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Tonari no Seki-kun Specials
Tonari no Seki-kun Specials
7 hours ago
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Tonari no Seki-kun OVA
Tonari no Seki-kun OVA
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Tonari no Seki-kun
Tonari no Seki-kun
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Chi no Wadachi
Nov 5, 2020 12:58 PM
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The Horizon
The Horizon
Sep 22, 2020 2:25 PM
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Death Note: Tokubetsu-hen
Death Note: Tokubetsu-hen
Feb 20, 2020 12:50 PM
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Ashhk 5 hours ago
Yup, that's why it's easy to watch and still relaxing/nice with a slow pacing, I like them but not the really short ones, I mean when the episode is under 5 minutes I struggle to pay attention to the show. Yes exactly, I'm watching 5 eps per day and I already watched 115 of them it's really addicting but definitely worth it so far, it's not that it's becoming serious but they add some 4-5 eps arcs with a serious tone and then they switch back to episodic comedy stuff

Yes, even though it's clearly not as good as the manga.
I see xD it's the case of many people, but the games are worth it you should try them especially the older ones, they're so light that you can easily play them on your smartphone our PC even when it's not a good computer, you should try pokemon diamond/pearl or pokemon emerald/ruby/sapphire
I remember the main characters but that's all, it's disappointing how most of the webtoon have a good animation but a bad adaptation/pacing
Ohhhh, then you definitely should prioritize it IMO! :D

It's easier because it's divided into parts, so far all the adapted parts (from 1 to 5) are 150/160 episodes long, it will probably reach the 200th mark with the part 6 adaptation
Ashhk Nov 25, 1:47 PM
Yeah it doesn't surprise me at all, I know this one I didn't watch it yet because of the episode length but yes it sounds really interesting, since I'm slower with anime it sounds like a good opportunity as well xD so I should do that, I'll take note and try to remember thanks! Though Gintama is still a lonnnnng way, I'm at episode 105 right now

Fun fan they also did the 1st Berserk during 90s.
Same, and not even the anime I'm also a very huge fan of the games, I basically bought all of them, even the most recent one that came out one week ago I finished it days ago and already spent so many hours on it.
GoH is still way better I would say, but in GoH case it's because they rushed the adaptation, will these ones are original.
Yes absolutely.
Just like Odd Taxi for example

Yup indeed, and I kinda follow Jojo's part 8 since some years until it ended
Ashhk Nov 24, 2:58 PM
That's the thing that I kinda fear in it tbh, also with her "bitch" backstory as well idk why they decided to make her like that especially that she's so young but well, they just wanted to put as many "fucked up" elements as possible to make it more impactful I suppose, but I'm just not in the mood for things like that recently, I'm more into comedy and positive stuff

Yes I'm legit very impressed, OLM did a great job, I love them even more I already loved the studio since they produced pokemon from the beginning and I'm a very huge fan of Pokémon.
Yes but apart from the fight scenes it's not worth it at all IMO, Listeners is also the same but way worse because even though it's MAPPA the animation looks very bad sadly, it has decent music indeed I liked this part but the remaining stuff was really eh, not surprised that it went to 5 of mean score.
Yup but that's also why I didn't start it when it started airing I was kinda afraid with this kind of art, but if it's worth it then I might enjoy it even more.

Since I read the manga I'm almost sure this one will be between 39 and 48 eps, or maybe it's two 24 eps seasons just like part 3
Ashhk Nov 23, 2:13 PM
Actually I always skipped it because I'm sure I would dislike it, so I don't think I'll ever try it, I saw a lot of moments of it and I know most of the plot and it's really lame IMO, especially for the character relationship, so it doesn't really make me want to try it, it really looks like Mirai Nikki but with a bitch/p*do main girl :S

Komi-san I'm sure you'll love it, it's nearly perfect so far, I swear the adaptation is probably even better than the manga xD I also prefer Mieruko's adaptation over the manga so far it's pretty good, Takt op you really should skip it though IMO, it's really bad so far and it's basically the same as Listeners ( with the same level of plot but with a great animation, that's all :/ idk about Ousama Ranking because I didn't start it yet but everyone loves it, I'm very interested to be honest

Yup, that's why I'm worried :/ especially that this part will probably have something like 48 eps overall so it might be even more frustrating
Ashhk Nov 22, 3:24 PM
Don't worry it's understandable, take your time! :)

Well so far the best ones are Komi, 86 part 2, Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu and Taishou Otome Otogibanashi for me, I would especially recommend Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu, it mixes some sci-fi elements like vampire with real part of history with the spacial conquest during 60s, it's really interesting, there are some other very hyped anime but I didn't start them and I don't think I'll start them soon because I'm very busy with Gintama right now.

Not really I mean it's not a separated part, it's only one part which is cut into pieces by Netflix even though it's not supposed to be like that, like for example imagine getting 6 eps of a normal show at the same time and then getting the remaining 6 other ones months later
Ashhk Nov 12, 2:19 PM
It's just that it was needed to make the perfect contrast with "good vs evil" without being too manichean, that's like the battle of wits counterpart that we saw in Death Note but with different settings and a life moral lesson and philosophy about that, that's why I still think that the end kinda fit it as a whole for what it originally wanted to do, and how "clear" it was, so a simple end was needed I think

Well yes and no, I mean 12 episodes released at once but the anime will be 39 or more episodes, probably up to 50, so we'll have to wait months for the other cours to be released like 12 eps on December 1 then 12 other episodes on February 1 etc etc I suppose
Ashhk Nov 10, 2:32 PM
Absolutely, and the way they directed it made it even more impactful, especially for the battle of wits between the two different characters and how "original" they are compared to what we're used to see, actually I liked Inuyashiki's character to be honest, I don't remember the end very well (I mean detailed) because it's been many years since I've seen it but I think that an ending that out of place especially with the moon part kinda fit the mood of the anime, that's why I thought the ending was fine for me

I mean, it's not airing weekly anymore unlike most anime since they're releasing the whole cour at the same time :/

Yeah, but I'm sure it will happen again in the future sadly :/
Ashhk Nov 9, 2:50 PM
You really should watch it, it's really underrated to be honest, I loved watching it when it aired

Inuyashiki was absolutely godly to be honest, probably one of my favorite MAPPA's work, but yeah that was their peak in terms of CGI

The 12 first episodes will be released on December 1st, RIP jojo's Friday :(

Yes :/ At least he managed to make something that great before dying but too bad he couldn't finish it
Ashhk Nov 8, 12:00 AM
Yes that's exactly the same, there are also some new season announcements for random anime like Seirei Gensouki but this one was pretty bad, otherwise I'm just really hyped for Tonikaku Kawai, there will also be In/Spectre S2 in 2022 I loved the 1st season

Yes sure, at least you can be sure with them even though their usage of CGI is weird sometimes

Apparently jojo's part 6 on Netflix got leaked they already have the first 12 eps on the site and some people that have family that work at netflix could access it and record it :o

That was the same for Berserk's author Miura and he died, so it's really worrisome.
I can't wait it's gonna be one of the best anime of 2022 if they do it right
Ashhk Nov 6, 3:57 PM
Well as far as it has great animation then I'm in I guess, but yeah it's so famous that it will get the 2nd season quickly, I don't think it will be like Demon Slayer hopefully.

Yes but in most cases, you're forced to watch them if you want to watch the anime while it airs, that's why I really hate Netflix when it blocks the subs for airing anime :/

Only a few, and you can bypass it, I'm using adblock since probably 10 years now and it works for almost everything.
Yes it's really great, too bad it's on hiatus now because of the author's health.
They're speaking about the ending of the manga because the author has been forced to finish it as fast as possible even though he wanted to expanded his ideas, the anime didn't reach the part that's why the S2 will comeback to finish the story and possibly give the author the opportunity to change the end and expand it as he wants, Bleach is one of the best shounen I've watched and totally worth it
Ashhk Nov 5, 1:09 AM
Yeah I'm 100% sure that it will get extremely popular and that's not surprising, though I won't be hyped for it since the anime didn't work on me, but if it can have some great fighting animation then why not, but yeah it's still a prequel of the 1st season so it makes sense, and then they'll announce a 2nd season for sure

Yes but so far we don't even know if they'll license it anyway, and if they do it most people will watch the fansub version so it doesn't really matter for me to be honest

At least Adblock exists xD
Yes exactly the same.
HxH is very worth it, I watched it last year and don't regret at all it was one of the best shounen I've seen, I also watched Bleach during 2020 and I watched all the 366 episodes I had faster pacing but it took me 3 months with watching 5 eps daily xD

Yeah sadly, and you can't avoid them in most cases
Ashhk Nov 4, 12:12 AM
That's right but I mean they don't produce it though, they just buy it to air it and keep the rights, so if they censor it it will be censored on Netflix only, since it's still broadcast on Japanese TV channels and this time with the same rules as before (basically ATX gonna air it without censor I guess)

Yeah that's annoying, and it's hard to find the right ones.
Well yes and no at the same time, I watched few eps at the beginning of the year and now I'm watching some more but since my pacing is VERY slow for anime in general I might just stop soon because it's impossible for me to finish it except taking half a year with this pacing since there are 360 eps or something like that with all the seasons, I'm at episode 8 right now so yeah I'm not gonna finish it soon xD but you should watch it, apparently it's better past 20 eps I'll try to go there

Yes fortunately, there are still some good people to talk about anime with you
Ashhk Nov 2, 3:55 PM
Oh I see, just like me, good luck then! :)

I hope it won't be the case tbh, it's so annoying to watch them when they're owned by Netflix, that's also why I watched Komi with no subs and on Japanese TV

Yup, but thanks to torrent websites I just find premium and complete training completely for free, and that's where I learn everything.
Same for me, even right now when I'm very slow I'm watching some Gintama episodes

That's the best to do in this case, I should do that as well xD
PerfectAzul Oct 23, 8:35 PM
I haven’t watched any anime from the Summer season yet, so I can’t say much about it. It seems it was a bit weaker than the other seasons we’ve had this year though. What did you think of the summer season?

Komi-san has been amazing so far in my opinion. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Ashhk Oct 23, 3:21 PM
Oh yeah, but they use it every years, it's already been 3-4 times that I see it

I'm especially afraid to Jojo's Stone Ocean since it's licenced by Netflix, I really hope it will be broadcast weekly on it but I doubt :'(

Yes, but there are many lessons online fortunately, what I need is motivation
Sure, I mainly use french on twitter but english is always useful here
You should watch them at a slow pacing, I did it for HxH I spent more than one month on it but it was worth it

That guy was so stupid, you did a good thing to block him, but yeah that's true, it was kinda the same for me after getting spoiled like that, it's very frustrating to be honest