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Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
May 13, 2018 9:46 AM
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Fate/Extra: Last Encore
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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Hokkaido-hen
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Hokkaido-hen
Oct 17, 2017 11:59 AM
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Zaregoto Series
Zaregoto Series
Oct 12, 2017 10:31 AM
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Slam Dunk
Oct 5, 2017 3:17 AM
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BitchOnTheBeach 45 minutes ago
Either dutch cabbage is awful or you don't know the proper recipe :P
You have to soak the green cabbage (they don't sell red in my town) in salted (hot!) water (with some vinegar if you want), and only then add it into bowl and mix with pepper and mayo, you may add some corn or chicken too if you still consider it bland!!! Add red onions too!

The latter haha. I can provide a link as a proof, I have them muted because I don't want that shit pop up in my TL but didn't block them :P

But I was talking about the term-end exams as well :<
Anyway, most of teachers don't want to bother with retakers and just spare them, unless they have a grudge against someone, especially students they saw on exam for the first time :'^)

I never said it is!! Did you burn your SIM afterwards? I have a FB account from way back, it's not only linked to the email I don't use anymore but also to a number I lost the sim for. Look at me and repeat :P
Does it mean you'd agree if she asked you personally or you'd Just reject her but without freaking out? :^)

I can tell even more stories about my school years but there's time for everything. Like we had "domestic" subjects, boys had woodwork and similar house activities and girls had cooking and sewing. Boys always skipped their class and laughed at us for being "at our place". God I hate men :P

The only dude from my uni that I know is Arabic class rep and his sarcasm is annoying, he has to go for Masters 100% to not get conscripted, males are losers :P
Not me! The only retake I ever had was in female teachers subject. My retake virginity was lost so close to the finale ;-;
Honestly from my personal observations, female teachers are more stricter towards girls and male towards guys, hmmm.

Egon isn't really better since he cheated on Dorris not knowing she cheated of him so it wasn't out of spite, they are worthy of each other :^)
If cheaters don't deserve second chances why Katharina forgave Ulrich after all? :P

I don't think there's anything to be surprised about incest in the show, even Silja and Bartosz are related, not talking about Noah and Elizabeth who really are close. Wonder how Charlotte tuned out to be normal, but then again Liz is mute probably as a result :'^)

Yeah, my imouto reacted to that scene badly and called Magnus a chicken for just staying there frozen while his girl was lying on the ground haha.

Jonas clearly has depression and PTSD though :'^)

Then it's not so caring of her :P

Alright! Will your cousins join you in your rewatch or they are busy with work? :P
You can watch something online too!! I think your PC can carry both video call and video player working simultaneously!!!

I don't know if I should call you a lucky kid for avoiding it, because that lucky kid doomed his older self to much harsher suffering :'^)

Well I skimmed through news sites and Twitter and didn't find anything about that, so I can assure you that was a fake news. Probably a lame conspiracy theory from Russia, don't believe anything you see about this shithole!! It's better to clarify it with me first, I'm unbiased I swear :c
Can't say this is entirely impossible but a civil war will most likely ensure.

I'll congratulate you again when the results will come out even if I don't know what the hell those subjects are :P

Yup I obviously was, nose fully covered and I did wash my hands and face with soap throughoutely!!
But still why do people do this? I almost vomited there, so disgusting :<

Lol here it's very popular, I bet my mother would tell me to ditch a guy if he wasn't compatible with me by zodiac sign. She wants me to find a Gemini guy when I shared a mutual dislike with all Geminis I know :'^)

She still can direct her anger in both ways, especially now that her mood is way worse.
BitchOnTheBeach Yesterday, 8:08 AM
I don't lol, we had to study it in school but I don't remember anything from it :P

Just accept your food taste is plebian Mark :<
What's wrong with cabbages salad??? It's fresh and healthy, even with mayo!!
I swear, if food tastes were the only criteria, you'd be my archenemy, yikes :'^)

I followed an artist who drew seemingly inbox pictures and then switched to cp, don't misunderstand me like that anymore, where did that faith in me go? :c

Your uni isn't as strict as ours then, I know a lot of people who failed 4 exams in one session but continued studies. Corrupt blossoms!!

Girls like talking about guys yeah, my classmates still shittalk that guy in our group 4 years later, calling him a simp bodybuilder while guys lash out all the shit to you in face, been the one talked about it both camps, can't say one is better than the other. Guys are just less afraid of getting beaten up for their shit :P
How could you let a cute girl who was too shy to ask you in person, go to a prom all alone, you're cruel Mark ;-;
I was joking though, I know you'd be weirded out by something like that!!

Never visited my prom because I hated a majority of my classmates and decided to enjoy my freedom from that nuthouse :P

Certain people would love such passionate and loving girlfriend though!! Just like in my anime only you can actually suffer!!
I got so unused to how m*n interact after 4 years in the all women collective so I dunno what to say more. :P
We only joked about some male teachers being into younger girls and the punishment failed students might go through :'^)

Yeah but he already manages to confuse many people, my sister cringed a lot during his school adventures. Tbh almost all characters who travel do this :P

Maybe she and Dorris hook up after she played her role and live a happy life while Egon keeps drinking and Tronte is running back and forth between Jana and Claudia ~
I'd say she was forced to by Eve in alt world but as for Jonas world? No idea but I get why wouldn't she want to do anything with men after him lmao :'^)

But I didn't say he hooked up with Martha!! He probably would just be more loyal and follow her orders which included hooking up with Silja!! A world Bartosz thought Silja was his last chance in life to get laid, give him some slack :c
Maybe actually, he also seemed less loudmouthed too!

Maybe they were lucky enough to not catch anything? Martha should've brought them a first aid kit at the very least :'^)

Hannah was poor and couldn't even pay her bills, so of course Jonas couldn't buy condoms. That shit is expensive, I worked in retail so I know it believe me :P
Martha has no excuses especially when she just had a relationship with Killian. Egon was stupid.
Anyway, celibacy is the most effective method of contraception!! 100% effective unless you're virgin Mary tier!!!

Oh, I was going to watch it today because I didn't feel so well yesterday, such a shame :<

When are you going to start your rewatch? Make sure to bring up moments you failed to notice before :P

Actually I finished my rewatch almost at the same time I finished the show originally, just with a one year difference, nice coincidence!! I don't remember the exact date but maybe you do given the circumstances, you announced you got pox at the same time and we discussed the show whole day :P

That's good you pointed that out Mark because I was preparing to write a whole wall of text above the dangers of drunk m*n :P
I really need to buy a pepper spray though!!

You bet!! Each morning starts with, "You gotta find a job to pay for the student loan!!" And I'm honestly so tired of this, I'm doing everything I can myself :c
Now I feel anxious everytime I see her passing my room because she may lash on me for no reason.
All the resume example writing sites reccomend adding "communication skills", "optimism", "leadership" but I do not because it'd be just a blatant lie :'^)

Oh so I still was late :<
How many people were pissed about the sudden change? Of course Mark was preparing for his exams for the whole month, so he stayed unbothered by such a surprise :P

More importantly, can I finally congratulate you with a completion of your course? :^)
Congratulations~ You can now start your three year journey to the finished higher education!!!

A mama boar had stolen dudes back with clothes and he has to chase it around naked :P
Actually the dude lied, it happened it Germany, sorry!!!

1400 new cases and today I saw a woman in grocery with her mask off, she sneezed at the counter with me behind her in line.
I had to visit pharmacy and the cashier had no mask.
It's over ;-;
I'm too young to die, especially from fucking corona but I don't want to become such careless old woman too. Dilemma.

Y'know leap years are considered bad omens in slav cultures, considering how much bad shit had happened in 2020 I may unironically believe in astrology :'^)

I was talking about some local children wandering on my yard to find a kitten not so long ago and it wasn't a big issue because they did not harm. Well, during night a boyfriend of a girl living in neighborhood wandered in our garden to look for their cat, we've watered some plants in evening so ground was slippery, he fell and destroyed my mother's pepper plants.
Now she's livid lmao. I take back what I said about kids, they are educated enough not to go in someone's garden, especially during nightime :'^)
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 6, 8:49 AM
English language is incredibly simple, that's my conclusion after teaching it, G*rman (didn't fly), Japanese and being an Ukrainian/Russian speaker :P
Like imagine having such a boring profanity vocab!! And having language with no gender is so confusing.

I meant men on average, I see at least one retard who casually just spits on the street for reason unknown :<

I have to force myself to get a proper meal to not get even thinner but yeah, stress makes me apathetic to even eat. Some foods though, I can even ask a second portion of even when my mood is shit. Give me pizza, meat dumplings, tuna or cabbage salads and I'm the happiest woman on Earth :P
Corn too!! Even though my stomach hates me afterward and it gets stuck in teeth pretty badly.

Wait Mark, she was drawing only mermaidmen porn, I brought loli porn as an example for some nip artist I used to follow ;-;

Yup, if you fail 4 exams or fail the retake of retake, game over for you my friend :P
How was it in your uni?

Was she someone you used to know personally? Because God knows how could anyone find your page just by knowing your name, incredible autism. Dark side of popularity right there :P
So you agreed after all? :^)

That probably was a toxic ex, I don't believe in any other possibility :P

I felt Jonas at that scene, that's basically every time I try to joke, sometimes in a dark fashion too :'^)

It's pretty sad that Jonas stayed an emo suicidal guy for 66 years, neither he got smarter. Who goes around an unfamiliar world bothering people who clearly don't know you?? ;-;

Poor Silja had no choice, either she'd become a loose whore like Hannah if she stayed with her or forced into a cult and become a cold terrorist :<
Agnes inherited a lot from Hannah though, the best qualities without an obsession over one man!! Noah got the worst genes from his father haha.
Unironically all the problems in the show come from human connections, so you may not be wrong :P

Actually, did you notice that adult Bartosz is actually loyal to Eve and isn't killed by Noah in alt world? In A world, he's dead long ago before the apocalypse starts! Could it be because Bartosz in A world loathed Jonas a lot and since Martha replaced Jonas in B world things got different? Even Alt Bartosz had something for Martha, he just wasn't as desperate :^)

They release their anger in frustration in a different way and as long as they like it, why interfere? :'^)
I don't think they had any other choice but to stay with him because the 2010 teens wouldn't last long in the whole new (old) unfamiliar period all by themselves!!

Russian Durex official group in VK had actually posted a Dark advert wishing everyone a safe journey. I don't know if it had some sinister implications or not :'^)

Alright, thanks~
I finished it! Claudia's timeline got so convulsed by the end haha :'^)
I actually had a thought about Claudia manipulating Jonas and other characters to ensure the loop goes the way it always went and so Claudia would find a solution to how solve it! I also remember he mentioning she had tried moving pieces with no result in season 3. But honestly I barely paid any attention to the Tanhaus book at all, never really figured out it's role other than convincing Tanhaus to fix the machine. Talks about physics aren't my strongest side either :'^)

You may link the other video but I'll watch it either tomorrow or later today :c

When they are in a group they sure can! Alcohol also clouds your judgement so they would be more likely to commit something to her so she decided to go home alone, they followed her for a while too until she got to the more lively area.

Can I just get a job before September, p-please? :'^)
My mother will force me to join the e-gold digger club if that won't happen ;-;

Those friends are now scattered all around the country and I doubt we'll ever gather together again :'^)

Aww, that's sweet Mark :c
Hopefully once I'll pick up an Algebra book again and finally get even better at it!!!

Wait but wasn't it supposed to be tomorrow? I was talking about Friday in my message :<
Anyways, congratulations~~
Did you get your results already? Now that you survived the theory munching hell, you can finally rest :P

Take a look at how kind and helpful Ukrainian people are! Can you guess what's happening there without context? :P
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 5, 8:14 AM
Yeah, it implies the girl isn't better than a dog who barks at everything. English fails in this regard but Russian and Ukrainian has a male equivalent to that word :P
Tbh there's a flaw in the black and white theory of the people who believe in above. The main rule of radical feminism is a total ignore of men because they are class enemies and abusers since birth, no exceptions :^)
Maybe this will clarify who that pen girl was for you!!

Btw why do you guys spit on the street all the time?? You think it makes you look manly? It doesn't! It looks disgusting and uncultured :<

I watched it but don't remember :'^)
I have balanced diet of meat, side dish and veggies. Sometimes I replace meat with eggs. Yet I keep losing weight ;-;

Nope, she has a "Restricted to 18+" emoticon in her username and trigger warning in her bio. At least she warned about it, some artists do not say anything about the possibility of loli porn on their page :'^)
Maybe Voltron fanbase likes it?? Those are the characters she ships usually, she writes Marvel omegaverse fanfiction too.

Some luckshitted or cheated, others failed and had to retake it. Teachers were too kind and didn't kick out anyone :P
They just emptied everything on the table and yup, the fastest one wins :c
It was a trick to manipulate people into taking an internship where you'd be distanced from nips and just chill with other foreigners, how welcoming!!!

I feel attacked by your first sentence Mark, why do you do this to me ;-;
Do you mean actual stalking by "engagements"? I don't think there's anything bad with chatting :<
Have you been stalked by a girl before? You seem quite fixated on this topic :^)

Btw people who romanticize stalking never were stalked irl, that shit is creepy and disturbing ;-;
And yeah, it's men who do that, never ever me or any of my friends/acquaintances were stalked by a girl. Don't even try to compare online stalkings to the actual deal because the discussion won't go too well.

You need to make coffee with love, I doubt butlers posses that emotion :'^)
That's why most of coffee on a go taste awful, might be just my bad luck but I never have gotten a good latte from there.

I wondered how he could just peacefully play videogames with Bartosz and how Bartosz actually continued to hang around with him like nothing happened lel. The scenes with Jonas and co felt awkward to me, it seemed like he wasn't really there :<

Silja wouldn't let Adam's plan to fall flat, she'd do anything to make Bartosz fall in love with her :^))
Btw, christians believe it's Eve who is to blame for all the sins because she seduced Adam to eat the damned apple. Silja probably seduced the poor dude as well :P

Sadly, Silja probably knew about the plan and what's going to happen in future, including her death during childbirth so I see her similar to Noah. I believe she did kill some people too since she was Elizabeth's right hand basically.

But they are bickering with each other almost every time they were on the screen, or staying together despite constant arguments is considered to be healthy?? They don't indulge in infidelity though, that's surprising for Winden :'^)
Though they seemed to outgrow it as they grew older, probably due to circumstances. And their alt versions seem more chill while other characters get edgier, maybe Francizka can't argue in the same manner anymore,I'm so sorry for saying this but come on :'^)

I was talking about the site as a whole, not just that particular subreddit. I was annoyed by how the site operates many times so it actually turned me away from it. Also the mailbox spam it sends without warning!
I wasn't judging you per se thought! Should've mentioned this in previous reply, you misunderstood me again :P

But teenage Noah didn't communicate in sign language at first, he was writing messages on paper :P

Why would Noah suspect Claudia about kidnapping and lash it on Jonas first? He didn't suspect Adam's words for 33 years at all? :'^)
Nope, I might watch it later though so you may link it! I allow you :P

I stumbled across the video, in Russian where the guy explains the theory that in the ending Jonas and Martha don't destroy the loop completely, just put a conclusion to it and the events that led to it exist in another reality (similar logic as split Jonases/Marthas) so the Origin wasn't really destroyed after all like Adam wanted :P
I followed the idea of Tanhaus both creating and not creating the machine after my first watch, it's just now I found something that is back up my thoughts and explain them better!!

There also was an episode when my sister was hanging with her and they met her boyfriend with ex-boyfriends. She got called by someone and told dudes to escort my imouto home because it was dark while she headed out elsewhere. Leaving a girl with a group of drunk guys in the middle of the night is what a real friend would do.
I wonder how my imouto stayed friends with that bitch for so long. I'm so fast at cutting people of my life, ironically I'm more civil with random acquaintances while breaking up with previously close friends is drama worthy :'^)

Thanks to the people in charge of Odessa and thank you tourists~
People will be even more angry and stressed, which means therapists won't die from hunger anytime soon :P
Honestly we took Developmental psychology course in uni and child mental health is delicate as a wet paper, stressed parents behavior and the whole limits in socialization won't go too well on them.

It's the male alternative for "bimbo", gotta keep things equal amirite? :P
Even smart person can act stupid and retarded at times!!! I may spew the irrational stuff for giggles and suddenly get all serious and philosophical~
Having frens to do stupid shit I'd never do alone because of anxiety is fun because you're not alone who is embarrassing!

T-thanks! But I didn't say the result I got, how do you know I didn't screw up the rest of equation? :^)

Instead of the usual sexism related arguments now my whole TL is filled with the fight between left and right, commies and capitalists and a lot of ppl I follow joined it.
At least tags are easy to mute...

Good luck on your exam tomorrow, maybe this time my edit will make you see this in time :P
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 4, 1:05 PM
It's a sexist slur, "chick" is considered one too actually :P

I don't know how it works but the statistics say so!!
I'm the same height as both Putin and our prez, have no idea should I laugh or cry :'^)
Actually I just opened a news site and they posted average height and weight for Ukrainians!
M*les: 175 cm, 80kg.
Females: 164 cm, 71kg. I weight way less than that, am I done for? ;-;

Not everyone but most of them are, yeah.
There's a seemingly innocent girl who posts mermaidmen porn on her Twitter, never judge the book by it's cover ;-;

Hara-sensei knew a bit of basic ukrainian and communicated by gestures a lot :'^)
Only 5 people out of 16 attended his classes because the language barrier still was there :P
Not much but I got some candies, wanted to snatch pokky sticks but others were faster than me :<
I got myself some spicy candies, those were weird to say at least. I'd prefer salty snacks to candies myself!! Decided to avoid picking instant noodles because god knows how old those were.
Grabbed corn rings bag but they weren't different from those over here, dissapointing!
Nope but only 4 people from my class attended it. At least we were spared from the teacher's wrath haha.

That's because m*n are vile animals who will jump at anything, yikes :<

Making coffee is literally the one productive thing I do regularly, I'd get existential crysis if someone else did it for me ;-;
I like my coffee sweet, he'd probably fuck it up anyways, who needs such butler?
I was joking about it lmao, I'm not suicidal enough to get involved in crypto rollercoaster :P

I'm having a dissonance here because I understand what is said in the video and I get lost while reading the subs :'^)

After many times that term was mentioned I finally decided to google it and it kinda makes sense now :'P
Bartosz was shown as clingy to Martha from the start though!! I bet she knew it too, she's not brick wall dense like Jonas so she could feel if something was fishy!
But Adam sent Silja his way, Jonas knew well how naive Bartosz is :^)

Now tell me what's the role of Magnust and Francizka in all this besides bringing alt Martha to Adam. Honestly, they are probably the only main characters who don't constantly influence the story :P

Reddit isn't really better than Tumblr, insted of people with weird interests scattered all around you have circlejerk platform where every unpopular opinion is downvoted thus not seen by many :P
Actually russian speaking ppl like it too, another girl who just finished the show popped up in my timeline and she only felt bad for Noah. Rewatch made his relationship creepier for me imho, teenage Noah wan't a saint either. Guy was brainwashed from the start and killed his own father! He also got a villainous apple cutting scene. Never trust people who eat apple right from the knife! I feel like he got bored repeating the same fairytale for her, he was seemingly annoyed at the scene when Charlotte was about to be kidnapped :'^)
I wonder how he could learn sign language in apocalypse world, he didn't seem to know it at first.

Maybe that's for the better, it's best to stay away from incels because from what I seen they always will bother you about your female friends or relatives :<
Ex-friend of my sister once gave a guy my imoutos number without her permission, was one of the reasons their friendship died. I wouldn't be able to trust someone if they pulled it with me, friendship would end up in the messiest way possible right there :P

We get 1k new corona cases daily for like a week already, no hope for this shithole.
Some parents are protesting against distance learning in September because they don't want to stay with kids at home too, how nice of them! Tbh I feel a lot of children may want that as well because I doubt many parents were civil while monitoring their studies.

Lol you were talking about himbos? Not my type, I don't want to lose my braincells just by being next to someone :'^)
Most of them have Hulk tier vocabulary and language skills, I'm sure of it but people who feel smarter than everyone and criticize you for everything you do are even worse.
I'm a girl who neither can get out from any situation without stressing myself over it or do any math without regretting not studying it well :c
Though this equation, I'd solve it! Got it on my TL today and felt smart :^))
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 4, 8:12 AM
If only they used ID's instead of usernames in profile links, such rule wouldn't be needed :<
Well it's not like I post on forums so hopefully no special snowflakes will wander on my profile and get triggered haha.

Ukrainians have an average height for Europe methinks, Russians are shorter :P
They really are!! She showed us the picture with her class in nip uni and they all were shorter than her!!

It's better not to Google it just in case lel, it's basic a long term prostitute service.
It was a dude lol. And no, they only bullied him behind his back and didn't attend the classes. Did you expect some tolerance from a group of men hating ukrainian weeb girls? :P
We have literally bullied a guy out uni, remember that!!
That aside, Chinese stream has two native speaker teachers! One of them doesn't speak English so it's hard to communicate. Arabic stream has no natives, alas :P
We also have been visited by various nips who held random lectures, one was about Shinto, another one was shilling one of their paid unis and another was intro to internship program. One had free Japanese snacks giveaway so it was the best one imo!!! I got a sushi keychain from it and it still lies somewhere it my house~
There was also a book presentation of some nip writer Tsujihara Noboru held in my uni, had to visit that one so my teacher wouldn't kill the entire class haha.

But I rarely comment something on Twitter, I don't even have any mutuals there, I basically lurk :<
Have only 6 random people who followed me, I didn't follow back :^)

Non-russian speakers seem to like this vid a lot, what's your impression of it? :P

So butlers are similar to the Queen's guard? Just standing all day like a tree without showing an emotion? Boring :<
I don't think he'd remain unbothered for long, I'm a walking catastrophe! The kind of person who makes coffee 4-5 times a day and always forgets that coffee powder goes in the brewery first and not your cup!!
I forgot that butlers tend to kill people, I'm suddenly against the idea!
I'm gonna scam many weebs, invest those money into Bitcoin and swim in more in money :^)))

I still wonder why did she had that brief hook up with Bartosz though :c
Jonas probably wanted to distance himself from everyone after experiencing trauma so obviously he wouldn't contact anyone, her included but Bartosz had to be a good storyteller to make her believe in the France story.
And Bartosz was actually kinda right about Jonas being at fault for anything :P

You still visit Tumblr??? Yikes Mark, why? ;-;
They have a very imbalanced relationship in terms of power imo, I didn't feel anything genuine from teenage Noah, maybe he could grow some feelings later but at the time of their meeting? Nope!
I wonder what was Noah thinking by leaving her all by herself in 2040 and why she still clung to that Paradise idea as a merciless leader. But she was probably fucked up badly mentally after everything she experienced so she finally broke.
Don't forget he killed her boyfriend, no idea if he did it just to assure him getting together with Liz later or it was mixed with actual jealousy :P

I actually don't understand why would some people willingly pay for nudes, like are you guys that pathetic? :'^)

Oh I was thinking of more direct relations so it didn't pop in my mind haha.

Religious nutters are protesting against 5G in Ukraine, again. Their slogans are literally "With 5G we stray further from God". Just nuke this country ffs.

If he can speak coherent sentences then I wouldn't mind it, but if he speaks just like he writes, then I doubt he has any charisma and he probably should work on the basic skills :P
And I'd avoid texting with such people honestly, I'd be so annoyed haha.
Why did you ask this particular question though? I'm curious :^)
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 3, 11:38 AM
Now that that mistake has costed me a month with a meme I might use it as a reason to finally change my profile set, didn't do so in a while :'^)
I mean the guidelines said "Offensive usernames will be changed" so I thought it's something similar to Pokemon name filter but it accepted my new name ;-;
I-is bitch a bannable word here? Asking for a friend!!

Would she be considered short with 184 cm height for you guys? She's considered tall by our standarts :P
Tbh she told me, she was either mocked or fetishised for her height. Nips are weird.

No idea, but a lot of girls also joke about cam girl services and working on soderjanki*ua for Turkish men, yeeesh!! I don't joke about them so I'm already not as fallen!!
It got quite weird when they broight our native speaker tutor from Japan into convo, poor Hara-sensei doesn't know how evil ukrainian girls are :<
I googled it up and a lot of sources are actually proving it lel. I did that without entering incognito so rip me I guess ;-;
I'm talking about some random statistics here, Don't get weird assumptions!

I just wish we had another chat for shitposting, imagine opening the app and seeing 200+ new messages in convo, you may think, oh no something bad had happened but in reality it's nothing worth your time!

I got that point of your statement and agree with it!! I just wanted to state my own observations as well :P

I wasn't but I was blocked by some for expressing my displeasure haha.

I mean those things can talk, right? He's gonna talk and listen to my bullshit if he wants to get paid. You might get a permission to visit my property once a week too, I'm a kind woman after all :P
Problem lies here: how do I get enough money to rent an island, build a mansion, get a buttler and have enough money left to keep them in the safe??

Then he never was truly disturbed by it lel.
Now that's a word for kissing I've never heard of :P
I honestly found hobo Jonas and Martha scenes quite uncomfortable and sometimes creepy, might be just me but the age difference is too big for me to find it acceptable. Same for Noah and Liz really, moreover Noah did know she's gonna end up with him so it gives me manipulation vibes as well.

I don't know anything about the service aside from what it sells obviously, and I'm never doing it! ;-;
Might try tutoring on camera, Japanese obviously!!! But I need to make up a syllabus and gather materials first~

Wait how? She is blood related to Jonas but I can't figure out how they can be siblings :'^)

Should be only the closest ones as far as I know but I believe everyone can do it as long as they ask the family's permission, even friends.
Closest family also needs to sit 2-3 days near the body before the funeral can be held btw, that includes during night too ;-;
On 9th and 40th day after the funeral, memorial receptions are held. In some regions, they are held right at the cemetery near the tombstone. Imagine drinking, eating and joking at the fucking cemetery, how bizarre it is???

I don't think height really matters when it comes to acting as long as one has talent and charisma. Actually charisma beats looks in every sphere of life or it may be just my own preference :P
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 3, 8:30 AM
I just wanted to try out if MAL will allow me to use a "bad word" as the username, was going to change it back right after trying it out but forgot you can change your username only once a month but thanks :'^)
Guess it's my new look for this month, might change my profile set to fit the summer theme later haha.
I'm not used to how long it is, yikes!!

Mark honestly, please avoid complimenting me through mentioning cons, I tend to focus on negative things only :c
For example if someone would put a one line of criticism among 49 lines of praise, positive side would go ignored by me and I'd just spend days thinking what did I do wrong :<

Nope, their women are way shorter than men, I think male average is around 171 cm while female is around 149-152 cm. Even me with my 169 would be considered tall there, I feel bad for my classmate. Her experience probably looked like this :'^)

Also the main theme of jokes in our class group chat is Japanese dick size, dunno how is this information useful and how did the girls obtain it but yeah :P

But doesn't that dialogue with Hannah imply that this isn't the first time she visited the clinic sadly :c
I mean she was indeed traumatized by whole expect so no wonder she took the words seriously. I still don't think of her well because of how she treated Katharina.

I didn't mind his behavior personally, if you want to change my sister's mind then go ahead :P
So I wasn't the one who got Tesla vibes from 1888 year!! Reminded me of so many steampunk stuff as well!

Nope, those were actually a legit people, most of them I knew from before the accident! I know how to recognize the bot thankfully, but some big accs did that too :<

Even with cats? :<
If the mansion will include a buttler guy that will do the house chores for me I wouldn't mind it :P

She rolled her eyes and said "of course they won't tell about it" :'^)

Mark please put some spaces in the middle of walls of text, I'll figure out they are related ;-;
So him being disturbed by incest was never really a problem but his confusion in feelings was? :'^)
Actually from all the main families,bonly Tiedemann family isn't incestuous lmao. Winden is truly a rotting wound!

I just got busy with employment search and really not in the mood to do anything, too stressed :<
>Looking for translation opportunities
>half of the list is full of wedding agencies
Fuck off ;-;
I mean if I fail to find a job by September this will be my last resort but not now!!! Still better than retail or onlyfans but not now!!

If only it was the case here lmao. In Orthodox funerals, family has to give the corpse "the last" kiss. Don't think it's a good idea for both mental and physical health. Especially if you are a kid :c

I hope you weren't taking my manlet jokes seriously all this time, I don't really notice it unless the difference is really huge :P
I think it's because of a stereotype that m*n have to be taller than women, a priory. Their ego will crumble seeing a woman is taller than them :^)
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 2, 8:04 AM
I honestly didn't get such impression from your statement, maybe the problem lies in wording. Praising something by mentioning flaws isn't the best way I think.
I edit my comments and add new information because our daily comment ratio isn't high and I may forget about what else I wanted to share by the next day and sometimes I want you to reply to something earlier haha.

Not really a fan honestly, job isn't something I want to kill myself for :'^)
You can get office jobs too, in Japan. Mostly call center or serious document translator vacancies.
One of my classmates got an intership in nippon told us people were pointing fingers at her everywhere because of how tall she was even compared to their men, she's 184 cm :P
I think I'd be nearly the same height as m*n but taller than their women that's for sure.
She also was told to go back many times and wasn't allowed to pick some cources at uni because of her nationality. She said she was crying all the time in her dorm because of it!!!

Negatively, but not as much as towards Hannah haha.
She was a religious lunatic who was raising a daughter she didn't seem to want and so she was abusive towards her for no reason. Not a very nice character imho :P
I legit thought she was an assistant in abortion clinic in 1986 before she went inside, yikes.

Yeah, my sister was indifferent towards him at the start and only started showing dislike in the third season, calling him a drama queen :'^)

The words that go along with them are way too common to just mute!! Do you want me to mute "women" or "teens" and wipe half of my tl???
I banned a lot of people during certain period when Russian speakers were annoying anglosphere users by constantly replying to them in Russian, mocking them for not using GT. Literally why?? Leave people alone. Wouldn't it be annoying if I typed walls of text in Ukrainian and you had to use GT every single time to deciphering it? :P

I think teens are having a summer holidays so they finally can sperg in the internet. Summer time in Russian speaking internet is full of autism and bar grammar coming from children!
Virginity isn't a problem, their shit libido is. Imagine not getting aroused by thinking about living in a giant mansion in your personal island, your safe filled with money and house with cats. Small game.

Of course, a forced HS dropout can't know about complex physical shit, how could've I forgotten!
I was joking but honestly Jonas probably took it for granted back then, my take. And you didn't point out which scene you were talking about as well :P
Why would he suddenly change his mind about banging Martha after the revelation though?? Like a kiss is not okay but sex is alright?

Nice to hear, wish I would be in the same boat too :'^)
My new year resolutions contained:
>starting exercising
Did some yoga for a week in July and stopped.
>improving my social skills
lol, more like retrogradation
>finding a job

Hopefully no more pandemic will happen in the next 100 years, afterwards I don't care because I will be chilling in the void as a blob of energy returning to it's origin :'^)
Off topic but I always disliked the burials, neither did I like Orthodox funerals but that's another story. Being cremated is more expensive but your remains can be used to fertilize the ground so a tree would grow~
Literally giving life to a tree is much better than rotting under the cold stone!!
Corona generation won't fail but as for others I don't know :P

We're done with the show, Charlotte's watch journey was shown up to Charlotte's kidnapping only but I assume older Charlotte and Elizabeth gave it to Adam upon return who later gave it to Noah.
My imouto liked the series and the ending, she said having an ending where literally everything disappears would be lame so she's fine with it ending on a happy note, for some :P
Only during the rewatch, at episode 8 of season 3 I noticed that Martha is taller than Jonas, what a manlet lel. My imouto laughed at me for not noticing that earlier :'^)
The only question she really has is how the hell Bernd is Regina's father...
And I still think the ending is kinda rushed, sorry not sorry but at least during rewatch it went smother!!

Why children do not have sense of boundaries and private property. Neighbor got a new kitten and it wandered on our yard, kids that were playing with it decided it was a good idea to follow it, running around the yard trying to catch it. I mean they didn't break anything and I'm not that bothered I just wonder why wouldn't a 6yo be brave enough to enter another property???
Kitten is cute though!!
BitchOnTheBeach Aug 1, 7:51 AM
Eh no? I think my autocorrect didn't do it job properly and didn't bother to reread, sorry I guess?
You too tend to make grammar errors though, you didn't have to mention mine. Anyway, I'm not going to bother fixing my last comment because I'd cringe multiple times while reading my mistakes.
Sorry Mark but pointing out mistakes to someone self conscious about their English level even after studying it for 10+ years isn't a great idea even as a joke. I'm not confident in my native tongue as well, I always reread formal messages and messages to people I don't know well 10x times to make sure they are perfect. Guess I will have to reread my comments here as well.

So does it mean I wasted the whole day translating it? ;-;
It also had images which I translated as well!! Had to upload them to imgur, open the HTML file with notepad and replace the corresponding img links. A-am I done for??

I dislike the Japanese work culture and they aren't very nice to foreigners, especially female so nope :P

Meh I didn't find them as spooky, that pedo in Liz's trailer was way disturbing! Trio's reoccurring entrance got pretty boring as the show went on honestly.

I'm out of alcohol at house so no getting drunk for half a year at least!

I'm going to watch episode 7 today and I'll say how he gets it because I don't remember it clearly :P

Uhh seems so then, I don't remember how he could've gotten the first copy though :c

Nope, he had an interaction with teenage Charlotte in woods and that was it :P

Did I write "she" instead of "he"? I was talking about Jonas/Adam!
Because of his impulsive behavior I guess, he annoyed her so much in season 3 she constantly whined when he's on the screen :'^)

Close, she's 12-13 :P
At 12-13 I was busy watching Samurai Jack and Nickelodeon cartoons, going on frog hunting with neighborhood kids, fishing, exploring abandoned unfinished buildings with friends pretending to be an alpinist and imagining a cringe storyline full of drama with my favorite characters making it fit the lyrics of a songs I listened to. Now I just scroll YT and Twitter, do some kanji and that's it. Depressing but at least I didn't pretend to be a sexology and biology expert on Twatter back then and don't do so now.
Home, sex ed in ex-ussr countries is so bad we don't even have a subject like that. I really found out girls can fap too in the first year of uni, thanks ukrainian education!
I blocked her and now people keep retweeting screencaps of her posts in tl, why?? I don't want to block those people ;-;

Age of consent here is 16 as well but you can obtain driving license here at 16 and buy alcohol/energy drinks after 18 :P

If that was the case Jonas would need to see a psychiatrist for his weird ass fetishes, yikes :'^)
Was a 5 minute fun fling with aunt really worth it if he died a day after it lmao?

Wait, you can prepare for more than one exam at once? How do you do this? ;-;

This time I didn't copypaste my comment by accident but MAL glitched and duplicated it. In case your "notification" differed from the actual thing again :P

Today I found out my aunt thinks corona isn't real and is angry Yurop won't let us in (she wants to go to Spain) and my school English teacher who coincidentally is my neighbor beliefs the same plus she took her diabetic son with his class on a grad celebration trip to Odessa this week.
Save me from getting disappointed in people I once admired ;-;
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 31, 12:54 PM
Well I'm certainly aren't so too bad :P
Retard tier question but, I want to try translating a site article (talking about htlm page as a whole because I want to save formatting) so is it even legal to download it and translate it forming another htlm file for shits and giggles?
I already did it when is the FBI coming? :'^)

My review is 5 page long brief recap with some philosophical pondering :'^)

Well, it'd be as useful as mythology for someone like me so nothing lost :P
Or maybe I'd eventually made my own personal robot slave to do all the chores for me, hmmm..
I just looked up into the elective list more and found an entire course dedicated to Nietzsche and nihilism :'^)

My sister hates gore remember? Episode 5 had 3 people die in a brutal manner! She averted her eyes completely from the Peter death scene and Katharina's death. Jonas died too suddenly so she had no time to react accordingly :P
But yeah it's dramatic, got some feels out of me during the first watch but I threw bad taste jokes during the rewatch. I'm an awful person :'^)

When are you going to start your rewatch then? ~

Depressed ukrainiana but same shit :P
I'm scared of ever starting taking them, I'm so used to my current behavior that I'd feel like another person if I went happy go lucky social butterfly.
She burts out the room after hearing the story about Tanhaus son and his wife. Maybe that's why she didn't make any connections when Elizabeth brought it home! And just to avoid misunderstandings because I didn't clarify, it's hobo Martha who leaves it on the hobo Jonas table in 1888.

Wait hobo Jonas gives it back to Martha in her room, he doesn't get it back afterwards, my bad. Adam takes it from Alt Martha before using the super abortion machine :P
Don't kill me for this joke plz
My imouto probably hates me because the whole rewatch was filled with similar shit spewing of my mouth :P

And I wanted to edit my reply earlier yesterday but you suddenly went online so I decided there's no point once you have read my post! Still edited it later because it took longer for you to reply. Sorry but I always check when someone's online before editing/sending a reply due to personal reasons :P

For me, I just didn't pay attention to the design similarity, the others are waaay clearer and you understand their importance from the get go :P

Everything about him going to school in the B world was painful honestly. A lot of characters have similar scenes, it reminded me of the scene when Mikkel attends school in 1986 on Katharina's birthday, meets teenage Katharina there, who insults him :c

He was so proud to come to a conclusion after so many years that wasn't a correct conclusion at all, got played by women :'^)
My sister actually is indifferent towards young Jonas but dislikes both Adam and hobo Jonas a lot lel. She also said she'd be mad if the show will end in the world being erased and I tried my best to keep the poker face, yikes :'^)

Nah, I was talking about the ending scene as well, actually both of them just saw their loved ones die by their other selves, and neither probably had any true feelings for each other at the moment because of that!

I see you aren't a conflict person!! I kinda feel bad about all the times I've lost my cool now :<

Sadly blocking doesn't help! They may just make a new acc and you get their diarrhea in your feed again, idiots breed like rabbits, unbreakable rule for both internet and real life!
Saw a thread about a gal trying to teach others the way of prudity and it made my whole evening :'^)
If you get aroused by a picture, look of someone's body or fantasies, you're batshit insane and are a victim of sexual centricity of modern society, because arousal is the result of physical stimulation. Education is dead in Russia and so is teenage libido.
I'm not an expert and am a virgin but I don't think sex without prelude is a good idea for both parties...

That's why you shouldn't bring underage children to them!! Actually all of them were underage, yikes!!
I still wonder how would everyone react if the whole story was just a bad trip of Jonas, imagine him waking up in hospital bed surrounded by everyone and he says he had a bad dream :P

Oh alright I won't bother you much about that topic then, prepare well for your last one. Just be sure to tell me the results :P
Hopefully you didn't lose much time for preparations, or are you taking a break after having an exam, because I'm usually too mentally exhausted to study afterwards :^)
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 31, 9:07 AM
Facts aren't imagination Mark :<
I think it's even less, no more than 50.

I just realized I mistook CEO with SEO, meant the latter. In Cyrillic SEO is written like CEO because English "s" is written like "c" here haha :P
How much so film critics actually gain??
Can I just translate and copy paste my Wolf of the Wall Street thesis, it's pretty pretentious :'^)

On a whim, I didn't think much about it and I think we had programming in the list only for second year elective bath, no more :<
I looked this years and they have Robotics, yikes sounds cool but useless :P

If this makes you sleep at night then I won't try to debate your statement :^)

After the shit I was unfortunate enough to see on internet I became kinda immune to horror movies, games still get me because you play an active role in the story, not just lie on a couch and eat snacks!!
We watched episode 5 yesterday pretty late and my imouto now complains she was bothered by horror dreams. Weak! :c

I don't think I can answer that question because a plenty were confused. Maybe I will think about it and give an answer later :P
But the most confusing season was certainly 2nd, questions just kept pulling up with no answers seen on the horizon!!! I manage to understand new 3rd season mechanics pretty fast surprisingly.
And what about you? :P

A lot of people are sitting on anti depressants that's for sure lel. At least I had several people around me complain about their flight with addiction to benzos and so on.
Maybe he was afraid she's gonna freak out? I mean she saw him as a nice guy and him declaring he was a murderer would kill their relationship. No idea why he didn't reveal his real name though.
I had to do so in order to make my imouto understand something better haha. Medal is more confusing to track because of splits!
Watch, chronological.
Originally watch for the gift for the wife of one of distant relative of Tanhaus>he gave it to his blind son who later got murdered by the killer trio and brought it to Eve>Martha gets it and leaves in hobo Jonas room in 1888>he gives it to Noah who gives it to Elizabeth and who gives it to Charlotte>Charlotte gets kidnapped by Charlotte and Elizabeth (yeesh) who also take the watch>they bring it along with Charlotte to Tanhaus. I think that's it!
Anyways, medal journey, chronological :P
Egon gives in to Hannah who travelled>Hannah leaves it to Katharina's mother in abortion "clinic">Katharina tears it from her mother near the lake and it's left in the sand>Jonas and Martha find it in sand and Martha gives it to Jonas>hobo Jonas leaves the same medallion in Martha's room>aaand give me some time to figure out the rest, will edit this!
So after Martha dies we get this:
A: Jonas hides in the basement, keeps the pendant Martha gave him for all his life even upon turning Adam
B: Jonas gets saved by Alt Martha and gives her the pendant while bleeding to death and she keeps it upon turning into Eve or not :P

Wait, I didn't realize it all was the same gun, I honestly thought they used different guns and didn't pay much attention ;-;
You're truly a big brain haha.

Jonas was pretty much used by everyone related to time travel, got lied to and fed with ambitious speeches so he had to do it by himself all alone. Dude just wanted a peaceful life but no matter how would he have tried to avoid being associated with time travel he had no choice. Hence I have no problems with him having so many breakdowns throughout the series :c

Actually yeah, hobo Jonas seems way less emphatic and more neurotic. I think both him and Noah are very similar because they are so focused on their goals they are willing to sacrifice other people for that, in Jonas case even his younger self. He wanted to escape the fate of turning into Adam but did everything needed for that. No wonder Adam is so nihilistic lel.

I do wonder how Jonas have felt when Adam suddenly reappeared after another one killed Martha and took him somewhere else, I doubt he recovered from the shock that fast :'^)

I dunno, maybe you don't have enough drama in your life? :P

Woah so Mark does tend to argue with random people, especially K-pop fans on Twitter~
I've seen people with thousands of blocks, so small game :P

Why not? Drug trips with friends can be fun!!!

No problem! You're finally on the finishing line~~
How did it go and when's the last one? :P
Why do you never bring up such stuff by yourself?? It's not like I'll bite if you mention it instead of asking myself :<
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 30, 7:54 AM
Nah com-to-com keeps all the cringe, no matter how many posts there are, I can go to my latest post for example and I noticed the deletion way back then, don't doubt my memory :P
Forum posts are a different thing though! I can't even look up what the hell I posted first and maybe that's for the better lel.

Each language has stuff like that and it's very annoying ;-;
>mother for some reason bombarded me with CEO vacancies
>Look they require Japanese N3 level!!
>ignores the line where they require someone who knows marketing, HTML and CSS basics
Bruh.... Maybe I should've taken some marketing related or programming elective in uni.
I guess picking The history of world cinema/The history of Broadway wasn't that weird but God knows what I was thinking when I went for Ukrainian Demonology and Mythology. It's also the first subject listed in my appendix yeesh.

At the very least I know about the movie's existence so you're all alone in your ignorance :P
Btw they released a sequel to it too, checkmate Mark :*)

I watched Alien and a few slashers on Halloween :P
Didn't find any of them scary honestly.

We did it 3 episodes per day for the first two seasons but my imouto got burned out from information overload so we watch one-two episodes per day for season 3 or skip some days, we are only on episode 4 for now, but will finish the whole thing this week~

I got some Russian fandom tweets pop up in my feed and they did some impression on characters thread and I'm surprised how many people actually liked Ines and called her a nice caring woman lmao. She literally kept a kid on sleeping drugs!
Noah got a sad backstory in the third season and that probably is the reason of the increase in fans. I dunno how to feel about him still because of all you said. Regina and Boris is the only normal couple in the show, I mean Boris killed someone in past but he's definitely isn't a serial killer like Noah!
I honestly don't get how someone who got his child stolen would kidnap and kill children himself, especially when getting back Charlotte was his whole motivation. Dude has killed his father too because muh cult prophecy.
She does surprisingly, she liked Charlotte, Mikkel, Boris/Regina and Woller.

Young Jonas that gets saved by Alt Martha, sure :P
I consider all them the same character though!! The Jonas we followed for two seasons just got split in two, one got bad end and another one took a punishment route~
I don't know how to feel about a third reality Jonas though since he's definitely not from the same loop, same about Alt Martha that isn't the one from the first 5 episodes of season 3. The ending gets less sweet and more bitter once you realize Jonas has no idea who that Martha is :c

I saw it on YouTube, Muramasa, Kirei and Tamamo are the only good things about the trailer, don't care about the rest and the song sucks :P

But you told me you had gotten tired from interacting with internet warriors on here hence you quit forums and majority of local couch sitters are self proclaimed neonazis!!

I am passionate about the idea of arguing but when it comes to the actual thing, I just can't be bothered because it will most likely lead nowhere and I'll just waste my time trying to make sense of some batshit crazy cult member, so I just dump my irration on here, sorry not sorry :P

Btw how many people have blocked you on Twitter? Use this to fin out, you can abstain from this if you consider the site a treat to your privacy of course!

I have no idea honestly, I didn't read the book and was thinking about watching a movie but never got to do it :<

That's a shame, Europe has some good movies. At least Oscars acknowledge them and sometimes you can get someone's worthy to get the recognition they deserve :P

T-the most important thing isn't the victory but the journey with dear friends? :'^)

If only clearing cache helped in everything, oh well thanks for checking eitherways :P

Good luck on your exam tomorrow btw~
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 29, 8:05 AM
My brain tends to prioritize negative moments and forget positive ones alas.
You deleted your comment for some reason!! You really don't remember that? It was such a bad move it actually triggered me to reply myself, no way you could've avoided me :P

I don't wanna call and get yelled at again so I'll pass :'^)

I did it!! I translated 6 pages in one day :P
Translating medical terms is pain in ass indeed, you know like Germans like blending compounds together to create a long ass word? Same with nip. Gotta find a technical topic tomorrow and fall into a deeper pit of despair~

Mark lives under a rock confirmed :P
I haven't watched it and wanted to know if you did!! I was going to ask you the same question :<

In pretty negative towards horror movies because most of them have no effect on me, that's why I prefer video games :P

I do but I dunno how it could be related, maybe it will load on her phone!!
She does! She kept asking me whether they'll tell the story behind it for the first two seasons and got triggered when his talk with Woller got interfered :P
Well she clearly expressed dislike towards Hannah and Ulrich, Egon as well. I was waiting to ask her about her disliked chars later in season 3 so it might be today ~
She also hates how Magnus and Francizka just argue, fuck and beat shit of the others and finds Jonas and Martha shenanigans annoying. Don't even insult my imouto for her tastes :P

So you don't even do any quests? Weird flex but okay :P
I forgot to grind bond 5 for my free 5*, Ozzy!! Asshole probably fucked off already.
Going to reinstall it before the anniversary to get free shit and uninstall it again afterwards, unless latex Tamamo is the anniversary servant :P

Lol apparently just having a different opinion can warrant you getting called like that, Internet is weird :'^)
Honestly, do I sound like a neo-nazi? :<

I honestly don't get what's the problem here since I wouldn't include them to muh female stereotypes. Actually the people trashing other people for "succumbing" to them aren't any better than people who complain you aren't girly/manly enough, they still accept the stereotypes buy criticize them instead, don't think that'll help to erase them :P
I liked to put fake tattoos in my childhood so seems like I was a victim of stereotypes because of an edgy Chinese dragon tattoo, how awful!!

I don't think they did because they'd call us by school times nicknames, I don't know any m*n in my town outside my school.
Though it could be so they didn't recognize me, I had my hair dyed and grown since then, girl they knew before would never do that.

Aren't there any awards for foreign shows? :<

I got spoiled about MC dying a few years ago so I dunno if I will ever watch it :P

Does the edit button glitch only for me? It lagged and wiped all my message after an edit. Yikes.
Copy your comment if you are going to try it just in case :P
BitchOnTheBeach Jul 28, 7:41 AM
I don't remember much of my childhood other than actually not being afraid of insects while now I wouldn't touch even a beetle :P
Toxic passive aggressive person knows the terminology better I hope :<
I wish to save some bits of awareness though!! My main problem is that I don't feel the need to make a new contacts, you never know what to expect from random people. Same reason why I hate random phone calls because I never know whats the best way to respond without embarrassing myself.
And honestly all the people inside my social circle now have initiated a dialogue with me themselves, I never did. Even our convo should've been started by you but you backtracked first :P

Yeah but how do you survive without money? That's the question is, moreover my unemployment support got rejected because I had retail experience for some reason :c

Trying to translate medical article from Japanese to try it and possibly add to my portfolio whynot.
Not bad so far, but maybe because I choose a familiar topic to me (anxiety lel), wonder how technical texts will go.
The official translation program and addictional ones that are needed for it to function 100% cost around 600$...
Lmao torrenting it is.

They weren't banned officially, people expressed disagreement but that's it :P

Don't worry, once you'll escape exam hell I'm sure you will~
Were those the only one you have watched? Did you watch the IT remake? :P

The infinity symbol loading freezes at 83% for me and doesn't go further on my phone and refuses to even show on laptop :<
I remember but I wonder if she will agree to read so much text since their analysis' and "summaries" are so detailed :P
She thinks Woller is one of the best characters because he dindu nothing and stops the video at some points just to try to read German posters on background etc :'^)

Wait you didn't notice?? That's rude, I wouldn't appear in your FL after not loggining for so long :c

I was being ironic Mark :P
They also complain that tattoos are just to decorate body for m*n but all the guys of the similarities age to mine had a very negative opinion on them and piercing lel.

I have mostly left views but stay gender critical which I can get called neo-nazi and trumfag for, people are weird :P
And I usually ignore people who annoy me on Twitter, block list is for the especially degenerate individuals!! 3 more people had blocked me btw, aww ;-;

I'm safe from corona but hopefully my teeth can wait for the dentist visit in the next few months, because I'm not going there now :P

I usually just write it off at them having a harsh day but I called in the morning, 10AM!! Who annoyed you already??
I dunno those people because I didn't respond to their whistling, just ignored it but they started shouting vulgar remarks and threats, they followed us from the store it seems and only stopped when some guys standing near some office said something :<
Shit like this is why I prefer staying at home. During the light of the day even. Thought hobo tier clothing, no makeup, face mask and grocery bags would save me but here we are.

So many shows in the list without even a 100k of average voters lel.
Do Germans still refuse to watch this I wonder?? Their show managed to beat Murican/British mainstream shows like GoT and Breaking Bad~
Never watched the latter btw, is it just like Rick and Morty but they make drugs :P