Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

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Synonyms: Re: Life in a different world from zero, Re:Zero, ReZero
Japanese: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活
English: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-
German: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-
Spanish: Re:Zero -Empezar de cero en un mundo diferente-
French: Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-
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Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2016 to Sep 19, 2016
Premiered: Spring 2016
Broadcast: Mondays at 01:05 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: White Fox
Source: Light novel
Genres: DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, SuspenseSuspense
Themes: IsekaiIsekai, PsychologicalPsychological, Time TravelTime Travel
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.231 (scored by 13683621,368,362 users)
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Ranked: #3092
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Popularity: #25
Members: 2,125,509
Favorites: 65,746

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Beginning with the obvious, both Re:Zero and Steins;Gate were animated by the same studio, White Fox and both main protagonists have time traveling related abilities. Now for the juicy stuff, both Okabe and Subaru are quite different from the usual anime protagonist and aren't meant to be self-inserts for viewers. They both must overcome obstacles to save the ones they love and both feature thrilling story lines and engaging characters that break the mold of most anime tropes like Tsunderes (with Steins;Gate's Kurisu) and Moé characters (Re:Zero's Rem). The authors want you to see the MCs go through very difficult (and sometimes gory) hardships in order  read more 
report Recommended by Kyouma-D-Luffy
Imagine a world where fate demands to be corrected and it is willing to go through an endless binding cycle to achieve that purpose. The curse of time travel being portrayed at its best where the ones involved either witness gruesome deaths or experience it themselves. Happy endings are hard to come by but the future remains uncertain, it is up to the individual to decide the closure they deserve. ‘Boku dake ga Inai Machi’ showcases a game of cat and mouse that has seen it being dragged on for over 10 years in which all the tragedies that unfolded before us are planned by one  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Re:Zero and KonoSuba take the same 'NEET transported to a medieval-fantasy' premise and go in differing directions... yet still somehow end up with their respective leads in mental anguish of varying extremes due to harem-related woe. Re:Zero has its lead die over and over and over and over and over again trying to save the girls he encounters in his new world. KonoSuba also has its lead die from time to time... due to his moronic (yet lovable) band of misfit female party members that make him want to punch himself/them in the face. One is a drama. The other is a comedy. But both  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both shows have the main protagonist looping and time travelling by dying as well as trying out different choices to prevent things from happening in the new timeline, the only difference being as far as I know is the way their checkpoints or save points work when they loop.  
report Recommended by KingofEmperors
They are both isekais with good for nothing main characters that goes through conflict after conflict after conflict after.... in order to get things done.  
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
No good loser who diverts the comunity by the percieved level of his likeableness gets iseka'd, surrounded by mostly girl cast, but also has to survive some life-threatening effect as his transportation into other world is linked to the concept of death in some way. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
the stories are completly different but the way how the plot change and they repeat the same thing over and over again reminded me of Higurashi! also both anime have female tsundere/crazy characters! and a guy involved with them xD 
report Recommended by lady-leen
Both of the main characters have the ability to go back and change the past in order to save their beloved person. They keep going through endless loops to gain the destiny they desire. Both very emotional and the MC goes through lots of changes in terms of maturity/character development  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
If you just glance at the images of both, you have no idea what you're going to get out of each anime. They're actually pretty similar because they both have major and unexpected plot twists, both look happy at first glance but aren't, both have very dark themes, and both have supernatural elements. I think this is a pretty good recommendation because the unexpectedly dark style of the two anime can really get to you emotionally. If you like the dark emotional elements in one you will probably like the other.  
report Recommended by 3xTripple
Fantasy world with fighting with themes of what its like when a real person is thrown into what feels like a game. After SAO I looked for other anime which felt similar Re:Zero was very satisfying. 
report Recommended by glue493
Re:Zero and Akame ga Kill are similar in regards to the fact that both of them initially appear to be a light comedy action story, but they both end up sharing much of the same themes later throughout the series. Both involve the main character enduring many hardships, including death, forcing them to maintain a strong mentality which will continue to push them forward towards their final goal. They both share episodes of despair which will hit you right in the feels, they both have some comedy relief throughout the series, and both main characters experience romantic feelings (which I personally enjoyed most). I regard  read more 
report Recommended by Nymphetamine2791
Paladin. Re:Zero and Vivy's Song have something in common that I believe is really effective, and that is their means to push forward some hopeless situation that one must prevail through anyway. Re:Zero does this with Subaru in a new world, taking on his volunteer mission of being the knight to his newly found damsel, though not in distress. The same is true with VIvy, although she is on a mission to save the entire world rather than a singularity. In some sense, the two do have the means to show that actually, the world they situate in is in their control bringing forward more "hero"  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
While the plots are very different, and the genres of the Anime as well, I found very similar the two MCs (Shinj and Subaru). Both go under stress, anxiety and dangerous moment in which they will risk their lives. Both MCs experience mental breakdowns throughout the show because of "someone forcing" them to do something. There are many deaths. 
report Recommended by Xenocrisi
Where re: zero subvereted the isekai genre through horror and mystery, No Game No Life subverts it through solid writing, great characters, and some actually great action set pieces that are both visually marvelous and narratively appealing. If you are a fan of Re: Zero because of its characterization and subversion of the genre than you'll likely enjoy this as well.  
report Recommended by nikiyasha
Same scenario but flipped. Normal person is sent to fantasy world. Conflict drama and a varying amount of true seriousness with humor. 
report Recommended by dkool
These series both explore supernatural psychological themes in a way that captivate their audience. While Re:Zero is focused on a style that combines fantasy, comedy, and dark events (meant for a less mature audience), Shinsekai Yori is a more realistic version of a psychological anime portayed in a rather serious way (meant for a more mature audience). The dark themes in common to both are interesting to watch so you will probably like the other. Both are masterpieces, but for different audiences. 
report Recommended by 3xTripple
Protagonist suffers through time loops as they try change the outcome to save their close ones, as this attempt more often ends in violent and gruesome end to not just their lives as a new loop starts. If you enjoy this concept, give these a try. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
In both the shows only the protagonist remembers the past events after time travelling. Both the shows show the protagonist get traumatised due to too much time travel.  
report Recommended by SouryaTushar
Both are relatively mellow variations on the "trapped in a fantasy game" genre. Focus is less on action/plot and more on emotional and personal relationships between characters. Both shows are unapologetic about their approach. The central themes that revolve around each show is hammered in with every episode, and results can be brutal, grueling and overwhelming in both cases. Story wise, both shows feature protagonist(s) who are pulled into a brand new world without consent or ability to escape. Both main protagonists start out very weak, and have to accept very lowly roles first. As each series progresses, both male protagonists get braver, stronger, and  read more 
report Recommended by Mac97
Same fantasy setting and atmosphere (though Re:Zero is much darker), except that the protagonist isn't being sent from the real world. 
report Recommended by Markdoka
Protagonist is constantly looping through time trying to get the best possible result. This time loop is triggered by their death. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
What makes us want to live and what makes us so scared of dying? But if you could not die, what than? Would your views chance, would you still be scared of your own death, or would you face it again and again until you find the life you can be happy in. Both of these psichological thrillers deal with these question in verry different situations and if you like the story of on you will surely like the other 
report Recommended by Tiame
The titles sound similar but the meaning are different. Both set in fantasy world where witches exist (although in Re:Zero, the witches didn't show themselves, but the rumour about them spread all over the town). In both anime, most of people hate the witches/consider them as enemy. 
report Recommended by renzospark
Both have a theme centered around death involving murder and mystery both have suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat 
report Recommended by Demonic_Nemesis
Quite similar world and atmosphere. Bunch of online gamers are trapped into fantasy MMORPG, cooperating with local "NPCs" (but without "reload" abilities). Dark powers, magic, princesses, politics, intrigues, etc. everything is included )) 
report Recommended by nick_el_son
Both are Isekai anime. If you like this kind of stories, you will like both. Although re-zero has an slower start, and Tensei Slime has a really quick start, both are really good anime.  
report Recommended by hobbito
Both anime have a similar vibe. The world that they have isekai'd into has a greater mystery to it and larger forces at play. And the antagonists have strong and gripping (and sometimes quirky) character. 
report Recommended by Airyaxe
- Both MC is unlikeable at START. - Both Shows getting better every SEASON. - Both Shows is very MYSTERIOUS. - Both Shows focusing on World Building & Lore. - Both Shows have very DARK Moments. - Both Shows have amazing soundtracks. - Both Shows characters have realistic reactions. If you like how AoT solve mysteries and building up story to advance, you will like Re:Zero too. 
report Recommended by Okeanix
Reconstruct. Re:Zero and Healer have this same start-up with a young guy who has high hopes about the new life they are situated in, but then goes completely sideways with the experience they receive first hand. Then going back in time to change what the future beholds of them, ultimately going on a path to consistently bend everything to their will for the sake of their desires. Healer is on a lunatic level relatively, as Keyaruga does nothing but morally broken actions in the name of his revenge. Re:Zero is calmer but still somewhat deadly with Subaru on an insane path as this hero for his  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both these shows contain a main character that comes from a modern world and are thrown into a fantasy world with magic, elves, knights, etc. They are light hearted and serious when it comes to their friends and ones they care about. The plots can also be tied to each other. Our "modern" MCs are the hero that can change and disrupt the life of a fantasy world as they learn more of their surroundings and how to adept to the new world around them. 
report Recommended by doroark76
Both involve the Fantasy genre where there are magical creatures and such, also both have one striking similarity and that is both main characters want to become stronger for the sake of a girl that they have a crush on. Another thing is that they are both RPG type of series, so there are some jokes such as status, rank, skill and what not. 
report Recommended by FHQ
Redo. Aside from Re:Zero and ReLife having "Re" in their title. They both have an MC who wishes to redo the past and make one a desirable one in order to proceed towards a future full of benefits for them. Re:Zero does this with Subaru and a large magnitude of deaths on his side, in comparison to a softer one timely move for Kaizaki in high school. Both are good anime with Re:Zero being a dark psychological isekai. ReLife being a nice little rom-com to enjoy. Both featuring time travel too.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both deal with redoing time to achieve better outcomes. Sakurada Reset is more philosophical and Re:Zero is often much more light hearted.  
report Recommended by Jade_Hawk
Subaru and Kanie are both outsiders coming to a new unknown world and because of that knowledge they help their queen rebuild their land. 
report Recommended by DaxtotheMax
Dark and epic with great characters. 
report Recommended by Arkrayven
Both mc's suddenly need to live in another world with new races and magic. 
report Recommended by Jannis-kun
Well if u liked the characters in re:zero you are sure to like this anime. Also art work and fights are pretty similar. 
report Recommended by iam_pr19
blood and gore in both but no fanservice in re-zero , on other hand more fighting from hero villain Betelgeuse also has a power similar to vectors. 
report Recommended by styens
I'm pretty sure that you know what I'm talking about if you watched mirrai nikki, and or RE:Zero up until episode 8. Don't get hyped, they are grate anime that especially RE:Zero, will make some fans rage. 
report Recommended by 7Raen7
The animes are similar in the way that both mc's have the ability to go back in time multiple times to achieve a favorable outcome. Re: Zero has its lead reverting back to a checkpoint in his life when he dies, while the lead in Kono Yo No Hate has an ancient device that allows him to save a checkpoint in time and travel back to it if he chooses to.  
report Recommended by _Based_
If you want a series which focuses on the fault of the main characters and the ways they overcome them, Re:Zero is the one for you. Both the main characters have a cool superpower which also serves to break the character. They both experience the consequences of their powers at one point or another. Not to mention the fact that due to this power, both of them become haughty and acquire a god-like complex. Both Lelouch and Subaru are skilled in their own ways. Their adventures are well made and you get to see their decisions at each and every place. Re:Zero is quite dark, but  read more 
report Recommended by JeremiahOrange
Both MC can go back in time if they are dead meaning it will restart again 
report Recommended by Anime-Prod
At first look they both have a cute and warm feeling and then they suddenly punch you in the face with cruelty. Still both are amazingly built stories. If you have strong stomach I highly recommend both. 
report Recommended by KissDorka
Both are Isekai that get sent into a fantasy Video game-like worlds and settings. Both have to play by their rules and in terms of premise, both go through a different route on how they handle their struggles given the "role" that they inherit.  
report Recommended by Alufei
Not exactly going to the past, more like repeating days because of..... I can't say it because it's a spoiler. Still a show where the mc has to try again and again until he find the correct solution, meanwhile repeating the same day. 
report Recommended by Kqnashi
Punch Line and Re:Zero feature a protagonist that goes back in time upon death, both also feature 4-5 female characters that the protagonist must save/protect. 
report Recommended by GroovyLoopy
In both, the male lead enters into a new world which involves with a different form of language, magic, maids and a harem. Also both the female leads are cute, pretty, and have the ability to use magic to defeat the enemies. 
report Recommended by onlybyjan
The main thing in common between those two anime is the fact that the main character goes to a fantasy world where he gains an incredible power. Re:Zero is more psychological and Zero no Tsukaima is more of a harem, romance but both of them have good action. You may find it annoying that those main characters don't try to go back to their main world, but in the end both series are a lot of fun. 
report Recommended by JokerDBlue
Same director and same character designer, for those like me who enjoyed the art part of the anime. 
report Recommended by thewiru
Positive cheerful protagonist thrust into a new world only to have his spirit absolutely crushed. Both involve the main character being disillusioned to the horrors of the world around them and thrust into despair.  
report Recommended by Danish
Both anime are very gritty and gory with great world building,and considered as gore torture porn 
report Recommended by Hatreddd
-Both came back to past -Both want to live there love person -Both romance 
report Recommended by catjanetiger10
both have thrilling and disturbing scenes both world has a dangerous nature both anime had a lot of pressure when it comes to trouble or misfortune 
report Recommended by Hatreddd
both contain a impressive amount of suffering and death, they're also both set in a medieval fantasy world. 
report Recommended by LegendOfSonic
These series both present grimly realistic analyses of NEET/otaku protagonists and their adaptation to a life beyond their capability. They are driven by both protagonists' compelling journeys, from being set in their delusions, to being painfully awoken to their limitations and their struggle to overcome them. 
report Recommended by Zawren
In both main character are teleported to another world 
report Recommended by Shubham_81998
Storywise re-zero is better than Takt Op but Takt op is not that bad. I recommend you should watch re-zero if you like this anime 
report Recommended by RapidCream
Main character tries to come to terms with being thrust into a new world (for TG, Keneki has to get used to living as a ghoul in Tokyo, in Re:zero, Subaru has to come to terms with being teleported to a whole new world and having to figure out how to work with trying to save people through dying multiple times) 
report Recommended by Rapturebird
Both anime share the same art style, aside that both are isekai. I just started to notice that some anime shares this same style as with Full Dive. just in case have interests in tracing animes sharing the same art style. 
report Recommended by gakuendo
When the topic of best isekai comes up, these 2 shows enter the conversation. The differences = Re: Zero is less sexualized, but way more violent (blood and guts.) Both main characters suffer from an inferiority complex that they need to over come as well. 
report Recommended by CautiousShadow
Both are dark animes that focus on characters who die and are sent to a place where they must relive their death in order to move on. In Death Parade, the protagonist is an arbiter who decides whether people go to heaven or hell, while in Re:Zero, the protagonist dies but ends up being sent back in time with the power to remember everything from his past life. While both have similar concepts, Death Parade is more lighthearted, whereas Re:Zero takes a more serious approach. 
report Recommended by adzetto
Time travel related - Orange is short (13 episodes) and the story takes place in high school.  
report Recommended by buchyy
Yojouhan Shinwa Takei shares the theme of having a main character re-do scenarios and situations in an attempt to change the future for the better. 
report Recommended by Trope_65
Protagonist being mage has tough time in fantasy world he isnt all powerfull. Main characters sometimes have to hide, sometime they have to battle or seek help from other characters. Pace changes as story progresess (story builds up). Lots of interesting magical effects and creatures. 
report Recommended by Kareblis
In both anime, the main characters rely on the powers of other people but somehow protect what needs to be protected. 
report Recommended by NekoZamurai
- the main character (male) is surrounded by female friends, but it isn't a harem - the main character is attracted to the main girl who holds a high status position (actress/model, candidate for royal selection) - the main character harnesses a form of time travel to rescue the main girl - both animes have a side girl in love with the main character. the side girls in both animes have similar personalities and are voiced by the same person. 
report Recommended by holdenk
Both the protagonist is sent to another world; Both the protagonist suffers a lot; Both the protagonist has some kind of power. 
report Recommended by Joao_Jacques
Both series are set in fantasy isekai. Politics and intrique play a big part as well as unexpected twists. RE:Zero is way more dramatic though. 
report Recommended by blackhaulmike
The general tone and mood of both anime are magical and circumstantially adventurous, yet at the same time delivering a fantastical vibe. The main antagonists of both anime are similar since they are the potential driving force of the main story which is slowly recognized by our protagonists as they journey throughout their stories. 
report Recommended by 4shivv
The characters never break character in either series, it always feels real and serious throughout. Re:Zero takes place in a fantasy world but it has a high sense of believability and realism, the way AOT does. The MC is an extremely cool character instead your typical "normal dude". The show has very real, dark, impactful violence and emotion.  
report Recommended by ethan_ev
What connects Takumi Fujiwara to Subaru Natsuki? Wandering life in search of purpose, of course. Subaru hates himself for being a lonely shut-in that doesn't know what to do with the time he has left, while Takumi deplores having to drive tofu deliveries for his old man. That is, until one day, fate gives them their greatest gift, and possibly... their greatest curse. Subaru is literally brought into another fantasy world, whereas Takumi is brought into the more metaphorical racing world of Mount Akina. In these worlds, they find their purpose and their true convictions. For Subaru, it's nothing more than saving Emilia no matter how  read more 
report Recommended by SAT0rii
If you like the frustrating feeling of seeing the main character die multiple times in gruesome ways and having to start all over again, then this is especially for you. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
If you appreciated the attention to detail in rich world-building, and how much depth was put into even minor characters in one of these series, I think you'll find something to enjoy in the other series as well. 
report Recommended by JoeKr10
protagonists different from the standard, who have limited power with and risks using and who depend on their intelligence, it is the world that does not envolve around them and the promise to make a difference heroes and that has the promise is made right away, is a beautiful passage of torch of a character that appears not so long as on the screen (all might x all for one - the whale fight) and transform '' defects '' (different) into qualities. protagonistas diferentes do padrão, que tem poderes limitados e arriscados de usar e que tem que depender da suas inteligencias, é o mundo  read more 
report Recommended by AfonsoHenrique96
Honestly, I just wanted to point out the character dialogue. It has a natural tone to you so much so you'd think these were people out of reality, and rightly so. The level of attention to sincere conversations and dialogue is more than enough to have a recommendation between the two. Watch Re:Zero for psychological repetition to the point of an empty shell people can become. Watch Odd Taxi for a really interesting network of a puzzle.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The characters are overall the same and I love the characters. Not generic and very hard to crack down. The dialogue between the characters in both shows are amazing. 
report Recommended by yungawkward
Both these series explore heavy themes surrounding death and how immortal main characters can comprehend seeing their supporting characters die. They also face insurmountable odds against threats mere humans cannot accomplish without the help of their abilities to remain immortal. Each new challenge and person they meet leads to growth and change in their personalities as they learn more about the people in their world. They're technically also both Isekai'd into their respective supernatural worlds along with their supernatural abilities. In Re Zero the main character comes from Earth while in Fumetsu the being is from some higher order realm (Gods?). The only difference between these  read more 
report Recommended by BluFrost8888
-Both are set in a fantasy world -Both have lots of killing involved -Both are made by White Fox Re:Zero has a better story in my opinion. Both are enjoyable to watch 
report Recommended by ItzElite
Both take place in a video game world That's really it  
report Recommended by Earniebert
1. Same on the background story place, Re Zero : Transfer to another world ( Where magic and adventurer appear ) Konosuba : Same 2. The both main char have the habit to joke and make fun 3. The both main char have no money at all ( Meaning : not a royal family or born from nobility ) so the main char have to survive without ''money'' But the main diffrence is that, 1. Re Zero has more darker story ( like horror ) then Konosuba 2. Re Zero entertain the viewers by showing its mystery,  read more 
report Recommended by ZenNF
This is probably a weird recommendation, but I do think if you really like the characters of Rent-A-Girlfriend, you'd probably find something similar in Re:Zero. Both Kazuya and Subaru are complete simps at the start of the series. They're made to be pathetic, annoying, helpless, and they both reflect a lot of boys around that age. If you like Kazuya because you can tell he's not a bad guy deep down and are cheering for him to get better, I think you can find something really similar with Subaru. Alternatively, maybe you like Rent-A-Girlfriend because of its plethora of cute girls. And Re:Zero definitely has a  read more 
report Recommended by Djangor
Although these anime are different as a genre, one is about fantasy world, another is about XX century world. HOWEVER! Both have same concept idea, and that MC was sent to another world via time travel by someone who is superior (P.S. this isn't a spoiler as long as you watch 1st episode of both). It is interesting to mention that even opening of Youjo Senki is also very similar to Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Issekai one. 
report Recommended by Imiran
The male MCs of these series are extremely similar in both their personalities and their personal growth over their outlooks on life. Subaru and Juugo each find themselves caught up in various and oftentimes dangerous adventures that are tied to the females and new friends they meet along their journeys. While the stories are different, the determination to reach their goals with optimism and a good natured attitude are the same in each series. The MCs are also a lot more serious than they let on and work hard to hide this from others. 
report Recommended by callie661
Both anime have "light-hearted and comedic moments" which mask the 'real' dark story. The difference is that Re:Zero is a fantasy thriller with some time-travelling elements, while Kotoura is slightly-romantic school comedy-drama with ESPer elements. 
report Recommended by Markdoka
- Both MC have fun and brave personality, but are hiding pain and sorrow caused by their 'curse' behind that. - Similar types of comedy and adventures - Have a lot of casts - Both MC are summoned by an unknown being in the start of both series - Both are set in fantasy world - Both stories contain different noble factions in it. (Candidates of king in Re : Zero and House of Baskerville, Vessalius, etc. in Pandora Hearts.) - Both MC experience some kind of time leap 
report Recommended by toumei_
- Weak, misogynistic protagonists with hero complexes. - Everyone inexplicably loves and accepts the protagonist so the plot can move forward despite all his contextually unacceptable behaviour, which range from actively disgusting to unpleasant. - Faux-medieval setting. - Protagonist suffers many life-threatening injuries but never dies for real. - Battle between factions to obtain sovereignty/legendary item. - Factions consist of one leader and one subordinate at its core. - Lots of blood. Despite my personal ire for both shows, I do think fans of one will probably enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Lemon
A mixture of corful characters and dangerous mystery exhibit the best aspects of both series. Both are also set in a world of swords of magic, but many characters rely on brains and planning of brawn and straight fights. Re:zero possess a wider cast and more plot threads, where Rokka no Yuusha is more focused more on mysteries and intense action. 
report Recommended by Calcature
-Both MC was transported to another world -Both MC are not over powered -Both MC have ambition to support their love to reach their ambition 
report Recommended by Crocospect22
Both are Isekais that sticks out from many other shows. The storytelling takes our focus away from the MCs and focuses more on the worldbuilding. The authors have both spent time creating their own magical system, culture, politics and concepts as well as well-developed main characters. Also, the stories are polar opposite with Will being a paladin and have blessings from a god while Subaru is cursed with "Return by death" by a witch. 
report Recommended by SummerADDE
Both of them contain time traveling where a certain character tries to save another person. While Re:Zero is a fantasy anime, Ushinawareta has the action set in a normal highschool. 
report Recommended by JokerDBlue
Both are awesome and time leap related. and they have comedy yet both get Dark 
report Recommended by Xtricado
Popp is cited as a direct inspiration for Subaru 
report Recommended by weirdy8
Both shows concentrate on finding the right ways in one's life. Both protagonists fight against prejudice and discrimination of the girl everybody else sees as bad. Both shows contain supernatural powers and in both shows teenagers are the main characters who move the plot forward. I also got the same wibe from the two shows and the male protagonists seem similar to me, but that is only my personal feeling. 
report Recommended by Lopika
Both of them start with a trope (Trapped in another world for Re:Zero, and Mahou Shojo for YuuYuu). However, because of deconstruction (the time loops in Re:Zero, and the "Madoka effect" in YuuYuu), the MC starts suffering lots of PTSD trying to overcome a almost impossible obstacle. Yuuki Yuuna ends on a high note since things start to get better. Re:Zero, I'm not so sure, we will have to see. 
report Recommended by beautifly92
Shocking I didn't see this rec'd. To me, Gleipnir felt like a show that was made because of the success of Re:Zero. A sprawling odd plot that is more interested in adding mysteries than solving any. Female cast members have more power, more agency and often more brains than our male MC. A lot of psychologically dark material. Re:Zero is dialed to 11 while Gleipnir is sitting at a comfortable 7 or 8 on the psycho scale but they certainly share similar dna. 
report Recommended by Hoax415
Starts off in the real world and goes into a fantasy one. Similar world but way more light hearted.  
report Recommended by Dorped
There are quite a few parallels that can be drawn with both series, some superficial others more deep. One skin deep parallel would be that both shows have a fairy-like mascot character that follows the main character that happen to both be named "puck"(though puck is not present in the 1997 anime). Subaru and Guts share a lot of similar types ordeals, that which develops their characters through unimaginable suffering. Also it should be noted that Subaru has an attraction to "maju's" and Guts, not in this series however, is more or less haunted by demons and apparitions of the apostles and god hands. Both  read more 
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
I think you would like them because both of the main characters are transferred to a parallel fantasy world. Also both series have pretty funny moments that make you laugh despite the seemingly serious plot. If you enjoy the comedy in one, you'll probably enjoy the comedy in the other. Both main characters know how to overcome obstacles because they're shut-in-gamers. This makes both series entertaining to watch and provides entertainment to those who like "gamer to an alternate fantasy world" stories. 
report Recommended by 3xTripple
Hundred Man and Re Zero are both unique isekai because the main characters are not extremely overpowered like in most isekai. Instead the main characters are pretty normal boys who are transported in a fantasy game world where they will respawn; so you will see the MC suffer a lot as they die (Re Zero is a lot darker though, Hundred Man is more comedic). They use their power to respawn to beat much more powerful foes than themselves. For the rest they are pretty much lousy isekai anime. Also both MCs have many females surrounding him; both MC are cringe, though Re Zero's MC is  read more 
report Recommended by Khalan
There is always so much that can be done with the theme of time travel, yet there are so many anime that deals with this wide theme and does things their own way. Suzumiya is a unique experience dealing with time travel and other out of this world phenomenons. It is one trip through time, going through the cycles of time or back in the past with varied experience. Just as re:zero has a few episodes with similar experiences repeated but varied slightly each time to further the plotline, Suzumiya also has several episodes one after another, which may make you think that you are  read more 
report Recommended by chronofantasy
Both has resetting timelines at some point of the story Both have a focus on a romantic subplot Both have friends and loved ones being tortured in front of the protagonist. Both have a character who brings the MC into the world. The themes both share I feel that Interlude does better and has a more poignant conclusion. 
report Recommended by ViskMusic
Both of these titles are related to the afterlife and reincarnation but in ways that aren't told to the viewer until later on. Although these anime may seem fairly standard for the genres they fall into, the maids, income disparity, and most importantly the blue haired kuudere played by Minase Inori can make these enjoyable in ways you might not have expected from the cover. If you enjoyed one of these anime from studio White Fox with colourful casts who are related to animals in various ways than you might like the other. 
report Recommended by zombie_pegasus
Magic, mistery similar atmosphere <3 
report Recommended by ImJesusArango
while watching re:zero, the atmosphere reminds me of gosick. Both anime are dark and it gives you a mind blowing experience :D Good for overnight marathon :D enjoy! 
report Recommended by Luuji222
The atmosphere is different, but they share some similarities: 1. The story progress through time loops. 2. There is a evil witch.  
report Recommended by Djerabis
-Dark themes and violence but have great character development and plenty of comedy -Deals with the darker side of an adventure -Both MCs can be "show offy" and learn the consequences of not being a great leader -Fantastic fantasy/supernatural/thrillers -Have similar video game vibes (P3 having been a Playstation game and RZ dealing with starting a game over..) (First recommendation here at MAL; hope this is found useful! c:) 
report Recommended by morganitemoved
1. Both the characters go mad and lose their sanity, but later regains composure. 2. Both anime have "Holy Freakin shit!!!" Moments. 3. Both have 'Gory' and 'intense' moments. 
report Recommended by ShivamLH
!this contains spoi! both have time manipulation in it and go back to the past to save their loved one and kimi no nawa had also kinda tragedy in it not like that much in re:zero but still, and both had also unexpected things that happened that gives this goose bumps 
report Recommended by goldenotaqu
Both the Protagonists travel to an alternate universe. While one helps a girl to become the ruler, the other gets trained to become a ruler. While one of them can reset time and change the events to alter the results, the other has special powers which get summoned on certain occasions to help him in difficult situations. 'Re:Zero Kara' has finished only 13 episodes and is filled with lot of content, suspense and thrill. As 'Kyou kara' has lot more episodes the thrill one finds initially would not last too long. 'Re:Zero Kara' is latest and was made according to the tastes of the viewers of the current  read more 
report Recommended by Deep_C
- Both anime feature a MC who is inherently flawed yet likable due to their wit and emotional depth as characters. - These anime also feature a wide range of female characters who have emotional depth as well. Many of the characters in each anime get a fair amount of screen time instead of being mere side dishes to the main character and his "best girl." - Both anime like to go to bold direction and tackle themes that may hit too close to home for their respective audiences. 
report Recommended by StudentOfTheGame
concept is same as in most romance save the most precious person in ur life against supernatural phenomenon 
report Recommended by hunterking
- Both are "From Another World" type of plots. - Both main characters have mysterious powers. - Tad bits of romance in each. - Main character isn't completely overpowered from the start, but gets gradually stronger. - Inner conflicts, epic fights! - Last but not least- a main girl who's hot. 
report Recommended by CodeHiyari
Both feature a Male Protagonist who try to save the girl(s) even though he always suffering. Aside from that, both anime are very different. Re:Zero is a fantasy anime (with battles, of course), while Koe no Katachi is an anime focused on teenager problems (more precisely on the victims of bully). 
report Recommended by renzospark
While these 2 animes are completely different genres, Both anime features a Subaru as a main character and voiced by Kobayashi Yuusuke, and both Subaru are NEETs and Otakus to a certain extent. 
report Recommended by uchimaki131
Both tackle on the concept of time travel 
report Recommended by stephenalbertv
The Main Protagonists of both anime are quite similar. Both deal with Death, Mystery and Supernatural things. Occultic;Nine is like what would happen to Subaru if he didn't move into the parallel world. 
report Recommended by renzospark
After seeing the first 2 episodes of Re;Zero I was surprised at the fact I was enjoying it, and that it reminded me of something, one anime, a light novel adaptation to be precise. That being, of course, Spice and Wolf. Both Satella and Holo are great heroines who are written very well and don't fall into a particular archytype. Both of them are rather snarky towards the MC and their respective relations are well written. While the MCs are themselves rather different both of them are well rounded and likable. If you liked one you will probably enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by delloskill
The main character is similarly someone who dies over and over again in order to pursue their goal. Both have very dark themes in them and the same atmosphere of dread. Also quite similarly, the main character is powerless or weak but over time they grow stronger to face their challenges. They are also similar in that over time, they build up quite a harem of girls. In my experience, they are both very similar shows and it's a wonder to me why there hasn't been a recommendation yet.  
report Recommended by KingofEmperors
Both are a seemingly innocuous fantasy setting and end up getting really, really dark. They both have a really similar feel to them and create a completely false innocent first impression. They both heavilly emphasize the storyline/plot. etc. If you liked one im sure you wil like the other. 
report Recommended by Sun_Rise
Both of those series start of light but they get darker as the progress. Re Zero are more psychology stuff in a fantasy setting while Slayers are more of a fun time action comedy in a fantasy setting 
report Recommended by TakaCode
They're both fantasy anime.In both shows the MC is trying to help the main girl to achieve her goal. The villains are very similar to Joker from Batman and they need the main girl, if they want to achieve their goals.  
report Recommended by zumac
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