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Kokoro Connect
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While both series don't have the exact same premise, Kokoro Connect and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. deal with a group of characters who get together at school while participating in various events/activities. Both series' main female protagonists have a strong and independent personality but sometimes are too brutally honest. Among other things, the interactions between the main characters of both series are what makes it a fun watch through the usage of humor, dialogues, and gags. Both series also add flavor to the romance side as there seems to be some drama between the main characters.
report Recommended by Stark700
Slice-of-Life, Drama, with a touch of romance. Story begin with a certain high school club, and thus a splendid tale of teenage drama unfurls. Kokoro Connect has some supernatural element, whereas oregairu is solidly grounded in reality (notice my pun here?).
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Hmmm, not only the the clubroom, the conversations but the EMOTIONS on top make these two very similar. Characters are getting depressed over time and you follow how they will be "saved". A lot of character development in both anime's through talking with eachother. However Kokoro Connect uses the few phenomenons as input for getting their problems above water, while Yahari ore no sieshun relies purely on its conversations. If you like one, you prob like the other too, give it a try.
report Recommended by Tokimime
It both tackles the problems of a highschool introverted students having trouble finding a group of friends they can rely on
report Recommended by earabiana
this anime is also about some high school students in a club , and the things that happen between them. this anime has a fantastic idea that u might have seen it before in Kimi no Nawa anime. if u liked that u will like it too
report Recommended by Yaas_2002
In both of this animes, the characters tries to solve the problems of other people. But oregairu is more attractive to see because there are a lot of comedy and the problems are more difficult to solve than in kokoro connect. I hope that my recommendation be useful for you!
report Recommended by xMartiinBJ
These great melodrama anines are similar because THEYRE DIFFERENT. Yep. Theyre the exact POLAR OPPOSITES of each other, most notably due to the main male characters. In Kokoro Connect,Taichi Yaegashi has a strong desire to help others and worries about others more than himself. In Oregairu, Hikigaya Hachiman is narcisstic, introverted, apathetic, no self-awareness of his reputation (actually he does but he doesnt mind tarnishing it) and only does what benefits him. Jesus vs edgy cold-hearted jesus. Both characters try to cater to their peers' feelings by resolving the problems they face whilst avoiding cruel and narcisstic methods. And the peers/main msle characters' inner circle   read more
report Recommended by Nero_Vanetti
Both have a very well constructed/structured romantic history. In terms of Plot it’s quite different, but this part I think everyone would prefer it to be different. In terms of characters, we have in both series captivating characters and with a construction 10/10, no doubt the characters of both shows are very interesting and obviously similar on certain issues. Both anime are catchy and make the viewer wonder what will happen in the next episode right away
report Recommended by WarriorGato
- both anime deal with the topic of growing up and the problems and difficulties that come with it - romance wise there is a similar development between the characters - both anime have the typical school setting However, one sidenote: The dialogues and characters in Kokoro Connect aren't as complex as they can be in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
report Recommended by Patrxaa
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