to pursue it because it'd be a waste of money...I don't even know what to do anymore.
Barely anyone outside Japan speaks Japanese, you can do your math now.

But was I wrong about you flexing? You feel too boasted about this :<
I cama across the ballerina standard height/weight chart and according to it I'd need to weight 10kg less for my height. I weight 50 and have underweight BMI already, how is this healthy? Their feet suffer enough alone already ;-;

Does that mean,they want me to buy more of their shit and kill my stomach?? ;-;
I bought all these for a month, one pack a week!

Why our uni didn't do anything like this. Like the only chance to get some cert was to pass N2 and go to study in Japan which was granted to only one student ;-;
I've got some certs from middle school exams in Biology at least...
Who am I then?? :<

How do I apply eyedrops properly without missing?? I swear most of the time I apply them they end up on the eyelid ;-;
I have expensive ass ones now too so it unironically upsets me when I waste them like that :<

I will ask them about it, will call hospital tomorrow to find out if I can apply to a family doc because I had one in uni hospital only and I got removed from their patient base after graduating. Can't receive a certificate without one.
Dunno, if anything right now only 4% percents or so are fully vaccinated. Please help this shithole ;-;
My mother have read the comments to some Russian gardening video about a blood clot dangers from Sputnik and my arguments about civilized world not acknowledging that vaccine are all useless, and that corona has way higher chances of blood clots but oh well :'^)
You could call me postmodernist :*)
Also my sister called CovidShield garbage vaccine, what do you think about her take? :P

I don't think I have it now, no sore throat anymore but I feel tired (which is a usual thing for me really lol).

She is a good Rider, also given she is a story lock you won't get her to spook you, so rate-ups are your only chance so good choice :P
I have her already together with Sitonai and Cu Alter so I'm pondering between Medb or Old Man Li who are storylocked already. I don't have Lancer Seiba but I hate her art so it's a no for me lol.
Btw do you have some kind of text on her icon in inventory? If so, she might be temporary unless you bond 5 her. The news page didn't say anything about that. Didn't get my 5* yet (pondering!) so can't check.
Alrighty then.....:P
300 quartz I spend on him will always be remembered. Never rolling on New Years again...

There's still a small chance to grab a gold :'^)
Do you think authorities are that familiar with meme culture? :O

Don't compare me with that dude from BL pretty please Mark or I will be mad...:P
In this particular case, she is the future version of the Vitch that we see in LBs, and she is called Koyanskaya of Light, meaning there's a dark one and she might be the fox demon and a Beast :'^)
She may be of Light but she still wants to see you struggle and suffer so she is hanging along Chaldea!
Somewhere a Tamamofag is crying because he rolled at the same time as you and got dogshit :P
Ummm, last time I rolled was in March, got Voyager, then I tried to roll for Summer Kiara (gameplay only), Morgan and Loli Lancelot. Didn't get even 4* ;-;

I never had double 5* ;-;
You are lucky to finish your quiz thing beforehand or your luck would be evaporated :P
Woah you can change res on Iphone? :O
Can't do this on Xiaomi, sad! Hence screenshots take lots of place, even if they are saved in jpg.

She looks nice on the Home Screen!

Full collection as of now too! Can't bring myself to level up Cat's skills.

But he is a trans, so I doubt he or she would be supporting them, he also seems to be a huge incel too. Also there's like a 50 hour documentary on him that is still under production (new episode will be grim).

It was online Mark, someone approached me on their volition and randomly dropped this line when I didn't bring up the topic at all, still no answer and we shall see if I be ghosted in a few days :P
I believe the 4chan incels would be more wordy about their opinion towards the topic :'^)
Also the guy has a degree in something I'd rather not name yet he decided to stay a NEET :'^)

Because we choked during the Austrian game bad, that was some shitty management right there :<
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 2, 7:43 AM
That's only because you leave out too much context and that leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation :c

You really don't understand why I don't like you joking about sensetive topics? I wasn't talking only about that one, but many past attempts to joke as well.

Legit not confident in my below average Japanese knowledge and will regret about my wasted time and money all my life. Don't know what I want to do with my life and where I'm heading as well. Am I doing the right thing by not pursuing a full-time job and sticking with freelance just because I managed to get a long time project? I feel I only am wasting my time and possibilities even more because I don't upgrade my Japanese by doing so, nor learn something new.

You missed the Redbull para I think, I was talking about you flexing with your height.

No idea but it seems to be much of hassle honestly, no idea why would they want to do that.

I mentioned that to prove your claim about this shit being Ukraine imported for good :P

That's a weird thing to do for your profile but maybe I'm just too stupid to understand this :'^)
Does sitting to 3AM counts as all-nighter? Been doing this for last two months :P

I made a vaccination appointment on Friday, it's going to be Moderna, they don't vaccinate with Pfizer anymore (besides those who already got it). Probably for the best because I don't trust our hospital to keep the Pfizer in -80° :'^)
Will they have any Moderna left for the second dose though? I'll need to take another shot 28 days after.
Was warned by boomers on internet about the risk of blood clots and infertility. Don't really care about the latter :'^)

Time to see if I actually am scared of needles, my sister had an injection under her eye so injection in arm is a cakewalk for her :'^)

Today I'm feeling fine, might get tired by the evening if I bother to actually work :p
Don't have sore throat for two days, but yesterday I felt tired all day. No fever either, I don't remember the last time I had one honestly, I usually get minor cold and not a flu.

It's not a good thing at all though ;-;
You don't have to bond with it and you can pick it right now, but are you really going to use it? :p
Do you even use your Muramasa?...

Our Olympics team is an embodiment of this meme tbh, only bronze + one silver :'^)
But I thought athletes were banned from biting on their medals? :O

Mark... gameplay strength has nothing to do with lore, she blew Merlin out from the Buster Farming meta. Now Merlin is only good for challenge quest stalling which you can't access because you haven't beaten Solomon :'^)
Also Vitch has nothing to do with CCC, she's mere a tail of Tamamo so she isn't as strong.
Thanks! But I haven't managed to roll a 5* in 5 months or more prior to this :P

Oh congrats! Have fun grinding the mats for her that are available only in LBs :^)
It's Galatea, Pygmalion's sculpture wife. Decent for stalling desu. He's still better than Skadi and was powercrept since Castoria but still is a strong support. Vitch provides only raw power and NP spam but 0 survivability.
Also your phone has lesser resolution than mine :^)

Also you should have had a decency to edit out "low effort" regarding my pull because I spent 120 quartz and 20 tickets on my Tamamo yet you rolled 2 5* in one roll, those who play once in a blue moon are the luckiest :<

Umm, no?? I separated both paragraphing so how come you came to this conclusion? Google Chris-chan and go to the news. Enjoy!

What do I say to a dude who dropped "feminism is retarded and both genders should live in peace" line. Do I bother to explain or just drop the bomb that I support a plenty of it's ideas? :'^)
Guy is a WoW player too btw so it makes it only worse considering their recent controversy. Like bruh I don't think it's peaceful and I doubt feminists kill men.

Also Sheva is leaving as a team coach, why? Despite us chocking to England, we got our best result in the history of Euros ;-;
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 1, 2:49 PM
So you are bound to follow your HR orders without exceptions and by that you are putting your creativity to waste? :<

I understood that it was a joke, but.
I also said that I'm not going tolerate jokes that are about sensetive themes to me, because it's an ass move to do knowing that I'm serious about the certain topic, like my future and current employment and whether what I do know is worth it and I'm not degrading.

Well then tell me whether I'm wrong Mark :<
Maybe you're right, I have no one to cling to among the boomers :'^)

She finds it bad on pizza for some reason, she never places cheese on lower layers too :<
I at least expected it to taste like seafood ;-;
But I've only ordered from them twice Mark?? :c

It's EU imported though! The directions are written in English, French, German and Dutch. I thought you'd see some of these on the local shelves but alas :P
So do you find someone liking two fishmen fucking a healthy adult hobby? :O

Mark... I literally said that summer here is filled with thunderstorms when it's not dry. Like there was one yesterday and there is one today.

Did you have to enter random classrooms begging students to feel the questionnaire or what? :O
We had one of these from psychology students about our sexual behavior.
Of course I checked "no experience" on nearly everything.
I still stay up pretty late and am yet to get more than 6 hours of sleep though :'^)

Are you telling me not to get vaccinated or what? :O
No idea, I'd expect them to get banned for good at least!

Eh nope, I also don't have sore throat today and am just tired but it could be due to "girly things tehee" that are about to emerge :'^)
I think I will sleep way more in next days because it's easier to cope with pain that way. Need to catch-up with my shit beforehand :<

Those are servant coints, used for getting your servants past 100 lvl cap with grails and unlocking another set of skills. Shouldn't concern someone who has no mats :P
Aside of that quartz gifts and now there's a paid quartz roll button for whales. Btw coins are whales only because you can't get your servant to max level without having them on NP7. Yes.
Oh and you can get free 5* from the store, check it out! Dunno if you need to bond with them this time.

Also Tamamo Vitch is here, she powercrept Merlin, say goodbye to the guy (he's still good just not for farming meta).
Alsooo :3

You can even die in your sleep randomly, just let it sink in :^)

Maybe she was, still am awful behavior from them :<
More reasons to not interact with anyone from Twitter.

He probably was? There are stories about murderers planning their homicide for months beforehand.

Do you think Chris-chan voted for or against Trump then? :'^)
You do understand I'm talking about the incident right?
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 31, 8:43 AM
So you guys are trained to shill any kind of shit? You'd be a great at cold calling :P
So I have 200$ on my debit rn (400$ if you include another 200$ I saved for dentist), what can I buy with this amount? :p
Also I got these only recently because of the fuck ups with database.

You should know me at this point Mark, and you should've guessed I'd get upset over it :<

When pigs fly is a figure of speech even in Ukrainian, I guess they meant drinking their poison will make you go beyond your limit and do impossible I dunno :P

I know it's other meaning but you proved yourself at it already :<
I doubt it but she still clings to them no matter how she says how annoying they are :'^)

Yeah, it was a standard home made pizza with "not-gouda" since mozzarella is expensive and my mother hates it :P
She was okay with it, it didn't smell awful. Also I bought her not a seafood one :P
I tried seafood noodles (those with the fox) and it barely tasted like seafood?? It also didn't have any pieces of meat, only shitton of seaweed. Wtf is this scam.
Oh, and the Asian shop sent me a free sauce stick as a gift, gonna eat it with pasta when I'm done with noodles :P
Do they acknowledge me being a degenerate or what.

Btw, will it taste like Gouda, your thoughts? :O

Sister bought pine honey at Carpathians, it's legit green lmao I thought 💭 t was mold at first.

Well my sister mentioned there's some rock festival in August, so maybe you jinxed it :'^)
I will think about attending it tbh.
Hmm, actually some of my classmates were previously Kpopstans and they mentioned how much they cringe from their past selves. Now they are obsessed with gay animu and gay animu porn.
I mean one of them legit retweeted an art of two mermans fugging.
To each their own!

Mark, it doesn't snow in Summer, it gets replaced with thunderstorms and we didn't get a proper snowfall for years before 2021 :P
Did they choose you because you're dependable or you just didn't get lucky? :'^)
Hopefully it went well!
The deadline is next week, it's just if I didn't catch up now, I'd have a very bad time later :'^)
I have two projects now, with loose deadlines but I want to finish them within next two weeks.

I actually heard it's not a big issue to take two different ones. My mother stepped up with her conspiracy theory game since I announced my plans :'^)
Also I was unlucky enough to see a surge of burger antivaxxers, now here's the questions:
Why do they talk so incoherent and add smileys everywhere?
Why do they spam the same shit over and over, literal copypasta?
Why do they usually have something Drumpf related, preach about living in America or preaching about being a children of God?
Why do they also have Bitcoin hashtag of all things in bio?

Also I'm having a sore throat for the last two days, usually appears in midday and disappears later. Is it all over for me? ;-;
I've only got a slightly sore throat, minor headache only today but I slept 5 hours because of someone drilling in the morning so it could be it. If it goes on for two more days may as well get tested. No fever either.
I was eating ice cream and drinking ice cold water in last few days, hopefully it's just it.
Delta also has runny nose as a symptom but I had clogged nose only for one day and it was two weeks ago.
I should drink less cold water.

I told you directly and you told me to switch the subject though :<

You get a free ticket, usual reward for flashback challenges. I doubt it will take long to snipe him, will do it with Sitonai and double Castoria first, let him taste the powercreep :p
Btw you can solo him with not!Gogh because his debuff resistance is shit and he will be stunned every second turn, non-grailed one might work as well but I think you'd need another MC, the Atlas outfit one.

Also anniversary is tomorrow, hopefully the anniv servant is someone else give a shit about but maybe it's better for me to save for Tamamo Vitch.
They will mostly pander to end gamers, so you can cope alone :p

Those people may as well walk alongside me on the street you know ;-;

Mark, I don't think I want to kill myself ;-;

Some may be Russians but among the Western commies this is a popular belief. Some teen commies also think like this, I saw a Ukrainian girl post under some Marvel Stan post about looking for mutuals/friends. A simple about me introductions, nothing more but the reply was hidden by the OP and she got comments like "fuck off Nazi". :c

Living here is awesome! Words covered with asteriks won't translate well, imagine whatever slur words you want.

What's so special about Sonic that the franchise attracts the worst kind of people...? I knew [b]the guy[/s] only for him seething over sonic leg color before, seems like the rabbit hole is a tad deeper than that.
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 28, 10:29 AM
Poor Mark, dude just wanted to eat some chocolate to celebrate his birthday ;-;

CS guys I've seen usually mock other people's PC specs actually :<
Also you joked about a handful of my insecurities as well, last time you compared us both doing freelancing and that you don't count as unemployed in contrast to me because you still study in uni, so it's not exactly unexpected.

Does it mean he's a pig? :O
Speaking of energy drinks, why do people drink this trash? I've only had a sip of Burn and Monster and hated the overly sweet taste that numbs your jaw..
I don't drink them because my heart is frail enough already so I don't want memes about me dying from heart attack at young age to become true ;-;

You guys look like literal walking walls, how is that now scary? ;-;
Also if tall people have a secret urge to take a load of shit on others, then they are even worse than I imagined :<
No idea, she thinks I'm too sensitive and don't get jokes at all, her jokes are usually pretty insensitive ngl.

Mark, I don't intend to eat them together, who do you take me for? ;-;
Ordered ramen, should arrive tomorrow, and I had pizza already :<
Ordered a seafood one that stinks with fish according to reviews because I want to make my sister seethe because of the smell :*)
But I ordered a mild spicy ramen for her too to cheer her up!
It's pretty common, even during a perfectly fine weather with 0 wind or clouds.
Sometimes someone in charge can make an "oopsie" and you have to deal with it :'^)

Nope but I don't want to go alone to a place full of drunk m*n :<
But honestly I get overly anxious whenever I'm in a big group of social people and I'm without a friend or someone I can rely on for social interaction in my stead :'^)
This will surely change once they go to uni, right? What will BTS do when the zoomer generation will mass enroll to unis? :P

Uni starting in Summer is some weird shit we're not used to, we have two months worth of holidays here :'^)
But good luck, hopefully you won't have to review your assignments for another time~
Nope but I better catch up or I'll have to pull all nighters again :P

Woah, your friends actually bother with presents then :o
Is your hangover still present or do you feel better now? :P

Mark....I mentioned bees in regard to the fact I didn't seem to have any allergies BUT I was never stung by a bee so this might be my only allergy. Said nothing about vaccines so quit making weird assumptions.
Yeah, she doesn't trust our hospital and wants only Pfizer or Moderna lel.
Wonder which one will be a safe choice against mutations, Delta is spreading here because of Russian filth..
Also we might visit that Indian place! I only need to figure out how to eat some dishes but I believe eating most with hands is acceptable, still of something is covered in sauce I'll use utensils :'^)

Thanks for answering! You're not as much of a boomer actually :p
We did but:
1st time was about 2 years ago, you were reluctant to say it and told me to guess as much as I please, I said "24" and asked if I guessed right, you said simply "Yes". Later though, I noticed something didn't add up from what you said and the age I thought was correct, hence I wanted to clarify (that was this year!), you were beating around the bush and said "let's move on to another conversation", leaving me without any clarification. I promised I will bring it up after your birthday and you went "yeah whatever". Now I've got my clarification of misunderstandings at last :P
I wish I screenshoted convos back then but I didn't know I'd need them against you :<
Also I wasted 1/4 century age joke already because you've told me a wrong age at first ;-;

Later this week, yes I will and I will shove Astolfo in your face whether you want it or not :P

A 13yo girl was raped by a 17yo dude and there was a Twitter thread of awful Facebook comments with boomers protecting the rapist and called a 13yo a whore. Some m*n replied to the thread with "we never get any of this support on Twitter even though we suffer too".
The incident didn't make it to news yet but hopefully my mother won't bring it up, I don't want another argument :<

TL is full of HS graduates who are happy about successfully entering their dream college and I feel sad again pondering about how things would go better for me if I had picked a better, more useful degree.. Now I have to worry about a future where I die alone under the bridge in poverty ;-;
Japanese Studies? I wish to go back in time and hit the me from before with all my inexistent strength...

Do you not feel embarrassed by talking with a literal Nazi, Mark? :<
Western journos who shitpost on Twitter should unironically shut up.
There's a burger journo called Christopher Miller who seemingly lived in Ukraine bit spreads similar bullshit about it, he once mistook our coat of arms for a Nazi symbol.
Maybe this dude as well because you will see a coat of arms often, what a surprise! Though he replied to some other Portuguese that we for some reason hate Russians and USSR, hmm I wonder why ..
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 27, 9:18 AM
Hopefully your gym coach won't notice it and won't force you to undergo some harsh training :P

I just know you secretly wanted to laugh at my laptop because it's an ancient artifact at this point ;-;

No idea but he did! He still is seen drinking and hanging around the town even now! Not literally

Dutch people should not talk about the topic of human heights at all, in my honest opinion, also tall people are scary, there I said it :<
I know but I still am free to get irritated, cope :P
Yeah, she called asking us to go on a wedding of her relative because we sit like two lone women and this might be our last chance to score someone. It sounded like she was mocking us so my mother got angry, since she usually jokes when bringing up love life.

My deadline was fucked already so I tried to at least not make them wait for even longer (not like they care). But I'm done with this project already, sheesh. Time to order some ramen to celebrate ;-;
Will celebrate it with pizza too in an hour!!
Welcome to Ukraine Mark, where the quality of electricity is that high, at least this time they notified and didn't cut it randomly, happened as well :P

Nope, there are a few metal bands here which I don't mind at all but I prefer English-language ones desu. If I had an opportunity, I'd visit local metal concerts! Having someone to go with is more complicated though :'^)
I saw some Kpopstans spamming "stream their new song now" and "streamed new vid 100+ times already, feels good lasses" so maybe they boost it by themselves lol. Imagine having so much free time.
That's some dedication I wish I had for my work.

I see that Mark lives his brightest life already, he has no need of online entertainment, good for him~

Woah, are you that busy? Does uni starts again for you? Good luck either way :O
Thanks! One is down, now need to catch up with my other one and all is well! ;-;

How many of them were men shower gels? :P
But sounds nice! Also you replied yesterday, seems like hangover is still strong haha.

That's good then, my sister wants to get vaccinated in Lviv of all places while I wish to get it here and go home to lie in my comfy bed asap ;-;
I don't think I have any allergies to drugs, at least I didn't encounter one since I weren't allergic to other vaccines I took as a child. I don't think I'm allergic to anything honestly, but I never was bitten by bees so who knows :P

Also, Mark, you may have forgotten about it, but I didn't! Remember when you refused to tell how old are you and I promised to bring this up again soon after your birthday? Well well... :^)
As I said back then, PMs are open if you don't want all world to know this and if you don't want to share your age it's fine as well :P

Seems like they allowed to temporarily replay Goetia fight for oldies, might record Astolfo solo just to prove you wrong, and I will use F2P CEs and servants :p

Why do m*n come under a thread that brings up how Facebook boomers victim blamed 13yo girl for being raped and say "Being a man is hard too((("?
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 26, 8:07 AM
But did you enjoy your cake? :O

I think our conversation is pretty informal already, but aight keep your professional secrets to yourself :P
I don't know anyone personally, my Twitter feed is where I get my sample size from :^)

Probably? Also being drunk makes you more imunne to pain so you won't die from the shock at least, there was a dude who tried to kill himself by jumping from the 5th floor but he survived~
It was when we had some event at school!! :p

Yes, so don't call me tiny anymore Mark :P
Not really but he's small, I didn't get to meet him personally but oh well :P
Yes they are and mother had argued with them on this today, fun shit :^)

I'm leaving her alone with her own demons right now~

Hopefully it is and we will grab some more medals along the way :'^)

I feel tired now but my deadline is on fire so I can't sleep ;-;
Will work two days non-stop, please kill me. And will rush the other project because the deadline will be in danger too afterwards. Only took a day off beak post-op plz help.
And tomorrow there'll be a 6 hour blackout so I will have to pull an all nighter, life hates me.

My mother told me that story by herself Mark :P

Not really, heavy metal is a bit too heavy for me at times!
Maybe you're right about BTS because I've never heard their songs outside :P

Because I believe you are strong enough to deal with them and it's be a perfect social experiment! :p
The analysis is - not compatible at all and Virgo mean are pedantic scum :^)

Hopefully you're right, btw the reply is shorter because I'm in a rush to work, sorry! :<

Woah, that's nice! Did you get many presents too and how was your hangover afterwards? :p

Thanks! Will probably do it somewhere in August.
I heard those with stronger immune system get less side effects, but also heard the opposite so I wonder which is true :P
Ooowoahvictoria Jul 24, 10:43 PM
Happy Birthday ;)
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 24, 3:43 PM
Happy Birthday, Mark :P
Best wishes and enjoy your cake today~
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 24, 8:37 AM
I think I broke the rules of casual convo multiple times with my breakdowns already, so I really wouldn't care much but do whatever :P
I'm more curious about the mechanism behind that Google Olympics game saving my progress..
You're just trying too hard to be a hipster in your industry, can't think of any other option, so sorry not sorry Mark, but those stereotypes only don't apply to you :^)

Yeah kinda, usually popular among drunk military guys. Probably not as much anymore but it used to be!

Mark, I will block you at this site at some point for real....and I'm taller than my mother ffs, by 1 cm :P
Btw dude is shorter than me by 2 so...:^)
Mother is always overly interested in our love adventures, even when there isn't one so nothing unexpected here. But yeah, sister rants her all the time about her love life. I don't know myself since she always complained about the d00d, guess she clinged to him because it was her first relationship eh.
At least now my grandmother won't only talk about the potential marriage!
I don't believe it's all over either lmao. He planned a trip for the two on his birthday next month so now he needs to look for replace. Yikes!

But boy is my sister sad, she even refuses to work on her projects (freelance as well) and seethes on me when I tell her to actually start doing something or she'll lose her clients.
Dunno, but if I was her, I'd work even more to distract myself from the bad thoughts.

I thought you avoid drama on Twitter, how come you saw that? :p
What did they associate you guys with? A certain "Santa's" little helper? :°)
Not really, I'm quite occupied with work so I don't really care as I thought I would. We got bronze in women's judo apparently so yay?
I'm not sure how to spell the sport in English but who cares!

I didn't sleep well today as well, those mofos want my death apparently ;-;

You should know me, I always think of the worst no matter the situation or context~
My mother only has some cheesy erotica for housewives on her shelf, can't be bothered with it :P
She gave one book to grandmother to read and she called it vulgar even though there's like one sex scene in the entirety of the book lel.

The one I listen do though, or pretend to do. Don't worry, I'm not robbing you from your desire to listen to Ed Sheeran, do it 24/7 even, don't care :P
No idea but they gain hundreds of millions views and billions of listens so maybe some casuals do listen to them?
I know but I don't like her songs :'^)

Just block them or ignore the convo, should be easy enough, right? :p
She is though! She has prepared the zodiac sign most compatible with me and my sister already ;-;

Loot boxes are a problem, especially in competitive PvP games. Greedy scums deserve no money :P
Not even going to buy the Dead Space remake!

Not bragging at all just seeking some advice wtf :<
But how do I stop feeling guilty over rejecting people? ;-;

How can you forget about your own birthday Mark?? Are you really that much of an old man you don't see importance in celebration? :<
Good luck with that though! :p

Speaking of vaccination, a new official app popped up that allows you to register for vaccination without an ID and present it already at the spot, maybe when I'm done with my assignments I'll go for it. Don't wanna deal with fever while my deadline is on fire :'^)
Heard that aftermath is very strong if you have a good immune system and if your immune system is shit, so which one is that? :p
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 23, 9:19 AM
Mark wants to avoid telling me all the secrets, there's a limit to secrecy you know? :<
I saw the joke about computer guys counting from 0 and decided to check by myself, the joke was fake it seems :P

It's the only one I could find here ;-;
And it was thrown away by my mother....

My health was always frail Mark, I've always had myopia and all :P
Because male suicide rates here is way higher also toxic masculinity thing makes men do some reckless low IQ shit like breaking bottles with their heads or driving without seatbelt. M*n are stupid :P
He woke up to the smell of something burning, he went to the kitchen and he found his fridge being on fire~
She is taller than me by like 6cms, also she dislikes overly tall men too, so keep in mind that women can hold this opinion as well and you're not imunne :P
I'd rather ignore it but my mother keeps talking about the breakup and my sister is legit sad this time around. She went to Carpathians with her friend today to cheer up.
Actually she told me today that it's not that he's short but that he's short and thin af. But his attitude is what sealed the deal for her.

Mark, we have many street beggars here, majority of people knows that you can't trust a good amount of them. If I trusted everyone, I'd be deceived over and over. Like there was a beggar lady who asked for money in a bus, then left and went somewhere for 5 mins, then came back on the bus station and started smoking.
Call me an insensitive bitch or whatever, I couldn't care less.

You said you might try it once if you find them though :<
Btw I might order some more when I finally get paid~

Actually may think twice now because gooks should go fuck themselves m

You can avoid being traumatized by this discussion, but think about all slavs (me) who had to undergo some of these weird procedures ;-;
Also did you know some people advertise piss drinking as an actual remedy to your issues?
If anything, I didn't try it thankfully but was advised to, my mother was against this idea. I hate it here :<

I'd like to, but now my mortal enemy are mosquitoes who won't let me sleep for 3 days already, fuck those pricks ;-;
I literally fell asleep at 5AM throughout those 3 days :c

Femme Fatale is hardly any better honestly sorry not sorry :'^)

Like which? 50 Shades of Gray one? :O
Actually can't think of a story centered around a relationship that doesn't make it unrealistically perfect or toxic af.

Good luck then! Hopefully side effects won't be too harsh on you! :p

The reason behind metal songs they use a shock factor in lyrics to portray the 2deep4you message more often than not, I doubt Sheeran had put any idea in his song so I have only lyrics to judge it for :P
I don't think general public has any sort of standards given how BTS are popular, I actually tried to listen multiple songs but didn't find why those are so popular. And I'm indifferent towards pop honestly, since I've basically grew up with 2000-10 pop artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce.
Taylor Swift included but I dislike her music for some reason lmao .
Modern pop sucks :<

I'm very well aware of that rumours, but Russians were also scared of Biden pushing anti-Russian "propaganda" among the West further and look where we are now :P
Hopefully you're right :'^)

I was joking! But would you get upset over getting ratiod? Mark is more sensetive then I thought ;-;
What if one of these astrology folks is my mother? What do I do in this case? :P

I don't think I have much issues with my meals, I did skip some this week because I can't eat when I'm exhausted without wanting to vomit :'^)
But otherwise all is fine, believe me!!

Not really, for big game dev companies it's either workplace discrimination from workers or shitty working environment where all employees work like slaves. That one polish company
Never played any Blizzard game because MMOs aren't my cup of tea and the general playerbase is a cancer :'^)
I don't know any WoW players irl but I interacted with Dota players (my classmates) so I assume the general MMOfags are the same.
Will never buy any Activision game, same goes for EA :P

Why do I get tons of work invites now that I'm busy with projects, I feel bad every time I reject a potential client. I feel like karma will bite me in ass and I won't get anything in future and die under the bridge or something ;-;

Also asking this now because with current 1-per day reply ratio this question will be irrelevant, what are you planning on Sunday? Anything big or will corona ruin the fun again? :P
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 22, 8:36 AM
But Mark, that code isn't saved at all? I thought it's used only for some random testing.
Btw do you count from 1 or 0 irl? :O

What about baby spinach imported from Italy? :<

If I kept my current health as a m*n I wouldn't be conscripted though :P
Men don't live long here in general honestly, it's women who need to carry everything, even if the m*n is alive :'^)
Btw my sister's boyfriend almost died in fire last night and told her he doesn't love her romantically again :P
And they are breaking up again but because she finds him boring, annoying and short
Not the best day for her boyfriend alas!
He doesn't believe in friendship between girls and guys so they won't stay friends even
And he actually confessed that he didn't date anyone before her lmao.

But it's still creepy and not the best sight to see :<

I know that, and that if someone gets diagnosed with 4th stage, doctors simply say it's worthless to even try and say the estimated death time. I know about this Mark.
I don't need you of all people to talk about being insensitive Mark, sorry not sorry.

I don't know how high my tolerance is compared to yours though :<

You're not ready for traditional slav medicine then :'^)
Does that mean you never got a raw potato stick showed up your ass? ;-;

Living in this country makes everyone indulge in self destructive behavior honestly, you can think I cope this way. Can't see myself being happy so why not feel worse to cherish the moments I feel less like shit :'^)

It also had the best girl appear for the first time~
I forgot to mention to exclude SLH from the list but oh well :P
Mark, do you like to see your waifu being tortured or what??? Wtf go away, you sadist ;-;

I'm very sorry Mark, but I think the relationship in this story and the journey is a very realistic one...rather the dream about a perfect prince/princess that takes a dark turn. Also given my life luck, I'd manage to fuck up even the cosmic probability of a perfect scenario :P

Did you get your second dose already? Be careful before you get it anyway :<

This is a creepy assumption wtf. Why wouldn't a song about a man seeing some girl on the street and salivating over her body be creepy I wonder???

This is disappointed but not surprised kind of thing tbh, we know EU couldn't care less about us but openly continuing gas trade like this is a bitchy move, especially from Biden who called Putin a murderer. Everyone knows Merkel is a cunt. Sadly I do and my trust in Europeans is decreasing day by day. Wtf did we do so even simple citizens want us dead? ;-;

Mark, go post it on Twitter and see the ratio you'd get by yourself, if I get your post in my TL I'll add up to that ratio too because your take stinks :P

But I always have proper meals?? You're even more paranoid than my mother when it comes to my diet wtf :<

Is this why there's a few women devs or not?
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 21, 8:44 AM
I can edit the text and bamboozle people :^)
I assume you can change element color and size as well, but making up text is way more interesting~

Is spinach one of them though???

She may have, but it's better ask my mother about that since I don't know details and her mother died before I was ever born :P
Longevity is only a thing for women in my family, men either didn't see their 60s or killed themselves, if I was a man I'd have another thing to worry about!
Ummm, I'd rather not since my grandmother couldn't walk at all during the last years of her life and was hallucinating, not the best fate ever honestly.
Don't worry, if I reach 40s, it'd be a miracle!!
I genuinely hope I've had enough shit genes but besides retinal detachment, myopia, wisdom teeth and tachycardia my family had.

I don't think she did honestly, but all this ordeal seems quite shady to me, I think she collects money for colon cancer? It's not as lethal as ling cancer that spread to liver tbh. So many smokers laugh when someone says liver cancer can be caused by smoking, those people better stop being ignorant.

They aren't our brothers and we will never consider them as such, all problems come from this country, god I hate Russia :c

How spicy is Indian food anyways? Compare it to something I dunno :P
If you have tried those spicy noodles it'd be easier to compare but your health is above all!!

I do though so I wouldn't blink :^)
But it's still awful ;-;
How about placing leeches on the scars from those cups then?

I'll try to, I ran out of sedatives too :<
Also during my surgery my eyes didn't hurt but my head did, I had anesthesic eyedrops so the pain reflected to my brain :'^)

Living in this country is angst already, let me have some fun while I can okay Mark?? ;-;
Why? Because you will be busy or because you want to spare yourself? :p

Yeah Fate, Chaos;Head has no options honestly.
That only means Mark is living an engaging and bright life right now, so he doesn't have time for japanese porn games! Happy for you~

I was talking about soap opera thing and not NTR but whichever floats your boat, I will judge you on this one in particular though....:P
I think I've read Hamlet in original partially, otherwise we've read the translated version in Ukrainian.
Mark, do you remember how the story ended or not?...:P
Good thing I can't think of a name similar to Romeo, I'm safe ;-;

Then would you want an older PM after Rutte resigns? Or are you satisfied with his way of things (besides Rona)? :p

Woah seems like Mark is unironically an extravert with a need for socialization after all! Good job!
Are the situation with corona that bad out there even vaccinated people should suffer? :O

I see Mark has some dark past of watching ecchi harem shows, not the best taste ever but I guess it's not my cup of tea :'^)
And Kaguya isn't a harem ..:P

It's such a creepy song at that, I don't want a ginger stalker stalking me and writing songs about my washboard of a body ;-;

Because USA is a bunch of hypocrites, they value trade relations with Russia more than some 3rd world shithole, same goes for majority of European countries that don't have their own controversies with Russia (you guys and UK seem to have a strong stance on Russia, at least your government).
We are a bother to Europe who wants to trade with Russia, a thread on r/Europe was opened regarding the issue and it was deleted instantly, of course prior to deletion some kind Europeans wished us to die in Siberia so we wouldn't bring more issues to their lives. I'm sorry for being a Ukrainian and not letting y*ropeans sleep peacefully oh noes :'^)
If you go through the Nordstream2 tag, you'd see some snide remarks from Krauts as well.

Because m*n keep bullying us about being too finicky about colors all the time!! Also, congratulations, you're now a woman Mark!! :P

Hey, I literally ate mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatos and cucumbers today Mark :<