Higashi no Eden, Durarara!! Recommendations

Higashi no Eden
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Higashi no Eden
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It's detective and full of adventures. You can find many similar things.
report Recommended by NARKOZ
Both series can be called city fantasy. Both have unique sincere characters that capture your attention up to the last episode. Both offer complex though super interesting plot and a lots of mysteris. Both combine action, thriller, slice of life, comedy and romance. Both are really worth watching!
report Recommended by Nikkicat
The athmosphere is very alike and crowd of NEETs from Higashi reminds Dollars from Durara.
report Recommended by Arleyn
Conspiracy anime, full of twists and turns
report Recommended by ProTimeWaster
same lighthearted tone and flippancy with reality
report Recommended by ran88dom99
Both are psychological/action anime about the influence of social networks and how they form communities amongst, and bonds between, people that don't know each other in real life.
report Recommended by Lazhward
Quite similar graphics and atmosphere, a bunch of kids forming a sort of online community thinking to create their own type of new/better world.With a decent amount of supernatural stuff happening, mysteries are yet to be revealed
report Recommended by Morridine
Both series leaves you guessing at some point and has the same atmosphere. Both have some genre in common and the art is similar. Both are influenced by social networks with a twisted plot.
report Recommended by geomeo
Eden of the East and Durarara!! are two surprisingly similar series; their plots could not be more contrasting, with DRRR!! focusing on the underground and Eden on nation-wide matters, yet they have an incredibly similar feel despite DRRR!!'s faster pace, and technology such as mobile phones being heavy elements of their plot only strengthens the similarity. If you enjoyed one story of mystery and intrigue, you're bound to enjoy the other!
report Recommended by PTR2013
The plot is not clear since the beginning and it'll eventually evolve in something more complex.
report Recommended by Smn42