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Werty800 Dec 6, 11:11 AM
Awesome to hear that everything went well on your end, and congratulations on that internship. I don't think I can properly explain how much do I admire people who strive for goals as large as yours, especially since I'm kinda bad at everything science related. If you're so passionate about it, then I can only cheer for you to chase that. Good luck!

And welcome back. I've been a bit less active lately, lots of school stuff happening, which of course was to be expected since it's my least year in this school, and if I pass, I'm going to uni next year (or the Polish equivalent of it). Christmas is coming soon and this half of the year is pretty much already over, the grades are set tomorrow, so I'm free now as well.
Everything's been good, thanks for asking, and I hope to see you around as well.

PS. I still haven't changed when it comes to starting conversations, still bad at it, just so you know :D
Vook Dec 5, 9:03 PM
Awesome! :D What'll you be doing?
Good luck on your exams! Study hard and finish this academic period on a strong note. I'll be leaving for a 2-week vacation to Japan on Christmas Day, but I'll still be checking in here while I'm there.
Vook Dec 1, 11:14 AM
Happy belated birthday!
Hope the real world is treating you well.
Werty800 Nov 25, 6:20 AM
Happy birthday! And good luck with both the university stuff and internship-hunting!

Intelos Nov 25, 3:56 AM
Happy birthday man! Have a great one :)
Werty800 Nov 8, 11:01 AM
How do I even start?

I love Cowboy Bebop man, it is such an inspiring, amazing, beautiful piece of art that just keeps on being fresh and interesting. It could keep me interested pretty much the whole way through since episode 5 or so, and made me progressively more and more invested and made me understand every character more and more the more stuff I saw them do things. I think the last episodes especially are so impactful because at that point you know the story of each character's bodies, past, views on so many things, who they respect and how do they live, we know about Spike's ship, his eye, you can compare him to Jet in terms of handling their past, or even Faye for that matter. Bebop is just such a wide topic to cover....
Whenever I tried talking about it to others, when I started getting into details I always ended up wanting to talk about something else too.

Well, good luck with that! I sure as hell want to rewatch it too, it's probably a hell of an experience. Knowing the whole story makes you look at that girl in the car dying with her loved one in a completely different way, doesn't it?
Werty800 Oct 31, 8:14 AM
That episode really was a hell of a snap to reality in terms of my experience with Bebop. I think it's the exact thing I needed to get into the mood of it.

YES, that is definitely a huge factor. It always feels like the same product despite switching itself up so often, always feeling fresh. In fact, there's so many factors that it's really hard for me wrap my head around them fully. I'll try to collect my thoughts as I go on, not sure if I'll be able to word them in a coherent manner. When thinking about Bebop, my mind is truly a mess. A beautiful mess :D
Werty800 Oct 30, 6:32 AM
I've been enjoying the hell out of it since episode 4, I was sort of unsure before that, but episodes 5-11 have been gold. There's so much to talk about, like the directing, how the music and visuals play off each other, the characters, the comedy, the influences (as a big fan of the original Alien I appreciate episode 11 a lot), the dialogues, just everything. It is a hell of a watch.
Avalynch Oct 30, 1:23 AM
There were 2 Halloween themed corn mazes open this month, and I might go watch some fireworks. You got any plans for Halloween?
Avalynch Oct 29, 1:20 AM
Recovering from a cold, been doing okay. Participating in some local Halloween events too.
Avalynch Oct 27, 8:51 PM
Thanks, and sorry for the late reply! How've you been lately?
MisoSmart Oct 27, 7:05 PM
Hi there! it's nice to meet you :D I've recently made a new club and I'm looking for new members to join. The club is called "Midnight Snack" and is all about making friends and discussing things. A bunch of activities will be made in the near future when we get more members.

It would be greatly appreciated if you join, and we are always up for making new friends :D
Throw me a comment if you have any questions or want an invite :3
Intelos Oct 12, 9:40 AM
Man oh man, Ojamajo Doremi. It is beyond my descriptive abilities to get across my love for that show. All I can really say to not spoil is that it is legendary in it's execution of everything it touches.

See, the thing with Ojamajo is that although 200+ episodes is a massive commitment (and trust me, I'm not the type of guy to be able to watch long-running shows. I've only seen 1 full-length 100+ episode TV show besides Pokemon, and that is Hunter x Hunter 2011!- and that is a particularly easy watch) Ojamajo flies by when you watch it. It is almost magical (no pun intended~) to see time pass so quickly; I swear that each 50 episode season felt like just another 12 episode seasonal.

I'd love to see what you think about it whenever you have the time (and of course the will :D) to watch it. I can assure you that it will be well worth to indulge on.

Cheers man!

P.S Ojamajo Doremi is certainly not a kid's show, contrary to what many would think!
Jin_uzuki Oct 10, 6:13 PM
A shame the show never managed to top the [Spoiler]'s sperm line, sadly. There are some funny scenes in the remaining episodes (Santa Claus, the body in the shed, LSD Jesus), but episode 4 was truly the show magnus opus.

I do wonder what would have happened if the show hadn't blew its load so early. I suppose most watchers would have dropped it earlier however, most people I know watched it only to see if they could top the first arc, eh.

Thought to tell the truth I did find the final episode somewhat emotional, ahah. And yeah, the soundtrack is quite good, especially the ending song.
Jin_uzuki Oct 10, 3:59 PM
Eh, your Vatican review is great.