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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
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3-gatsu no Lion
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Tokyo Ghoul
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Owari no Seraph
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solitudefreak Jan 7, 11:28 AM
Pocoyoyo Sep 10, 2017 6:07 AM
How can I even forget you? xD My memory is bad but it isn't THAT bad. You're my shounen-ai/yaoi senpai, my komahina, gintama, re:zero, gekkan shoujo and more buddy ^^ I still haven't read the thing you recommended, now that I think about it O_O But I haven't watched anime or read manga in like three/four months... I'm still at the same Gintama chapter as I was three months ago..

Aaaaah congratss!! I knew you could do it! Hahahah I like your babbling xD What kind of stuff are you doing in the hospital?

Hahahaha uni is also very tiring xD Probably not as tiring as all the stuff that you're doing o_o I aced all the test and now I'm in my second year! I've got a lot stuff to do but now it's time to procrastinate xD Aaaah thank you!! You're always so sweet! ^^ I hope, even though it's tiring, you're having a fun time at the hospital :D SAVE DEM LIVES!

Yeaaahh I'm excited for that time to comee!! xD Even though they take a long time to write, it's always fun :'D

Thank you! Right back at you xD

Pocoyoyo Mar 26, 2017 11:28 AM
Hahahahahaa thaankss for that beautiful Komaeda remix laughter xDD I think I lost my sanity but it was still really beautiful. [insert crazy Komaeda laugh here] HHHHHHHH
Pocoyoyo Mar 26, 2017 11:20 AM
Hahaha it's fine! You're in your last year of uni so you should do your best with your studies :D What's your thesis about? With all that hard work you really deserve that little holiday! xD I wasn't really active here lately either because of uni T_T But since I'm done with my exams for the time being I can answer :'D
But I'm doing fine, thanks :'D Still have to write a lot of reports and shit. The reports of this semester are more 'fun' to make though. I actually wanted to finish my report today but... I guess I'll do that tomorrow xD Aaaah thanks honey <3 I'm having lots of fun xD These couple of weeks were stressful though, I really thought I should just quit, but everything worked out nicely (I hope.. I have to wait like a month for the result ._.)

YEAAAAAAHHH FINALLLYYYY :'DDDD I was also really sad when she died and I was sure she wouldn't come back since Asahina already 'came back' and I thought I wouldn't like it when she was brought back but I DID LIKE IT, I WAS SO HAPPYYY!!! During the whole hope arc I was really happy, I think I smiled and screamed the whole time!!!!!
Hahahahaa same xDD First I was like 'Who is that person... Is that Naegi?' but noo Komaeda stood there in all his glory T_T and I fell off the couch

And then the whole 77th class appeared when I was still in shock about Komaeda. T_T After all the pain we had in DR 2 we got a beautiful ending!! Maybe it was a little too perfect but idc I loved it!!!
Hinata was also reallyyyy badass with his beautiful eyes jandsndjdnjnamaksnjnjnsj >,< I wanted to see him take out those guards xD

Komaeda is such a lucky man that he can wake up to that beautiful face.
Yeaaah Chiaki didn't deserve that! She was way too precious T_T The moment when she died before Izuru and still tried to get up really got me.. When Izuru/Hinata remembered her... that was also really beautiful! It's all coming back ;_;
Write that AU if you find the time :'D I wanna read it!

I see that you've also seen the OVA :'D I really liked it! I loved the lighthearted moments and the KOMAHINA OFCOURSE MAMNJSSDNA M XNSJJA >,<

They hold hands, I'm done. Things like this make me remember how great life is.

Hahahahaha it's beautiful isn't it xD It's the only way that picture of Hinata and Ushiwaka next to eachother with the same height can happen xD Ushiwaka's thumbs up makes the whole picture complete. It doesn't look like Iwa-chan will slap you lightly though. It's all or nothing.

HAHAHAHAHA I can't with that sentence xD
KannaAyasaki said:
Gintoki with Hiji's soul inside him is just too hawt

This will go on your tombstone! I couldn't agree more with that sentence!!! xD
I really love that fanart o_o SAVED!! The scene that it's referencing was also really beautiful T_T
Have I ever sent this picture before btw? I don't remember, it's not really Ginhiji but they are both in the picture with Takasugi. For some reason I thought about it so I'll just sent it xD

Aaahh Im glad that YOI helped you through those issues :'D No, I haven't seen that interview but that's really true though!! They really are made for eachother >,<

Hahahaha it's really not great xD Sometimes when I'm proud at something I made and the day after I think it's just utter shit xDD But when the day comes when I can stare really long at something I made and still think it's nice, I'll be sure to send it to you! :D

Ooh did I spoil you with something I sent o_o I'm sorry if I did!
Hahahahaha yeaaah that chapter was great :DD Kashima leaning down to make it easier, she really loves Hori-senpai xD This really makes me wanna read more Nozaki-kun!!! >.<

Hahahaha yeah Mikorin is so adorable. He looks like the perfect boy that's just.. perfect in every way but he's really a dork.

Look at that cute face >,< I relate to him not wanting to be alone xD I kinda ship Mayu and Mikorin too o_o

WakaSeo is also a great ship :'D Hahahaha sometimes the misunderstanding is really frustrating though xD I'm like 'PLEASE NOTICE IT, YOU LOVE EACHOTHER' xDD

I guess I have to watch a playthrough on youtube then xDD

Hahaaha I'm really behind on Gintama too... maybe 15 chapters or something o_o I feel really ashamed T_T I'm gonna try and read all those 15 chapters tonight!! I'm not behind on the anime series though! I thought the manga did a better job than the anime but I still loved the anime, it just felt a bit rushed.
Kouka was really beautiful though ^^ She had the same VA as Kagura and it really fit her :'D

The pictures that I've seen of the live action looked good but I don't wanna have too high expectations because I don't wanna be let down with something that involves Gintama xD

We are really good at making really long replies :'DD
Pocoyoyo Jan 5, 2017 10:22 AM

I have done my job, I will take my leave now.
Pocoyoyo Jan 5, 2017 10:21 AM

This is also necessary for you to see.
Pocoyoyo Jan 5, 2017 10:17 AM

You're welcome
Pocoyoyo Dec 24, 2016 11:49 AM
Hahahaha I think so too xD Though some girl in my class said a couple of months ago that she had like half an hour a day to do absolutely nothing... and I was there like... I sometimes/often have an entire day where I do absolutely nothing, so I was pretty shocked xD But I had exams these past weeks and they all went really well (except for one...) so I think I'm doing well xD My 'start two days before you have the test' technique still works!
Two weeks ago I also had to teach the children, which was kinda scary because I didn't want them to learn something wrong causing them to be ruined for life xD I don't wanna be a teacher but I just do it for the experience and to learn new stuff!
You will survive and I know you can do it!!

It's the best feeling xD We human beings are such selfish creatures xD

Hahahaha I was finally up-to-date and now I'm behind again xDD But this time it's only two chapters! When I was behind the last time I bingeread all the chapters in one go, but I was planning to only read one chapter since it was in the middle of the night xD So.. good call! Did your exam go well?
Hahahaha I 'stressread' all of gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun during my exams xD Are you already up-to-date now?

No, I still haven't read it xD But thank you for the link, I'm really excited to read it, since Rem x Subaru is also my OTP xD And I also want them to be together T_T

YES! HAVE YOU ALREADY CONTINUED WATCHING? Hahahaha, I'm sorry, I'm only making you more scared xD But I just wanna talk more about the show T_T There is also an OVA about fucking Komaeda coming out xD
I can't wait >,<
Okay, if it's a storage problem I understand xD I will forgive you :o

ADJSKDQKMDKMDKMDLMKSCKCKWNQLQM YEEEEESSS T_T I'm crying xD I'm so glad you like them too, now I can fangirl with you about them too :'D

Look at them ;_; Have you btw read the extra chapter from the manga ( I think it's 171.5)? I didn't read the manga but I did read that chapter! It's so fucking sad T_T You should read right now, if you didn't! But they probably won't appear anymore.. since Karasuno is going to nationals (I'm so happy for my children ;_;), their storyarc is kinda finished.. The only thing that I got is this ;_;
ALSO: Isn't it fucking sad that Aoba Johsai never got to nationals (since Oikawa went at least)???!!! I think they fucking deserved it at least one time ;_;

AAAAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! When I finish them I will ask you for more recs xD It's true I heard of No.6 but since I saw that a lot of people didn't like the anime, I didn't watch it. But I will start with watching the anime (after I finish Mushishi xD) and then I'll read the manga :'D

Don't be sorry, I'm really thankful :'DD

Hahahahaha yeessss T_T I want to say more about Komahina in the anime but since I don't know if you finsihed it... I will shut my mouth xDD OOOH BTWW!!!This is also my favorite thing
I just love my OTP saying eachothers name... I'm not crazy.. am I? xD
Hahahaha I'm on it xD
I'm sure you like this one xDD This one is my favorite:
I think they both just look really hot xD

Hahahahaha I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE IT TOO :'D You even rated it 10/10 and but it in your favorites :o xDD Episode 10 was really fucking amazing with the rings T_T I really was Phichit in that moment xD AND THE DUET AT THE END >,< AND MY ANGRY SON WON!! What more do you want to have :'D Oh wait :o A season two announcement :'D Which we basically got :'DD

Hahahaha my art is still sloppy too xD I just try but sometimes it kinda looks kinda nice.. kinda xDD I just try to draw something everytime I get the chance so I will get better and draw all my OTPs in a beautiful way :'DD Aaaah you're welcome :'DD I really like talking and spamming and sharing things with you, so the pleasure is all mine ^^

I'm already up-to-date with the manga like I said before :'D I was so hilarious :'DD I also remembered how much I ship HoriKashi... adjskakdkdkwwnnjbhvhdv. Their relationship reminds me of Iwaoi but they actually have more things like this:

Yeaaaahhh Mikrorin <3 He is so adorable :'D Also that lost child moment xD He really is a lost child :'D

Aaaaah thank you so much :''D Im gonna change it again though to another Oikawa.. or maybe Iwaoi.. or maybe Horikashi xDD You will see :o I really like you're profile picture too btw :'D Where is it from? :O
Yeaaaah everytime he and Iwaizumi got screen time I yelled :o But now they're gone COME BACK!!! ;_; Well at least we gonna get GINTAMA NEXT SEASON!!!! ahjssjdnjsndjsnjsdjwn >,< How many times have I typed that this reply xDD We're gonna cry so hard T_T

Hahahahaha sorry mine is also really long xD But I enjoyed writing this essay :'D Unlike the ones I have to write for uni T_T

I also have mixed feelings. I have never seen a live action but I heard 'great' things about them. I don't know if I'm gonna watch it either, but it's Gintama xD But what is Gintama with all my precious VA's T_T Gin without Sugita as his voice ?! I saw that a trailer came out recently, I haven't watched that yet but maybe that will make me wanna watch it or not xD
Pocoyoyo Nov 13, 2016 11:39 AM
Aaaaah you're welcome <3 It makes me really happy that it made you happy :'DD Elizabeth was also really excited :o

Hahahaaha I'm glad I'm not only one that has like a ratio of 1 hour of studying : 10 hours of surfing on the internet xDD But I'm in university so I think it works.. ^^ Yeaah I will do that one day for sure! I have to do an intership (according to google translate it's called an intership so I'll take it xD) at an elementary school in a really tiny village (and it's like a 45 minute bike ride which is really exhausting xD), but it's really quiet there and the school's also really small!I really liked it there though :'D It's kind of comparable to what you did, but I only have to help at the school and not the village itself!
You're already on your last year? :o I'm so jealous! After that the real world is waiting for you! xD I'm already sick of all the paper assignments o_o For next week I have to write an 'end assignment', I'm already crying and procrastinating :D;_;
I really like (most of ) the classes that I have to attend and the people I met though, so there's a bright side to this all :'D

Thank you so much :'D I failed it but still thank you xD On a good note though, a lot of people failed so I don't have to feel stupid xDD
Hahahaha yeah that's true!

Yaaaaaaassss :'D I'M REALLY BEHIND THOUGH SO DON'T SPOIL IT YET! XDD I feel really ashamed to say it but yes I'm behind :x But only 5 chapters so don't kill me yet! I will bingeread it tonight... maybe... or tomorrow ^^NO TONIGHT HOW CAN I POSTPONE TO READ MY FAVORITE MANGO ;_;
But a bunch of characters are coming back EVEN KINTOKI :o And something happened to Tama but I haven't read that yet... Shes not dead right? RIIIIGHT? ;_:

This happened right? ^^
Yeeeaaah that arc also needs to be adapted! Ikumatsu x Katsura is fucking adorable :'D

Uuuuh not yet xD But I really want to! I didn't even know that it was really out xD Where did you read it? Hahaha what would you rather have as the canon story: this IF story or the real story? xDD
Adkdjkdkknndjnw HOW COULD YOU O_O No, I'm just kidding xD I'm the same :o Whenever something bores me in the slightest, I will start something new XD I will finish it eventually but still... :o
I dont really know if this is a spoiler but... DRAE is not THAT important to DR3. The only episode really dedicated to DRAE is episode 6 or 7 of the future side. So if you just wanna start the anime, you could do it :o I JUST WANT YOU TO FUCKING SEE THE ENDING You could also save the playlist on your laptop. Thats tip number two :O Also: DON'T GET SPOILED! Tip number three ;)

Thank you so much :'D I really like it down here ^^ I even have a gay ship in Haikyuu right now :o Two seasons of not shipping them... but now: I fucking ship Oikawa and Iwaizumi ;_: HOW COULD I NOT HAVE SEEN THIS BEAUTIFUL SHIP? Maybe it's because I started to look up Iwaoi fanart... That was my downfall xD
Idc if you not ship! Look at that xDD Btw: Iwaizumi in casual clothes.. *squeals*
Okay thank you for the recommendation! I will watch after I watched a lot of other anime that I still need to finish xD Also: what are good shounen-ai manga :o I need to became a real fujoshi so GIIVE IT TO ME :O

HAHAHAHAHA YAAAAAAAYYYYY :'D MY FELLOW KOMAHINA COMPANION :'DDD Ooohhh myyyyy, I want to spam you with Komahina things so bad right now xddd
I'll start with this. Look at Komaeda's fucking reaction xDD And yes! ALL FREE TIME MUST BE SPENT WITH KOMAEDA XDD
Komahina spam number two:

Hahhaha idk xD Maybe that day will come someday, but that day is not today ^^ I will probably have to look at more fanart of them xD That always helps to get charmed by a ship :o

OMG! I see that you finally found the time to watch it!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK??? YOU RATED 8/10 SO THATS GOOD!

I'm done.

Ikr!!! It's so perfecttttt! I also want to see the Yorozuya in the clothes of Komahinanami xD Maybe I have to draw that myself.. If I ever find the time... ^^
HAHAHAHAHA! Same xD I stared at it and then immediately thought 'I have to send this to Kanna' o_o

I have already watched the anime but since they probably won't make a season 2 (I cry ;_;) I HAVE TO READ THIS! Do you also love Mikorin as much as I do? xD Mikorin gives me life :'D
Hahahaha thank you! A flower crown fits Komaeda very well :'D I already changed my pp though (again) ^^ Now it's Oikawa, since I miss him so much in S3 of Haikyuu (20 seconds is NOT enough !!!Oikawa with glasses makes me kinda forgive it though)
Pocoyoyo Oct 15, 2016 7:47 AM
Happpyyy birthdaaayyyyy :'D

Pocoyoyo Oct 13, 2016 5:40 AM
Also isn't this just perfect:

I will never stop spamming.. never
Pocoyoyo Oct 13, 2016 5:33 AM

I found a new OTP
Pocoyoyo Oct 13, 2016 5:22 AM
EXACTLY!! but my hours spending on the internet are sometimes more than the studying, but that are minor details. That sounds like a lot of fun :'D I'm actually really jealous xD

Well I started university this year and man.. The work that I have to do just won't stop T_T I have to write a report like every week and also got a lot of homework (I thought that when your in university you just had to work for exams and the rest is your own responsibility but apparently not xD) I also had an exam yesterday and today and now I have vacation for a week xD I probably failed yesterday's exam though T_T It was only true or false but you needed 80% to ace so... that didn't happen (probably..maybe miracles do exist) xDD

YAAAAAAAA I'M SO EXCITEDD :'D AND THE OKIKAGU MOMENTS ARE ALREADY KILLING MEEE XDD Yes them standing next to eachother and talking is an Okikagu moment xDD I also can't wait for the last arc to get animated and I hope they are gonna give us some skipped comedy arcs (LIKE EXCALIBUR ARCCCCC GIVE ME ITTT T_T)

Yeaah that speech that Rem gave Subaru about how she loved him, literally killed me ;_; She knew that Subaru loved Emilia and thats why she didnt run away with him.. so sad T_T OMG REAALLY O_O ARE THEY GONNA HAVE KIDS AND GROW OLD TOGETHER BECAUSE THAT ALL I WANT XDD
I hate Junko!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it wasnt clear yet, I hope she doesn't show up in V3 xD Also whenever I hear hope I think of Komaeda being really happy xDD
Hahahaha aaaahh I really wanted to see that xDD

I also was really suprised but he's still the same little bitch he was in DR2 xDD At what point are you now? Or are you already watching the anime because I actually really want to know what you think about the ending and stuff xDD I also want to spam you with gifs, like I always do O_O When I first saw the trailer I already knew that I was gonna like this guy:
But then I saw this other picture of him and a resemblance to another character..

We are all fucked xD

You'll love him even more if you watched it xD He's so precious!

Hahahaha yessss Kamiyaaaaa :'D Yes the art was really beautiful and their relationship too and everything was perfect :'D In shounen-ais the art all look the same tbh (the cover art that I have seen and in amvs ^^) I also think I am slowly becoming a fujoshi.. I have a couple of gay ships now xD I freaking love Komahina so much now T_T And I love all the ''hints'' Komaeda is giving xDD Like:
That was it for my Komahina fangirling sorry xDD But did you watch a lot (or a couple xD) shounen-ais :o Please give me recommendations senpai O_O I am watching (not really a shounen-ai but really gay) Yuri on ice!!! Ooohhh how I love this anime, even though only two episodes have aired xDD
Pocoyoyo Sep 25, 2016 3:33 AM
Okay I guess we really are the same person xD I literally watched Doukyuusei yesterday and now I see you watched it too xDD I LOVED IT SOOO MUCH >,< I have never watched a Shounen ai before but mann.... this was soooo goood and soooo adorable :'D
Pocoyoyo Sep 23, 2016 5:20 AM
Dont apologize! It's totally fine because I was really busy too xD So even if you had replied, mine would be late as fuck xDD And my reply is actually still pretty late (and I also wanted to continue studying at the time it is right now.. but who gives a doodle :'D) What did you do in this remote village? And was it fun :'D?

Yeeeesss I have (even though we're talking about a different chapter) :'D Okaaay I don't know if you've read the raws so I'm just gonna say what I wanna say in this spoiler thingy over here

Rem is real waifu <3 Emilia didnt show up a lot in this arc and Rem saved us all :o But I still loved the ending with Emilia, she's adorable too xD She's worth it! I think you're talking about that time he died because Betelgeuse entered his body right? I literally screamed 'Noooooooo' I was really afraid that they had to fight those whales again but fortunately it was after that he respawned (do you spell it like that o_o) :'D Hahahahaha now I actually wanted that to happen so you could say DESU DESU DESU the whole time xDD Everytime I see the word 'despair' I see Junko's annoying face GO AWAY JUNKO T_T


We are actually the same person o_o DR is just killing all my favorites and me too T_T Yeah you should watch it first because it probably be confusing at some point xD I dont know if you started yet but
It is a minor spoiler but just in case :o Have you seen the new trailer for DRV3 ? Sooo many children I have to adopt ^^ Sooo many children that are gonna get killed ;_;

Yeeeeahh sameee XD I know right they are all nuggets :'D Except Junko... I hate her ;_; Never come back again!! Yeeeeeaahh I love them too <3 Well... Komaeda, Chiaki, Hajime, Tanaka and Fuyuhiko :'D I can't decide ;_; I love Naegi too btw And Kirigiri... and.. OkAY ILL STOP XDD Have you seen Gundamns analysis video? WATCH IT YOU DIDN'T! Here you go: