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Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
May 13, 2018 9:46 AM
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Fate/Extra: Last Encore
Fate/Extra: Last Encore
Feb 17, 2018 7:42 AM
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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Hokkaido-hen
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Hokkaido-hen
Oct 17, 2017 11:59 AM
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Zaregoto Series
Zaregoto Series
Oct 12, 2017 10:31 AM
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Slam Dunk
Oct 5, 2017 3:17 AM
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Eru 8 hours ago
ISIS actually take responsibility for their deeds :c

I thought they peacefully drink wine and pray to Kami-sama nani kore.

Depends on a country. Some may be called 3rd world because of the lack of relevance in the world. Some may be called that because the non-existent economy and shitty quality of life.
Usually I see it to label developing countries. Though I don't consider it hate speech. Maybe some deluded lads from such cunt's do.

That's a very sad story, I am so sorry :c
Pope seems like a nice lad tho, o-or does he have an underground harem of aryan bois?
I just go to the church once a year on Easter as a family tradition.
It pays off with a ton of meat dishes! Probably will try lamb this year, never ate it desu.

Just farm the event, oh wait :^)

Just watch some clear videos wtf.
Eru Yesterday, 12:22 PM
Everything has other side to it~
Even SJWs who fight against certain things don't realize that they act like those they hate. Actually even the silliest shitty joke can trigger the help out of people now.

Country lives on tourism because pope is there and people want to see him.
You know I don't shit on my country because it's 3rd world, I shit on it because it's a corrupted joke that happens to be a 3rd world country!

Ye don't like going to church?

I do but I don't use her lmao. Though she is good desu.
Don't you want a BB of your own though?

Go ahead and remember to waste CS carefully if you fail.
Eru Yesterday, 12:20 AM
As long as they won't bother them I doubt anyone will care. Turkey is one of the most popular places to travel so ruining that image won't do them good!

Sadly I don't think answering rasism and feeling of superiority with the same thing is good.
Poland still brings up genocide and Bandera. He was ultra-nationalist, borderline nazi and now Poland is one of the most nationalistic European countries. Funny isn't it?

Randomly. Could be something that was lying for several months, could be something that I just downloaded. Usually I go by the file size though.

Well I misunderstood you then.

Do you want BB? It takes months to get max bond and the event starts in a few days.

Solomon isn't that hard. Just watch some yt videos to know what to expect.
Eru Feb 16, 9:01 AM
But some Russian lad on MAL said that Russia has the largest nuclear weapon stockpile in the world??? Even Murica will turn to ashes!
Putin-kun will never betray his bf~

But I thought Israel is best buddies with Murica. Best ally! :^)
I really have no opinion about Turkey, India and Pakistan as countries.
I was talking about their people. Most of those I saw on the internet tend to be extremely radical about "muh politics" and bring xxx pride.
There's indian guy on MAL who creates daily threads about India.
Nothing bad about it but in his threads he's racist towards the West and shills alt-right propaganda. He probably got banned a few days ago though.
I wonder if North Koreans unironically support Kim-kun, back to the main topic. You can't actually encounter them on the internet and see them shitting on each other :c

Rich on autism it seems. I don't delete it right after I watch. When message about not enough space pops up then I do it ~

I'm planning to sign up for an appointment in June. I have lectures from noon to 6PM and I get home around 8 so I physically cannot.
It's not something you can fix by visiting therapist once. I visited one a few years ago which did help a bit but I had to cancel because I started university. Benzos helped a lot. I felt euphoria from being able function as an ordinary person first time I took them. But they are expensive and I can't buy them without a receipt because they can cause addiction if you overdose.

For the time being I have no such classes. You really shouldn't apply a normal society logic here.

Eru Feb 15, 8:33 AM
Kim kun wouldn't cooperate with muslims, Korean puraido above everything. North Korea is probably one of the most nationalistic countries in the world along with Turkey, India and I guess UAR?
Soon we will join that list. We have autists pretending this shithole is superpower already. Ignoring the fact that we are the most corrupt country in Europe and the second poorest nation in Europe. Imagine having so much land and do nothing with it.

I heard about it but never watched.
Slav TV soaps ruined my opinion about the genre as a whole.

Google is a great learning tool you know.

Not everyone is rich enough to have a good PC with TBs of memory to keep all the shit they downloaded.

When people say "crippling anxiety" they usually mean the social one.
At first I thought I don't like parties/other social events because of the type of person I am but when I started to feel like on the edge by just opening my mouth to talk I realized it's not quite it.
I'm slowly expanding my comfort zone and force myself to talk or carry on a small talk but teaching for me is like jumping from the 10th floor onto a concrete.

It theoretically exists here. No one seems to remember it though.
Everyone still pays so do I. Nothing can be done.

Translator/interpreter. I don't think I have enough experience for synchronized translation right off the bat but I'll take anything :c
Teaching at school is totally different but it will at least show that I have some actual working experience. Better than month as a cashier.

CCC rerun announced. Well 3 and a half years since the game release, have you finished Solomon?
Eru Feb 13, 9:36 AM
Nippon has shitton of those gray boxes I worry for them :c
I doubt it's easy to spot Arabs there though lol. A missile from Kim-kun hitting one is more likely.

My holidays just ended and I don't have as much time anymore so it's a pass. Never was a fan of TV drama.
A lot in my group watch doramas, the name itself is screaming avoid.
What series though?

Random words, deutsche uber alles and that's it.
Wish I did bother with German classes in school :c
Remember me talking about Arabic? Dropped it a few days after wtf is this grammar. Ugly language as well I am sorry.
One day I'll start Italian. It can't go wrong.

You know you can delete stuff after watching it?
I know it's surprising!

Revolution literally accelerated the downfall here, what are you talking about?
The way you worded it is weird, maybe I misunderstood sorry.

By remembering something good I'd remember something bad as well. Won't work for me.
Anxiety is a normal thing for humans but when you feel extremely anxious while going to local store to buy some food, then it's not quite okay don't you think?
I don't how it is where you live but here no one gives a shit about someone's mental health. Doubt people here care much about health as a whole, free healthcare is a lie. Everyone is forced to pay in one way or another. Gee I'm actually glad I've got free vaccination during school. You may not know but this country is in the "under the risk" list for polio outbreak!

M-maybe next term? For two months before the real thing.
At least it will go to my future shitty generic resume, my qualifications are nonexistent, aside from a possible completion of JLPT so every line is precious.
Working as a teacher for the rest of my life is a no though.
Eru Feb 12, 8:08 AM
How about Mohammed-chan then?

Thankfully Netflix is now available in every shithole even in Africa. The Africa of Europe included.
Don't want to spend money on it though.
No Spotify/Tidal here ;-;
Used German VPN to register for the former and now I get everything in German. Fuggen.

>Tfw Rutracker is still alive
No problem here. VNs, animu, movies, programs are all there!
Downloaded Aokana in Japanese from there as well to practice reading. Dropped when I couldn't read a SoL scene without looking up 90% of the kanji. Wonder how would I do now.

Slav and Muslim cunts are safe then.
Deus Vult!
Though I don't think something like this will bring downfall to this shithole. It's already down there.

Happy memories won't save me from cringing at whatever I do though. And trying to think about happy stuff during panic attacks won't work, during the attack you can't remember the most basic stuff, like your phone number and you can't think rationally.
Unironically thinking about visiting a therapist. Last time I was there right after graduation. I can't see myself going through such practice the way I am now, even though it's not as bad anymore.
From the look of things, here you can gain right to teach in the high school after you get Master degree.
And the teaching course will require us to write some shitty tests and essays, exam will be a written one as well.
Practice? Just b yourself.
Eru Feb 11, 11:07 AM
About moody leaders. Mao or Stalin/Hitler fujobait in FGO when?

I forgot about it :c

I couldn't care less about Extella so I wouldn't know.

Still aren't as hard to handle than teens when their puberty hits in.

I don't think complicated stuff makes one laugh.
Studying reproductive system does. But worry not! Some people are working hard to cancel biology as a whole and soon the new canon will spread thru the world!
Will take ages for it to reach here since we act like a conservative country and even being gay here is considered haram.
Also racism is a huge thing here and no one cares. I don't like gypsies because of their way of life but do you need to kill them to stop it?

We will get teaching courses, having the first one tomorrow but everyone will pass that shit regardless and suffer later. Knowing theory won't erase my anxiety and dislike towards children though.
Can't help it. Nothing I can do. Better mentally prepare, cope and struggle through the whole thing to forget it like a bad dream afterwards. Those will be people I don't know so I may try to put a genki laidback facade for once.
After that mentally prepare for JLPT in the early December.
And after JLPT mentally prepare for exams that will take place in the middle of December. Right on my birthdayidontevencelebrate as always!

Works for me.
Eru Feb 10, 7:42 AM
Did Nippon has such emperors tho? People who wrote poems for them were a big deal.
Though those who were against writing biased empereur shilling probably had it bad. Some may have preferred higher rank to muh praido and honoru.

I just wasn't in the mood for anime back then.
It aired during Spring and I probably was scared of fucking up my thesis/exams/whatever.
Watching animu when I can't relax isn't enjoyable at all.

I still don't get who is "he" you are talking about.
Hans wasn't in Extella. Ozzy wasn't either.
Are you talking about Gilles perhaps?

I don't like them but I'd like to be given an elementary/1st year of the middle school class.
Kids are annoying but easier to deal with. And stupid so they won't recognize my fuck ups.
Teens are annoying and harder to deal with. My class was still laughing in biology class during the graduation year. Tfw I'm not as mentally immature.
Tried hard not to laugh at certain lad's psychologycal theories though kill me.
But why this of all things.
Will have to teach Ukr*inian language as well so if I make a mistake it will be mortifying.
Imagine speaking the language every single day and be unable to explain grammar rules with anything else than "well everyone speaks that way duh".
Not everyone can be a teacher, I jack skills required for it.
Eru Feb 9, 10:46 AM
She's not in the age to be called a "lady" yet.
And she's 1 year younger than me wtf..

But trying to pander to one person is easier than trying to pander thousands~

I started it, but didn't finish.
I usually drop airing anime halfway through, skip one week and there it goes.

It does.

Umm who are you talking about?
Astolfo's VA didn't voice any character appearing in HA, neither did Koyasu.
And Circe isn't a guy.

Tfw practical training is month as a teacher in school.
I didn't sign up for this, abort.
Eru Feb 8, 8:01 AM
No I definitely don't remember that.
You are forced to use only Mashit in some quests, but those are easy.

No, she failed listening. An audio part of the exam.
I don't think she took online courses, neither I asked her about it.

I doubt authors of Japanese classics had to deal with a cancerous fanbase that will send you death threats.

It was out in Fall and is still airing but I heard the adaptation is awful.
I still haven't started second season of Index, didn't watch Railgun at all so eh.
They say new Jojo is good but Gay Italian Adventures is the only part of the manga I skipped due to the bad translation, not including 1,2,3.
Didn't start watching it either. Too bad.
And I still have to finish S;G0.

Kanashii. Use some mental gymnastics, erase it from your memory!

By killing themselves? :^)

Valentine scenes aren't meant for servant interactions.
Voiced story never ever. DWjews are stupid.
Was it really that hard to add more My Room lines though?
I finally got Illya scene!
Will have to clear the cache from garbage after the event ends fuck.

I don't like his voice for Ozzy. But Hans and Mephisto are great.

I don't think so, Meteo is her writer so shilling is strong.
Eru Feb 7, 10:54 AM
What do you mean by servant restrictions?

Japanese online courses here are nonexistent.
Japanese classes are a thing but it's harder to find someone to teach you online. My webcam and laptop are trash as well.
Theory won't replace an actual casual conversation with someone who speaks the language primarily.
I'm really not sure about trying for N2 right away.
I know someone who tried to pass N3 last year and failed. That someone actually was writing down Kanji daily, it's listening that she failed at tho.
>cost to take JLPT here is like 5 times cheaper than IELTS

Harem ending is the laziest conclusion~

I don't like manga and LNs all that much so I don't have much experience with such. But technically those are longer than they should be. To postpone the butthurt for some time and end it when author kun is morally ready to take it all.
Even if I watched some LN adaptation, those are created only to promote the source material and you won't see a second season for most of them.

This one?
Heard that ending is controversial on MAL, came across actual manga pages on 4chan.

And later they will commit suicide because the world doesn't understand them or so they think!

Short infodump then. Too lazy to look up pictures.
Kadoc, angsty looking teenager. LB - Russia, servant Anastasia.
Ophelia, girl with an eyepatch. LB Norse, servant Napoleon, but later makes contract with Surtr who possessed Sigurd.
Hinako, twintail girl with glasses. LB China, servant silver haired pretty boy with mask.
Pepe, Italian Polnareff. LB India, servant ???
Kirshtaria, some dude with long blond hair. LB Atlantis, servant Caenis.
Beryl, creepy dude with glasses who is obsessed about Mashit. LB Camelot fucking once again, servant???
Daybit, too plain to describe. Looks like Beo I guess. LB South Muttland, servant???.
I just realized I should start saving for dindu nuffin.

No but all the servants are voiced, even bronze ones.

But did you watch the video? Jannu is talking with Gilles there.
If other servants appear in the scene, they get voiced, staff and Fou are voiced too. Wish DW would put more effort in sprites. Stonefaced servants standing in one pose are boring.
Now we can hear Hans seething!

Still can't get Illya here.
Event requires Fuyuki clear only I think.
So far longest scene is Hokusai's.
Abby, Okita Alter, Circe and Summer BB are close to that.
Eru Feb 6, 9:55 AM
Vise versa actually. LBs need raw power and luck.

The jump from N3 to N2 is pretty huge tho. I'm still suffering with kanji for N3, more or less recognize them but I also need to remember how to write every single one.
I still need to practice actually taking in Japanese offline or online doesn't matter. I only saw heard some Chinese outside but no nips.
Wish they didn't hang mainly on their own sites.
Parroting how animu characters speak is no good because I will sound like a chuuni weeb. Do kisama アンダスタンド desu?

Some end with harem ending! But I watched most of Macross, a series that has a love triangle in every show and all of them were concluded in one way or another.
I haven't watched much romance animu, so I decided to pick two romance titles from this season.

But the amount of edgelords got bigger now :c

It felt like smut for me lmao.
But it's said that the novel reflects society of that period and the life in the court. That higher rank lad could just go to the sleeping quarters of low rank women and no one would say anything.
Her novel is considered first psychological novel by some but I think that authors who appeared later had more influence on the modern nip literature, their psychological novels included. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke, Osamu Dazai and Natsume Souseki would be up there.
She self inserted as a loli who also was named Murasaki :^)
MC raised that loli (9 years old) as a daughter and married her.
Japanese literature older and modern has different norms from western. Fucking incest was in almost every older stuff I've read.
Actually I agree that there's a link between creativity and various types of mental illnesses.

He is the main Master of 4th chapter. Not Russian but Italian. Pepe Peperoncio doesn't sound like Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov does it?
Wait a month or so. So far all but Kadoc, Anastasia's Master have died. Chinese Master is actually a TA HS so she can be summoned to your Chaldea. I have her :^)
She doesn't like MC-kun much.
Rip Ophelia though.

Why did they voice only self insert bait of all things.
I don't complain though, it makes the scenes feel more fun to read.
And servants actually talk to you. Still can't get Illya scene from random chocolate, end this. I just want to pick a few servants who are worthy of extra space on my phone reeee.

>both Gils say Zasshu in a place where the name should've been.
What a fags.

Saber Gilles scene is fun. Even if you don't understand Japanese, the performance is top notch.
Eru Feb 5, 11:22 AM
LBs are more difficult than Solomon, waste those CS carefully.

By keeping my expectations as low as possible I save myself from disappointment and even stronger depression at the price of my stress.
Living by that motto!
I'm also going to take JLPT this year for N3 level to get that bloody sertificate. N2 if I actually force myself to study lmao.
I'm not planning to go for a Master degree right away so I need to grab any chance I could. You can apply to some jobs if you have a N3 or higher sertificate. I did my research!
Will be held right after my practice, in early December :^)

Fits a shitty romance anime with unnecessary complicated drama.
This girl is cute tho if she doesn't win me be sad :c
Though it seems like this show will drag forever like 90% of other love triangle drama shows.

Did you block the radical vegans as well? Some may be just as bad~

Yeah but it seems like MAL is becoming /pol/ likish :c
Weebs parroting edgy neckbeards are the worst.

But all the Japanese servants have Japanese clothes, Kintoki aside. Japanese game for Japanese people.
I hope she will have kimono in one of hear ascensions.
She's not a literal who for nips either! She wrote one of the first yandere, one of the first daughterwife relationship, pedarasty, MC cucking people right and left, his father and his half-brother included, raping, seducing women and put all this in the one novel! Lad becomes a monk at the end though.
It's a Japanese classic btw :^)
Taking Japanese literature class actually paid off! Now I can recognize nipponese servants in this kusoge and feel a bit smarter!
But yeah, she should've worn nip clothes.
Abe no Seimei got mentioned alot recently, LB4 is probably going to be full of nipwank.

She is an Arts Caster but no idea if she's good. Tamamo and Anastasia will get split rate-up with her on certain days.
Eru Feb 4, 8:20 AM
LB1, LB2, LB3.
About 20 chapters each.

No I don't know yet what's it going to be but I'm most likely won't be in the mood to open the game.
I'm also expecting the worst possible outcome :c

Mostly from the events and DW's compensations for fuck ups.

Domestic because girls are his teacher whom she has a crush on and a girl he slept with a few days ago, became his step-imouto and step-nee-san and now live with him in one house~ Intellectual plot.
That ANN SJW who reviewed UBW should've reviewed HF as well, what a shame.

Didn't you say that you don't use Twitter? Why would you bother blocking them, do you hate them that much lmao.

Did you forget that EXP daily exists? :^)
Red quests in the daily tab.
Also event has 100 cards in the shop. How much have you progressed or have you progressed at all?
Also you don't know my pain.

That vegan on forums didn't post since he was btfo!
The forums won't become even shittier! Though it's mostly full of shitposters or autists pushing every single agenda you can imagine.

New Valentines Servant is Murasaki Shikibu.
Weird pick, I've got an impression she hates men from reading The Tale of Genji.
But it's a love (cuck) story so I guess it fits.

Why Western clothes for Heian period author tho?