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Saishuu Heiki Kanojo
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Grex11 Today, 6:05 AM
I’ve seen people saying rather definitively that this is just the end of Kyoto Animation, and I dearly hope they are mistaken. It would undoubtedly take time to recover and rebuild, and I certainly expect their more immediate projects to be either delayed or outright cancelled, but it would be a terrible thing for this studio to close its doors. KyoAni’s unambiguously humane treatment of its staff and their production cycles has been one of the brightest spots in the industry for years, a standard that other studios have specifically called out as something to aspire to (albeit with varying degrees of honesty and success), and I find its potential loss nearly as saddening as the loss of life itself. It’s also been mentioned that they were one of the few anime studios active about hiring women, and sadly that is reflected in the death tolls, significantly reducing the already paltry number of women in the overall industry. I would never wish this tragedy on any studio, but of all companies, why did it have to be KyoAni?

I actually haven't seen SuperEyepatchWolf's video, but I can imagine the intent. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don't imagine I'll be watching it particularly soon, but One Outs is definitely something I want to tackle at some point. (Right now I'm slowly working through Avatar, though that'll probably be put on hold in a week when Fire Emblem comes out.)

Since I've been in the process of rewatching it myself for a few weeks, and nearly done now, I was wondering if you could throw me your opinion on Eva, either as a previous writeup you might've made or just some general thoughts if not. I'm just curious.
LibanAli Yesterday, 9:31 PM
Yeah, at this point I'm just trying to distract myself from the whole thing.

I see. The idea of a cat and mouse game with this sort of premise does sound interesting. Will definitely watch it at some point. Not really much of a baseball guy, but it'll probably entertain.
LibanAli Jul 18, 9:25 AM
I really like Kare Kano. While it does suffer from production issues(There's a lot of recap), it does have a lot of charm and the romance feels pretty genuine. I love the idea of the one you love peeling away the masks you wear, and the other characters like Tsubasa and Yukino's dad go through some really interesting arcs as well.

I've heard of One Outs, so I'll probably watch it eventually.

As someone who hasn't watched much of their anime and should watch more of them, the news regarding KyoAni is the worst anime related news I've heard. The studio is one of the few that treat the staff well and to see what happened is heartbreaking. We don't know why the culprit did it, but regardless, I hope he rots in hell. Those who either joke about this or are actually happy about this happening like Yamakan can kindly fuck off and should be ignored.

I think in times like this, it needs to be said that you need to spend as much time as you can with those you care about, because you don't know when anything is going to happen. Appreciate the anime and the people behind them.

The GoFundMe by Sentai Filmworks:

Buy high-res digital images from KyoAni:
Plasmatize Jul 7, 8:44 PM
Apologies for the super late reply. I've spent all this time either catching up/hanging out with friends/family or just sitting around playing Crypt of the NecroDancer and Mario Maker 2 - neglecting other hobbies in the process, including basically all anime and this little online persona I've crafted around it.

Fair enough regarding Cadence of Hyrule. It seems as though the NecroDancer stuff is just for combat, while the rest of the game is more like any other 2D Zelda.

Any updates on Danganronpa V3?
Grex11 Jul 1, 7:50 PM
Technically the first player death, just walking along through a calm if eerie meadow -- and then our child protagonist swiftly decapitated by a bear trap. By the time of the spider we were... familiar with what to expect lol.
Grex11 Jul 1, 7:12 PM
Ah, shame to hear. I remember SunlitSonata really talking up Ga-Rei Zero a while ago, and while his opinion seems to have cooled slightly, I'll probably still check it out one day. Only 12 episodes after all. One Outs has been on my own watchlist for a while, but the right moment just hasn't come yet.

I might be a little biased because I've played/watched Limbo multiple times, compared to only once for Inside, but I found it the more memorable and engrossing game for sure. I remember me and my dad (who was actually playing as I watched) laughing out of pure shock after Limbo's first gruesome death -- we had only vague expectations for the game, and weren't exactly expecting that.
Werty800 Jun 30, 9:59 AM
Thank you! And nope, that definitely didn't happen. Sis wanted to go to an amusement park which is in our town for two days. Had to be there for a bunch of hours. She had fun though.
LibanAli Jun 29, 10:27 AM
Thoughts on Ga-Rei Zero?
Grex11 Jun 28, 5:11 PM
No problem at all; life always come first. The job is indeed going well, and in a way I'm relieved. Most of the difference between me and some of my more experienced coworkers feels like just a result of them being more familiar with the company's products and systems, rather than an inherent insurmountable gap in logical or programming expertise.

I'm basically just repeating myself at this point, but considering your overall impression of Bakemonogatari was unambiguously positive, I'd be shocked if you didn't really like certain later arcs.

"The fighting sequences were also surprisingly beautiful and exciting to watch - a really pleasant surprise for a sweet little romcom."
Hey, it's the KyoAni touch after all. Maid Dragon says hello.

Chuunibyou's another one I saw a while ago (during my freshman year of college), and it was also an unnaturally staggered viewing due to partially watching it with anime club members, but I just found it a really cute and touching show with some nice meditations about the value of escapism on the side. I couldn't exactly argue that certain developments are saccharine or familiar, but that doesn't necessarily bother me when the series has so much personality. I really came to enjoy the mere interaction of the characters -- hence why I also liked the mostly maligned second season.

Regardless, I was happy to see you watching Chuunibyou, then happy again when you apparently had a good time. Planning to go after anything in particular after Ga-Rei: Zero?

And I see you recently played Inside? I've gone through both that and Limbo with my dad; we both felt similarly to you that, while Inside was good, Limbo was better.
Plasmatize Jun 23, 10:56 AM
It really says something about how well the game's concept works that 5 zones can keep things fun for 70 hours, if not much more. Taking a traditional roguelike and putting every decision on a fixed timer makes things so hectic! You could try an all-zones run with Bard. I just did that myself, and as long as you take your time, it's not too bad. At least, compared to all the other characters, haha!
At a glance, I pegged Aria, Monk and Bolt as likely to be the three hardest characters outside of Coda, who of course combines all three of those lol.

I'm looking forward to trying Cadence of Hyrule as well. I've heard it's a little more forgiving/easier to get into than Crypt, so it should be a nice change of pace. Planning to check it out yourself?
Plasmatize Jun 22, 7:23 AM
Man, I was supposed to finish VLR last weekend, but then I got lost in some disco crypt! Regardless, I'm pretty close to finishing VLR, and it's been quite the experience! Can't wait to see how everything ties together.

I'm a Crypt of the NecroDancer addict at this point. Took me a while to get through each zone with Cadence for the first time but I've been gradually getting the hang of it since and trying out some of the other characters. Haven't attempted any all-zones runs or anything crazy though. Still dying way too much for that lol. It's interesting how each one changes your approach to combat, often forcing you to re-learn things you'd previously grown comfortable with. I just finished each zone with Dorian, who completely threw me for a loop, with most runs consisting of awkwardly jumping around and digging trying to convolutedly line things up to grab stray piles of gold, or falling on old habits to face enemies just to end up jumping straight into their line of fire! At some point I'll have to attempt Aria to finish the story... that's going to be brutal. And yeah, how the final character plays, not to mention what you have to do just to unlock them, looks absolutely insane! I don't know if I'll ever get to that point but there's so much else to do in the meantime, so I'm in this one for the long haul!

Out of curiosity, do you have the Amplified DLC that adds a 5th zone and some more characters/bosses/modes?
SunlitSonata Jun 19, 6:52 PM
Perhaps. Zero Time Dilemma showed him trying to veer for a more cinematic approach and combined with the G-Mod level animations, the switch could be really awkward and slow. Like, characters didn't have transitory animations. If a character slipped on a banana peel, a character would walk with a banana peel in the way, it would cut to the ceiling while a sound effect is heard, and then you'd see the model plopped onto the floor. Thankfully, this new game seems to have improved the animations substantially. I just hope it turns out good.

On a different note, in hindsight I was a bit too nice to Ga-Rei Zero back when I reviewed it; since then I've grown more into understanding several of the flaws in the writing and certain choices in setting and buildup that hold it back, but nonetheless I still find the core of the story works well.
LibanAli Jun 9, 6:26 PM
Damn, that sounds pretty dull. I haven't watched K-On but I have seen Non Non Biyori, and I found that to be a decently relaxing show. This just sounds kind of pointless.
Grex11 Jun 9, 9:31 AM
I wrote the following prompted by your brief complaint with Bakemonogatari’s story arcs, and I was going to wait to send it as part of my response to whatever longer thoughts you’re planning, but then figured there was no reason to wait.

The Bakemonogatari anime only adapts two volumes of the light novels, the first volume covering Hitagi Crab, Mayoi Snail and Suruga Monkey, while the second covers Nadeko Snake and Tsubasa Cat. This delineation shows that (while Tsubasa Cat gets closest) no arc had a volume all its own, instead working within a fraction of the total page count. I don’t know whether this was a decision Isin made himself or whether editors/publishers pushed for the first volumes of a brand-new series to introduce readers to several new elements and characters at once. Regardless, as you put it in not so many words, the narrow timeframe certain arcs were given leads to some feeling more like stopgaps that merely introduce their respective character rather than fully developing them and coming to a “resounding conclusion” on their psychological hangups. (To be frank, this probably isn’t helped by Isin’s proclivities for rambling dialogues and monologues, which will only feel meandering if they don’t click with your sense of humor.)

But I think Isin came to feel the same way. As I mentioned earlier, not only is every Bake girl revisited later in the series (in superb fashion, in my opinion), but starting with Kizumonogatari and for the next ten volumes of the series (equating to dozens of episodes in the anime), each novel tells only a single arc focused on (usually) a single character -- taking the time necessary to establish each story from beginning to end rather than forcing multiple to share space. Of course, Isin’s trademark eccentricities still come into play and affect the pacing -- I mentioned to you that the latest volume I read was a full quarter banter before anything really “happened”, for example -- but an episode or so of straight banter proportionally doesn’t take away as much from the goings-on of each arc as it might for, say, Mayoi Snail.

I suppose these two paragraphs are (fittingly enough for Monogatari) just a long-winded way of me saying that, in my opinion, the best of Monogatari is unequivocally still to come. Hell, one of its characters is on my favorites list and you haven’t even met him yet! So I hope it maintains enough of your attention for you to stick with it… however long it takes you lol
LibanAli Jun 8, 6:45 PM
Thoughts on Hanayamata?