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Oct 22, 2018
My Neighbour Totoro begins with a cheerful ride of a family of three: two young girls and their father. The vast, watery fields, reflecting the morning light, as well as a distinct, towering forest pass by in a flash. Shortly after, the trio arrives at the steps of what's to become their new home.

Despite a bunch of rather large wooden pieces falling from the ceiling, dust covering the wooden panels and several dark, mysterious creatures scattering around the floors, this home is immediately filled with energy like no other. As the kids playfully traverse the insides and rummage through rooms, their sudden, over-the-top movements—animated with read more
Aug 17, 2018
I do not trust you if you don't want to own this car.

This. This is the best commercial to ever exist. It's a car designed for Char motherfucking Aznable. He uses it to drive to his robot when he needs to get to it fast.

This car actually exists.

You better believe that this is the closest we'll ever get to actual Gundams. This is the only technology from the Gundam universe to appear in our lives. Cherish it, my brothers and sisters. It's worthy of celebration.

Like, have you seen the photos of this beast? It's the most stupidly flashy car in existence. You know all those read more
Mar 25, 2018
Everyone wants to get the most out of their moment. In an attempt to create new opportunities for their pursuit of bliss, humans seek out numerous things in order to avoid duties. After all, effort leads to fatigue, which is nothing else than a detriment for one's enjoyment, right?

In Restaurant to Another World the viewer follows beings from a typical fantastical setting. It's a world where dangerous foes, social inequalities, and incurable diseases are issues its inhabitants face on a daily basis. Weeks pass, but their demanding lives don't get easier. Be that a life of a gladiator, squaring off against countless enemies to earn read more
Dec 23, 2017
*Spoilers included*

Regret lives inside everyone: It's an unstoppable feeling that at times can drive some into a corner — make them stop progressing as they can't overcome the hurdle that is their past. But that doesn't have to weigh people down. They can't change their past, neither should they desire to. People are who they are because of all of their experiences. No matter how big of a hit a person takes, they can get back up and learn from it, find ways to utilize it and make their lives better in the future.

In Bakemonogatari that regret is personified through "aberrations": gods and beings that read more
Nov 20, 2017
When I think of the word "imagination", my thoughts immediately run towards my childhood and the experience of discovering and understanding new things on my own, without asking or needing an actual definition. It makes me remember the times when consuming any piece of media I had on my hands was immediately proceeded with imagining my own expansions for it.
Nowadays, that definition somewhat changed. I feel like with age, imagination attempts to turn itself away from inspiration, trying to get to a point where only the overarching ideas remain from anything you experience. It's a natural way of things, as you go through more and read more
Oct 28, 2017
Memes. You love them or you hate them. You live by them and die with them, or just simply don't care. So you can say... you either Love (and) Live or you don't.
Thank you everyone, you can leave the death threats in my comment section.

I put a surprisingly large amount of time into thinking about why do I like Love Live's first season. A lot of thoughts ran through my mind, but overtime all the overthinking bullshit, I realized it's as simple as "I had fun".
Not everyone's going to agree with me, but I think watching happy people be happy and achieve their goals is read more
Oct 10, 2017
*For this review, I'll be referring to the Nitori, Mako and Yuki as she, and Takatsuki as he*
*Spoilers for the first episode*

What's the point of Wandering Son? What is it trying to do? It clearly doesn't want to tell a complete, perfectly rounded story, seeing as it begins around volume five of the manga its based, and doesn't end where its source material does. If that's the case, then it's not the best manga promo as well, you aren't getting a good enough grip on the source material after all. So the question remains...

Well, Wandering Son feels like it was crafted to become a documentary read more
Sep 16, 2017
Anime community has been berated for many years now. I've seen it, you've seen it, everyone's seen it. I think it's safe to say that, while certain individuals are to blame as well, the major fault lays in the thing that we're gathered around. Anime isn't particularly subtle about its tropes or its origin. Stuff that's acceptable in Japan is often times seen as weird, unnaturally obscure or even morally wrong in other parts of the world.
What I always believed was the major issue however, was the way anime itself has been presenting its fans over the past couple of years. How many characters that read more
Sep 13, 2017
Hey, do you know that show called Monogatari? If you do, try to remember what Monogatari is like for a second. It's a show which is full of dialogues. It's a show which has most of its big moments resolved through dialogues. It's a show that was able to focus both on telling and showing at the same time, proving to many that "show don't tell" really isn't the be all end all for visual media like anime. Now take every person from the staff that worked on it, anyone that had any creative input in it, and give it to people who can't comprehend read more
Aug 31, 2017
*Slight spoilers ahead*
The White Base steadily approaches its destination point. What the crew doesn't know, is that there's a trap laid down by the forces of Zeon right around the corner of the mountain. A sudden hit to the starboard puts everyone back on their feet. Bright quickly yells orders as Mirai turns the main ship towards the enemy. Sayla quickly informs Amuro, Kai, and Hayato and asks them to get into their respective machines and launch. As soon as they get out they're barraged by the enemy mobile suits. And so begins another battle, another day on board the White Base, and another episode read more