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Both series have what appears to be a somewhat naive, 'head in the clouds' main character, though both have a hidden side and secrets to be revealed. The series also have a similar... Atmosphere to them, I guess you'd say. There is just something about both of them. Sends pleasant shivers down your spine. They also have a variety of viewpoints, both switching from time to time to focus on different characters and aspects of one huge puzzle; though Durarara is more complex than K, with a broader cast of characters as well.
report Recommended by quercifolia
They got the same kind of vibe, being set in a big city and mostly focused on gang shenanigans with some supernatural fun times flerfed throughout.
report Recommended by Keirik
First of all: They got the same 'vibe' I can't explain what this vibe is, but when I started watching K, DRRR!! popped up in my head immediately. Both anime show a simple, naive heroine, that's a bit odd, somehow (wow bad sentence, I'm sorry for my English). Each episode the plots gets deeper and deeper, and you'll start to see connections between the many (yeah, both have a huge cast) characters. Both of them have the same setting: A big city with different groups of people (Clans and gangs). Sometimes the artstyle and characters look a bit similiar (especially Izumo and Shizuo). Also, even though there's   read more
report Recommended by Lypse
Many different characters involved in the same story; your curiosity grows as the plot gets deeper. And, of course, you don't understand a thing at the beginning! K-project seems to be as great as Durarara!! is.
report Recommended by Nogitsune
+The atmosphere. It's like so similar. +That music... something about it... the bgm for the two series give off the same feeling. +The variety of characters. The second the characters appeared on screen of K... it immediately reminded me of Durarara. They don't even look that much alike...I guess the badass level of some (most) of them... oh right, there's also one character that looks strikingly similar to Shizuo. +It's about battles between rivaling groups, and yes, brutal murdering is totally ok. +They both have the separated confusing plots which will end up adding together and making sense. +This is extra credit for all yaoi fans: EASILY SHIPPABLE CHARACTERS
report Recommended by Clouded-Flame
Gang wars, main guy is naive but seems to know something, Set in a big city, dark undertones, similar type of light scenes too
report Recommended by ravi-ai
Colorfull dinamic drawings,having colorfull gagns and one colorless with joker id and cool acts by the leaders ( btw colorless leaders are really similar ) these are common parts. K has complicated relationship in characters in Durarara thats much deeper. Anyway if you liked K you should definetly wath Durarara.
report Recommended by oguzas
Both animes have a similar atmosphere/mood and also had many different characters living in a big city that has to do with gangs and supernatural things.
report Recommended by BiiteYouToDeath
They have basically the same plot and both anime is about gangs competing with each other.
report Recommended by KyoyaOotori
Both are slower paced anime with multiple meandering plots that attempt to come together. In my opinion, Drrrr!! does so successfully, whereas K...not so much.
report Recommended by DrHorrible123
They both have that supernatural element mixed with the 'streets', the main characters in each anime each fighting for what they believe in.
report Recommended by Anna519
The casts are both huge and the subplots are so similar. The characters also show a lot of development throughout both series.
report Recommended by donburibowl
Both these animes, feature city life, and gang wars. They are also both fast paced action animes. On a side note, in K the character Izumo, is basically a replica of Shizuo. (in the best ways possible)
report Recommended by nekoamor
Both these series have a similar structure. In every episode, they switch to the perspective of a different character, and in the end everything starts to come together and make sense. Both K and Drrr have to do with rival groups, in the case of Drrr gangs, and in K the Kings and their followers. They also give off similar vibes, both being in a big city and all the mystery throughout both animes.
report Recommended by Shikatemagirl002
Both series have a similar atmosphere and setting (both are set in a big city) and both have a large amount of characters and you get to find out about each of them, although Durarara!! has more. There are also gangs involved with both anime. If you liked one, you should definitely check out the other.
report Recommended by PTR2013
'Durarara!!' is what I first thought of when I watched 'K'. There are a few similar characters, whether it be personality wise, or appearance. A second thing, is that 'K' is about what I'd think of as gangs although in the anime they are referred to as 'clans'. Both animes had a similar feel, although 'K' had a lot more to the 'super-powers' side of it than 'Durarara!!' I would recommend 'K' as although it is short, it has an extremely well developed storyline and heart-wrenching end, and the animations are very well done. I would also recommend 'Durarara!!' as it is one of the best animes   read more
report Recommended by KuroYatagarasu
These two animes have several aspects that shared a lot -Protagonists are naive,cute and calm. -Lot of bishounen or handsome male characters. -There are many gangs and clans these scattered around cities -Eventually,It is coincidence that main seiyuus of both animes are same group (OnoDai,FukuJun,Mamorin,Sawashiro,Kaji and Nakamura).
report Recommended by santicres
This is story what bet dominion. At the same time, this is story what bet EVERYTHING. Both are ensemble cast style. No real protagonist. Celty Sturluson and Yashiro Isana are simply placement. Atmospheres are very similar. Savage and mysterious. Especially K has the seriousness. Durarara!! has so many solution of a riddle. We don't know what will happen. It is interesting. Characters also quite likable. Izaya Orihara and Mikoto Suou are part of my favorites. You'll like not only them but others. Both are similar characters formation. Mikado, Masaomi, Anri. Yashiro, Kurou, Neko. These trio are center in plot. Shizuo and Izumo also similar look and personality. Otherwise, there are each   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both deal with gangs opposing each other. Both focus on multiple storylines at the same time. Both have a large cast of characters
report Recommended by SirDooblay
Both series have many characters which are all part of different groups that tend to fight each other. Although the supernatural aspect in Durarara!! is not as big as it is in K, it is still there. In both series you get to see the story from different points of view and you get very connected to the characters, even if they did something bad.
report Recommended by XIsabellaa
- faction wars, city setting - no clear protag
report Recommended by Sorcerouss
Both have unique art styles while being amongst a city where not everything is as it seems. There is also the implication of gangs, organizations, and individuals fighting for power on their streets. The only divergence is the that K gets its plot rolling almost immediately, where else Durarara takes its time building characters and background because it's a much slower but would say better show and character study.
report Recommended by PhaatStakz
These are most supernatural mysteries that have a large cast of gangsters and both manage to add people who go to school and often times school is one of the main settings for both. Highly recommend either if you enjoyed one of them.
report Recommended by Waro9
Both are gang-related animes, Durarara is a much more complicated series but they both have elements of comedy in it.
report Recommended by annaachung
MC is similar to Durarara, both have gang stuffs and really good animation.
report Recommended by 28thAltofFurui