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Supernatural abilities and a bunch of equally important characters who are more connected than it seems at first glance.
report Recommended by Inevitabilis
Consisting of a group of characters with supernatural abilities, both Durarara!! and Mekakucity Actors has the ingredients of similarities. Beyond that, there are mysteries relating to the origins of both series involving the stories. Expect decent comedy with humor and gags. Both series are also crafted with a story that intertwines the characters lives that ties into the city they reside in. I recommend both series for anyone looking for a supernatural phenomenon curtsey of strange occurrences.
report Recommended by Stark700
>The same dark, weird and even creepy atmosphere >supernatural mysteric powers >a big group of main characters >the story line is described throughout the show out of the point of views of the different main characters which makes it understandable in the end
report Recommended by KuroyukiH
Same feel with a group of people bunching up together trying to solve a city's mysteries. The narration scrambles up chronological order. Some later events are shown in the earlier episodes and viewers can only make sense of it in later episodes.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Like Durarara!!, Mekakucity Actors is about what one could call "urban heroes"; a group of seemingly random, but fascinating characters. All these characters seem to have in common is the city they live in, but their lives intertwine in many ways! What drives these characters? What is their history? What can they DO? These people walk around the city unnoticed or very much noticed. They are local legends or idols, or no one knows who they are. Expect plot twists and surprising turns of events, because you never know what will happen next!
report Recommended by Maplestrip
You feel the same vibe with the two shows. Also, they both have multiple main/supporting characters and in each episode, the perspectives change. At first, you also get confused but in the end, everything will come together.
report Recommended by Blumenkranzzz
>Telling the stories from some characters PoV >Red Eyes >Using Mythology >First half confusing as hell, and then the second half is amazing as hell.
report Recommended by LoLyeah
-They both start out really complicated -Both focus on several main characters and they meet somehow along the story -There is something unique with each one
report Recommended by boolprop
Both are quite complicated first - situation from 1st episode is being explained in the 3rd and Kano is similar to Kida.
report Recommended by Kyo-ko
Cool charakters, and sometime a little hard to get
report Recommended by Nobodieheartless
Both have mysterious characters with deep stories that are slowly reviled throughout the show. Both are sort of an coming of age story.
report Recommended by ShrimpAnimation