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Pingu in the City
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Intelos Oct 12, 9:40 AM
Man oh man, Ojamajo Doremi. It is beyond my descriptive abilities to get across my love for that show. All I can really say to not spoil is that it is legendary in it's execution of everything it touches.

See, the thing with Ojamajo is that although 200+ episodes is a massive commitment (and trust me, I'm not the type of guy to be able to watch long-running shows. I've only seen 1 full-length 100+ episode TV show besides Pokemon, and that is Hunter x Hunter 2011!- and that is a particularly easy watch) Ojamajo flies by when you watch it. It is almost magical (no pun intended~) to see time pass so quickly; I swear that each 50 episode season felt like just another 12 episode seasonal.

I'd love to see what you think about it whenever you have the time (and of course the will :D) to watch it. I can assure you that it will be well worth to indulge on.

Cheers man!

P.S Ojamajo Doremi is certainly not a kid's show, contrary to what many would think!
Jin_uzuki Oct 10, 6:13 PM
A shame the show never managed to top the [Spoiler]'s sperm line, sadly. There are some funny scenes in the remaining episodes (Santa Claus, the body in the shed, LSD Jesus), but episode 4 was truly the show magnus opus.

I do wonder what would have happened if the show hadn't blew its load so early. I suppose most watchers would have dropped it earlier however, most people I know watched it only to see if they could top the first arc, eh.

Thought to tell the truth I did find the final episode somewhat emotional, ahah. And yeah, the soundtrack is quite good, especially the ending song.
Jin_uzuki Oct 10, 3:59 PM
Eh, your Vatican review is great.
Vook Oct 9, 7:20 AM
What the hell is up with this Pingu title? I liked Pingu as a kid too (I'm actually Canadian by birth and have relatives there that I visited often), but I never would've associated it with anime (much less the best anime of all time).
RoryBurrows Oct 8, 4:32 PM
I'm watching almost everything, but not staying until the final month, so I have time to focus on other things before seasonals.
The ones I am starting atm are sequels of shows I liked: Osomatsu-san 2, Umaru 2, 3-gatsu 2 & Love Live Sunshine 2

I have a big back-log of shows I haven't finished from Fall 2016, Spring 2017 & Summer 2017 that I want to get out of the way. But I have a plan to watch Suzumiya, Psycho Pass, Food Wars, Dennou Coil and Mushishi as well. Plus I'm starting to watch a bunch of different titles with my brother.

My watching list is very messy but this season looks really interesting; and so does all of 2018 with the insane number of sequels we are getting.
Werty800 Oct 8, 4:01 PM
Alright, good to know about both of those. I'll be sure to give Kino a chance for sure, will see about Infini-T Force. Thanks for the scoops.
CodeBlazeFate Oct 8, 8:58 AM
Yeah, it's rather unfortunate. Doubling the length would've probably been a great idea.

Same on both parts. It's not an amazing OST thus far but it is good and the OP (or ED in this episode's case) is great.
Werty800 Oct 7, 6:35 PM
All are fine, I appreciate the thought :D

Oooooooh, that might be an interesting experience then. I don't know how well would the series work for a club, but who knows?

Yup, definitely. The original Pingu was very weird, but it's still to this day one of the most adorable and heartwarming things that I remember watching. The new one seems okay, sort of lacking the same charm, but it can gain it overtime for sure.
That's good to hear, I was worried at the beginning that the show wouldn't stand a chance to the original, but if you say that then I'm more than willing to give it a fair shot. I want to watch that original stuff first though, and there's quite a few things to check out, including the two movies.
Wow, never even heard of it before. it seems like it will be a sort of long running series though? Power Rangers style? Correct me if I'm wrong of course. I'm not sure if I can catch up to that later on. Maybe, who knows.
Yeah, I did that last two season, worked out fine enough. Be sure to link it to me if you do it.
CodeBlazeFate Oct 7, 6:10 PM
Same here. Wait, it only makes sense in that context? I agree, why did they bother doing all that then? It only made things worse due to the abysmal pacing.
Werty800 Oct 7, 5:53 PM
Cool stuff, I've been sick so I actually got a chance to do quite a bit of watching myself!

Well, hopefully if you ever get around to watching Kaminai, you can appreciate that as well. No pressure though, I understand that the show isn't actually all that great in a lot of other ways.

Yup, that sounds like the same thing I think about every day.
Sounds like a hard choice. You know my picks for sure...
Yup, hopefully it won't be a hard time.

Oh yeah, a lot of stuff looks promising. I'll probably only end up following Food Wars and 3-gatsu weekly...... and Pingu...... no joke that was really fun, got to remember my childhood self watching the original.
Feel free to share your thoughts, since I decided to catch up on my backlog before starting up anything else. I'm gonna need some recommendations after that.
LIQfilms Oct 7, 10:49 AM
I'll have to check the first episode out at some point, I loved Pingu when I was younger :3
LIQfilms Oct 7, 9:37 AM
My life now has purpose! The great and powerful NOOT is with us! I can die a happy man! FUCK YES
AbdEl-Kader Oct 1, 1:50 PM
You're ENTJ like me!!
sterl1 Sep 29, 7:52 PM
Thanks man :D

I'll read your new review soon. Haven't exactly been too active on MAL recently because of university :(
Werty800 Sep 28, 5:21 PM
The first one. It's written very amateurly and it has massive jumps in logic or just story pacing in general. I'd also add that Kaminai (that's how I call it) has fantastic thematic pacing and exploration, basically laying stuff down upon you without it feeling like it even happened, without even reminding the viewer about some moments or conversations, or without pointing out that it even connects to them. It just does. The team that did the anime really made it work, especially the person behind the series composition and script:
As you can see, she has a lot of great series under her belt, a lot that were critically acclaimed as well. She really nailed the pacing of each element here. IT really gives those ideas a huge boost, even if there were moments that just couldn't be overcome due to the actual material that was being adapted. That's why It's not a 10 from me, even though it's among my favorites.

Yeah, natural-sounding is the main issue I think. The world lacks enough exposition and that natural flow to seem believable, nothing ever feels normal or casual in this show, I can't imagine those characters actually existing in the presented setting, or anywhere for that matter.
Oh yeah, I love that too, I'm all about it, but Monogatari and some other series taught me that you can do both that and dialogue-heavy storytelling if you really want to. Shinbou is the probably the biggest director in anime to utilize that mixing, and I really enjoy his style.
Hmmm, I think it will. And now that I think about it, LWA really exceeds at that exact thing that Sakurada lacked, at making characters feel natural in their world and making the viewer understand what would they be doing when they weren't on the screen, and it uses that a lot.

You'll get yours one day, I'm sure :D

No problem! As I said, keep writing, you're good at it!
Yeah, maybe..... or maybe it'll be a yet another Sakurada or Fukumenkei Noise.....
I just can't wait to find out