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Both are set in cities where much more is going on than an average citizen is aware of. The focus is not on a single MC but on a cast of unusual and cool characters. We see pretty ordinary protagonists(?) shoved in insane action and watch them learn and grow. Violence is treated nonchalantly, often to comedic effect. The storytelling is also similar, with an episodic feel but getting to a plot underneath.
report Recommended by Coldblade
Similarities: - Jazzy music and feel - Large and complex cities - Supernatural beings live in the cities - Large cast of interesting characters - The main character seems useless at first but is actually a badass How they are different: - Beings in Kekkai Sensen are more supernatural/abnormal - Durarara starts slower and the charaters do not intersect till later in the series
report Recommended by delaneysloane
The themes in this anime are so similar. Also it's a fun series to watch. You would expect Kekkai Sensen to be an anime of a serious plot but it really isn't!
report Recommended by Reiusa
Both follow a young protagonist who moves into a new city and finds himself in all kinds of strange situation. Both shows have a similar vibe: they focus on a large cast of unique characters, have a lot of wacky action and supernatural creatures, have a similar type of humor, as well as similar jazz soundtracks.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both have a similar atmosphere, like large crowded cities with secret gangs plus monsters and supernatural entities and stuff. Also both are goofy except for a few plot important moments.
report Recommended by fizzytastic
similarities: -jazzy OST -famous cities swarmed with gangs and mysterious people with supernatural abilities -organizations full of wacky characters -overall funky and lighthearted feel with a darker tone, occasional dark and intense moments -both MCs start out shy and powerless but grow over time differences: -Libra in Kekkai Sensen is a small detective organization, while Dollars in Durarara!! is a gang with hundreds of anonymous members -everyone in Libra is a detective, whereas in Dollars there are all kinds of people, good and evil -in Ikebukuro (DRRR!!) supernatural beings/powers are rare, whereas in...for simplicity's sake let's say New York (Kekkai) there are abnormalities around every corner
report Recommended by ShadowMonkey
As souls reminds me very much an intricate story that is "Durarara !!" or "Baccano!" But amplifying the supernatural elements, with many characters who fight each other for control of the city. Each has a special power, but, even more, each has its own character, able to give weight to the series. Among these they are without a doubt Klaus, the head of Libra, White, the girl he falls in love Leonardo, and finally Black, twin brother of the girl just mentioned. As for the other members of the gang, they take their place in the show and try to follow at best the hectic   read more
report Recommended by PillowyIITA
Strong focus on characters. The city acts as its own character.
report Recommended by Shaundu
This series also features eccentric characters whose lives coincide when you least expect them to. The protagonist of both series takes the apparent role of the observer/outsider to the general craziness at first, and are both somewhat embody the "only sane by comparison" trope. There's a particular focus on the development of the characters' individual plotlines, and side characters can be elevated to star status at a moment's notice via impeccable character writing.
report Recommended by Crossark
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