Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

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Synonyms: Oregairu, My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected.
Japanese: やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。
English: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
German: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
Spanish: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
French: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2013 to Jun 28, 2013
Premiered: Spring 2013
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:28 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Brain's Base
Source: Light novel
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance
Themes: Love PolygonLove Polygon, SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.011 (scored by 786954786,954 users)
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Ranked: #5762
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Both series revolve around asocial male leads that are tricked/forced into joining a club. They also have a female lead that drives their male counterpart to perform club tasks and, surprisingly, do a good job while he is at it. They are also both high school comedies with hints of romance. 
report Recommended by F8L-Fool
-witty, clever dialogue and banter -high school setting -character driven drama with some romance -a slice-of-life feel -Male/Female leads share similarities (Hachiman/Yukino and Sakuta/Mai) 
report Recommended by duhu1148
Both series have a protagonist who appears completely disinterested in everything with average intelligence and poor social skills. But in fact is highly skilled in a variety of fields and has amazing understanding for the essence of situations he finds himself in. A female protagonist who is cold and maintains distance from people achieving an unapproachable feel to herself. She has poor social skills, but above average intelligence and beauty to match her academic skills. Both anime have the same groups of students interacting with each other, the popular kids, the athletic kids, the smart kids. And of course our protagonists do not fit in  read more 
report Recommended by SofiaBulga
'Teen Romantic Comedy Gone Wrong', or whatever typically long-winded light novel jibberish 'Yahari Ore' translates into shows all the signs of being Boku Friendship DONE RIGHT. As another user noted with their recommendation, Boku Friendship gradually turns into something of a full-on ecchi harem fest. Unlike Yahari, Boku wa started out as purely lighthearted rom-com fluff--causing later developments that expand on previously 1D comic relief characters to be awkward & its lead's turn towards a more... emo stance coming across unnaturally. Yahari one-upped this by presenting its characters as humans with relatable social difficulties from the get-go whilst still retaining sharp, witty dialogue. Instead of, say,  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
If you like one of these male leads you should enjoy the perspective of the other. While Yuhari is really starred by the main female instead of the main male the females have a lot in common in terms of being independent, strong and confusing for the males to figure out. Both shows feature limited but well developed for 12 ep anime series supporting casts. Bakemonogatari is basically the more supernatural (Yahari is pretty much just another HS anime) and higher quality in every way version of Love Comedy but if you love the type of characters the leads are you will still enjoy Love Comedy a  read more 
report Recommended by Hoax415
Yui reminds me of Minori from Toradora and I feel OreGairu has got a lot of inspiration from that series with the lead male as well (though he not only looks delinquent, he pretty much is). Similar storyline pacing and character dialogue/interactions. As a big fan of Toradora I think this one is going to be a must.  
report Recommended by Anistylez
Series that are being anti-genre towards rom-com and have their witty (mostly sarcastic) dialogues as arsenal on their series. Both main characters have introvert personality that has a lot of internal monologue throughout the series which usually has a slapstick on its end although SNAFU has much pessimistic dark humor (which more entertaining to mature audiences) than Watamote. Most of its dissimilarities is their character setup, though Hikigaya might be Kurokis male comparison he doesn't have a bad habit on succumbing himself on playing games but have his experience on real lady friends from her past, He is also more tolerant on his societal dysfunction or  read more 
report Recommended by Azraniel
they're centered around similar themes mainly the scholar environment and its problems. The characters are also similar in terms of characteristics. 
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
School comedies with a main character that has stopped believing in love. Then, he is forced to join a club with a girl that often has a bad attitude. 
report Recommended by Liinah
Both has anti-social tendencies that they already decided to go with it. OreGaIru is more onto accepting what you are and being better about it. while JakuChara is more on changing for the better. So watching them is like seeing their own different path with almost the same out look in life. 
report Recommended by 8man226
Both shows feature male leads that are realistic (or pessimistic) narrators. While Hachiman's outlook tends to focus on the dark-side of individuals and society, Kyon in Melancholy carries only a sarcastic and cynical tone in his narration. Both leads are dropped into after-school clubs against their will, filled with interesting characters. Kyon deals with an energetic, enigmatic female lead whose antics often place its club members in trouble. Hachiman on the other hand, works with an ice-queen club leader and carries significantly less pull than Kyon. The similarities of the male leads and the environments each is placed makes these shows easy to compare, even  read more 
report Recommended by Swiftstrike
Romance, comedy, school. And, both animes have great personalities for their characters. What's not to love?  
report Recommended by The_Ron
While both series don't have the exact same premise, Kokoro Connect and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. deal with a group of characters who get together at school while participating in various events/activities. Both series' main female protagonists have a strong and independent personality but sometimes are too brutally honest. Among other things, the interactions between the main characters of both series are what makes it a fun watch through the usage of humor, dialogues, and gags. Both series also add flavor to the romance side as there seems to be some drama between the main characters. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are about loners and existential crises. NHK is about running from reality, Yahari is about running from people. Or vice versa :) However, NHK is about a shut-in in his 20s and Yahari is about high-school life, thus the latter is more of the mainstream.  
report Recommended by arixtty
If you add up a love hating, otaku, unpopular male protagonist, a cold, intelligent, sharp tongued female protagonist, with some equally interesting female protagonists? What do you get? You get two of the best romcom animes in history. Both anime's are set in a school club environment where everyday comedy and romance ensues. Why is this? Because a couple of beautiful female characters going after your average normal male lead character can create some hilariously awkward situations. If you enjoyed one of these anime's, I will bet my underwear that you will say the same about the other. 
report Recommended by poormeate
I heard these two compared and contrasted on a forum as something along the lines of "one is about three friends unselfishly seeking friendship and finding love; the other is about three friends selfishly seeking love and finding friendship". I'll let you decide how true that is after having watched it but I did feel these two were semi similar. The biggest similarity is the dynamic of the three main characters, a male and two females (and the two girls are sort of parallels character wise), and the unspoken feelings between the three of them. I think Oregairu does an overall better job character and story  read more 
report Recommended by Dragon
Slice-of-Life, School, and Drama. Well thought-out stories. Though Chuunibyou tend to lean toward the side of romance, and have more comedy. Both offer unique perspectives on growing up, and have done a virtually flawless job of it. 
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both are told from male perspective.. Both MCs are loners by choice .. Both have many catchy phrases/ quotable dialogues .. Both have some kind of philosophical/ psychological monologues .. Both MCs are put in a situation where they have to go out of their ways and interact with others  
report Recommended by colorful_smile
Both series have very intelligent characters, who just can't express their true feelings or even understand themselves to the full capacity. A huge amount of both shows is dedicated to overthinking mundain situations and scheming social interactions. The romances in both are based on communication and compatibility. 
report Recommended by mariontenrion
Both have a mean yet admirable lead female. Similar outcast characters trying to fit in. Slice of life Drama Both have deep plots and characters.  
report Recommended by OhsnapitsDavid
In both series, they take place at a local high school setting. But more importantly, there is a club where friends gather and conduct daily activities. The main male protagonist in both series are not similar but they do have a way to present their thoughts to others in a not so typical fashion. On the other hand, the main female MC in both series are independent and has a cool aura around them. Both series also has a lot of comedy, drama, catchy dialogues, and hints of a little romance between two of the main characters. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both shows delve into the personal intricacies of romance and interpersonal relationships at the high school age range and have a rather cynical lead character. Just Because has a stronger focus on the romance aspect while Oregairu has a more subtle approach. However, Oregairu also covers other social dynamics and digs deeper into its characters. 
report Recommended by Samurai_Zero
Both "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" and "ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me?" do a wonderful job in subverting the romantic comedy tropes that we typically see in anime. There's only so many times the same old story can be told and manga writers themselves are starting to become aware of this. The self-aware commentary told by the main characters of both shows, Hachiman and Joro, is quite refreshing to see. While "ORESUKI" takes a more light-hearted comedic tone, "SNAFU" often takes a more serious route when analyzing relationships. That's not to say "ORESUKI" completely waves off the emotions of its characters  read more 
report Recommended by Kitty_Angora
Both have the same type of sense of humor & vibe. Both revolve around high school club activities & their daily lives. Both have the same type of main characters (Shirogane=Hachiman, Kaguya=Yuukinoshita). *Ishigami is also very alike to Hachiman. The only difference is OreGairu is more drama-driven, while Kaguya-sama is more slice-of-life-driven.  
report Recommended by NickLim27
In the world of impaired logic of social welfare club is trying to solve the conventions forthright young people. 
report Recommended by Exenjii
Both feature delinquent protagonists helping others. Both are harems that are heavier on story and drama than others in the genre. Both deal with similar themes.  
report Recommended by MisterTrantastic
It has the same atmosphere where they are brought together by an unlikely force to be done so. 
report Recommended by Blake1920
Both series are comedic and of the slice of life genre. Both series' main male protagonist are good at giving advice, with the drawback of either being hated or losing their dignity. Both series somehow or somewhat reflect certain real life situations. 
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
Both shows focus on social outcasts with a flawed mindset and the reason they got into the position they were in. They also feature similar lead female characters and some romance without having romance be the main focus of the show. However, the approach in each show is quite different.  
report Recommended by Lohuydahutt
Both give you new angle to look at life and also gives us a lot of life lesson the reason I love these both is because of they depict how your life can change because entry of even 1 person 
report Recommended by sageT_T
-Both have main characters that avoid people but are suddenly thrown into a situation where they are forced to play nice with girls they don't enjoy the company of at first -Both have a female lead that immediately is open and friendly to the protagonist despite his standoffishness, and a female lead that has no desire to get along with the protagonist whatsoever (more than one in the case of 5-toubun no Hanayome) -Both involve the antisocial main characters eventually being drawn out to social events by the female characters where drama and hilarity ensues 
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Similar gloomy MC - Similar highschool setting 
report Recommended by JACKSIMMELHAG
Oregairu and MayoChiki are both romcoms that have weird guy-girl relationships. The plot flow goes without saying is also alike, The guy has trouble socializing with girls due to some trauma, so the girl offers to help him cure this. 
report Recommended by NotAeryl
I don't know why but Yahari reminded me of Gintama. First of all the protags of both anime are in a group or a club which helps people or lend a hand to them. Both protags are lazy and hikkikomori types. Both anime have very dark themes even though the comedy and comical dialogues of both the anime are above par. Both can provide us for good moral lessons. 
report Recommended by cchigu
Both take place in High School and both Male protagonists are forced to join a club in which all other members are Females. However, these two are more than your typical High School Slice-of-Life Anime. YOSLCM's protagonist has a unique style of thinking, borne from his pessimism towards his peers. Conveniently, so do the females of Yakiun Domo- they are so perverted that bog standard objects can quickly become the stuff of jokes. In this case, it's hard to feel pessimistic- this show is absolutely sidesplitting! YOSLCM is far from inferior though- its serious social commentary complements Yakiun Domo, which aims to provide viewers with utterly random comedy. 
report Recommended by FinnDevitt
MCs from both series are filled with resentment and hatred as a result of them being ostracised. They are rude and unapproachable young men who have their own way of doing things and seeing the world around them. And yet, they are both dependable and (deep inside) kind, so they help people around them. 
report Recommended by JustEugene
- Both Mc are both asocial. - Both Mc are being forced to do something (e.g join a club or go on a date) - Both Mc are arrogant about something  
report Recommended by caprisan
These shows are different, but have 2 main similarities between them: 1) It is "psychological" non-traditional anime romance based in the inability of characters to have fulfilling relationships due to emotional issues 2) The plot progression is heavily focused on the internal growth of characters, more than on the external events 
report Recommended by haveimooed
Not all too similar shows, but similar main characters. Also: school setting + some focus on relationships between characters. 
report Recommended by abotreika
These shows are similar in the sense that they approach the characters' actions and mindsets with subtlety and give you hints as to why they make their choices. Oregairu seeks to help out people in their school, but Sakurada Reset wishes to achieve this on a grander scale.  
report Recommended by Zelev
Same main casts (Loid = Hachiman; Yor = Yukinon) Same energy Both are superbly hilarious and entertaining to watch Both are masterpieces in the entire lifetime of anime. You don't watch either one of it, you are missing two funniest anime in the entire mankind.  
report Recommended by NickLim27
- The male main character feels life has no meaning - He 'joins a club' dominated by females - They're all 'outcasts' - It has the same feel to it 
report Recommended by laurenpoo
The playful persiflage between the male lead and the female lead is fun to watch. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
There is a sudden degree of odd elements present that defines high school clubs. For starters, delusions come into play with fantasy thoughts playing in the heads of our main characters. As much bizarre as these series can get, they also question anything that directly or indirectly affects them and solves it with their own methods. The main male protagonist gets himself involved with such clubs reluctantly after sudden circumstances. Although seemingly against the whole idea, the main characters do begin to appreciate more of themselves and the club's members. At the same time, they still make brash comments about others. Both series still adapt a comedy  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both shows are very similar due to their slow pace, gradual exploration of the motivation and actions of the characters, as well as the rather subtle and attentive development of the romantic line. The main difference, of course, is that Yagate Kimi ni Naru is a melancholic shoujo-ai, and Oregairu, on the contrary, is a sarcastic school comedy with a male lead. Moreover, I do not know whether it is intentional or not, but Touko and Yuu are so similar to Yukinon and Yui that sometimes it may seem like a yuri fanfic on Oregairu, especially considering the popularity of Yukinon/Yui pairing. In any case, if  read more 
report Recommended by RobertBobert
Stories of unpopular male MC joining a club, of which all other members are girls. Show extensive interaction between members within the club and how they try to achieve their club objectives. Both shows are humorous (not just comedy but zany humor). 
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
It is a comedy Romance that shows more of the tension between people and shows comedy with it as well. 
report Recommended by VexXDemolisher
Both animes have similar plot structures and main characters who are poignant in their personality and seem rather cautious of others. SNAFU is a bit more down to earth with hints of romance. While Grisaisa seems ordinary, but really hints at dark humor. What these two shows possess in common is nuanced character interactions and dialogue, whilst Grisaia being a tad darker than SNAFU. 
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
While not entirely similar from the surface, both these series deals with a club at school. From there, the main male protagonist meets a strange female protagonist where they get off to a rocky start. There is humor and comedy and along with that, the main male protagonist seems to have a head of strange thoughts regarding various things. Both series' artwork is also similar in a way and gives off a lighthearted feeling. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are created by the same author so they have clear similarities. They both have witty characters and almost always have something satirical to say about anime, life, culture, relationships, exc. Both draw their roots from light novels so the dialogue is very dense, and have lot of meaning to them that one cannot will miss if they gloss over it.  
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
They don't have the same premise but they sure are entertaining especially through the usage of their dialogues. In fact, the dialogues from both series are quite memorable, catchy, and has a moral to them as opposed to just being just talk. The main male protagonist from both series also has a very indifferent outlook on life. They also attracts the attention of others but sometimes in ways they don't want them to be. Both series has a lot of humor and great style of scenes portrayed at school.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both series have more or less have the same content that exploits human natures tendency to collapse due to corruption, misinformation, immaturity, ignorance & forced societal complementary.Self monologues are the highlight of both series though that would be obvious since the characters have introvert sides, also had a slow start due to foreshadowing, it also had four seasons without winter. Only difference is that SNAFU is more straightforward and doesn't like to present things in a metaphorical analogies unlike JWSS does most of the time, it inputs real somewhat humane characters instead. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Even if one is a Shoujo and the other is sort of like a Seinen, the two share many similarities. They both revolve around troubled teenagers and their difficulty making friends. They both tap into questioning how they should deal with their social lives. To sacrifice their own values just to make friends or not? To be honest to themselves and other people or to sacrifice that just to avoid being excluded from the group? Yahari goes a little deeper though. The male main characters are also both very pessimistic. The upbeat female main characters are also both..well..upbeat. 
report Recommended by BiddingGortonio
Both main characters were involved in an accident and lost their memory, though Golden Time uses that more than SNAFU. Both also have love triangles. 
report Recommended by DaxtotheMax
If you liked Yahari you will probably like High Score Girl because in both shows - There are similar main characters who both start off kind of self centered. - Main character accompanied by 2 female characters where in the end you as a viewer might have hard time to choose which one to support more. - Stories in both shows are decent and worth watching. Yahari has more school setting than High Score Girl since people hang out in arcades as well. - Both have romcom and school elements in it. I would recommend this for the similar vibe they share, if you liked one, check  read more 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
They both are similar as: # Both have complex dialogues. # Both have love triangle (fruits basket - kyou, yuki and tohru/ oregairu - hikigaya, yukino, yui) # Both characters have complex emotions # Same sense of slice of life pacing # Both stories start slow If you like fruits basket, then you would like oregairu.  
report Recommended by 2322
Both series share a similar school setting. Main characters meet in a club and have some hilarious interactions and experiences. Comedy-focused slice of life with some lighthearted romance. 
report Recommended by Crimson
Both are romantic comedies where the MC has to spend a lot of time after classes with girls because of what their teachers told them and in both he gets a harem. Oregairu from a point of view is a better executed and actually has a very god ending with a winning girl. 
report Recommended by xLuis-04
similar genre as well as a vast diverse of character personality 
report Recommended by scytl
Both involve a withdrawn character joining a school club out of force and going through cliche yet highly entertaining rom-com scenarios. 
report Recommended by mozyri
Both protagonists initially start out weak and somewhat cynical due to hardships they've experienced in life, but show what they are truly capable of pretty quickly. The romcom elements in both are very strong. 
report Recommended by phiraeth
Through ages of reminiscing your wonderful lives could lead onto a lot whole experience through enjoying the gaze of your own youth, Days maybe much time to tell us the new age or decay of romance must be told unfold about what lies within it's unique and very simple story  
report Recommended by -HippySnob-
if you think about it, oregairu is like "what if school days was a romcom without constant betrayal and lying". - both have nihillistic main characters who dont give a damn about anything most of the time, but like to be helpful on rare occasions - mcs furthermore struggle with social interactions - different girls having feelings for them as well - basic school life anime with pretty common school events like school festivals 
report Recommended by Sayaznk
Both series share similar types of humor, which spans from a light-hearted laugh to full-on degeneracy. If you found Yahari Ore no... hilarious, you'll likely enjoy Kanojo, Okarishimasu. 
report Recommended by M_Demarco
Both stories focus on a introverted and cynical mc that is placed in situations where he must learn to trust his friends as well as learning more about the world around him and overcoming his cynicism to be a better person. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
Romances that are not particularly romantic, but are nonetheless very entertaining. Oregairu is more comedic/parodic; Yesterday is more dramatic/straightlaced. Main characters are generally immature, broken, or borderline toxic personalities who are nonetheless immediately and completely relatable and usually sympathetic. Both shows do a good job of portraying the complication of real-life emotions and insecurities interestingly and convincingly. Both shows create emotional payoff for the viewer by having the characters straighten out their own emotions and then act on them - even when those emotional actions wind up creating conflict or don't actually solve the root problem of the situation or character. 
report Recommended by apc243
Teenagers dreaming of staying at home during working hours. 
report Recommended by SgtBateMan
Both focus on interpersonal relationships between high school classmates and feature fantastic writing. Both also have a good mix of drama and comedy. Their second seasons are more alike, as Oregairu's art improves (though of course not to KyoAni levels) and Hibike! Euphonium takes a "case of the month" approach like Oregairu, where the protagonists try to solve their classmates' problems or accomplish a big goal. 
report Recommended by TMoane
The main character Yoshida reminds me of Hachiman Hikigaya. They are both very caring, sensitive and some what blunt . They usually put others needs before their own and try and help people . The stories are not similar but as I watched Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou I couldn't help think of Hikigaya. Yoshida even looks like a grown up Hikigaya. Both are very enjoyable slice of life anime and I recommend both anime  
report Recommended by CCR
Main characters look like each other on emotions, personal situation, feelings and personality. Both anime take school as a primmary or secondary element, and real life as instrument to tell the story. 
report Recommended by demonAnimeLic
The MC in both shows is a loner. He joins a club in which he is the only boy. The number of girls keep increasing. Success!! 
report Recommended by SkydiverRed
references exist everywhere. 
report Recommended by SabishiYui
Both main characters have the same way of thinking and the same style to solve problems. Less romance and more action in Otome but the vibe is similar. 
report Recommended by Moopiiks
Love, Friendship and heartbreak., a single protagonist and multiple heroines falling for him. 
report Recommended by AgrMayank
Classic anime that should be watched by everybody. Lina Inverse is a great character. 
report Recommended by Gafennec
Underrated but perfect waifu with wholesome plot. Even though the best part starts halfway after season 2. 
report Recommended by MitsuhaWatanabe
At times heartbreaking show that is very deep for an anime show. 
report Recommended by Gafennec
Good SoL show that pretends to be a harem show, but never is. 
report Recommended by Gafennec
both have comedy and a main character with a "special" outlook on life. momoka thinks that everyone else exist for her sake and hikigaya is a total pessimist (though he thinks of himself as a realist). beside that they are both some of the best anime ever created. 
report Recommended by DankSgt
Sasami and Hachiman both have dry wit and a less than positive outlook on school because of precursory events.  
report Recommended by shigeru212
Both animes have Male Protagonists constantly having somewhat of a dialogue for their thoughts throughout the series. Both MCs try to stay true to their realistic and logic view of life. Both MCs have a world view of themselves are being losers in life instead of winners. 
report Recommended by MinnaDess
The main characters have different personalities but similar circumstances, having suffered a heart-wrenching rejection from their crush and having misgivings about getting their hopes up when it comes to romance. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
These two shows include their main male character possibly ending up with either of the two main female characters in a romantic relationship. 
report Recommended by Partaker
The shows are similar in how the main characters see everyone else as a threat, Oreigaru is darker humor with a bit of romance whilst Handa-kun is more slapstick comedy. If you enjoy school animes with unusual male leads you'll like and learn from both. 
report Recommended by Democracy
Even though they differ in so many genres, but the similarities are all about THE MAIN CHARACTER. Both of the animes got the dark hero protagonists. Sacrificing themselves for the sake of others and becoming the villain intentionally. Both of them are called lazy, useless. But in the end they are strong and brilliant strategic. 
report Recommended by uragiri_n
In both series, there is a club or rather a group of members. They do unusual activities although they do seem to get along occasionally with one another. There is a lot of catchy dialogues along with the amount of absurd comedies present in both. Additionally, both series takes place @ a school life setting. The main female protagonist in both series are considered beauties and seems to have a dominant personality. (Yukino and Riko) On the other hand, there is also some drama present. There is 'romance' in both series but presented not as clear. Rather, it presents it as a humorous trope used to  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
On the surface, there might not be too many similarities but both Tari Tari and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. follows the story of its main characters as they do every day activities whether at school or outdoors collectively. The main male protagonist Taichi from Tari Tari and Hachiman from Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. are often moody with an usual serious look on their face. Their interactions with the other cast members seems to brighten their personality somewhat as they more about themselves and others. Both series has a slice of life vibe to them and takes place in a  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
These 2 anime really remind me of each other. Not the setting but the main character. He's pessimistic but in a funny way. They also share a often used phrase. 
report Recommended by Bozzzz
Hikigaya and Ken may be complete opposites, but they're two sides of the same coin. Most often than not, they do give good advices to their peers, though Hikky does it in a negative way, whereas Ken does it in a positive manner. Both of them work hard behind the scenes too, Ken doing paperwork, and Hikky executing his solutions without Yui or Yukino's awareness. Do give SnI a try, you might actually find similarities between Ore no Seishun and SnI ^o^ 
report Recommended by Nikko_ni_ni
let me start by saying this: These anime are totally different in genre; Oregairu is school slice-of-life and Code Geass is sci-fi war now here's why they're similar: the main characters are both the good guys with good intentions, but they play the roles of the villains in order to help others by becoming hated, and also, the main side-male character plays the role of the good guy who is against the main characters' decisions even though they know their intentions 
report Recommended by justice0
Genshiken and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. both are developed from the idea of a club that are formed by the main characters. Although they serve for different purposes, they 'unite them' together for daily activities. There is a lighthearted atmosphere in both series that also seems to follow a slice of life style of narrative. Additionally, there is a lot of humor accompanied with that atmosphere through the usage of catchy dialogues and references. Both series' main female protagonists also are considered cool rather than shy but tends to show vulnerable sides of themselves occasionally. Both series also has hinted romance and drama. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Well, in a few ways I see some similarities between these two series. Both Medaka Box and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. takes place in a school life setting. The main female protagonist in both series has a tough personality, is independent, and commands attention to herself and to others. Both series' main male protagonist on the other hand seems to be aloof and wonders about every day life as if it's just a typical day, every day. There is comedy, drama, and hints of romance here and there. There's also some conflicts between the school members with others. More importantly though..in both series, there  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
While reading the synopsis they don't seem similar at all, these two are actually really similar. > Lot of human observation in school life > Problem solving, done by the main character > Friendship While one is lighthearted supernatural and cute, the other is more grim but I can't help but think they're very similar when it comes to school life. Both series involve the main characters trying to cope with unreasonable people while observing and learning how to deal with them. 
report Recommended by guddi
The same situation where they male character never gets any respect from the main female character, except in one anime it was the guy himself who made his sister hate him, while the other one the female lead was a tsundere to begin with. 
report Recommended by RazorRamona200
Yukino and Kuroda are very similar characters and they look almost the same too. Both school-based. Both have rom-com aspects although Yahari has more a bit more drama than Shoujo (based on first ep). 
report Recommended by -CG
1-The main character Ikuta san and Hachiman san - both play the bad guy role while resolving problems. - Thinking the same way. - Look at people and every thing around very well before moving. But at the same time they look very reckless. - Lazy. - they look negative but they are positive actually. And they do not know that. - like people and want to save them when no one think they will. - If you know them well you will like them and want to help them. - popular and loved, I do not really know if they know that but I guess they figure it out later. - They are  read more 
report Recommended by Droooka
Whereas the two series aren't even close, their relativity could be on characters. First one, the main character, Okabe, kind of reminds me of Hachiman for his lone personality, half-chuuni humour(in between Steins;Gate's will and the 108 Skills of the Loner). But the true comparison I would suggest is Yukino and Kurisu, whereas one is from America, graduated from college and the other is in firs-year of highschool, both are geniuses. As well, both are in someway tsundere (perhaps also kuudere) ; romance exists in between them and the main characters of respective series. To wrap at it, Kurisu and Yukino both seem so weak and alone,  read more 
report Recommended by Lolsebca
The protagonist almost shares the same ideology as the protagonist in this anime has. This is also an interesting anime to watch as it may complement each other. 
report Recommended by Pandellon
In both of these series, you are focused on the psychology of a restricted number of characters, and how it is going to influence each other's mindset. There are similarities between the main characters since the series describe their way to understand their own feelings. 
report Recommended by J-SEKKI
Both series have a club that solve people problems, featuring two girls and one boy. And one of girls in both series voiced by Hayami Saori (Yuuno Arashiko and Yukinon, of course). Well, the way of solving problems is completly different, as well as series genre and mood. That because in Yahari Ore no Seishun ROMCOM went terrible wrong, as title honestly describes. I can compare MM! and Oregairu with two sides of the same coin. If you, for some reason, just watched Oregairu and now want to know how how typical "Teen Romanctic Comedy" could be - you should watch MM! Otherwise - if you  read more 
report Recommended by Eldve
If you're willing to hop over a genre to a school romantic comedy, these two shows share quite a lot of similarity, especially in the protagonists. Both embrace a somewhat antihero role in their respective universes, despite being overall very well-intentioned. Yahari Ore honestly has very little romance in it, and if you're interested in the underlying issues that One Punch tries to tackle, there are many of the same themes and a similar comedic style. 
report Recommended by mirrorminx
Both cover the trials of youth and just how misaligned our desperate struggles and percieved notions of supremacy really are when trudging through the challenging of discovering just who we truly are as an indiviudal. Whilst aku no hana excels at suspense and dread, yahari masters social distance and interpersonal anxiety. Either they both are so incessantly focused on self identity it's outrageously addictive.  
report Recommended by vasili101
Haha, you're thinking how in the world is this similar to kimi ni todoke? Both MC's initially had no friends and were very antisocial, but for different reasons. The majority of the show is subjectively in the protag's perspective where a lot of narrating is done explicitly to the audience. The MC's grow in character in every episode while overcoming obstacles given by their new found relationships. Both in school setting and have couple of festivals taking place in the anime. Both animes are all about character development.  
report Recommended by josenewtype
Similarities: Both protagonists were living through rough times, however they think well on their feet. Both protagonists are great characters (smart, cool). (Hachiman from Oregairu, Tatsuya Shiba from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei). Both anime take place in a high school setting. Differences: Oregairu doesn't involve magic or fighting abilities when in compared to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. 
report Recommended by mercury1980
+ Both anime feat male MC who is less popular among girls and unsociable but actually very care to others + Focus story is how MC tries to solve a problem that is being faced by other students 
report Recommended by SSSS_Shunaria
Both anime seem to present themselves a typical show of their respective genre However, they manage to subvert every single cliché and trope in their genre with refreshing dialog and good characters. Particularly, the dialog between the main two characters is outstanding. 
report Recommended by FireX
It goes through similar story arcs and had the ice queen trope that gets spun off.  
report Recommended by TheFrostBiiteHD