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"TK" is a mysterious character. He likes to speak nonsensical English phrases, depending on the situation of the scene, even though he does not know English fluently. He saves the team many times and knows some Japanese but rarely speaks it. Regardless, he seems to understand what the others say to him. He is talented in almost anything (his forte, dancing). He is usually always dancing even while in a fight with his enemies. His real identity and his name is unknown, even to the SSS. Therefore they identify him as by a nickname he gives himself, "TK."

One particular trait of his is his inability to remain still, as he is in constant movement whenever he is not doing anything at all (although at times he can be seen not in constant movement).

Also, his catchphrase appears to be "I kiss you!", or "Wild heaven".

Voice Actors
Rivas, Michael
Wagoner, Adam Van
Seong, Wan Gyeong
Wirthgen, Jesco

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