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Both of these Anime are done in simular styles as each other and they start off being told from the same persepective, the point of view of the male character. There is a mystery element to both and the characters in both series have their own qwirks.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both centre around the darker aspects of life in urban Tokyo and the mysteries its streets hold. Similarly, both start off seeming fairly straightforward but get increasingly involved and reveal an ever-increasing amount of shocking and intriguing backstory that puts characters and events in a new light each time. Durarara may not have KamiMemo's more organized and concise sequential arc structure, but otherwise the setting, ambiance, and general vibe of each is quite similar.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
They have the same urban feel and gangster kids who investigate mysteries.
report Recommended by insoo
*This is a three way reccomendation, as this (likely threw coincidence) has taken popular elements out of Durarara and Deathnote, added a few common cliche character types and tried to turn it into something new* *Kamisama almost meets Durarara!! and Deathnote in the middle; whether or not it is of equal or even half good quailty is still yet to be seen* Kamisama' and Durarara: - New highschool boy with a passive and pleasant personality - Intellect matching physical power in times of need - A city where crime appears ripe and the out-of-the-ordinary is witnesed - Unusual females we're bound to learn more about later - Technology is a way   read more
report Recommended by Queen_Stars
A high school boy who just moved into the big city is pulled into a group of odd people. Mysteries/conflicts happen throughout each series and these groups of people seek to solve/fix them.
report Recommended by arigajoe
The two have the same feeling and background to it. The setting is the city in both. The male lead are very similar, plain, and are very blunt when they speak their minds. Daisuke Ono voices a character in both that are pretty alike. They're both pretty awesome~
report Recommended by tokyochibi
Well both stories are told in a similar narrative style cept for drrr being told from the perspective of many of the characters while kami sama is only told from the point of view of Narumi, and Both shows are really the stories how people are spending their lives added with a good amount of story
report Recommended by ShadowXBC
Kamisama no Memochu is basically Durarara!! meets Gosick and Veronica Mars. Both series have a modern Neo-Noir feel into it and both have Daisuke Ono as a violent man.
report Recommended by Taufiq91
Kamisama no memochou reminds me of durarara!! at the first episode =) Narumi is just like Mikado, they both moved into a city, meet a lot of people (with their own unique character), and so the story begin(?).
report Recommended by vanleyv
Both of these anime give off the same type of vibe. It's about bad events which are occurring in the city of Tokyo and are brought to attention to the protagonist and companions. They both have a comedic sense to it while still holding the serious genre. I believe if you enjoyed this, Durarara!! would be a good anime to watch next.
report Recommended by ClockTimes
These are similar because there is a variety of different characters who you get to know though out the series. Kamisama no Memochou can also relate to DRRR!! because it is set in a city-like atmosphere where their are gangs and underground drugs. In Kamisama, you also follow an average boy who is just getting used to city life.
report Recommended by pardonmyjapanese
Tangled relations between characters, action takes place at local territories, gang's themes.
report Recommended by nikita_orenji
Although there are many differences there are a few similarities as well. Both stories involve a normal high school boy who just moved in to the city and gets involved with a strange group of friends. It also has gangs involved in the story and a character who is omniscient(Alice/Izaya). Durarara has some elements that can be classified as mythical/fantasy while Kamisama no memochou is more realistic and deals with more mature issues but they both set a similar mood.
report Recommended by NoctAeterna
Like Durarara, a group of people are fixing problems and such in their everyday life. The storyline's seem to connect, and the character's are similar. Even though Kamisama no Memochou isn't as good as Durarara, it is still worth watching.
report Recommended by Dignity