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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
4 hours ago
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Jul 19, 9:46 AM
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Love Live! Sunshine!!
Love Live! Sunshine!!
Jul 15, 6:14 AM
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Moeyo Pen
Moeyo Pen
Jun 9, 7:06 AM
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Haruka na Machi e
Haruka na Machi e
Apr 18, 2:46 PM
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Bakuon Rettou
Bakuon Rettou
Apr 16, 7:03 AM
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Plasmatize Yesterday, 8:25 PM
College/University certainly has its share of advantages. It tends to be much more independent, flexible, and you’ll get more control (and responsibility) over where you steer your education and whatever lies beyond. Hope you like the experience!

Getting into Gundam is tempting. I’ll definitely do it at some point and probably start with either the original or one of the more well-regarded entries like Thunderbolt, Unicorn, or maybe Origin (once it finishes), though like you, I doubt I’ll even try to tackle the whole franchise in a short timeframe. Sadly, even I have a limit for how many cool giant robots and dramatic political arcs I can watch before burning out. :)

I have two modes of operation regarding music. One is to just get totally swept up in the moment and that emotional experience. The other is attentive listening/pondering/appreciation, basically, going exploring, trying to understand the world of sonic art. Just depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I’ll even listen to a song once or twice casually and then go back and take a closer look through it after, then listen to it casually once again after growing to know it more.
Of course, some stuff doesn’t feel like it really needs a ton of analysis. Stuff with a simple easy-listening appeal that you can just kick back to and enjoy. Sometimes, that’s all that’s needed.

Nah, you’re not dumb; I agree with you, at least regarding the first Metroid (can’t speak on the others quite yet). There are game-changing secret passages and items everywhere in which the only discernible clues I could find were part of some obtuse brand of in-universe logic about where secrets lie - a brand of logic that pretty much has to be worked out with trial and error, because there’s no other indication of the location of half the secrets. You try as many locations as possible and eventually realize that “dead ends”, seemingly featureless one-screen hallways, certain flat floors or ceilings and other things should always be checked, but those are all things that few if any players would feel compelled to check without knowing these in-universe conventions. It’s just one of many elements compounding to create a very tedious, uninteresting first few hours that are probably the biggest issue I have with the game; once those hurdles are cleared it’s actually decent for its time.
What I’m hoping is that future entries in the series will either sort out all the instances of virtually non-hinted secrets, or will find ways to teach the player their in-universe secret conventions through thoughtful early-game design. We’ll have to see.

Once I complete V3 I could share my thoughts if you’re interested. Spoiler-free, of course!
Plasmatize Jul 19, 6:07 PM
Hooray! Well done!
It’s always satisfying to finish off something big like that. I’m 15 days away from being done my current set of uni exams myself, before getting a full month off. Can’t wait! (Maybe it’ll improve my response time as well.)

How much Gundam have you seen, out of curiosity? Are you planning to explore the franchise further?

Man, I’m so behind on music right now; barely been keeping up with even the mere awareness of current releases.
tbh that’s partly because I’m a theory nerd who spends all his time obsessing over the harmonies, motifs and expressions of instrumental symphonic, classical, neoclassical and cinematic-type music instead of what most people are actually talking about...
Just haven’t listened to a lot of new stuff lately, I guess. But as for plans, probably going to explore Kendrick Lamar’s recent discography and some other well-regarded rap artists to expand my taste into that genre (it’s never really “clicked” with me before, but I think I just need to give an honest effort to finding and listening to some stuff with actually interesting lyrics, ideas, beats and rhythms. We’ll see how Damn etc. etc. goes). I’m excited!
I guess some of what you’ve been listening to would apply, so thanks for the semi-intentional recommendations! Otherwise, I’ll just see what looks interesting lately.
And you’ve officially exposed my gif/image laziness by just pasting the link. Well done!

Nice. I’ve sort of been doing the same with games - just chilling, relaxing, having a good time - but with some exploration mixed in (you may be seeing a pattern here... I guess that’s just the mood I’m in right now). I mentioned to Grex/SunlitSonata that I’ve started diving into the Metroid franchise; just about to finish the first game, then I’ll probably try and go through them chronologically if possible (release chronology, not the in-universe timeline) to experience its evolution and influence on the Metroidvania subgenre.
Once I get my time off, my other top priority is finishing Danganronpa V3. That’s the sort of game that’s best served binge-style. I... also don’t want it tempting me while studying for exams, since I tend to get stuck in a vortex with those games.

Yeah, sounds like you’ve done a fair bit after all. More than I have, at least.
Grex11 Jul 18, 5:51 PM
I guess it's not that I mind Newtypes as a general concept, but their actual introduction and execution felt very sudden to me. I suspect Tomino had similar feelings, because while the movies don’t make many additions, they do establish Newtypes by name as a mythical presence much, much earlier in the narrative.

If you’re ever planning to watch it, Gundam X has a very interesting message on Newtypes that I won’t spoil.

"Beltorchika might just be the worst character in Gundam so far"
Heh heh, I'm sure if you ever check out ZZ, she'll get a run for her money.

Well, best of luck. Do you know what's next after Zeta, or will you wait to roll the recommendation die until it's over?
Grex11 Jul 17, 3:22 PM
Grex11 Jul 16, 8:39 AM
Cool, cool. I liked the Earth episodes too; everything Zeta does with Char especially is pretty solid. I did find Kamille's whole subplot with Four kind of rushed, though.

Looking it up, most of my... issues come up in the last 15 episodes, but hope you keep liking it.
Grex11 Jul 15, 8:33 AM
Still going well?
Grex11 Jul 15, 5:41 AM
How many episodes in are you at this point?
aoc445 Jul 14, 11:34 PM
Ah, best of luck with those exams.

This is what I wrote to Grex when he started Zeta:
"Some people claim that Zeta is better than 0079, but I (and most Gundam fans) disagree. Here are the Zeta's pros and cons vis-a-vis 0079:

-As perhaps the most eagerly anticipated anime of the 80s, gone is the cost-cutting of 0079. For a TV anime made in 1985, Zeta looks damn good.
-With Mamoru Nagano in charge of mecha design, some of them are quite beautiful.

-Tomino actually became MORE dependent on mecha-of-the-week filler in the 80s.
-Because the antagonists are a faction within the Earth Alliance military rather than a nation, don't expect as much nuance or grey vs grey morality.
-The show doesn't have the same epic feel 0079 does.
-Maybe Camille himself. He's moodier and angstier than Amuro, which some people do like. The most famous scene in the whole show is his character defining moment in episode 1. However, 0079 had that theme of Amuro maturing, but Camille's growth is more haphazard. It's like 0079 was built around Amuro. In Zeta, Camille is just along for the ride."

Yep, I’ll get to S2 later this year. I’m not a fan of Kyouko or Gotou for obvious reasons, but I find everyone else likeable and/or interesting. I think the show is better for focusing on the characters’ personalities and motivations, rather than taking the straight shounen route and spending time teaching the viewers how to play the game, like Hikaru no Go. It’s refreshing, and it keeps things unpredictable.

How are you liking the World Cup so far?
Plasmatize Jul 6, 10:38 AM
Yep, waiting for exam results is just...

Spending free time on constantly changing your mind... that’s a relatable one. Why I stopped watching a dozen things at once in a nutshell. Best of luck in your quest of life!

Will do!

Been watching, playing, reading or listening to anything interesting between all the chaos?

Also, happy belated birthday!
(Come on, MAL, you’re ruining all the fun!)
Syadona Jun 30, 2:43 PM
You are most welcome. Congrats on 19 years of living and less so consciousness lol

Hey, I'm more at fault with not keeping in touch, so don't worry about it. I would friend you now, but MAL won't allow that yet. And I don't know if I'll always be able to talk, but I am back. I hope you're doing good as well.
Grex11 Jun 30, 6:26 AM
You're watching Zeta? (I'd probably have noticed and mentioned it earlier were lists working properly.)
Syadona Jun 29, 8:58 PM
Regardless of whether MAL is acting up or not, I suck at finding good gifs and images for such occasions, so take these words instead:

Happy Birthday, Matt!
aoc445 Jun 29, 6:33 PM
Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one.

How've you been? I finished Sangatsu S1 during the MAL downtime. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Millefleurs Jun 29, 6:03 PM
Happy Birthday!
Stark700 Jun 29, 3:28 PM
Happy Birthday~