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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Beginning with the obvious, both Re:Zero and Steins;Gate were animated by the same studio, White Fox and both main protagonists have time traveling related abilities. Now for the juicy stuff, both Okabe and Subaru are quite different from the usual anime protagonist and aren't meant to be self-inserts for viewers. They both must overcome obstacles to save the ones they love and both feature thrilling story lines and engaging characters that break the mold of most anime tropes like Tsunderes (with Steins;Gate's Kurisu) and Moé characters (Re:Zero's Rem). The authors want you to see the MCs go through very difficult (and sometimes gory) hardships in order   read more
report Recommended by Kyouma-D-Luffy
Butterfly effect
report Recommended by Vaju
Time traveling is always a popular theme for anime.But it is risky because it can cause a lot of plot holes.Then again those two anime don't have a problem about that at all.Both mc have similar goal and reason for using time travel again and again.Steins;Gate hasn't got any real fight scenes but it has much philosophical approach about time travel.Both are done by the same studio so animation style is similar too.
report Recommended by sasalx
Both anime revolve mostly around an ordinary guy who does his best to protect those he cares about, no matter how many times he has to do it: - Both Guys who are suddenly caught in a spiral of disastrous events - Both have something to do with the Butterfly Effect/Travelling back in time - Both MC's are pretty powerless and non-significant at first - Both MC's will stop at nothing to save those they care about
report Recommended by HyoReiSan
Essentially similar concept. Re:Zero is basically Steins;Gate meets KonoSuba.
report Recommended by DarthBob
Similar theme of live die repeat. In case of steins gate he doesnt get to do the dying part. -Both mc's start to lose it after a while. -A romatic relationship is slowly forming with the mc in bith shows. -Steins;Gate is more of a sci fi and re zero more of a fantasy anime. -Both can be very dreadful and life draining at times. -The ending is spectacular in both shows. All and all if you enjoy the one I believe you will enjoy the other one. Steins;Gate can be difficult to watch specialy early on but dont give up. The end is what matters.
report Recommended by Yumekui_John
Re:Zero and Steins;Gate featured an MC with similiar power: time travel. And the 'time travel' aspect of these series isn't just some cool sci-fi material, it has a little dark element attached to it: 'death'. Both MC tried to save people around them from the hand of the reaper, they also touched upon the psychological aspect of the MC as the only one who remember the events from before the timeline is altered. Also, both series are produced by the same studio and have fantastic, fluid animation. However, while Steins;Gate is a bit slow on the beginning, Re:Zero show its dark element right on the   read more
report Recommended by KannaAyasaki
well, if i tell will be a spoiler, but just knows that both are good and the "time travel" envolving a friend is "similar"
report Recommended by koragamy
If you like watching someone getting desperate to save everything by some kind of "time-travel" you would love this show instantly.
report Recommended by KyuremX
Despite opposite settings, both of these series feature time looping as the main plot device and strong character development, plus similar themes of selflessness and looking forward rather than behind.
report Recommended by MockingEntropy
Both of these animes have the same theme of going back in time to save a life, but in one the person has to die in order to change time while the other simply has to microwave a burrito. Other than that the series as a whole seems completely different.
report Recommended by Minecraftbed
Unlike Re:Zero, Steins;Gate a well-written time-travel thriller. If you think Re:Zero is good, then you clearly haven't watched Steins;Gate or Madoka Magica.
report Recommended by SpikeyTech
“Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu” and “Steins;Gate” have the concept of going back in time. Problems are always arising for the main characters. Whenever they think they can catch a break, something around them has to go wrong. Furthermore, their mental state will be affected from seeing the people around them suffer. With that being said, these anime can have a very dark and serious tone. While “Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu’s” storyline is set in a fantasy world, “Steins;Gate” focuses on a real life aspect.
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
In Steins;Gate the mc makes a time leap machine and the plot becomes saving his friend by time leaping. In re:zero, The mc also uses time leap to save his friends. In the both series, they need to figure the way how to save people. In rezero, by triggering specific events, meanwhile in Steins;Gate by redoing his actons.
report Recommended by Fleravium
If you've seen them both then you'll know this is an obvious comparison. Slight spoilers for story premises here, but nothing that would ruin either for you if you haven't seen them yet. Both of these Anime are by White Fox, and have more or less the same story structure and premise: The main character has the power to rewind time somehow, and this interferes with the natural order of things. As such, they lose people they care about, and end up going back again and again, growing increasingly desperate, as they try to get the perfect result. Both stories have a great deal of intrigue and mystery   read more
report Recommended by DemonicSquid
Both shows have a very similar concept around them. Steins;Gate and Re:Zero are both produced by the same studio, White Fox. The main protagonists of both shows can act like goofballs at times, but become serious and dependable when it comes to helping others out. I don't want to say too much as it's best to go into both of these shows blind and I definitely recommend both of them. Steins;Gate and Re:Zero are both fantastic shows produced by White Fox though Re:Zero is very controversial at times. This is only my opinion though.
report Recommended by Janster24
the similarities 1)same studio 2)same topic- time travel 3)both the MC travels time to save someone. 4)both the MC are goofy but when the situations calls they become serious. difference 1)Steins;gate is a science fiction while Re:zero is a fantasy.
report Recommended by TheGeniusBaka
Time travel concept, similar animation styles and made by the same studio ( white fox studio). Both also have a complex plot and interesting story.
report Recommended by Light_Yagatonmi
Both have to do with going back in time to save someone they care about. The protagonists are both funny and goofy but have a darker tragic side. However, Re:Zero has more gore and takes place in a fantasy environment and Steins;Gate is more realistic.
report Recommended by iTheren
Someone at White Fox be like: "You guys remember this anime about time travel we made few years ago, that everybody loved? Let's do that again!"
report Recommended by Piromysl
Similar in that both main characters have the ability to travel back in time ,and that they use that power to try to save a loved one.
report Recommended by Shakib_
A goofy, but series when the time calls protagonist gets himself into a time travel loop where he must save his closest compatriot.
report Recommended by Wiilink1000
-both are related to different worldline and travelling back time -both the MC are air headed but serious in tough situations -both MC travel back time to save someone -both shows have really cute girls... and interesting plot and twist....
report Recommended by Sakiichan
Both start happy and lighthearted but descend into madness. The main character undergoes extreme stress, due to certain events. Both involve time travel and returning to the same time. The main guys have many similarities. Both involve a romance. Both have a cat girl named F(a/e)ris and a trap.
report Recommended by PatViBrittania
- Both have dimensional travel - Dark elements. However, steins;gate focuses more on time travel as Re:Zero focuses on fantasy and dimensional travel.
report Recommended by FlyJanassic
The vibe from both series are very alike; intense, hilarious and much more. The main characters are also very similar; they are not afraid to speak their mind to express themselves, and they often go out of their way to help other people. What's more similar is that both series deal with time-travel where the main character is able to go back into time to make better decisions to avoid similar incidents of occurring again.
report Recommended by Saiborg
Great plot with time travel stories. A main character tries to save the person that he loves by the time leap.
report Recommended by iversteins93
-Both feature hilarious protagonists -Both involve... hmm... how shall we say this without giving to much away.. A way of 'resetting' -Made by the same studio, similar art style -Start slow but reveal the truth later
report Recommended by thelectricow
They both have time travel where the main character must go back mutiple times.
report Recommended by crygon
- Mayushii always suffering - The local MC always suffering too but he lived from his checkpoint - Immature MC - Cringy MC
report Recommended by Arzogan
In both anime the main character starts from the beginning each time he fails to save his beloved person, both see them die again and again in multiple ways and that experience takes its toll, They both lose hope at one point but someone gives them the courage to not stop and continue.
report Recommended by joe_g7
Trime travel plays a major role in both animes. Rintarou Okabe and Subaru Natsuki are able to travel backward in time in order to save someone they care about. This time travel happens multiple times throughout the anime.
report Recommended by Show_Man
Made by the same studio,Re:Zero features many simiarities to Steins;Gate,most notably the premise of time travel. The shows protagonists also resemble each other,with a at the start of their respective series rather whacky personality, and as the series go on a gradual detoriation of their mental health.
report Recommended by Mopfgun
-Both anime tell about LIVE - FAIL/DIE - REPEAT sequence. -Both main character try to save someone that important to them using time machine (for Steins;Gate) and using checkpoint (for Re:Zero). -Both anime contain a lot of emotion, especially desperation, fear, and love. -Both anime have most popular waifu (Kirisu for Steins;Gate and Rem for Re:Zero).
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Made by the same studio, Re:Zero may not be as great as Steins;Gate but many elements such as time travel and a wacky main character are still present
report Recommended by FatherNick
Both Animes follow similar time travel theme where MC can go back and still remember the other timeline to accomplish a goal. I would also mention Madoka being in the same league. P.S. this is my favorite genre
report Recommended by Sid-Kenshin
Both the series , the guys have an ability to go back to the past , in both the series the girls are targeted for their life , in both the series the guys go back again and again to prevent the deaths of their nakama , and in both the series they reach success but by passing through a long line of pain !!
report Recommended by SatsugaiDeAtsu
Two incredible series about time-travelling and the absolute chaos that attempting to change the past can do to one's psyche. They're both mature series with fantastic story-telling, characters, music, and art. Steins;Gate is in my opinion the superior of the two due to its superior story-telling and cast, but Re:Zero is fantastic in its own right.
report Recommended by Treiger
Carismatic main character that sometimes acts like an air-headed but it's not, at least not that much. Time traveling, deaths, same studio, interesting plot.
report Recommended by Erebo_Sub
The two main protagonists, Okabe and Subaru, work with time whether it is through a machine or an ability (There is more similarities with this. However, I will leave it a surprise.). The story revolves around take action and changing the future, otherwise known as the Butterfly Effect. Both animes are made by the same studios and are enjoyable to watch after the first few episodes.
report Recommended by Butterstroke
The male protagonists are very alike, as they share the traits of being humorous, caring, energetic, and emotional. The female protagonist believes in the male protagonist, which is something both anime share as well. Both shows have a lot of humor now and then, and they also have mysteries that the protagonists have to solve through thorough investigation. In the end, I honestly think that if you loved Steins;Gate, you most likely will love Re: zero as well. Not only that, they are from the same studio. The only difference between the two is the setting and the difference darkness between the two anime. Re:   read more
report Recommended by IzaEpsil
Both have the same concept about going back in time to save the one you love and you will get the same in the end
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
Both have almost the same concept of time travel. A guy who travel to past to save his friends from death. The idea is: if you liked Re:Zero, you might love Steins;Gate
report Recommended by a_void
Before you click away because you're thinking, 'this can't be an accurate recommendation', just hear me out. There's only one thing that these two have in common: redo parts of life to save the ones you love. It sometimes may seem impossible to keep on going, but keep trying and don't give up - this is the core message in both. So if you like these kind of underlying messages (like I did), you won't regret watching them.
report Recommended by Y_TZ
Both have persistent MCs that travel in the time to save others suffering in the process but without surrendering and always moving forward
report Recommended by Kingson
Compelling portrayals of despair and the growing feeling of madness and regret over one's actions repeated over a time loop. Also, both White Fox productions.
report Recommended by Treima
Both are time travel series. Both have the concept of going back in time to save someone. Hilarious protagonists that are total air heads XD But there is a difference in the way that use to return the time back in re zero he must die and return to chikpont its more like Game but in steins:gate they Using scientific ways that are more realistic
report Recommended by Gintoki_Mh
Same animation studio, time travel elements, quirky characters, psychological impact of tragedy on the characters.
report Recommended by Diamant
Rather than being able to time-travel, Re:Zero gives Subaru(Main character) the ability to "reset" time up to a particular point as soon as he dies. Similar to Steins;Gate, the main protagonists are both thrown in the dilemma of going through trials again and again to obtain the desired result. However, this journey of trying to get the best situation affects their character and drains them of their "Humanity" at some point. Events will unfold as their journey continues.
report Recommended by leezodne
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is probably the most popular anime released during the summer of 2016. From watching both Steins gate and Re:zero I've noticed how both the Main Characters go back in time some how to stop current events from happening. Steins Gate is by far the most confusing anime I've every seen, even episode 1 was very confusing, but everything makes sense when they explain it around the middle part of the series. If you are looking for romance in Steins Gate, then theres not that much at the beginning but there is quite a lot of romance towards the end. Steins   read more
report Recommended by Choti3629
It reminds me a little to re: zero only that the protagonist in my opinion is better developed. really the characters will like you, as much as its history. Thanks to this, I fell in love with travel in time. It is a masterpiece. I only saw myself this season, I have to see the rest but I'm content to see that end.
report Recommended by Sacerdotisa
Arguably the best time travel story I have ever had the pleasure to watch, Steins;Gate offers the time traveling thriller story with genuinely interesting characters without using as much gore as portrayed in Re:Zero.
report Recommended by dat_kun4i_guy
Both shows deal with time travel and a main character who has to go through a tremendous amount of trauma before reaching their desired results, furthermore they're both animated by the same studio with the same amount of care and polish in both series.
report Recommended by Plutes
Very similar themes. Both anime are also produced by White Fox and are the assets are provided by FUNimation.
report Recommended by throwaway192987
Same "Time-Reset" Mechanic and psychological Elements.
report Recommended by Jackstyle
Both shows are about how time travel has consequences, and can cause emotional stress for the time traveler. Re:Zero has more fantasy than science, but if you want a show to give you similar feels to Steins;Gate, this is the show.
report Recommended by d1rkSMATHERS
Both the MC have the chance to alter the future to save someone who is precious to them.
report Recommended by GODH1KE
In both of them, there is a time travel relation
report Recommended by ilikedalek
Both have a return to previous area plot device. If you are into an anime that involves going back into time then you are in the right place.
report Recommended by SurfingOtaku
Both share a high level of comedy and writing. But what really links these shows are the main characters. They start off with a (seemigly) happy MC surrounded by friends they care a lot for. Then said friends die. Again. And Again. And Again. Inability to change the past leads to worsening mental states as they begin fighting not only fate, but themselves as well. In Steins;Gate this only happens in the second half of the show; in Zero, it's the whole thing. If you liked Okabe's character deconstruction and are looking for something similar, then I highly recommend this show. Just beware, it's a   read more
report Recommended by HeathenRose
Both are made by the same studio and involve constantly going back in time to change the future and save a character. Both MCs put up a facade of confidence to hide their insecurities (even from themselves). Time traveling in mentally taxing on both characters.
report Recommended by pikachiu24
Very interesting takes on "time travel"
report Recommended by xexyz
Both were made by the same studio, basically meaning there are similarities in the animation quality. Both of the main characters face the tragedy of failing to save the people they care about over and over again. Both deal with the usage of time travel.
report Recommended by 71
Firstly both anime is produced by the same studio. MC has similar time traveling related abilities. Author represents how both mc stuggles through hardship again again to save the person they care about. Both anime have it's beautiful share of characters that are loveable. Gives of a similar vibe even though both are not from the same genre!
report Recommended by Minar-kyun
Plot Heavy and Time Travel or the idea of messing with Timelines is explored!
report Recommended by elliot5
Both shows follow their main character through traumatic events where they end up going back in time to fix their mistakes only to make more. As they attempt to fix all of their problems, they end up suffering from the consequences of altering history.
report Recommended by Gavatron67
Both animes have the main character attempting to save what he loves the most, and they both go through a series of serious torment, confusion and desperation in order to achieve his goal while the other characters are almost clueless on why the main character is acting different all of a sudden.
report Recommended by JoHnO674sh0t678
Both characters are similar for using a time travel. When Subaru dies and used time travel. Okabe used some time machine microwave. Doing again over and same over for saving friends and any different happens.
report Recommended by DexerLuck
To be honest since seeing Steins;Gate I have been looking for a psychological thriller along the same lines. With that in mind, now I've seen Re:Zero it's definitively in the same ballpark. Both have lead male protagonists that travel through time to try and save their loved ones while continuing to be effected by the pain of losing them over and over. The shows also have very well fleshed out character and story development along with a broad range of emotion. Many comedic, mysterious and dark tones make the feel of the shows to be parallel.
report Recommended by ThrowSomePlates
Both have got time travelling and a protagonist who wants to save their friends and they are truly caring about their friends and cares nothing but their friends
report Recommended by Ali_Fuat
They both have time travel elements. Both characters go through similar revelations and events and have huge character development. Both are thrilling and I recommend you watch it if you love this.
report Recommended by jzujhu
these two anime have a match in terms of the storyline where the main character is stuck in the failure of the rescue of the person he loves that makes this anime may be no different is the two anime is in production by the same studio
report Recommended by Syureria
I don't think there's anything similar to Steins;Gate but one of those shows that made me feel at least some of the feels i have with Steins;Gate is Re:Zero. It has a totally different way of traveling back to the past, and is amazing, i totally recommend it.
report Recommended by Dereknalox123
In both Anime there are main caracters who can travel through time. To save their friends they are forced to make mentally depressing experiences.
report Recommended by Anilexx
Both series focus on the protagonist who comes into a situation where he has time travel powers. Both Subaru and Okabe go trough a lot of suffering trying to overcome the obstacles they face. As the viewer you get attached to the characters and just really want both protagonists to succeed and find happiness and get an end to all their suffering. Eventually both protagonists find friends that support them no matter what, even if they don't know everything the protagonist knows. Like that Subaru manages to get trough thanks to Rem and Emilia, while Okabe is supported by Kurisu trough all world lines. If u   read more
report Recommended by Ceetto
Both of these animes had made me scared and excited while watching. If you like steins;gate you will definitely love re:zero. Both characters possess an incredible power about time and space.
report Recommended by TgKirito01
In Re;zero, the explanations are a bit lesser than Steins;gate but both anime have a same kind of thing. They both have Time-travelling things & changing the past type option. Both are very inspirational for people who thinks to change their past or wants to change as a better version of them selves. At the starting, you might not understand it fully & might wanna quit watching but take my reccomendation & continue watching to episode 18 in Re;zero, I'm damn sure it'll become one of your favourite anime.
report Recommended by ishadinxx
same studio, both related to time, both are rollercoasters of a ride (and can get pretty dark). Both are gureto
report Recommended by Byniavo
Despite having very different settings, both series feature a similar plot structure in which the MC finds himself repeatedly going back into time to protect those he cares about. The MCs are similar personality-wise, and both series explore the psychological ramifications of failing multiple times.
report Recommended by Wileck
Both have main characters that travel back in time Both have main characters that suffer a lot throughout the series Both have main characters that try to protect all of there friends Both have main characters that travel back in time to save a girl Both have main characters with Chūnibyō personalities If your looking for a main character that's similar to Hououin Kyouma or Subaru check out either one.
report Recommended by Some-AnimeLover
Both anime has similar type MC that suffers for saving his dear peoples.Both MC's are great & Masterpiece.Highly recommended anime and also must watch for you.
report Recommended by Salbanalfardin
In both animes the plot revolves around going a few days in the past to change future events.
report Recommended by Vininic
Both are fantastic thriller animes Involve changing the past The main character suffers Made by White Fox
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
The main characters both travel back in time to save someone or to prevent something. ya
report Recommended by y3llowchicken
The plot is very sad and exciting, exactly like S; G, also the "return to the past" mechanics reappears present in -Steins; Gate
report Recommended by DeltaLight
Both main protagonists have time traveling related abilities.
report Recommended by muhdsalim3693
Both of those anime talks about that protagonist who go back in time over and over and over, to solve some problem will happen, and save himself and his friends.
report Recommended by DeathThirteen
-both have the try over again and again kind of thing going on -both feature proper waifu material
report Recommended by jjaen_wav
In both title, you'll see the main character go through some real deal. The support and other MC's are also a good complement to the story.
report Recommended by jfd1908