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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero and Akame ga Kill are similar in regards to the fact that both of them initially appear to be a light comedy action story, but they both end up sharing much of the same themes later throughout the series. Both involve the main character enduring many hardships, including death, forcing them to maintain a strong mentality which will continue to push them forward towards their final goal. They both share episodes of despair which will hit you right in the feels, they both have some comedy relief throughout the series, and both main characters experience romantic feelings (which I personally enjoyed most). I regard   read more
report Recommended by Nymphetamine2791
While it may seem like an unlikely recommendation, but both shows start off like it is going to be a good action/adventure but go dark really fast. I was blown away and surprised by both shows after the first episode. Something I was thinking is going to be funny and more of a comedy, but it took a wrong turn and went Madoka Magica on me. Both shows have really nothing in common besides that, characters aren't even close to being the same, story is completely different. But both shows have amazing characters all the way through. Both shows are full of action. Full of   read more
report Recommended by lovevillain
Akame ga Kill!, and Re:Zero are both fantasy shows done by studio White Fox. Each show has some bloody death scenes. I would say that overall, Akame ga Kill! is more violent, but that does not make it better. In fact I think Akame ga Kill is a fairly bad show, and I am actually enjoying Re:Zero.
report Recommended by 64BitRatchet
I watched Re:Zero around the time when I first got into anime, and now I'm watching Akame ga Kill, and it's giving me serious Re:Zero vibes. They were both made by White Fox, and are also both fantasy. Whenever I watch an episode of one, it reminds me of the other. I am enjoying both very much, and I recommend both.
report Recommended by kawaiikiss
Both are bloody and funny. What else could u look for?
report Recommended by AndyCE
-Both will emotionally scarre you -Both have a fantasy setting far different from the regular utopian one, showcasing unfair societies and the hardships one must go through - " have a lot of deaths (won't go into detail because of spoilers) -
report Recommended by G_S_L