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not_sloth 4 hours ago
Yeah same, Ohya sucked. Was just wondering if anything changed to make up for how bad she was.

I heard about a few issues it was suffering from but I'm not too in the loop as I'm not looking to get one any time soon.

It's cool, worst case scenario you just have to pay 500% mark up. It's a scalper's world we're living in desu. It did look real pretty ya.

I'll be kinda annoyed since I invested in the WSE on ps4 but it's hard to imagine them missing out on it.

The banter is pretty fun and the girls are uber cute. One of the heroines even plays monster hunter. The art style looks quite unique.
stack42 Yesterday, 8:38 PM
I finished HA like I said. Hahah. Pretty great honestly. It's structure obviously made for some strange bits of pacing here and there but since the pacing is so player determined I can't blame it too much. I rather liked all it's themes in the end though and how well the structure lent to those ideas it brought up in the end with the kind of journey of Shirou Mainyu in the story. Bazett is also great and I relate to her character a lot more than I expected. I also had the thought that it's interesting how Kotomine kind of inadvertently set this chain of events in motion in every way by killing Bazett in the first place and then being Caren's father of course and a few other little things and the main conflict of HA actually accomplishes his goals posthumously. Hahah. It doesn't help him because he didn't get to see it but he did succesfully release Mainyu and Mainyu did find some purpose in his nihlistic existence in his stead which is a really neat little connection. Plus all the expeansion of other great characters is amazing, especially Caster, Rider Lancer and Illya get some great expansion. And even Rin and Sakura and Gilgamesh I came out liking even more than I did before. Overall I quite liked my time with it and thought it was great.

I've heard pretty good things about the Watchmen show but I am slighty skeptical of it's premise, I definitely plan on giving it a chance eventually but I am wary.

Yeah I was so surprised when I saw the Tsukihime thing, I wonder if it will get adapted with the renewed interest too. Ufotable already has tons of Fate and KnK under their belt so I wonder if they'd touch Tsukihime too. Speaking of Mahoyo, I heard that TL is almost finished, but not sure how much longer. I probably will play it soon after it's fully done though.

Kumagawa is amazing. Hahah. I rather like Anshin'in-san so far too, I have a thing for ridiculous meta characters like that and Nisio iis full of them. Hahah. I'm 6 novels in to Zaregoto so far. I'm holding off on starting the 7th because the fan TL group I'm following is just finishing up the 8th right now and the 7th, 8th and 9th volume are all one finale arc basically. So 've been dabbling in some other Niso series a little like Boukyaku Tantei (the forgetful detective series) and am currently reading volume one of Pretty Boy Detectiive Club since that's getting adapted next season. But yeah now I'm through HA which was the main thing I was doing I might start Subahibi in the coming days. Either that or Catherine, the Atlus game as I got that as a gift on my switch recently, it's like half VN, half puzzle game and I've heard it's good.

YeahI remember you telling me the guy who did Jinrui had a route in rewrite lol. And I knew about the Higurashi/Umineko creator too, that sounds really interesting. The premise of rewrite sounds pretty out there so I imagine you can get creative with it and go away from the typical key writing formula a bit there. It definitely piques my interest. Speaking of Key, do you know if Summer Pockets is any good, I've heard muuuch less about it than all their classic stuff.

Hidamari is defintely best watched a little slow at least, the later seasons are slightly more bingable, but the structure and relaxation of most of it lends itself to a nice calm pacing. Hope you continue to like it. It's more understated but it also has some great creative shaft visuals throughout without being intrusive.

Yeah, Kaine weirdly doesn't look as good in some parts. I wonder if thats the complete final character model or if they'll clean up the textures a bit more. It's weird because it's not like they've textured *over* the old model from all I've seen, it seems a new one, but they are a little rough. I imagine they might integrate that other ending in the story (as long as I don't have to play route B totally the same a 4th time I'm fine with that lol) from the supplemental book or whatever, even though I rather love ending D personally. But yeah, I'd love Emil and Kaine to be playable, but not counting on it much unless it's a hidden reveal.
not_sloth Yesterday, 3:24 PM
Oh rip, never mind then.

Never been a fan of driving because of the constant engagement required and creeping along in a manual car kills my legs. Also the heater packed up so I was freezing my tits off all winter. I'd much rather sit on my phone in a train despite it doubling my travel times. Also keeps you a little bit fitter.

She's alright as a little sister yeah. She was out-moe'd by Sojiro though lol. How do you feel about Ohya?
>Though it is kinda silly how every female confidant is written with the default of romance and you have to reject them lol.

Hopefully they fix all the hardware issues in that time too

You bought WS edition too? lol, guess those pin badges that are too heavy to be used as pin badges were just too appealing. You're back in Sri Lanka now? I had no problems with Automata without any fix so never understood the complaints personally. Worst case, I just open the WSE and play it on ps4. Same cast, but I think Weiss in particular felt noticeably different in what's been shown.

I'm really not far enough into it to make any substantial comments beyond art quality and cute girls lol. Sanoba witch is pretty fun but it's still moego, probably not for you. Fata Morgana has been shilled to me several times so I'll have to check it out someday. read this

not_sloth Yesterday, 2:28 PM
It unlocks at level 15 apparently.

Cars must be insured to drive on the road legally. I'm not at fault (and hopefully insurers agree) so not too worried. Mainly just a little happy to be free from driving for a while tbh

Thieves den is a Royal addition too apparently. Never really hit it off with Futaba frankly, even if she's voiced by Aoi Yuuki (iirc). I'm just not the demographic for that character I think. She was an interesting combat mechanic though. Kawakami eternal GOAT.
It's musou? fugggg. Lemme know if it's any good, not sure I can humour it without a proper thumbs up.
It's okay, just wait 3 years until the hype has died down and the games are like 60% off lol.

I pre-ordered the White Snow Edition of Replicant within minutes of it going up LMFAO of course imma play that shit. Decided to get it on PS4 as a collectible but will probably double dip for standard PC version for actual playing. Admittedly kinda sad to find out it's been redubbed, hope the "WEISS YOU DUMBASS" doesn't get compromised. Will probably play in JP for a change anyways though. It'll be an opportunity for you to play it so you can keep it on your favs legit :^)

Yeah that's fine, I'll prob give it a go sometime when I'm less occupied. I'm partway through ATRI and Sanoba Witch lol with me finishing being nowhere in sight.

Here's some last little bits since it's mostly sketches, CGs and text beyond this point. You can probably still pick it up in some places if you're interested. Might have a hefty aftermarket charge on it though.

not_sloth Yesterday, 1:09 PM
Sure. Send us over an invite code or something if you want the benefit goodies.
Yeah I'm all good, car got fucked though. Saves me the hassle of getting rid of it though I would've liked to get a couple more months out of it.

I suppose I'll see when I get around to it. Yeah the aesthetic of the dungeons was stellar. Casino area was peak with this bombing OST. It's a good thing Makoto was such a qt, made forgiving her much easier. Strikers just came to steam so might check whatever that is out. Pretty expensive though like bruh 55GBP base game. This stuff just keeps creeping up.

It would require fairly substantial reworking, yeah. Would have just been nice to see given they've done it in the past and she looked so much like female Joker.

Oh yeah of course, localization liberties are unavoidable and products will always be tinted by the translation teams. I just value prose quite highly since I'm a brainlet that struggles with non-visual media (I know visual novels are literally "visual" novels but c'mon) unless it's fairly enjoyable to read. I just don't want Scaji works to become a victim of my attention span like many other works just because I'm not enjoying the way it's presented. I might give it a go someday but I have enough backlog to keep me from being desperate atm.

Yeah, it includes the 3 game boxes with CDs and an artbook with that brown sleeve. Some stuff from the artbook below. It was still 20k yen without shipping and customs but yeah I'm happy with what I got personally. tyty

They repeat their excuses constantly but I've basically given up hope at this point. Just happy to get the JP merchandise that I can. They have some goodies here which I have on the way now.
not_sloth Yesterday, 3:21 AM
I'll give it a spin and see if it hooks then, thanks. Just had a car crash today so I don't have money to spend on it anyways lol

Cool, just make sure to skip the game's opening unless you wanna be spoiled.

OG was really fun so I'll check it out for sure then. One of the bigger improvements I would have liked was a little more variety in the dungeons since they felt like a repetitive chore at times in OG (the RNG dungeon in particular is understandably guilty of this). Glad to hear the story got a fair bit of work then. Wouldn't say I had any particular problems with it (even if it did come off as a little anti-adult and pro-rebellion at times). If I had to complain, it's about the palaces and enemies feeling like a forced obstacle to get in the way of fun SoL stuff (notably, the gang boss that Makoto had trouble with or Haru's dad for example). I felt like Makoto's arrival dumbed everything down too so she could take the credit for being the smart second in charge character (subsequently making the chemistry between her and Joker more invasive if you're aiming for someone else). Though it looks like Kasumi shadows her in that regard then. I was hoping she'd be a FEMC like in one of the Persona 3 versions personally, would make character dynamics more interesting. Satisfied we got as much content as we apparently did though.

I want to believe ;__;
I'll check them out. Feels a shame to potentially compromise an experience with Scaji's work due to botched machine TL'd prose but I'll look into it more if there's that little chance.
I took one anyways. Here's some stuff.

Can't understand anything in them but the art is nice and the OSTs are still useable. English subahibi never ever ever ;__;
Don't think I have space for even novels at this point, figures were a mistake.
stack42 Feb 22, 6:19 PM
No problem dude, I tend to disappear online due to life stuff every now and then too, pretty sure I've done it a few times since we've been talking. Hahah. I actually had a month or two of being really busy in late October myself and wasn't on MAL much those months So I totally get it. Hope everything is going well for you, I'm doing alright and staying safe.

Yeah, Illya definitely has an interesting dynamic with the other girls in this way for sure and her relationship and feelings towards Shirou and his own ideals are one of the most interesting to me. And yeah Veidt obviously has more self righteous goals for his pragmatism, but it is a similar type of pragmatic utilitarian approach to justice with the motivations removed is more what I meant.

Hahah. I couldn't believe the Tsukihime remake was just suddenly happening. Even years before I played it I heard the memes about it and now it just suddenly popped up. I really didn't expect it to happen until FGO was done with basically from all I'd seen. But I'm also really not expecting an official TL but it would be great if it did happen.

I actually almost finished HA back then but I got really busy with family stuff in late October and had a pretty hectic November and December so I honestly barely did any of my hobbies those months at all and put everything on hold I wasn't even playing video games or watching much anime at all during those months. I mostly stuck to hobbies I could do between things and was reading books and manga (I read pretty far in to Medaka Box and am almost through Zaregoto now) and fell down the Vtubers rabbithole again lol. just before Christmas I finally got some downtime again and In January I finally got back to some of the anime I had on hold and some games I was playing (played Xenoblade Chronicles in January, it was alright, long as hell though) and now this month I'm getting back to VNs and I'm actually probably going to finish HA later tonight, I'm basically at the end and only have like 8% completion left in the whole game so I'm gonna try to 100% it if it's not too tedious. In October I stopped at the overnight camping trip scene which is like the beginning of the last story arc with Caren anyway so I didn't have too much left and it was a good stopping point because I haven't forgotten anything at all really. I'm playing KT too but slower, I find it's structure a bit more tedious to work with as it's less streamlined than HA in how the scenes are managed. I'm probably going to play SubaHibi soon though actually, I have it and really want to finally get to it now that I have some free time again for another month or so at least.

Ironically I have the LB copy but it isn't a huge priority for me right now as I'm not sure I'm totally in the mood for Key's brand of drama right now, but it is something I'll definitely want to play eventually. It and Rewrite are the Key things I've been most interested in checking out for a while and both seem like my kinda thing so they will definitely get played eventually.

Hidamari Sketch is great so I'm glad you're enjoying it. And yeah watch in airing order, it's like weird from a time progression standpoint but it makes sense to watch it that way with the characterization it shows. Only the first two seasons are achronological like this too and it serves a purpose kind of. Glad you're liking it and yeah, Yuno is amazing. She's probably the "best" character in it, but I personally just love Miyako's unhinged weirdness. Hahah.

Yeah I liked the latest gameplay demo for Nier, it looks a lot better. The character models weren't the best but I hope they refine them a little bit. I'm really holding out for Kaine to be at least optionally playable from route B onwards (I also hope they kinda streamline routes C/D more if it is a 1:1 remake which I'm still unsure of) but I'm not making it an expectation, I'd just love it if it happened. Hahah.
not_sloth Feb 22, 2:21 PM
GRRM's track record suggests he is to blame.

How's Genshin? People keep shilling it but it rips so much from other games and the whole gacha thing is making me keep my distance after the whole FGO thing. I can tell the girls are hella cute but is it genuinely fun to play or just a time burner? I still need to check both of those out. With Yakuza you can either play it in release order including the older console gen games (lol long), play the remakes and remasters in numerical order (starting with 0 despite it being a prequel since it's the best and a good entry point) or just play the best games first (0 and 7) which is what I did lol (not really advised for obvious continuity problems).

I never really got a clear answer about whether the changes are worth it before but sounds like I should give it a try then. From the original game at least, I never really thought Persona 5 was strong in the story department tbh. It had a ton of charm and style though, and the cast had a nice range of tropes for me to enjoy it on a superficial level. That's why Kawakami was peak performance for me, hitting all the charm points mentioned before. Plus the game had the most engaging turn based combat I had seen until Yakuza 7.

Oh yeah I remember him announcing some stuff on twitter before. I'd love more of his stuff in English. Never knew the other full voice edition stuff got translated, guess that's finally an excuse to reread the VN (I've been waiting on my deluxe physical edition for like, what, 4 years now? What a joke). I picked up the recent Japanese anniversary edition of subahibi, which includes the original tsui no sora game and the remake. I've stocked up on a lot of merch over the years too. I'd love to share pics but it's a pain in the ass to sort out but I can assure you it's all nice stuff.
not_sloth Feb 22, 1:17 PM
Soulsborne hands were the greatest enemy in Sekiro for sure lol.

Well the game was always a little rough around the edges and logging into massacred dinosaurs never felt fun. Did you capitalize on that refund period when it came out officially? I'm pretty sure I made money on that because of how the price changed over the years. They stopped processing the refunds because everyone was exploiting it in the end iirc.
I recommend the Yakuza series and Monster Hunter World if you haven't played them yet and still have an appetite for games.

A lot of love for the Royal characters huh. I've only played the original so still need to check them out. But most of all
>maid sensei cake with sex hair
>not #1 always
throwing stones from glass houses with those earlier taste criticisms I see

Oh I totally thought he was writing it. That's a shame. Girls are cute and art is hella pretty anyways
Puni378 Feb 22, 12:45 PM
Haven't seen you in a while. Glad you're back now!
not_sloth Feb 22, 12:42 PM
The extra heal after Gyoubu made a world of difference for me with Lady Butterfly tbh. It's easy to lose in attrition when you only have 3 gourds. Still, better to be filtered by a real boss rather than something like chained ogre lol.

No love for ARK on your game list lol rip
Favourite Persona 5 girl?

Also you know of ATRI? It's written by Scaji. Didn't see it in your VNDB list
not_sloth Feb 22, 12:02 PM
not_sloth Feb 22, 11:59 AM
The only real walls I found in the game were Lady Butterfly, Tower Genichiro and DoH personally. Both the former two do an excellent job of drilling the game's mechanics and tempo into you (since it's basically a rhythm game). After clearing those two, the game was mostly about enjoying the spectacle while taking the occasional death here and there (and about 30 to DoH) so nothing really loses points for being too easy for me. Even Sekiro's weakest bosses are fairly strong for what they are, though I'd like it if screen monkeys pushed you into the puzzle a little more since I just blitzed it in my playthrough without issue. SS Isshin is without peer in terms of being an engaging fight for me. There are plenty of bosses in other games I like more in character and spectacle but he's the pinnacle of action gameplay for me so far.

I'll have a crack at it when I can summon the willpower to endure a bell demon charmless run. That will surely be fun.

>using the noob crutch
AirConditioner Feb 22, 11:37 AM
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Thy good father and kind mother art in troth disgust'd and in shame of thee.
Thy friends doth make sport of thine hideous countenance 'twixt themselves.
By thee art all of Adam's sons utterly repuls'd. Our Lord didst fortuitously permit all menfolk to divine thy fraud with wondrous accuracy.
If by trickery, thou didst 'pon occasion "pass", all gentle folk verily wouldst 'pon closer examination revile thee. By the Lord's arrangement, thy very bones betray thee.
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Joy shall likewise escape thee.
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In the end 'twill be too much to bear - thou shalt find thyself procuring firm rope, mocking the hangman's noble art, and plunging into the bitter abyss of the Divill's embrace, to spend thy days better cavorting with thine masters.
Thine father or mother shall occasion upon thine empty shell and weep, caught 'twixt heartbreak and relief that the shame thou broughtest them hast, anon, abated.
Thine headstone shall reflect thine Christian name, and hist'ry shall record thee a man.
As worms and creatures of the earth feast on thine unholy corpse, thine bones shalt betray thee again - unmistak'bly like unto Adam's.
'Tis thy fate, self-appointed. Ne'er shall thee revoke it.
not_sloth Feb 22, 11:31 AM
The second phase is great yeah. I just thought there were plenty of much better fights than it. Even Gyoubu was cooler for me since it's the only time I've fought a mounted boss in an action game and it felt so right.

I did both Ape fights first try but the second one felt unnecessary. It, the screen monkeys and DoH are my least favourite. Sword Saint, Owl Shinobi, true monk and Genichiro are my favourites. Haven't done alternative ending bosses yet.

>fuck huge AOE spam
>in a game with shitty dodges
Bloodborne bosses should stay in Bloodborne desu