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Werty800 Yesterday, 2:53 PM
Oh yeah, I know that it does have a story. I actually wonder, how does it end? Is it a conclusive ending? To be honest, my prediction would be that
I think it fits what I've seen from the first 3 episodes, but of course that's a wild guess.

Ah, I see. Well, I remember I had a good chuckle in episode 1 already, so I think there's a good chance I will actually enjoy it.
Intelos Yesterday, 1:56 PM
Yuru Camp△
2 minutes ago
Watching 3/12 · Scored -

Great to see people watch that lovely show!
FinlayMiles Mar 16, 5:41 PM
How's Hunter x Hunter atm? It's meant to be one of the best shounen (if not anime) ever, though mostly because of the later arc from what I've heard. How are the earlier parts holding up though?
Werty800 Mar 16, 6:40 AM
Alright, I hope you'll have a lot of fun with it when time comes.

Yeah, it definitely seems like the show didn't have much ambition to be anything more than a weekly dose of fun from what I saw of it, and even then it seems like it squandered a lot of chances to be even more fun. Shame, it being an original project with Yuki Kajiura working on it, as well as a few other people.

Vatican should be a good dose of fun for the finale of my backlog arc, I think I can trust your word on that.... well, it's not like I can trust anyone else's word considering I haven't heard anyone else talk about it ever....
Of course that doesn't take away from the fact that I trust your word on it....
This got awkward.
Grex11 Mar 15, 8:20 AM
I love both the dodgeball match and final showdown of Greed Island. The dodgeball match is just an exciting exercise in planning and strategy (with Hisoka!), and the final showdown is striking, to say the least. It's been clear from even the Hunter exam that Gon has some quite literally insane tendencies, but his fight with Genthru drives that home.

Some people I follow that are closer with the industry say a Promised Neverland anime is pretty much a certainty, so that's nice. Me, I've realized I prefer reading manga that's actually over, and can have a hard time retaining information weekly or monthly, so from now on it's my general policy to only read completed manga (aside from what I'm already reading, that is.)

The 1998 anime is a fine starting point for Berserk, but I'd recommend reading the manga from the beginning even if you do see it. The adaptation has to skip some stuff, especially near the end.

Oh... the thought of Plastic Memories doesn't make me thrilled, but as I understand it Tada will be from the team behind Nozaki-kun, and that was pretty funny.
Werty800 Mar 14, 8:30 PM
Yup, and it proved to be great, really enjoyed it, even more than season 1.
Well, feel free to ask me when I get to them then, i'm planning to start with LOTL actually!

There are other people who can probably sell 3-gatsu much better than I can, but I do really recommend it, it's far from the most creatively outstanding and imaginative, unique works that anime produced, but it really nails everything it chooses to do.
It's like, really good man. Watch it :D

Yeah, it seems fun, but to be honest, at this point I'm just rushing through this, if I think I'll get enough out of it, I'll watch it, but I already watched Apocrypha for a few weeks for the exact same reason: having some fun with it. I think I'll finish Isekai Shokudou, it's a very charming show about enjoying simple things in life, seeing others enjoy them for the first time and how they react to it. Not the greatest, but i'm getting quite a bit from it. I'll also try to watch Vatican soon, either during or after this. I hope I'll be entertained by that first arc!
Grex11 Mar 13, 7:56 PM
Woo, Chimera Ant begins. If you find yourself not feeling it at first, remember that it's a long arc, and there's a lot of setup to get through.
Grex11 Mar 12, 10:59 AM
Absolutely, Greed Island is still a very good time; it's Hunter x Hunter after all. It just falls a little short being sandwiched between two great arcs.

"there seem to be heaps of manga classics out there that either haven't been adapted well, or may never get an anime adaptation at all"
Oh, definitely. Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa is one of my favorite manga (from the author of Kaiji), which doesn’t have an anime and likely never will. And there's tons more on top of that: Vagabond, Vinland Saga, Punpun, 20th Century Boys, Junji Ito's entire body of work (though that’s technically getting an anime this season), the list goes on.

And then of course, there’s the many, many series that just don’t have a full adaptation (or a lousy one, like you said). It's great when the stars align and we get a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but there are so many manga that don't.

Tada Doesn't Fall in Love hadn't been on my radar at all until several people I know started mentioning it around the same time. Doga Kobo usually makes pretty solid slice-of-life comedies, so that's a good sign... oh damn! I didn't realize it was an original until just now, literally looking it up as I typed this. I just assumed it was a manga adaptation, but an original makes me much more interested.
Werty800 Mar 11, 7:23 PM
Thanks, I decided to watch New Game earlier than I planned initially because I really needed to watch something good, and I am very glad I did so. New Game is still lovely, the drama in the second season could use some work, but the character interactions this time around feel much more natural, and the game they're making is incredibly cute and pretty. I'm loving my time with this one.
And only a few more to check out before getting into stuff like Guru Guru, ACCA, Land of the Lustrous, Magus' Bride, Kekkai Sensen 2, MMO-Junkie, Girls' Last Tour, maybe even a few other things if I feel like it. And then after that, my recommendations list again! Can't wait, I know I'm repeating myself again and again, but that's because I also need to remind myself that all that is coming haha.

Well, good luck then, I hope you do!

Thanks for understanding, I definitely chilled out a bit by now but I feel like talking about it would still just be boring. A lot of really bad stuff just have that quality where there's not much to talk about them, you'd just end up either pointing out the exact issues in the movie itself, which for someone who hasn't watched it will make no sense, or point out very simple, broad issues that it has, and the same goes for this.

Yeah man, second season of 3-gatsu has been destroying me over and over. Each emotion it explores is incredibly resonant and powerful, perspective switches have been keeping it fresh, Shinbou's directing has been absolutely masterful in making all those feelings even stronger... it's just a hell of a time each week it airs. The writer has a knack for making his worldview interesting, stuff he presents ties together so nicely and paints such a lovely picture. I'm just really invested in whatever he has to say each time.
I think it will switch with the first season in favorites once it ends.
RebelPanda Mar 11, 6:10 PM
No worries. It does seem like we share similar opinions on Flip Flappers, good but lackluster towards the end, nice review :)

I'm hoping to, there should be a lot to write about from that angle. You remember that stuff you mentioned wanting to see from Violet Evergarden? Well, let's just say it gets rewarding. I think episode 9 was the peak (so much so that it felt like the finale). To be honest, I can't for sure where it's going from here, but I'm excited to see where it goes!

Rakugo is even better than I expected. I feel like I'm just absorbed into it whenever I start an episode. The first episode was nearly 50 minutes but I didn't notice until it ended. The characters, the directing, the themes, everything is so magnificent and finely tuned. I'd love to write about it, but... seasonal stuff! Maybe when I get to the second season I will.
Werty800 Mar 7, 8:56 AM
Yup, watching Bebop, FMA and Berserk really close together like that felt incredibly satisfying and made me genuinely happy. I cannot wait to watch all the other good stuff I have in store. It will be great.

Awesome, be sure to not have the volume too high though, the fights can be really loud, which is actually a positive thing in my mind because it adds a lot to the intensity, leaving me almost stunned at what's happening before my eyes and to my ears.

I really don't want to talk about it. I don't. It makes my head hurt, I already tried to respond to three other people, and it didn't work. Not that I can't say why I didn't like it, but just every inch of my body feels bad when I do for some reason. So I'll just copy a quick version I sent to another friend, I hope you don't mind.
Grex11 Mar 6, 8:01 AM
I guess the update to your profile is a good sign. There’s one arc more arc before Chimera Ant called Greed Island -- your mileage may vary a little, I’ve known a select minority for whom it’s actually their favorite arc. It's lower on the totem pole for me personally, but it does have some great episodes and scenes.

I don't read much manga myself, as you can see from my list, and I'm pretty slow with reading what I do. There are certainly a few series I'd like to one day get to, though. In general, I guess I just find anime more compelling. Most of the manga I read, I pick up because the anime caught my attention in the first place.

To be honest I don’t know where I got the twenty number for next season. I went back and counted again, and it’s more like sixteen. Still very impressive, and it could still easily swell to twenty if some shows currently flying under my radar turn out to be good (pretty much every season has a couple of those).

The original Gundam has a solid core, but it's rough around the edges. It paints a pretty compelling picture of war, filled with humanized antagonists and sudden, unfair cruelties. However, it's also really old, which isn't a dealbreaker in and of itself, but it sticks hard to a mecha-of-the-week plot structure that feels extremely dated and meandering. Some people recommend the recap films over the TV series, because they offset the tedious pacing and make a few structural improvements to the story, and I can honestly see where they're coming from. However, there's obviously going to be details lost in translation converting a 40+ episode series into three films, so if you want the absolutely fullest story, I'd say the series is still the way to go.
SunlitSonata Mar 6, 6:27 AM
To make a rough list of Most Excited to Least Excited of my Watches:

1. Steins;Gate 0 (the darker in-between story to one of my all time favorites)
2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes Reboot (good or bad I will be super curious about a 30th Anniversary Adaptation)
3. My Hero Academia S3 (building off the character foundation even further)
4. Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory (it had been 13 years since the last one, curious to see what Xebec brings to the series)
5. SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online (new version by Kino's Journey author with no Kirito. Curious to see what different writing brings to the franchise)
6. Food Wars S3 2nd Cour (Don't love Food Wars, but I'm in for fun. PLEASE. IMPROVE. PRODUCTION.)
7. Tokyo Ghoul :Re (the last season was a pretty shitty rendition of a good manga, I'll at least be curious this time around, since Root A's ending made follow up hard)
8. Golden Kamuy (apparently based off an awesome manga)
9. Megalo Box (spiritual successor to a classic anime every one loves)
11. Hisone to Maso-tan (Studio BONES experiments tend to be interesting)
12. Piano Forest Anime (premise sounds nice, need to see the Madhouse movie)
13. Tada Doesn't Ever Fall in Love (same team as Nozaki-kun)
14. Hinamatusuri (intriguing premise)
15. Amanchu 2 (good first season, though nothing demands a followup)
16. Unit Pandora (mecha that could easily turn either way)

SIXTEEN! Pretty insane right? I'll be thankful if most air on different days. And that's in addition to the many two cours this season. I know some people will be watching the Persona 5 anime, but not me. Haven't played the game and if the adaptation sucks like Ace Attorney's did, I don't want to experience it the wrong way. I'll take Grex's word on the quality of adapting once it airs.
sterl1 Mar 5, 8:25 PM
Holy shit just wait until you hit the chimera ant arc