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Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
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Werty800 Today, 5:45 AM
Well, I hope you enjoy it for what it is if you do decide to try it out. Be careful though, I remember I had a day where I couldn't watch an episode of it because I just repeated the opening over and over again. It's so good!

You should. I remember that during my small break for the exams I was thinking that I'll come back and not enjoy it as much and that's it's not as good as I remembered it to be, but no, I still thought it was great, all those doubts totally blown out of the water. The last episodes delivered in so many aspects. Highly recommend trying it out, definitely much more so than ACCA :D

Been going great! I'm done with my exams and I think I did pretty good. I only know the results for the two oral exams I took, got full points on both! Other than that, just trying to chill down after the stress of the last few months, also preparing to apply to uni. I got really invested in music lately, been listening to a lot of albums. Music fits my hectic lifestyle, because I can take it anywhere and finish something I started even if I have to be on the move. Other than that, not much really.
How about you? Life's been busy for you as well I suppose?
Grex11 Yesterday, 10:27 PM
He’s alive!

Things are okay. Semester’s over, so right now I’m towing the line between an internship relevant to my studies and another summer just working whatever I can (code for: I have no offers yet but am still waiting to hear back from a couple companies). On the entertainment front, I haven’t seen many non-seasonals lately because I am pursuing Kingdom Hearts -- just finished the first game a couple days ago. It did feel dated in certain respects, but I found it pretty charming overall.

Oh ho, and you’re really in the thick of Chimera Ant now! How is it?
Intelos Apr 28, 1:54 PM
"The only better feeling than closing 10 tabs after finishing an academic or technical paper is closing 20 tabs after finishing two particularly-technical papers..."

So true...but it's even more satisfying to never have to open them in the first place...!
Vook Apr 23, 11:56 PM
"Oh, this is totally what the [generalized group of individuals] are into these days; abandon everything we could have had going for us for the sake of pandering to this trend, but do even that as lazily as possible" type of stuff.
Honestly that sounds a lot like what Sword Art Online turned out to be for me. I just wouldn't call that particular show "cheaply and lazily made" since it's pretty well crafted from a technological standpoint.

And yeah I just watched Grex's review of Tsuki ga Kirei - I'd been avoiding it since he said it contained a few spoilers. As far as all the plot development and character interactions go, the attention to detail regarding the behavior of two lovestruck young introverts is really impressive. Often times I would say to myself during the show "well, that's just kind of like real life, so it's not too much of a surprise to see it", and then I would quickly realize that that was exactly the intention of the writers.

By complete contrast, the show I'm watching now (Now and Then, Here and There) is certainly not optimistic. :o
Werty800 Apr 23, 7:47 AM
No problem buddo.

Yeah, it's just a one-and-done experience, but a pretty fine one. Just doesn't bring much in the end of the day, not very memorable, not very fun and doesn't have anything worth revisiting.

Girls' Last Tour is actually incredible. Its exploration of human values and the meaning of living through a journey two young girls go through in a desolate world destroyed by war, as they discover things in a way completely different than us, they reminiscence about the past long gone.... It's so poetic, beautiful, yet so heavy to go through. It chokes me up to be honest. Not to mention, it's accompanied by the best storyboarding of last year, as well as some of the best directorial work. Truly a gem. I'm very glad I went back to pick it up. It's incredible. Looks great, sounds great, feels great and so on.
Grex11 Apr 22, 6:34 PM
Well, you hit a lot of my own highlights! Megalobox would probably be my biggest surprise; I was very apprehensive about some series just cashing in on Joe's good name, but it's managing to be both a good standalone show and solid reimagining. Hinamatsuri is fast becoming one of my favorites. It's hilarious, well-made, heartfelt, the works. I hear it's also being a little more creative than the typical rote manga adaptation, and I'm not surprised with the clear level of passion behind it. Hisone has been very charming and fun... I kind of don't have much else to say there, but I'm really enjoying it! All three of these would be a bright spot in any season, and to have them all at once is nothing short of fantastic.

As far as other non-sequels go... I’ve neglected to check out Golden Kamuy myself because of the mixed buzz. In fact, at the moment I’m more inclined to read the manga. I’m not at all surprised by its lackluster production values; last season’s Kokkoku (from the same studio) was pretty stilted and unimpressive as well. WotaKoi has been a passable enough otaku romcom, not bad at all, but it's somewhat underproduced as well, and I don't find any of the characters as lovable as those in, say, last fall's Net-juu no Susume. Captain Tsubasa has been more entertaining than I expected, bringing a level of exaggerated camp to the typical sports anime experience (perhaps due to the manga's age) that actually helps it stand out.

On the sequel/remake front, things are looking strong. I’ve been very pleased by the first couple episodes of Steins;Gate 0, and Full Metal Panic is knocking it out of the park (a good thing, for the fans who’ve waited 13 years). HeroAca is HeroAca, Food Wars is Food Wars (sadly, shoddy production and all), and I've even been enjoying Tokyo Ghoul:re. SAO Alternative seems reasonably well-liked all around (myself included), Lupin's kickass, and the Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake hasn't been half bad! The season is delivering in just about every way I hoped.
SunlitSonata Apr 22, 2:04 PM
As for the new season, yup, tons!

Several shows seem promising, with the biggest two being Megalo Box and Hisone to Maso-tan, but of course Steins;Gate 0 and to a lesser extent Golden Kamuy. The LotGH reboot hasn't matched the original yet; it can't with its length of only 12 episodes for now, but it is still a very nice way to see the story presented with more technological prowess. I might like Hinamatsuri as well, but I'm holding off until the dub comes, because most of the time I find comedy to be funnier when I can actually hear the delivery rather than reading it.
Sequels like MhA Season 3, Food Wars Season 3 cour 2, and even Highschool DxD Season 4 have all entertained. FMP Season 4 probably will if I convince myself to start that. SAO Alt is decent atm, much more likable than mainline SAO's foray into the GGO game so far.

So I'd say it's going pretty well, aside from getting through Mahou Shoujo Site to tear it to pieces later.
SunlitSonata Apr 22, 10:21 AM
It depends on the section. Some of the longer sections give potential insight into what the creators were thinking in the design of a film/TV series, such as potential influences, but shorter sections tend to be more personal reflection (one section about Yuri on Ice for instance was about how seeing the underdog protagonist try to do great things even from his underdog position inspired her). This can be reversed as well. The Dragon Ball series has one of the biggest sections in the book and it is a combination of both personal reflection and creative insight.
Depending on the contributor, the quality can vary, even in reference to their own entries. But the insight is well put together most of the time. Part of the fun of reading the book is that you have no idea who gets what entry until you get to it.

She was covering her mouth in shock for a lot of it, but was anxious to see more and already likes Nanachi.
SunlitSonata Apr 20, 3:50 PM
Rewatching Episode 10 of Made in Abyss was almost as painful as the first time. Probably even moreso, given that it was on a projector screen rather than my computer and that I was next to a girl who hadn’t seen it yet experiencing it for the first time.
Vook Apr 20, 12:52 AM
Wow. You gave a lot more attention to the details in Hand Shakers than anyone else I know :P I guess you could say it DID try and it was just a spectacular failure, kind of like a failed kitchen concoction in an attempt to recreate a a beautiful exotic dish? My perception of what others said was that it didn't even try very hard at all to be much of anything, and honestly that is what bothers me a lot more if I see it in anime.

Tsuki ga Kirei was really adorable. Even if it was low-key, kind of thin, and it may not leave too much of an indelible impression due to its
, the show really shines in the way it does simple things right - in fact, the "simple" things it does right are clearly not easy to get right at all. These young characters, both in the main show and the great shorts at the end (seriously I wonder why that isn't more of a thing, having relevant shorts to explain subplots), don't act too smart/mature for their age or too childish for their age - they always act JUST as I remember kids that age acting. With the possible exception of Roman (who's still a really likable guy), no one is confined to any archetype and no one is strictly defined by any given personality trait. They're so real, in fact, that in some ways I feel like I'm watching a down-to-earth Miyazaki movie for the first time all over again.
I love the nuances in the characters - especially Akane, who shows a great palette of emotions depending on the situation that range from shyness and assertiveness, to focus and confusion, to wistfulness and joy.

It's a real sleeper - the kind of show that just doesn't stand out in a crowd, and that many people wouldn't know or seek out unless you told them about it. It didn't start off with a particularly high score, but people really admired it once they started to discover it. I'd love to see more stuff from these creators - they really should go for something bigger to help put themselves on the map more.

Also, regarding episode 7: the Thunder Dolphin roller coaster in Tokyo Dome City was one of the smoothest and best-quality roller coasters I've ever been on. :D The recreation of Tokyo Dome City was really well done.
SunlitSonata Apr 18, 10:04 PM
Also, this book is a thing.

I finally got it today and it's neat stuff. From LOADS of contributors, it talks about how anime has shaped their experiences. It's 450 pages long and covers anime across SIX DECADES like Astro Boy, Macross and Evangelion all the way up to Your Name and Violet Evergarden.

Still, it's neat to check out, if mainly because it does a very nice job of showing the reach, power and ways to tell stories present in anime.
sterl1 Apr 18, 7:15 AM
Hey I'd just like to ask do you have discord?
Grex11 Apr 15, 9:41 PM
Thank you!

The new season treating you well?
RebelPanda Apr 15, 9:03 PM
Personally, Hinamatsuri's latest episode pushed it to my favorite new show. It's just so funny and endearing, that's the one I'm looking forward to the most each week. Megalobox is pretty great as well, I feel like the plot setup is a bit standard to the genre but it's hitting all the emotional beats perfectly. I probably can guess the direction the story will take, but the first two episodes got me invested in the lead and excited to see his story play out. Golden Kamuy is showing promise, strong characters and the story's foundation has me hyped. We'll see how it goes when the next episode comes out tomorrow. It's just a matter of whether or not it can overcome its iffy production. Those will hopefully be nice to positively review if all goes well.

My pick for by the end of the season (or next season technically) will probably be Steins;Gate 0, having played through most of the VN the story takes a really interesting direction. It may even be more interesting than the first season, the VN has some technical issues so seeing the story play out without its shortcomings has been satisfying.

How about you? It seems like you've picked up a bunch of good stuff, enjoying Hisone?
Vook Apr 15, 11:04 AM
Congratulations, you made it through Hand Shakers. You're definitely not the first person to say it's terrible (and you're definitely not going to be the last), and I know from your tag that it's almost comical how bad it is, but can you describe exactly how it made you feel and just why it was so bad?