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Mawaru Penguindrum
Ikebukuro, mystery, Brains Base. What more do I need to say? They're great.
report Recommended by mwp
Both are masterpieces with compelling story progression styles which get you hooked into the series.
report Recommended by puvijain
There are 3 groups that center on one thing complications and misunderstandings along the story surprises and insane truths stories take place in Ikebukuro On episode 1-5 you don't know what the hell you're watching. On episode 10-13 you started to put the pieces of mystery together. On episode 15-up oops, you're addicted now. Great animes. just watch coz youre not gonna regret this.
report Recommended by izza14
- No one is as simple as they seem on the surface. - Both have some form of non-linear storytelling that forms a bigger picture. In Durarara, this is done through shifting POVs and non-chronological events. In Penguindrum, this is done extensively through flashbacks. - Both feature a range of POV characters. The story is not told by or from one single person's viewpoint. Durarara moreso. - Exploration of unusual and unconventional themes. 'Touchy topics', per se. - Both could be considered 'urban fantasy'. Both are shows that focus on daily life with a supernatural touch. - Same studio: Brain's Base. Neither show bothers properly animating its   read more
report Recommended by HexLeviosa
Most of all Mawaru Penguindrum reminded me of Durarara, because both anime deal with Young People's Modern Lifes In The City and add Interesting Fantasy Elements to it. Also both anime keeped me hooked with their nonlinear storytelling that let's you find out more and more of the background of the Lovable Characters. My last point is, that through all the Social Themes, Action and Mystery (that both anime deal with in different ways) both gave of a Cosy Felling.
report Recommended by MoshiMoshiiih
The main characters all hide a secret. Moreover the scenario is full of mysteries. The interaction between the different characters is similar: for example the main trio (Mikado, Kida, Sonohara in DRRR and Shouma, Kanba, Himari in Penguindrum) The urban environment: both series usually take place in Tokyo and especially in Ikebukuro.
report Recommended by TuyNOM
Unique character dynamics and relationships. A city full of personalities and strong themes of connection. Penguindrum family and Durarara human society. A cast full of quirky characters. Citizen being blurred out to reinforce the idea of these character being the story of this city. Crime, fantasy, and shoujo elements. Memorable soundtracks fitting each tone of the series, Durarara quirky and jazzy, Penguindrum sad and dramtic. Attractive characters designs and memorable color pallets. Interesting directing. A fun ride throughout both amazing and worth your time.
report Recommended by Theonewhorules
The story takes place in an urban environment with many characters all connected to each other. Each character is mysterious and the revelations will be given gradually. The beginning is slow but the climax is interesting for both series.
report Recommended by hulu2