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Alice to Zouroku
Alice to Zouroku
Jun 25, 8:41 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
StarFox Zero: The Battle Begins
StarFox Zero: The Battle Begins
Jun 24, 9:39 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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RogerSmith2004 Yesterday, 5:57 PM
Your Alice & Zoroku review is absolutely fantastic! I completely agree with it.
Vook Jun 26, 11:14 PM
Thanks! It's an old review but I look back at it a lot, because Castle in the Sky still brings back so many great memories and makes me so happy to remember even to this date. The World Masterpiece Theater series I'm watching now (Romeo no Aoi Sora) actually reminds me a lot of it in a couple ways.

What order did you get the 999 endings? I actually got

Also, have you not played Virtue's Last Reward yet? It doesn't get off to quite as much of a blisteringly fast and explosive start, but it's insanely clever and an awesome journey all the same.
Zero Time Dilemma I put aside and will come back to this rate I'll probably have to start over from the beginning just because so much of it has slipped out of my memory now. By the time I beat Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (on Hard Mode), Persona 5, and Danganronpa V3, I won't even be able to restart Zero Time Dilemma until probably 2018.
Aizen Jun 26, 4:53 AM
You're the type of person that would enjoy reading my "About me" section and my "Rankings".
Vook Jun 25, 9:40 PM
Sure! Thanks for accepting.

Not sure if I'll write a review here. I tend not to like the review formula of speaking about specific categories - what I prefer to do is talk about the movie or anime holistically, the way Roger Ebert did. Like, I prefer to look at how it made me feel in the end and explain why, rather than having to pick apart individual elements and categories.
I did write a review for Castle in the Sky over 10 years ago, back when I was still a student at Cornell. It's on the IMDB - scroll down to the one written by the username CsikosPost and that's the one.

Oh, and I know one thing I definitely can say regarding games you've talked about: 999 and Danganronpa are awesome. Both made my hairs literally stand on end - especially 999, where I was legitimately terrified by some of the plot twists and how the writers always seemed to be two steps ahead of me the whole way.
sterl1 Jun 25, 8:31 PM
Thanks dude! So far the re-watch is going good. I don't think it will stay at a 9 but i don't think it will drop that badly. At worst it will be a 7.

Oh man just how good was Rakugo? I pretty much agree with everything you said and i didn't really notice any problems or anything that bugged me. Hopefully s2 is just as good. Easily one of the best anime of the decade. Only topped by the tatami galaxy for me. And is probably one of the best anime drama's around. It's a shame we don't get more anime like rakugo nowadays.

Oh yea my re-scoring is pretty much done. Do you ever get really indecisive with scores? I just can't pick between two numbers sometimes. Most shows dropped in score because i want to make the anime that i really think highly of stand out more.
Werty800 Jun 25, 5:03 PM
I love Kodaka for all his work, despite getting so crazy the more it goes on, Danganronpa always made sense to me, both in terms of the plot points and separate narratives.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy whatever it is you're planning on getting into next and all the things you're watching right now too. Have fun!
Werty800 Jun 25, 4:40 PM
I don't know I guess I just thought that someone set it all up long enough for them to get onto some sort of a special island where all of that could be possible, the first game pushed the boundaries far enough already. I didn't think it would be this crazy. I kind of lost my train of though after everything started going down.

Chapter 5 was the only time where I had no suspects, it was practically impossible for anyone to do it.

Alright, hopefully I'll get back to it fairly soon.
Werty800 Jun 25, 4:11 PM
I just like seeing well worded opinions, no matter what they are really, especially when they can tell a lot about the writer.

Oh, I didn't predict the setting in the second game at all to be honest, it hit me especially hard when I realized that one of the first thing I saw on the island was Usami turning a chicken into a cow. I don't know, it just flew over my head, I was so invested.
I feel like the mysteries themselves were set up a bit better, because there was so much open space to go off of in terms of how the killer could escape and there were never any constraints on how could it be done. To this day
haunts me as one of the most brutal scene I've ever seen.

Is that mechanic anything spoiler related? I've only completed one route for 999, but I don't think anything stood out for me really in terms of the mechanics.
Werty800 Jun 25, 2:23 PM
I try not to write reviews for shows that where I don't have anything to say at this point, and I don't mean only adding new things, I also mean presenting them in a certain way. Sometimes I'll probably do that for the sake of the Metacritic Club, but I prefer writing what I like.
That's what's always driving me to watch more seasonals, the chance to create a discussion over your own point of view more than with any other type of shows, and maybe doing something that hasn't been done before in other reviews.

Yup. I feel like the best example of that is the almost childish art style and the directing, where everything is pretty simple. Despite some pretty creative shots and some cool ideas, most of it is simple, like we don't even get a good grip on the Kashimura's household where most of the show takes place. Wonderland was sort of underwhelming in the end too.

Oh yeah, the atmosphere was much stronger in the first game for me too, because I had so little information, and the ending with the reveal about the outside world shook me to the core. Danganronpa 2 had a more endearing cast for me, with Nagito being my favorite character in all of gaming.
Ghost Trick looks interesting from the trailer, I might check that out one day or another. Have you played The Pheonix Wright games or the Zero Escape games? I've played the second and the third game from the first series, both were solid, and I'm trying to get into the second series as all of it has been re-released on Steam.
FinlayMiles Jun 25, 1:44 PM
thanks dude, your reviews are some of the best on the website (especially the Onara Gorou one lol)!
Werty800 Jun 25, 1:13 PM
Thanks a lot! I remember reading yours when the show had only 6 episodes (I believe?), and started thinking a bit myself about some of the parts you mentioned.
Keep on writing buddy, you have a good flow.

I think the main issue I had with the show personally, is that it tried too hard to hide behind the fact that it could be simple while tackling its themes. It worked at some points, but they overused that and I kind of started losing patience.

Hell yeah, I love those games. Never would have thought that after 10 years of gaming, a visual novel would become my favourite game of all time.
And yeah, I'm expecting great things from V3 and its entirely new setting. The anime was a solid ending for this story as well, really enjoyed it. Also, I believe Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls was supposed to hit Steam pretty soon, so I'm excited to play that myself as well. V3 comes out in September, so I have to get my fix somehow.
poetic_dreamer Jun 21, 1:04 PM
Get on Mawaru Penguindrum ASAP!
Taz_ Jun 20, 9:15 AM
Very very very great. I was surprised with how easily it tackles topics like individuality, conformity, fate, and more, all while having the '95 terrorist attack set as a backdrop (and having that connect to the themes of the show).

Nice flip flap review btw
poetic_dreamer Jun 19, 11:58 AM
Sounds good. I wish you the best of luck :D
poetic_dreamer Jun 19, 10:23 AM
I see from your about me section that your writing a novel! What genre are you doing?