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Boogiepop wa Warawanai
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Boogiepop wa Warawanai
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With both Durarara!! and Boogiepop Phantom you get a sense of the dark supernatural underside of the city, as evidenced by certain characters (Boogiepop, Celty).
report Recommended by RodG
Both shows are about some sort of urban legend and have a lot of characters. Normally it`s characters have a very small chance to meet each other, but all of them take part in a complicated and intricate story.
report Recommended by anatu
Both feature nonlinear storytelling, with events depicted multiple times, from different characters' points of view (something shown briefly, or even in the background, of one episode may be the main focus of a later episode). Both deal with urban legends and supernatural creatures, as well as scientists with ambiguous intentions/ethics. Both shows target a relatively mature, intelligent audience. While Durarara raises questions of identity and the nature of human relationships, Boogiepop is notably darker (literally and in tone) and deals heavily with issues of memory, maturity, identity, and change.
report Recommended by Mrrranda
Taking place in an urban setting, Boogiepop and Durarara!!! are non-linear stories that focus on several people's encounters with a supernatural being. The plot in both animes is told through the multiple perspectives that we are given. As the various puzzle pieces of the plot are given, the bigger picture and the mystery behind the supernatural beings unfolds.
report Recommended by Ultima_Oblivion
both are about urban legends and in both series each episode centers around different characters while the story unfolds.
report Recommended by silverwalls
Nonchronological story about intertwined lifes and events of citizens of certain town, some of those citizens equipped with various supernatural abilities and with urban legends involved. The separate stories are gradually coming together to make the main story line.
report Recommended by abystoma2