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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Yui reminds me of Minori from Toradora and I feel OreGairu has got a lot of inspiration from that series with the lead male as well (though he not only looks delinquent, he pretty much is). Similar storyline pacing and character dialogue/interactions. As a big fan of Toradora I think this one is going to be a must.
report Recommended by Anistylez
Just in general, the atmosphere of Oregairu feels similar to Toradora!. Both male main characters (Ryuuji Takasu in Toradora! and Hachiman Hikigaya in Oregairu) have those "hostile eyes" which makes people think that they are criminal; which they aren't. They are insecure and gets help from friends with their social problems. All the characters in both shows seem like they belong either. The art is also something that they have in common.
report Recommended by Rodness
The main male protagonist definitely has a strange look on his face in both series. But beyond that, they also have a strange relationship/interactions with the main female protagonist of the series. Both Toradora! and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. takes place in a school life setting where youth experiences the life of drama and love. At the same time, there's also joy and fun for the main characters - some taken less so more than others. Both series also makes usage of humorous dialogues in a lighthearted setting.
report Recommended by Stark700
The two shows include their main male characters as an outcast that is forced by the story to possibly end up with either of the two female characters in a romantic relationship.
report Recommended by Partaker
The female leads are similar in which they're fiesty and tsundere-like and don't have friends except Taiga has one friend. As for the male lead they're both outcast such as Ryuuji he's unable to make friends because of his appearance. But eventually they're able to find close people to click with. As for the story plot, Toradora is a little bit different. It mainly focus on romance problems such as love triangles while My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU focus more on school activities and philosophical views on society. But if you like romantic comedy then Toradora is for you.
report Recommended by Heyeva
Both anime have a way of showing you character perspectives and character relationships. Romance and comedy included.
report Recommended by Zelev
Romance and Comedy :D
report Recommended by Hikino
-Both have a male lead and two or three (in the second season of Oregairu, three) female main characters -Both have similar character designs; Hachiman to Ryuji, and Yui to Kushieda -Both see a more realistic approach to the high school romance genre, and thus feel similar in tone -Both have similar dramatic moments and quarrels between characters -Both develop the supporting cast of characters, or the protagonists classmates that aren't main characters in ways others of the genre do not; giving them their own aspirations, vibrant personalities and love interests, although they don't get as much focus as the main characters
report Recommended by thelectricow
I liked this anime mainly because it has very good character and relation progression and nothing feels forced. This, in my opinion, makes it similar to Toradora. Both have very good characters and good stories and I think if you liked Toradora you will like this too.
report Recommended by Henners
The main character in both have the deadpan eyes and both are spins on the Romcon genre!
report Recommended by ButadonMeitantei
Both anime are about a bunch of teenagers struggling to know and identify themselves, by making themselves a better person. They have their own insecurities and problems to deal with.
report Recommended by azuriknight
The plot of both series somewhat revolves around helping others getting their date or something that is related to friendship, both plots are very engaging, however the main character in this one is quite different from Ryuuji. He is not as dense as Ryuuji, he is very well aware of what is actually happening and especially, he is very smart. This kind of personality is rarely seen in romance anime because creators love to make dumb and dense main male characters, but not this one. This one is truly a unique one. Both plots have romance evolving in a very correct pace and in-depth characters. Both plots have   read more
report Recommended by xnix
Both anime aren't your mediocre comedy, drama, romance, school, slice of life shows. All 2 of them have a certain depth in character development and relationship. Also both are giving you a good view into the characters psyche.
report Recommended by MadokaJojocolleZ
Same story, about an outcast guy that has to make a decision
report Recommended by PainC
The most important thing is that both are romcoms and have great character development. None of the anime relies on fan service, the stories are well developed. If you are looking Romance or Comedy I will highly recommend you both of these anime.
report Recommended by SimYeon
Also has pretty good writing, is a romantic comedy, and just overall lots of fun. It's probably the second least convoluted romcom I've ever watched, but that's not saying a whole lot. Th bar is just that low, but don't let that stop you from a cute story with lots of laughs.
report Recommended by Justice2free_US
The story takes place in a similar setting and is very character driven. Both shows have a lot of RomCom aspects (Oregairu s1 more than s2 and s3). The biggest difference between these anime are the mc's, the rest is very similar Keep in mind this isnt the same show but i can see someone who enjoyed one being a fan of the other.
report Recommended by DinoPapiro
•Romance •variety with the cast of characters •school setting •an emotional journey throughout •relaxed and wholesome •comedic and entertaining to watch
report Recommended by DarkzeVII
Another great romance, a little longer but I feel like the characters of both series have been trough similar struggles.
report Recommended by Yukiii-
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