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Sanzoku no Musume Ronja
Sanzoku no Musume Ronja
Oct 20, 2:14 PM
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Tonari no Yamada-kun
Tonari no Yamada-kun
Oct 20, 2:12 PM
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Tonari no Totoro
Tonari no Totoro
Oct 20, 8:43 AM
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Aug 21, 4:02 AM
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Jul 29, 6:40 AM
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Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk
Jul 29, 6:39 AM
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KyoumaZ Yesterday, 2:58 PM
Why no 10? Because you ain't 10 anymore? :^)
KyoumaZ Yesterday, 2:49 PM
Werty, I enjoy Anime.
KyoumaZ Yesterday, 2:39 PM
watch Ping Pong next.
AndoCommando Oct 14, 5:43 AM
Man, you already know your boy got a folder full of evidence ready if it gets too far.
AndoCommando Oct 14, 2:16 AM
I do have a lot of power in my hands regarding this whole debacle, but I'm more than happy to let her continue making a fool of herself :)
Werty800 Oct 8, 1:16 PM
To the person who commented on here and then deleted their message, if they see this, I saw it, and I'm sorry I didn't respond, I was going to but I just kinda forgot to check MAL and was kinda busy in general. Feel free to PM me or something if you'd like! :)
SunlitSonata Sep 29, 4:57 PM
OK Cool! I’ll respond to some of this bugger stuff regarding off implications or plot railroading later. For now, glad you liked it as much as you did.

Starting Kino now?
Grex11 Sep 29, 7:29 AM
"There are people on this site who are more invested in this than I am, from whom I can get information about what's good and what's not so good from this year"
Heh, suppose I'd be one of those people -- though I do make an effort to only pick up shows I think I'll get something out of. When the youtube stuff was still going, I also felt an obligation to stay on top of the popular series as well, but fuck that anymore. I have no desire to force myself through the Eromangas and Akashic Records of 2018.
Grex11 Sep 23, 7:07 PM
"I don't think I can honestly handle another huge conversation like that anyway since I have two going on already. In fact, I answered to you so late because I couldn't muster up the strength or find the time to respond to some of them."
No worries, I did notice the surprising length of some comments you were receiving. I won’t take it personally if you take a week to respond lol

"I am just more so angry at the industry which propagates an unhealthy work ethic and forces people to work too fast to create something better, which costs adaptations like that a lot from my experiences."
You make an interesting point here, and one I do agree with. The anime industry has had a serious problem of overproduction and oversaturation for a long while. Far too few anime actually capitalize on the strengths of the medium, and even the best of seasons are filled with a number of poorly thought-out, terribly made productions. This season's Grand Blue, for instance, is quite funny, but everything "animated" about it is a travesty. It's basically a low-budget, panel-for-panel slideshow, and it's hardly the first (or last) of its kind.

Excellent take on that Jigen episode! I'm excited to see what you think of the rest. If you're ever looking for a very notably different spin on the characters and world of Lupin, the Fujko Mine spinoff might be worth looking into down the line.
Lythelus Sep 23, 4:32 PM
\\(^ . ^)//
Plasmatize Sep 23, 3:20 PM
Grex11 Sep 21, 4:29 PM
Awesome to hear. I would’ve liked to entertain a more meaty discussion on the series, but as I said when you first started, I’m really not very confident in my current opinion, considering what I’ve seen and talked about since last watching it. Do you think you’ll be watching the Rebuilds anytime soon, or wait 'till the last one is actually released?

“Even reading up on the criticism of it, a large part of it is really disconnected from my experience with it. It's honestly a weird experience, haven't really happened to me before”
I can definitely say I’ve felt this way before; it’s kind of inevitable if you keep consuming media. I think most recently… I had tinges of that with After the Rain. There are certainly elements of that show that I think are open to criticism, but some specific complaints people have about the finale or character development are impossible for me to relate to.

“...except for when I disliked something and couldn't see why people do, but even then, only one time with Tanya, last year.”
Haha, yeah... (as I sit here, currently reading and enjoying the Tanya LNs)

True, true, it’s a total shift in feel from a movie to TV series. The narrative definitely won’t be as tight; a large chunk of the series is standalone episodes, and I actually think the “main” story of Part IV is somewhat weird and not terribly compelling. Its strength mostly shines in those episodic stories (whereas Part 5 is the opposite).
Grex11 Sep 19, 1:14 PM
I know I’m a little late despite being the one to recommend Eva lol, but looks like things went well, as I’d hoped.

Is Part IV living up to the Cagliostro standard, at least to some extent?
SunlitSonata Sep 17, 6:18 PM
OK, just felt like lending a toss up on why I couldn't love the series despite having a lot of things going for it.

That, partly reasoning of implications why I didn't quite resonate the same way. What I mean is viewing it for the sake of that deeper meaning. I stated several times that as a story and character writing, it is very well done. The context is that of its own narrative, and Shinji's headspace compared to everything surrounding him. The presentation flaws could be there for art or budget sake but only gravitated that pushing so far. That appreciation of it as an art piece I'm curious how much impact it had back then. If anything, it's getting more retroactive recognition, while people back when were confused at all the WTF moments it threw out as it concluded. The most one could view out of it is self-acceptance in spite of the world's circumstance and the repeat follies of humanity.

Basically, even if the world will repeatedly suffer, you are the most important person in your life to control your own destiny, no one else's expectations. If that's the important breakthrough, that's a personal breakthrough. Viewing the events themselves and the implications behind them: life is hell and you're screwed, all the self-confidence you could gain is meaningless, and any and all attempts to enjoy life will be in vain. The escapism critique laid out by the show is perfectly valid, even to this day. The two endings are complements because it's either accept the warm embrace or realize that it's meaningless given the surrounding ruined state.

It's more like "oh no, Shinji's fallen into depression regression again and Asuka happened to leave for stress reasons. Let's send in our special 4th pilot not built up until now. Oh wait, look at that, he's the only one who can achieve understanding with Shinji isn't that AMAZING? You know what's also amazing? Killing Angels, whom he, the only humanoid one seen at this point, happens to be. And Shinji HAPPENS to be the only one that can kill him."
The killing scene itself is shockingly well done in context with how they hold on it, but all these coincidences one after another took me out of it some.
Plasmatize Sep 16, 8:06 PM