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BlackFIFA19 Jan 14, 12:50 PM
No no no that is the colorless little girl!

well i dont really know, ive been thinking about how it was gonna continue ever since i read the end of V7 so, i guess? i wonder if shes just stalking him the entire time, or if shes there in general,

also something you might like:
-Soraa Jan 14, 3:38 AM
Hehe :D
I am really excited to read the Light Novel of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. At the moment I am re-watching the Anime and afterwards I am going to read the Light Novel from the beginning. Because I heard that the LN is better than the Anime with more explantation.
BlackFIFA19 Jan 13, 11:49 AM
Synopsis V8(translated by a friend of mine): "The worlds fell into chaos as they lost their 'white queen'. And the matchless devil reached out to the strongest summoner Shiroyama Kyousuke...!?
Kyousuke 'killed' his nemesis, the White Queen, but the world was still under her dominance and fell into chaos. Toy Dream Company incited the 'silver resource war' as though they were afraid of the now dead Queen. To destroy the mainframe holding the propaganda films for this war, 'System Atlantis'; Kyousuke and Olivia infiltrated an ocean liner and met the overtly beautiful ruler of country F, Shinseria. Trembling due to the double punch, of sweet mother-in-law (?)-like attacks from her, and various means of seduction by her daughter in a school swimsuit, Kyousuke was also attacked from the back by the biggest and worst devil of unprecedented scale, who calls Kyou 'Nii-sama'!
BlackFIFA19 Jan 11, 1:39 PM
Ill reply to your comment later but i just have too share this because its fucking epic!!!!!
volume 8 cover !!!!!
Altay545 Jan 8, 6:27 PM
Underwhelming you think so ? while it could have been played out better i think it was all right the whole winning with physics lol but you're right it's sad that she didn't get to be an ally but i guess she was just 2 fucking insane.

It's actually kind of weird and it's gonna be explained very soon so it's ok to tell you a bit, Roland learns that he can go whenever he wants, easy as that, when he goes to sleep he just needs to want to go there if he doesnt want he sleeps normally, and till now Zero has not regained her memories she's just like a cute little cousin and she gets a lot closer to Roland which is cute, but man do a lot of intresting things happen in there, a "new" Roland in there as well you'll understand soon lol though you know sometimes you just want it to get back to Roland building stuff and meeting new witches the other world can sometimes drag on, that's just me personally maybe you start liking the other world stuff more.

lol really with Tilly? i actually thought that for some time 2 but you know it's impossible Ashe has a firm grip on that particular ass lol, but really Wendy ? I agree with Anna and Nightingale but then i think Echo makes a better choice
Altay545 Jan 7, 2:29 AM
what would you prefer harem or no harem? me personally just Nightingale and Anna are enough yes all the other girls have kind of shown that they also love him but still i don't see it going anywhere, and i like the cute moments between just those 3.
Hopefully Edith doesnt kill anyone but hey she does some crazy stuff lol.

Ohhhh thanks a lot mate ! i'll be sure to give it a read just the synopsys sounds pretty hilarious already lol giving me that wtf factor already son-con hu lol.
BlackFIFA19 Jan 5, 5:45 AM
Hey could you maybe tell what you liked so much about Ashita, Boku wa Shinu. Kimi wa Ikikaeru. and why you like Hikari so much since i was really suprised too suddenly see her at the #1 spot of your favorite characters
Altay545 Jan 4, 11:21 PM
Don't worry only a monster would spoil really big plot points of an intresting series if i do say anything it's just fun stuff 2 look forward 2.

lol i know right people sometimes really dislike all-powerful protagonists but Roland really earns it, yeah a lot of things have also been due to luck but truly this is the best protagonist ever and he does keep on making discoveries so i think we're gonna be satisfied with that.
That quality stays the same !!! thankfully lol again the only real problem with the series it that it has 2 many good characters, also the new plot point that has just been revealed in the translated chapters .... yeah that's also gonna be a BIG thing a whole new world to explore with new rules to the world itself and Roland, i tell you man things just keep on getting bigger and crazier.

I know right, again i guess i kind of understand him since he truly seems worried about lighting getting hurt out at sea and he mentions he was really scared when he thought he had lost her so he doesnt want to go through that atm and he just wants her to be happy (but again all the mainland will be battling demons sooo....)

lol well that's just my take she keeps on that admiration and it goes to all new levels, now when some things happen that's gonna be a mindfuck, still she sees how Roland being normal can get witches to cooperate with him and since just keeps out pumping new technology she just becomes more and more fascinated with him as well still you need to remember no one had ever rejected her and everyone had always lusted after her beauty so Roland is a whole new experience for her a male that has no interest in her because she is a woman but because she is smart lol remember that women truly had no say in those times so Roland trusting her and acknowledging her is a whole new experience, before she tried to be all sneaky thinking no one would listen to a woman but now Roland tells her to speak up, damn sorry i ranted 2 much here but among all the things the author does well it's intresting that he also made such a psychologically intresting character.

Well that's the thing, did she really give up? and that's a legitimate question lol admiration of roland just continues to grow and she has said that he likes him but that she knows roland hasnt seen her in that way, who knows maybe later on she tries something,she has just been currying favor helping him but till now she hasnt made any romancitc advances on him she has just said that she likes himon multiple occasions, and remember it was thanks to her that her family rose to prominence so maybe she has a plan.

Yep it's still towards Roland no worries there my friend and well later on you will see lol the chapters with her are my favorites truly weird usually i favor the more magical things just for the novelty of it, but again this character is so well done it's scary.
Altay545 Jan 3, 4:07 AM
Ohhh that's good then truly Lighting is most cute when she's acting like a meek daughter in front of Roland lol and yes her and Maggie are really fun and sadly no the new girls doesn't have any flying related ability but she's still able to keep up with them and i guess her ability fits right in with them she's also a pretty adventurous girl so everything is okay the process of her joining is also pretty fun and well tell me if you mind spoilers lol and i'll tell you something else.

More plot progression is going on i don't know if thats good or bad for you though ....personally i really like that since it just means that we're just gonna get more and more of this (if the author doesnt drop it, dies ...) but yeah atm i don't see the end soon more things are coming up and it's making the scale bigger and bigger.

ohhhh also for some reason Thunder still does not want to let Lighting know that he's alive .... fuck man i don't know if you can handle spoilers (personally i like em since it gives me something to look forward 2) so i'll put it in a tag for you don't look at it if you don't like spoilers.

lol all right again i know why not 2 read them they literally can sometimes give you headaches lol everything is just a jumbled mess, also as a side note what do you think of The Pearl of the North Edith, damn i just love her character she just keeps on getting crazier and crazier 2, a total fucking Yandere in the making lol she truly is way above everyone else in terms of shall we say mental scope? lol her POV is very grand.
Altay545 Jan 2, 4:35 PM
Really Lighting? i can't see her as anything more then Rolands daughter and she also has given him that father role lol though im certainly not against a romantic thing between them, but yes he does tell Nightingale that he wants to be with her but again it's gonna take a looong time i'm on chapter 965 and nothing has happened yet so ...

I know that's truly the only problem and the bad thing is that more characters keep coming just more and more and more and they all seem pretty interesting it's worse that at some point new witches come in and Roland doesnt even see them like that girl with the lighting powers .... but again later on they all make brief appearances for 2 or 3 chapters they all get mini-stories it's fun my favorite mini-thing is the ones form lighting and maggy (and a new witch later on which joins the explorer group) and Mystery Moons group damn those are all fucking great.

All right MTL do suck this is the only series i've gone trough that shit cuz i like it 2 damn much just wanted to let you know theres that option lol

Damn bro the plot goes fucking everywhere i don't know if i want to spoil you it would truly take out some fun the plot twists later on are fucking insane the story just keeps on getting bigger but well sadly there are no elves .... but a new race does appear.
Misery_Amber Jan 1, 3:54 PM
You're welcome my friend! :3


Altay545 Jan 1, 2:37 PM
ohhh i thought the same man I'm studying mechatronics so it was actually pretty fun seeing things that i've learned applied here, it also astounded me how this guy seems like a fucking walking library of all knowledge (at the beginning at least) and i actually started researching that stuff and it actually got me more into the career lol, it's just part of life i guess i myself just finished college and now im stressed about finding a job so ....

There's no problem there man without the witches the story would suck it's awesome seeing Roland come up with ideas to how each of them can have an impact making stuff, lol never thought i would hear that most people really dislike the harem route still ... damn i actually read machine translations (which i recommend if you wanna read more it's about 300 more chapters but it sucks ass you can get a vague understanding and after a while you get used to it) so i don't remember if this has been talked about in the translation but he will also go with Nightingale so theres that we still havent seen it but he's already told Anna about it and she was okay with it and Anna and Nightingale already talked about it but it's gonna take some time around as much time as it took for Roland to finally tell Anna how he felt i guess since even in the Machine Translations nothing has happened.

Still man i can't help but get exited when talking about this series the world is great, the progression is fucking amazing, i love all the characters, the only real problem is that there are so many characters some start to feel left out so if you really like someone it sucks that you only see them every 10 chapters lol still there are many sub-plot stories that are pretty cool again i'm real glad you liked it.
Altay545 Jan 1, 12:20 AM
Hey there man ! Happy new year to you 2 thanks a lot here hoping that the next year is relaxing and fulfilling lol

Glad you liked it ! is it fucking great or what lol im happy i was able to give you an interesting story man ! i'll be sure to let you know if i find something good again please do the same for me ^^
BlackFIFA19 Dec 31, 2017 4:50 PM
Hey man, happy new year hope you had a great 2017 and have an awesome 2018, i had alot of fun talking with you the past year so lets keep doing that from time to time too ;D
BlackFIFA19 Dec 16, 2017 3:21 AM
Well i guess ill buy it, sounds like something id enjoy,

Also thought id notify you, Blood Sign V8 February 10 2018.