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Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei
Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei
Oct 12, 12:33 PM
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Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore
Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore
Oct 12, 12:33 PM
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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Oct 11, 11:35 AM
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Shichisei no Subaru
Shichisei no Subaru
Aug 13, 12:54 PM
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Jul 30, 11:54 AM
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LunarStarGirl345 Sep 8, 5:48 PM
You’re welcome :3.
Have a great day as well! 😊
Berry-Vodka Aug 8, 12:25 PM
happy birthday!

irenalyn Nov 8, 2020 12:24 PM
sorry, i don't know. i randomly found it on pinterest.
Zaphkiel_El_Rem Nov 22, 2019 12:58 AM
Well, I guess I won't watch it for now XD. I'm not really in the mood to watch any slow paced shows, I even just recently dropped Ahiru no Sora for same reasons.

And sadly, I can't find any translated novel of mushi-uta for you. Its too old of a series and a niche(?). Those are really hard to find especially since fan translations only started around 2007 and they would only translate very popular series back then like Haruhi, Fullmetal Panic, etc......

Yea I remember now, that last episode was like WTH happened. The 11th volume was more reasonable I think, but it also didn't explained much why the king betrayed Ryner either.

Edit: I just checked out NU again and mushiuta is actually there, I must have mistyped or something XD.
Zaphkiel_El_Rem Nov 20, 2019 11:17 PM
Hhmm, not really sure about this one. Just felt like it's a slow burn type of show. I wouldn't mind watching it right now if it was a movie length though. Or like, does the first 2 or 3 episodes concluded anything?

Ah that one, each volume of it aren't particularly long. The anime almost adapted 80% of those 11 volumes. I can't exactly remember what they skipped but those are mainly trivial side detours. I think it's fine for you to start with the 2nd part of the novel: Dai Densetsu no Yuusha.
Zaphkiel_El_Rem Nov 19, 2019 10:52 PM
No, haven't read any of the two. I don't even know the 2nd anime you spoke of XD.

For Arslan, I remember that this one is just recently liscenced this year so volume 1 maybe is not even out yet.
Zaphkiel_El_Rem Nov 18, 2019 6:54 AM
Is this the only novel you're interested right now?
Zaphkiel_El_Rem Nov 16, 2019 6:42 PM
Yea, they're freaking expensive. Especially in place like my country where LN aren't available in retails. Just the shipping cost can be too much so I go for epub. I prefer reading on my phone anyway.

Zaphkiel_El_Rem Nov 16, 2019 3:52 AM
Yup, I bought a few epub available of my favorite series. While the rest, I ripped it in some online forum, the licensed ones.

As for the fan-translations, you could find most of it in
Zaphkiel_El_Rem Nov 14, 2019 6:13 PM
Hello there, saw your comment earlier. Thanks for that!!

Just gonna clarify if you're asking for novels in general or Hataraku specifically?

Deknijff Oct 25, 2019 12:17 PM
looking forward to it
Deknijff Oct 24, 2019 3:08 PM
cool cool
glad you're giving it a shot. If you want to discuss the show while watching feel free to leave a comment

I don't really read LNs so I have no clue honestly. I try to read the wiki and the wiki had things from the latest Volume so there should be a high chance that its already translated
Deknijff Oct 23, 2019 1:14 PM
A_silent_Being said:
Deknijff said:
the correct answer is always Shana to be honest
If not much trouble can you please answer some of my question regarding this series...

Was this series completely adapted?? Are the endings of LN and anime same?
Nah so the anime changed some things so its not a page by page adaptation of the LN
Another thing is that a few years after the anime ended the LN got a extra volume that covers the events like a year after the series original end that probably will never be adapted

Then there is the fact J.C. STAFF didn't adapt anything of the LN that wasn't about Shana and Yuji so lots of the side stuff thats relevant for the history of the world isn't adapted despite it being important for shaping the current era of the world they are living in

In terms of just Yuji's and Shana's story Id say its completely adapted though and despite everything I just said the series makes sense if you pay attention and remember things as its a complete package if just viewed as an anime and ignoring the LN
Berry-Vodka Sep 6, 2019 4:05 AM
You're welcome! you can ask me anytime or in the forums, they'll help you out!

tbh, if there was a least favorite category on my profile this anime would appear there :P
Berry-Vodka Sep 5, 2019 5:16 AM
Hi and thank you for the request, so you found my Yat anchin forum posts, that's embarrassing! >_<

My thoughts on YAT: i kinda frustrated with this series to be honest and i'm struggling to finish it, don't know if i want to continue with season two (!)
Nothing stops you from dropping it anytime, i lost interest around episode 25 ish.

It lacks serious moments and romance as in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Kanon... It doesn't have any harems and the characters don't shows any feelings towards the opposite sex :s It's a children show about a travel agency on space.

It's not shonen like Love Hina and you will not see any perverted moments as in the romantic comedies. But it is a soup opera on space with shallow characters. Sure, the main goes in a quest all over space with this crew of the travel agency and has a love triangle but is all for laughs.

The main dude has interest in one them but after all those tense moments, when he finally confesses (around ep 45), nothing happens and you are thrown directly to action, they never spend time together it was like a drunk moment that nobody remembers, so silly.

I would recommend this if you're into shows like Card captor sakura, although it's not a fair comparison since in Yat anchin they don't even hold hands or open up.. there have to be an interruption followed by a stupid joke. There're better soup operas out there imo.

The only positive things i can say is that OP/EN sound good, i already downloaded. AND maybe if you're into stuff like computer engineering slang, space time theories... it sounds smart but i don't think their info dump is reliable xD

Sorry, for long posting but i feel i wasted time with YAT and only my 12 year old me would think that this is a really cool story.