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If you are a Durarara fan you will immediately see the resemblance between the two. The story telling in Occultic Nine is non-chronological and shown from multiple points of view (as there is no 'main' character) just like in our famous Durarara, which are all it's recognizable features. The theme of a 'town which has a normal and an abnormal side' is present with the only difference that Durarara is kind of making fun of it, while Occultic Nine is pretty serious. They are set in the same time; the time that is very influenced by television and internet and especially by one blog (in   read more
report Recommended by Shimai_ni
- Fast paced story - Modern lingo, plenty of net-slang - Set in bustling cities - Large cast with lots of young people - Supernatural elements - Similar OST - Very busy storyline with multiple intersections They're both great shows story-wise, and I would have given them the same rating (albeit for slightly different reasons) had I not found the the massive jigging breasticles in O;N to be really puking off-putting.
report Recommended by Lemon
These shows have quite eccentric cast where all of the characters are distinct, both in appearance and personality. Characters are connected by supernatural events and there is always mystery in these shows. Social media plays somewhat large role in both shows.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
They have similar narrative style: a large number of characters; mystery and supermatural elements; unique art&music style. The scripts of both series are adapted from light novels, written by Takagi Noboru.
report Recommended by lee960707
- Non-chronological and unconventional storytelling, featuring supernatural phenomena and inhuman strength. - Shows love to demonstrate the wider effect each event has -- demonstrated by both having large casts where everyone seems to know each other within five other characters. - A large otaku culture permeates the crowd, resulting in weirdos, one show having more than the other. - However, where Occult is sinister, Durarara is kept light-hearted.
report Recommended by ShakaLakaBoom
The way characters are made, with a touch a of madness, so mad taht it becomes very funny but not ridiculous. Even the story is kind of crazy, that's why if you like Occultic;nine, I recommend Durarara!! TV
report Recommended by Jibootty
Both have a large cast of characters Both involve supernatural, one focusing on it more than the other
report Recommended by IzaEpsil
Kiri Kiri Basara = Dollars -Pretty much similar as they blog some weird rumors happening in the city lately..
report Recommended by HikiNEET021