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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Both series revolve around asocial male leads that are tricked/forced into joining a club. They also have a female lead that drives their male counterpart to perform club tasks and, surprisingly, do a good job while he is at it. They are also both high school comedies with hints of romance.
report Recommended by F8L-Fool
A high-school club that mostly does nothing but sometimes helps people.
report Recommended by Kanaev
Well, there's no doubt that the main male protagonist seems anti social and aloof with situations most of the time by the way he behaves. It's not until one day that they decide to join this club where he meets new people and forms interactions with them. In a nutshell, both series features a high school life setting but among other factors, the clubs they join has a main female protagonist who is cute/pretty but often dominant in terms of her character. Additionally, both series' clubs often gets involved with other people/events that results in drama. The main male protagonist are often reluctant to get involved. There   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Male lead just wants a peaceful high school life. Both are quite anti-social but quite have an impressive and witty personality. Both are in clubs where they're not initially interested in joining.
report Recommended by jbeat
Let me introduce you to introvert-kun. Introvert-kun is a high school student who does his best to avoid social interaction with other people. Most people would call him a loner, but it doesn't really bother him. He has his own views on the world and he likes to share them with the viewer through monologues. One day, however, Introvert-kun is forced to join a club. The club's only member is the school's prettiest girl and along with her, he is forced to go around on campus and help out random people with his surprisingly strong insight.
report Recommended by Devens
•both are about a small club in school solving situations that come there way in different meanings/purposes •both focus on a male lead who is pretty much forced to join a club for different reasons, and interact with people he would usually not talk to •both male leads have slightly different personalities, wereas one distances himself from everyone and everything and just sees the bluntness and cruelty of life itself, and the other just wants a cruisey high school life with his close friends where he doesnt want to use any effort at all. •both contain the typical highschool romances, comedy, angst type genres, •they are similar in   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
School, slice-of-life, slight mystery, and light romance series. Both have a male protagonist that dislike spending energy in socializing, a fact that may change due to joining a school club.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
- Protagonists are similar in many ways (their way of viewing life, their thinking process, etc.) - There are two main female protagonists, where one is very cheerful and outgoing and the other being a bit more reserved and cynical. - Both anime revolve around some kind of problem solving, where the problem may be a mystery or simply helping another out. - Both anime are pertinent to school life, and includes many non-protagonist characters from its school.
report Recommended by qh0st
MC is forced to join a club, and in there, both find a girl there. Both MC believes in not wasting their time, and both keep a low profile at school.
report Recommended by Ellis_
High school comedies about a club who solves mysteries or helps people out at their school. Both shows have great and relatable male leads: one is just plain lazy and the other is intentionally and unintentionally a loner. Both have small amounts of romance but it is not a major plot point in either. The biggest difference is that Oregairu has more drama than Hyouka (which is about 95% comedy so that's not saying much).
report Recommended by Asfaria
They just are incredibly intriguing and similar series. Both involve rather unorthodox main characters who would love nothing better than to spend their high school lives lazing about, going about their days in peace, when they are forced into rather unorthodox clubs: the Classics Club and the Volunteers Club, which becomes a catalyst for their "adventures" and development. Both feature fantastic writing and intriguing dialogue and are definitely worth looking into.
report Recommended by 0rangeSoda
Clubs,Activities.Solving... Both anime`s features problem solving in which they help others solve some particular problems that they are facing.
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
Both of the main characters have a new, particular way of seeing the world: While Hachiman tends to "disdain" some of high school habits and "normal people" behavior, Houtarou keeps himself from every kind of activity, classifying himself as an "energy saver". They are also intelligent: The same way "Volunteer Service Club" forces Hachiman to think a little, "Classical Literature Club" and it's curious president Chitanda Eru makes Houtarou to use his (incredible) capability of deducing and solving problems. I saw Hyouka first, and I couldn't stop remembering it while watching "Oregairu", it's just too similar for me. :)
report Recommended by AllMonday
They both have laid-back male main characters and demanding female ones. There are a few mysteries to solve and the characters grow over the course of the story. I believe that "Hyouka" is definitely the better of the two, but "Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru." was enjoyable as well.
report Recommended by ForeverInspired
Both male protagonists are antisocial individuals who don't really interact with others but rather observe from a distance. However, Houtarou believes that he should preserve his energy as much as possible while Hachiman prefers to avoid socializing as he's experiences many hardships from interacting with others. Both series have a plot that surrounds both male protagonists being thrown into a club and interacting with students who eventually become their closest friends. Both series are part of the mystery genre as the club members volunteer to work on solving unknown circumstances. Both series have some dramatic scenarios as well as many comedic ones. Both series are set within school. Both series   read more
report Recommended by yungs
both animes shows about a male protagonist that are forced to join some high school club, and changed the male protagonist's way of life. mostly, both animes showed a very similar theme, high school life and somewhat have a similar feel
report Recommended by zeroes02
Both main character are being "forced" into joining a club Hachiman and Oreki have very similar attitudes
report Recommended by Plan-c
Both main characters are forced to join clubs and they both are anti social in a way. The club(s) focus on solving problems/mysteries and the main character finds new friends from the club.
report Recommended by iLikeFraps
Both are amazing anime. I love the two main male leads, and their main goals in life are to avoid human contact, and get through life without any unnecessary effort. The two protagonists are also forced into clubs against their will witch causes them to change (slightly). Both mains are talented and provide a huge amount of character as well as comic relief. Both characters have extremely weird relationships going on as well. Also the story arcs in both are well done. Watch these if you want to laugh your ass off, while getting a good story out of it
report Recommended by Extrapain
Both of them are school, drama, comedyو a little philosophy and intelligence by the main characters. If you like Slice of life animes so that is the best choice
report Recommended by meroo38
Main character is genius people...like oreki houtarou, same background character,same characteristic and many more
report Recommended by arbiyanto
Both are about an introverted guy that joins a club run by the prettiest girl in their grade.
report Recommended by blairthewitchcat
This anime has lots of quotes to be found of, this also makes you capable of thinking hard and also making you go crazy, romance,comedy,mystery, I'm sure you'll love this anime :))
report Recommended by hokuryu
Main characters and setting are identical. They both find normal school life boring and try to avoid anything related to it, but a beautiful girl ends up dragging them in the opposite direction. While the series have different focuses and goals, if you like one I highly doubt you'll dislike the other.
report Recommended by Ishikami
The thought process of the protagonists
report Recommended by sayanblaze
Both MCs are living in a life of grayscale but soon colored by the people around them...
report Recommended by Dandandlion
Both shows have similar characters, who seem lazy and they are both snapped out of their comfort zone by female characters. They have same high school setting and focus on solving problems in their high schools.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
The more I look into this, the more similar these two anime are alike. Houtarou and 8man are pretty similar. They both enjoy conserving energy, seem to be loners (Although Houtarou and Satoshi are pretty close), and are in a club they don't want to be in, the Classics Club and Volunteer Service Club. Both clubs activities revolve around helping others in need and coming up with solutions to their problems. Genres are both Slice of Life, and Romance, and if you like one you will probably enjoy the other one as well.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Both revolve around high-school students' activities in their respective clubs-- the Literature Club for Hyouka and the Service Club in Oregairu. The male protagonists of both shows are generally cynical and lazy, yet intelligent people who joins the respective clubs to get more involved with people. The main difference between these two series is that the characters in Hyouka solve mysteries, while Oregairu's solve daily life problems.
report Recommended by PrincessZero
1- Starring without social interest but are involved in solving problems related to the institute. 2- Shortly fanservice or ecchi. 3- The romance is most of the time as a child. 4- They differ on how to resolve the problems, one giving solution to the mystery related cases and the other through social sacrifices. 5- Development entertaining story without falling into too many topics or chapters of boring filler.
report Recommended by LeG4R
If you liked the distinct personality of the male lead of either anime then you might like the other. Both series involve clever but passive protagonists who are forced to join a club that leads them to interact with people. These series are episodic in nature or often develops a story using short arcs.
report Recommended by ALLONA
Both has INTJ main character, solving social puzzles at school. The characters' point of life just makes sense, they have great sayings. And also both series are master of character development.
report Recommended by erayerdin
The rosy high school life. The desire to achieve this life is nearly nonexistent for both Oreki and Hachiman. These slice of life series begins with our main protagonists approaching school and life in similar fashion due to their identical personalities and behaviors. The inclination to breeze through high school by doing the minimal, avoid exerting too much energy on unnecessary tasks, and to steer clear of human interactions makes them the antithesis of the students who crave the proactive life of being involved in sports and club activities. However, they awkwardly meet Chitanda and Yukino and their lives begin to slowly change. Through club activities   read more
report Recommended by Cat
- Both animes have kind of the same feel to them. - The main protagonist thinks of himself as "hermit who enjoys lonely life". - There is a group of people that get in the way of that life style of theirs and turn it completely upside down. - They are both somehow forced to join a school club. - Both main male characters are smart and intuitive. - Both anime also involve certain problems and/or mysteries that are solved by the male lead. - They both are comedic slice of life types, but Hyouka is more mystery centered whereas Yahari is more Romcom but if you like   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
These two series both have school club theme but hyouka is about a club that its members solve mysteries and yahari is a romance-slice of life show with a shool club theme. -both are similar in this fact: you should watch both with slice of life in mind, but in hyouka story is about mystery solving and in yahari story is about romance + sometimes help other people for their important or simple problems. both male characters may seem similar but no, In yahari the main male protagonist have negative thoughts about his school life and is rather anti-social but in hyouka the main protagonist doesn't have these,   read more
report Recommended by Pikari_
- Both have a MC that is a laid back underachiever that is actually pretty smart - Both have a unique school club setting - Oregairu has more romantic elements and Hyouka has more mystery elements
report Recommended by bikers123
Perceptive, but power-reserving and emotionally detached lead character, who humors you till you die of laughter. :)
report Recommended by I_am_Kristjan
Smart protagonist solves problems. More romance, comedy and a little bit more character development.
report Recommended by Werty800
If you liked the lazy yet smart protagonist of Hyouka, then Yahari is your best bet. It showed similar path development that led to a greater bond between the group. Both anime are great, deciding which is better is in your hands.
report Recommended by Lucario1250
- High School Setting - High School Club - Similar Main Protagonist
report Recommended by Jackstyle
Both of the anime have unique protagonists who do not go with the flow. They are different than others. They don't take the roles of a hero. Although, both of the anime have romantic relations buliding slowly, they are not about romance.
report Recommended by Sadi-st_Tanmoy
These two series both contain similar protagonists that are unique in terms of personality. They are both loners and pessimistic. Both shows also have a high-school setting and some Romance element in the story.
report Recommended by Punny_punpun
The MCs in both animes are fairly simiar. Both are involved in a club that ends up solving problems/mysteries through the MCs intellect.
report Recommended by pikachiu24
Hyouka shares an apathetic, high school protagonist who, due to certain circumstances, joins a club and begins to view the world in a different way. If you enjoyed the main character and setting of Oregairu, then you will enjoy Hyouka.
report Recommended by Lugengeschichte
Both male Characters are really similar Force to join a club
report Recommended by phi12101998
Each anime contains a male lead that avoids relationships with others because he doesn't think it's worth the effort. Through avoidance and observation, these main characters have developed a skill set for reading others and are forced to use that quality when a big sister esque character convinces them to join a club centered on helping people. While in this club, they develop friendships and love interests while also slowly changing their bleak outlook on life.
report Recommended by AndroidRoberts
Both anime follows a somewhat lazy yet unexpectedly smart protagonist, who tries to avoid getting into troublesome work. Both story follows same deductive type vibe throughout the series and shows the growth of the MC towards the world.
report Recommended by Kun-Raijin
-Both stories revolves around anti-social MC's who are tricked/forced to join a club that only exists to help people sometimes -Both MC's are very smart and can deal with problems very easily but are reluctant at first due to their lazy and anti-social nature -Both series has a female that drives the otherwise lazy protagonist to help out others and do tasks -Hyouka is more of a mystery slice of life show while snafu is more of a rom-com. -Theres a hint of romance between the female and male lead in both shows
report Recommended by AzraxSypher
-Both series involve a main protagonist who is forced to participate in events he doesn't necessarily like. -Both series sport a main character who is inept at social skills, fairly lazy and not particularly interested in society. -Both series take place in a high school setting.
report Recommended by Masanori-kun
Protagonists in these two are really similar to each other, both are intelligent (kind of philosophistic ) and always had ´´gray´´ life, until new people showed up and somewhat became friends, that was indeed big change for their lifes. Of course, it comes to romance in both of these.
report Recommended by NijiiroMari
Both the series takes place in a high school settings . One is a romantic comedy while the other one is slice of life, mystery genre . The main protagonist of both series are lazy , holds an extremely different view towards the society and life , both forced to join a club against their will and their interaction with the club members move the story forward.
report Recommended by Rowlock
Both are masquerading as typical romcoms, while being young adult dramas full of philosophy, angst, and most importantly, character development
report Recommended by TGDsushi
the theme,the look and the atmosphere for both anime's are very similar. not only the main characters are much alike but animation style is almost uncanny. def recommend
report Recommended by Cuper500
The MC in both series is really similar: is smart, kind of lazy and antisocial. They are forced to join a club and that is where all the story begins. Yahari makes focus on the relations between people, whereas in Hyouka the "cases" and the detective game are more important. Hyouka is lighter than Yahari. I recommend both of them
report Recommended by Elzombi47
Both have a anti-social main character being challenged of keeping that character,only Hyouka is better
report Recommended by getinbackonit
both have similar mc’s that change due to the people they are surrounded by.
report Recommended by otakucrescent
Both main protagonists are energy conserving and themselves put in very little effort into what they are doing. But because how their circumstances are they are forced to partake in various of events. The main difference is that Hyouka is mystery while Yahari ore... is about he and the girls taking up requests from others together. Both series is highly recommended and it was a pleasure to watch them.
report Recommended by Ryoma663
- School setting - Unspoken love - Very similar male protagonist - Cliffhanger endings - Both funny and romantic
report Recommended by Heitai
In both anime the asocial male MCs are tricked/forced into joining a club. They also have a female MC that drives their male counterpart to perform club tasks and, surprisingly, do a good job while he is at it. I seriously recommend both if these if you like school life drama.
report Recommended by Hikki_Senpai