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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Summertime Render
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Summertime Render
Both very good anime that have to do with looping
report Recommended by White__Fox__
If you have watched any of them, I recommend you the other. Both animes talk about anonymous time traveling without the ability to control when and where will you travel in the past and both animes have the same system of time traveling which is that the MC goes back in time for a certain time and place that the MC had already experienced once the MC dies, so they try to change events by dying and repeating those events again and again. Re:Zero belongs to the isekai genre and Summertime Render is more of a real-world anime. Both animes get us just suspecting who are the bad   read more
report Recommended by WDUNE
They share a big „thing“ that drives the plot forward. +Mystery
report Recommended by Wiedly
Both have that "edge of Tomorrow" thing , where MC , finds himself in a loop every time he get's killed, the difference however , was one was more of an isekai thing, while the other was more of a tragedy thing.
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both main leads are stuck in a time loop in which they die many times
report Recommended by otakusafi
-Travelling through time upon death of the protagonist is the MO of both these titles -Things can pick up really fast when you're not expecting it, which is a great quality to have in such types of shows -Colourful and Sweet moments mixed in to cleanse your palette from the serious vibes
report Recommended by Joeywatches
Re: Zero is an epic fantasy story of notable length with the near exact same approach to Time Travel. If you enjoyed Summertime Render and want more Time Travel looping Shounen, Re: Zero is the best possible recommendation, not just in similarity of story and time travel mechanics, but also the sheer quality which is on par if not even better.
report Recommended by ArchangelEST
time loop but one was isekai that show how powerless people can do among super-natural thing/magic etc.
report Recommended by L3lanker
MC that can loop time when he dies, many mysteries and a lot of suspense. Yep, Re:Zero and Summer Time Render are really alike and that's what we like.
report Recommended by Squeeby
using the same concept of return by death except have some limitation and plot progress get better every single episodes!!
report Recommended by Mal_functionz
Similar concept of respawning along with the same intense story and mysteries
report Recommended by Volts71
• Both Psychological thriller anime where main protagonist have return by death ability. • In both the anime time travel is a major plot point with lots of hidden mistery. • If you like time travel and psychological stuff both are an easy recommendation.
report Recommended by ZXEAN
Both shows have excellent suspense and both of the main characters go back in time whenever they die
report Recommended by LostChair
In both the anime Mc has the power to go back in time after he dies but in summer time render that power has a consequence. Both MCs has two love interest. Both the anime has excellent Background scores. Mysterious and turn of events are well done in both the anime. Summertime has very good animation which make its well planned and choreographed fights just better. So if you liked re zero you will certainly enjoy summer time render but even if you didn't give summertime a chance.
report Recommended by TheFounder131
-Psychological✅ -Suspense✅ -Mystery✅ -MC has "return by death" ability✅
report Recommended by IronHeartSA
These animes have the protagonists had the ability called "Return by Death". It means that they will be back at a certain point in time when they are killed. They need to solve their mysteries from their respective plots with the help of their allies. The mental and psychological suffering of these protagonists are evident in these animes.
report Recommended by bryn12cnsgnd
Follows a similar storyline in which MC has "return by death" and can return/revive to a point in time by dying. Both go through different interactions with different characters and reach different conclusions though their actions. Summertime Render is more set to a regular timeline rather than Re:Zero's fantasy timeline. The mystery in Summertime Render is definitely more prominent and, like Re:Zero, they have unexpected plot twists. Summertime Render also has a variety of good-looking characters and a unique story where people fight their dopplegangers
report Recommended by MALyellow
If you like Re:ZERO, you will probably like Summertime Rendering as well. I have only watched the first three episodes so far and have not read the manga, but the plots seem to be similar. This anime has a lot of potential and it could be really good. While I can not make a ton of arguments as I have not seen the full show yet, I have very high hopes for this anime.
report Recommended by LProtz
I can assure you some of the feelings you feel when you watch re:zero, you will also feel here too in summertime rendering.
report Recommended by XyrantiumX
Death loop, main character suffers quite a bit.
report Recommended by lipeeefl
These two anime have nearly identical time travel mechanics. In both anime, the main character respawns at his last "save point" after he dies. They each have wonderful settings and supporting characters as well. If you're looking for something to quench your thirst for more Re:Zero, Summertime Render is the perfect option.
report Recommended by Kaylof
mc both have the ability of return by death both mcs are trying to protect someone summertime render gives off many re:zero vibes
report Recommended by NotChristina
A time looping murder mystery? You betcha I'm in
report Recommended by pastelwishing
Time travel related - Very recently watched this. Especially first episode gives off ReZero vibes to the point its triggering (iykyk). Summertime Render is very underrated and if you have some free time watch this 25 episode show. It is finished so no need to read the manga or wait for another season. The pacing of every episode is amazing watching it all at the edge of your seat!
report Recommended by buchyy
So far, Summertime Render is looking to be one of the best anime shows similar to Re:Zero. Both main characters share an ability "Return by Death" which essentially means returning back in time after death. That said, they have a similar goal, saving the people from a terrible fate that is about to occur. Re:Zero is an Isekai show (the main character is reincarnated into a fantasy world) and Summertime Render is more on the supernatural and mystery side.
report Recommended by dark_cloudSS
Both of these animes have the same concept of returning back to a point of time after dying Re:Zero is an isekai but summertime renderer is not
report Recommended by Penguatix
Same premise. (Getting revived after dying from the same date/place) Basically the same premise like Re:Zero.
report Recommended by ItzuM
time loop concept, both characters die quite a lot to save the people they love
report Recommended by bluemunty
Both Main characters suffer throughout and are stuck in a time loop.they both use this power to try to make a better reality/future for them
report Recommended by TRGHA770
The sound, the sequence of events, and the story are very similar, especially the psychological torment that the two main characters go through.
report Recommended by 0txab
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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