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spleancrush Dec 22, 2021 10:31 PM
thx for fr :D
EwinKarlos012 Nov 29, 2021 7:06 PM
doin yo mama
amzwi Apr 14, 2021 7:45 PM
bruh how fuck u change ur pfp LMFAO
Afzal629 Dec 17, 2020 8:34 AM
I don't use Facebook that often so I don't know much about it's feature. So if I get added on hentai gc, would my friends also be able to see the post?
That's why I am little scared about that.
And I have already sent you FR on discord with the same name.

That's great. Hope that it becomes that mainstream here as well. But ig it would take at least 15 years more lol.(or even that may not be enough).
And those were some really good movies that you watched and there are also many other movies like that. I also really love them. But there are only almost 5% movie like that.
Well, I would say that Bollywood seems good in comparison to Indian Serial that is. Because Indian serials are another level of trash. 99% of them have a setting of a home with some internal issue in their family, I mean is that the only setting they can think of and it is trash as well.So overdramatic, immature, repeated plot line.
I mean you gotta watch some of them to know that shows this worse even exist.
But I really don't care what people watch and if they are enjoying it then that's great.

And about my surgery, it is becoming really complicated.
I already had my surgery in both of my eyes and I have recovered from both of them as well. But if we are talking about whether it was successful or not, idk. Actually no one knows, not even the doctors.

They told me to come again after 6 months and see if it got worse. Yep,that is the only way to know whether it was successful or not.And on top of that if it got worse, then it cannot be reversed as it doesn't have any treatment.Even the treatment process is so irritating, I mean now I have to wait 6 months more with this poor vision of mine. And I also need to keep up with college.

Oh and engineering college in India are another level of hell.
First of all they will overload you with the syllabus, and they are teaching online(and it is definitely not a great way to teach) and the college started late so now there is another level of overload, you will have to do millions of project and score good marks which you probably will after studying 5 to 6 hours. But you know what? scoring good marks is also not enough, you will have to study additional thing by yourself like coding(which will probably take just another 2 hours daily huh) or other things to get good placement. Teachers will not give you grace marks but instead they will intentionally give even less marks than you deserve.
And even if somehow you manage to do all that stuff, there may still be the possibility that you don't get good enough placement.

How is college like in your country if you have some idea?

I am learning all this stuff rn because I just entered college and that's what seniors told me.
I already cleared competition exam to get admitted in this college but real pain is still yet to come.

And guess what? I can't even see a book clearly so no project no study no other works for at least 1 year and guess what, you have to score really good marks to secure some future. (Well just good marks isn't enough as I told you earlier)
I could study by seeing very close but it will really take atleast double of time than it should.

So this was just the college side of things.(yeah, this is just the side thing there I have yo handle)
The main problem that I need to worry about is my eye. Here I am still worried if I may get my vision back or not.
And doctors are also really irritating, I will say that there technology os advanced and I know that I am in good hands but they don't care even a little about your mental state.
I have been waiting for so long but I have already gone 3 times and they still told me to fine after 6 months, so is it gonna take a decade for me to get fully treated? Idk and the doctors won't tell me either, they haven't said a single time whether I will fully get my vision back after all that, they got the money, they just tell me to do this and that.

And you know what? It has cost so so much in my treatment already if not the cost for my college and the other major things as well.

And there are other things that will sound even worse(much much worse) than I already told you.

It is a miracle that I haven't gone insane yet. It all just came like a time bomb and explode all at once.

Well actually anime/manga is keeping me sane( by escapism,life lesson etc you get that) and the support of my family(at least I have that and I am really grateful).

Sorry for the rant and going off topic but yeah not the great time of my life.

I am currently reading grand blue and it is just so much fun. I just forget about all the pain and have such a great time.

Would highly recommend Eva, because it is definitely a masterpiece.
Eva helped me not in escapism but in not giving up. Yeah.....
People say Eva is really depressing and yeah it is but not like it gives an overall negative message.
I connected with Eva on a very deep and personal level, and the ending of Eva is probably the best ending in fiction I have ever seen.
It's themes are unparalleled and blow my mind just thinking about it.
If have to describe eva in short, it would be :
Horrifying yet beautiful, tragic yet hopeful.
Because Eva was so dark and depressing, its positive message hit me much harder and I applied it in real life.
I really appreciate work like Eva.

Afzal629 Dec 10, 2020 9:19 AM
I don't know about making food on my own man.I don't even know how to make rice. I know how to make omelet but other than that I know nothing.
But we are having online classes so I will be getting home food for a while.
And I will learn cooking other stuff too since there will be times coming in near future where I have to do so.
For now I have so many other things to worry about so not gonna start workout soon.

If we are talking about social media, I am not in that much platform now. Due to personal reasons I have been very less on social media.
But even so,I am in Facebook, whatsApp, telegram, mal, Twitter (not anymore due to personal reasons) and discord (made my account very recently, and I am really active there).
So can I add you on discord?Because You are right about replying in mal being difficult.

And I wanted to ask you this for a while now but how is being an anime fan like there?
Being an anime fan in India is the worst.Mosr haven't heard term "anime" even a single time in their life.
On top of that most Indian movie sucks and idk how people enjoy them. India is really backwards in terms of quality of media. most of the shows here feel really immature and so stupid that it makes me sometimes laugh so hard.
But well most of my friends who aren't familiar with anime do watch Hollywood stuff so that is great.
I think media can be very useful to you if you see it in a right way.
(Also needed to make it clear but there are 1℅ show which are actually good in Bollywood)

Eva for me was really touching and was something I related to on a deep, personal level.It hit me so hard that I am very confident that not even a single show in entirely of Bollywood history could hit that hard.

This was just one example on how media can affect me.

Enjoying whatever you want is great but If all the system is really weak to begin with then people will not be able to see this other side of media.They are just gonna watch what they are being showed.

And I don't care that much about other people seeing this side but I think it would have been great if they could.

Well anime is the only media which has affected me this much but I have also not tried other media that much.
But I know that anime is always going to be the medium I prefer the most.

Sorry it took me a long time to reply but I was recovering from my surgery.
(I know you already said it before but I had to apologize otherwise it didn't feel right).
Afzal629 Oct 28, 2020 1:50 AM
I am not that much healthy tbh.It has become really necessary for me to do some exercise.And since I am soon starting college, I have to become stronger. I looks like they are gonna teach us online so that saves a lot of trouble since I have my eye problem and also need some healthy food(You know how hostel food is like).
My sister has turned 15 just recently so yeah she doesn't bother me that much.

Oh and 90/100 is a solid score. I am glad that it has gotten better.I mean to tell you the truth I got 89℅ overall in class 12 and I was expecting above 90 since I had 95 in PCM but due to my English it got lower(I got 72 in English and I didn't expect that low but maybe I was that bad and also my handwriting was terrible as I was writing the exam in a hurry because there were a lot of questions).
My speaking skill is not that great since I am not used to speaking to others.I only use English when chatting online.

Oh man, that really sucks. It has also happened to me a multiple time before. And that is why I don't write directly on mal instead I write it on notepad(if I am on my pc) or notes in Android and then I copy paste them. So you should do that, it will be safer that way.

Afzal629 Oct 13, 2020 1:45 AM
I am not much of an athlete person but I do plan to workout once my eye problem is all one.And well everybody is good at different things and also bad at different things so I can understand the drawing part. And I see that your younger sister is on different level or perhaps all are like that.Your sister sounds like she is a lot younger than you, I also have a younger sister who created so much problem for me when I was younger but now that I have grown and so my sister therefore I don't have that kind of problem anymore.But yeah I feel you on that part because I have also suffered a lot due to that.

Thanks man, just praying and hearing me out would be enough.The doctors are the only one who can do anything about my situation.And now I also have to apply for college admission, so I have my hands full here, checking out various colleges and the placement, ranking etc. So I am facing so much burden right now,It is a new and not a pleasant feeling thinking about life and taking real responsibility, nothing will be same anymore,I can't have a freedom like a child.It is a really an unpleasant feeling but I have to get used to that.With this unpleasant feeling I will also experience a very different happiness so that makes up for it probably.

Coronavirus has become a joke here. Nobody really dies from it and nearly everyone gets cured. The people who are dying are from different health reasons and due to inaccessibily to hospital. And so I think government are just trying to make money from it and taking advantage of the situation. (Well that is how our government is).

Well yeah, percentage doesn't matter, knowledge doesn't matter, the only thing they want is a student who has memorized every single shit doesn't matter whether or not they use brain. The education system here is so fucked up.
I have never thought of studing abroad, I don't know, it will probably take a lot of money to do that.And there will also be the distance problem. I am not medically healthy right now, so I have to go to a college as near as possible.

The result will come in a few days for which college I am getting with my score.There are two college that I have a chance to get in. (Only talking about good ones, because I will easily get admission in a bad one). The two college aren't the top level but they are pretty good. So if I get admission into any of the two college, that will be enough for now. College is my lowest priority right now but I am forced to decide it otherwise the next year would be even worse. So yeah it is like hell here in terms of getting a good job and being employed. I am walking a path full of uncertainty.

I have my own personal experience that I why I can tell that even a dumb person can become a doctor.(Just need to be a reserved caste).One year ago I went for checkup of my eye in local. And the doctor gave me specs to wear.He didn't told me that I had a disease, and due to his lack of knowledge my disease got so advance to the point that wasn't able to see clearly in exam.If he had told me that time, my eye wouldn't have gotten this worse and I would have also been completely treated by now.But just due to that reservations system he was able to become a doctor and due to his lack of knowledge my future got so distorted and ruined. So indirectly due to the reservation system my disease got this worse and my all hardwork accomplished nothing.
But what can I do. I don't have the power to change anything and just talking about it wouldnt change anything either.

So I have wished so many times that I should have been born in any other country. And I would have liked to be born in US or any county in America.
Since you are from Canada, are you happy that you were born in Canada? Do you have some stupid problem only unique to your country? Your country sounds pretty good to me.

Our class were divided into sections means there were three sections in our class each having approx 30 students. But yeah as I mentioned earlier, you don't need knowledge to qualify the exam, you will need guidance and go to some special coaching coarse.

I honestly have doubted my english so many times, It was really bad few years ago, but ever since I got into the anime medium,I tried to improve my english through it.Since you are a native English speaker, you can judge the best.So I am happy that my english has improved since last time. (But what vide do you get from me?I mean someone whose native language is english or the opposite?)
And I went to government school and it was english medium.Hindi medium are very rare and are only found in villages or other places like that. Nowadays english has become a very important language so that is why there are very few hindi medium school.
I mean talking to you would have been impossible if I didn't knew english or watching anime etc.

It seems like i will be busy more than ever in the upcoming days due to my eye and college admission so it will take me a while to reply you in the future.(The stress and the pressure is killing me inside honestly).

Afzal629 Oct 3, 2020 1:51 AM
It's fine, don't worry. I already said it before,you can reply whenever you feel comfortable to. In the the end the fact remains the same that I got your reply.
So what are you doing nowadays since you are having a burnout? I mean what other hobbies do you have aside from watching anime?
I can't do much right now because of my eyesight, but I like drawing a lot and most of the times I make sketch of my favorite character of a particular series although I can't say that i am that much good at drawing, I am still trying to improve it.And as far as gaming goes, I don't have that much experience with it. I did used to play games a lot when I was kid, but I can't anymore. But I do wanna play some games.

My surgery was to stop the disease that means my eyesight shouldnt get worse from here on. But I had my surgery only on my left eye, I don't know if my left eye condition are getting worse so I have to go for checkup after a few days and as far as the right eye goes,I think the condition is getting worse since I didn't have my surgery on right eye.So the conditions I can't say are any better now.There are more processes I have to go through to get back to normal.Well my eye sight won't get to normal it is just impossible but it can get back to normal after using lens. So I think they will give me lens after a few months after all the process has been done.

The condition here are so bad. All the students are having online classes.And online classes aren't much of a help.College hasn't started yet so I need to wait for admission, don't know how much time it will take, but this year is going so roughly,I don't think anyone can get good education in this type of situation but the government is doing jt anyway.

The trains aren't running. So many people are facing problem with health issue since they can't go to bigger cities for hospital.All the things happening here feels so stupid and dumb, because whenever someone has an emergency health issue they will first have to go through corona test and will have to wait for the result and until then some patient dye. The lockdown and stopping train doesn't help either. So I don't know what the hell is government thinking. Are they trying to protect us from virus? I don't think so because more people are dying because of health issue and all the restrictions government has put us in than the virus itself.

I envy you so much. The competition here are so tough(especially engineering).I myself scored 95℅ in physics, chemistry, maths and when I went through the college exam, I didn't even get the score to get admission to low level college. (The exam happens two times a year, and that was my first time and then I had my second chance and I was prepared this time but my eye sight ruined everything).
And there are coaching center which prepares you for college exam and i did go to the course for one year. But you know what irritates me the most? There are some people who go to the coaching center to prepare for the same exam I am giving from the very childhood. So tell me how am I going to beat a guy who is preparing for 8 years for the same exam that I am giving but I myself had only 1 year to prepare.
So you can say in our country, they don't measure the brain instead they want people who are studying the same thing for a decade.

And if all that wasn't enough, we also have the reservation system. To explain what it is:

There are some people who are from backword caste(means they are not much civilised compared to general people) and they get the resetoation. I am a general so i won't get any. But now in the current society, no one can be called backword, everyone has civislised so there is no need but still for some reason we have this system.
And if I go into more details it will get much longer then it is already, so my overall point is nothing is fair in our country (at least you should be fair in education).

Some people become doctor due to reservation and yet they even don't know the basics and some people can even die because of that. But no, our government is stupid so they will continue this system. Now this is getting a little political so let's stop here.

Our class had 90 students but no one got enough marks to get admission to good college(and let me tell you our school was one of the top school in our state in terms of education).

The college exam I was talking about was government can also go to private ones, but the government one I was talking about is so much better.

But I am done with all the bullshits I had to go through. I believe in myself and I will find my way through all of this but first I have to take care of my eye.

Afzal629 Sep 13, 2020 2:39 AM
Yeah, I am trying to use electronics as less as possible because they are not going anywhere and I can use them after all of this is done.

Unfortunately, train are still not running in India.And the place where I wanted to go was 1500 km, and we did go there by our personal vehicle(which is really crazy I know) but this was an emergency so we needed to go as soon as possible. I already had gone through surgery there and I am now returning home. But my problem hasn't been solved yet, maybe it will take at least 6 months to get things back to normal.
Virus hasn't been controlled yet in our country, it just keeps on increasing(due to our huge population I guess). So how is your country handling it?

In India, competition exams are really tough to crack(especially engineering).
Also reservation system here irritates me. I am a general so I don't get any reservation. I was planning to do engineering, so I needed to get admission in good college. I was preparing for it for 1 year and I was pretty confident that I will get a good rank. But then out of nowhere, my eye problem got worse and it ruined everything.I don't care about anything right now except for my eye anyway so It doesn't matter right now. I just want to focus on the eye part for now.

How is competition exams in your country? Do you have to study very hard to crack it?

Kishbokai Sep 12, 2020 9:14 PM
Hello there, it been a while (17 days ago) but I'm ready to answer your comment now but, even though you wished me a great week, I ruin it for myself because of two things: School and My Profile. To explain you need to know a few things, 1. I don't know about you but I'm during virtual school and its hell since I have been listening to the same type of lectures for 4 days, and I dying inside, and 2. (Well there another thing I have to say but that comes later) I wanted to change my profile since I started to hate it, so I decided to do both and because of that I didn't watch any anime or read any manga so my week has been hell (and I'm still not finished!! UGH!)but the silver lining is I'm answering your comment and after this, I'm going to binge Haikyuu, and possibly pass out. But enough about me, how was your week? (Also I'm so close to just watching Gintama at this point) Now the reply:

I'm curious now, what are your least favorite shounen then? I do agree with what you (as I feel the same way with Attack on Titan) but I also think this is a flaw of HXH as all the characters have a lot of depth in them but then it turns into whether you like a character or not. Taking the chimera ant arc, while I did enjoy it, it had so many characters with a lot of depth but there were some characters I didn't really care about but the plot and pacing made to where I had to spend a lot of time with them but I didn't care about since the ones I care about had less screentime (Gon and Meruem's journey) so that's why I say its a flaw but also a great positive in the series. My favorite arc is between the Hunter exam arc, Heaven Arena arc, and the Phantom Troup arc as they're both brilliant arcs and have the same strengths: Exploring the 4 main characters beautifully, having antagonists that are so unique and amazing, and having the best fights and characters moments. If I had to rank the arcs, it would go like this: Hunter exam arc, Phantom Troup arc, Heaven Arena arc, Chimera arc, 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, and Greed Island arc. While I agree with but you're forgetting the Goat that is Leorio. Yeah, I'm going to wait when he releases a chapter as Shounen Jump still can't be ok about being on this many hiatuses like I know in Bakuman the editors put the creator's health first but they have to know that he needs to publish at least a chapter a year, at the very least. I don't really mind a bunch of text as long as it's enjoyable and not tedious like Samurai 8 like after you read a chapter of that you come out hating the art of manga. (Please read 1 to 3 chapters, and never read it again as its a really bad manga, which pains me to say since its made by Masashi Kishimoto), but I will respect your recommendation and watch the anime for Gintama, but I really do need to catch up. (Also I saw the trailer for it, and it's so fucking funny like how is it this funny?) YES! Someone has actually read DICE so in the next comment I will ask you a bunch of questions since it also be a while since I have read it so I'm going to re-read, I'm so excited.

My taste has changed drastically like I thought My Hero Academia was the greatest anime until I watched Season 3 for Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and One Piece and when I rewatched MHA I thought, "This is Shit!" (or at least compared to those anime) Makes sense, makes sense, Dr. Stone is an anime that's technically good but if you dig deeper its a masterpiece in my eyes like my favorite moments are ones that make it a masterpiece like when Senku meets Chrome or when they make new advances in science, all of it has a deeper meaning in my eyes but at least you think its also good. Attack on Titan was my first anime so I always thought it was a masterpiece instead if I watch an anime and thought it was the same level as Attack on Titan but every season just proved to me why it's even more amazing and deserves to be called a masterpiece. I do wonder if you're going to enjoy Evangelion since it an anime that's had an emotional impact on me so I'm always curious about why people either like it or not it but I do hope you enjoy it. Man, does Shippuden get this bad? Cause I'm on volume 51 when Sasuke and Kakashi are about to fight, and up to this moment it's been banger after, after banger, after bangerand I can't see Naruto failing at this point (There are way more moments but this comment is getting too long). The fights, the characters, the paneling, and the art are all amazing but, to be fair, I haven't finished Shippuden but I have high expectations since I think this is on the same level as Attack on Titan. (Also what are your favorite/least favorite moments, fights, arcs, and characters from Naruto, but no spoilers unless I can watch them out of context and they won't spoiler things for me) I have a theory for Naruto and I have always wanted to share this with someone so if it isn't too much of a pain please listen: Isn't odd that the way Naruto gets the Rasengan is that he needs a clone to form it? I at least thought especially if you consider that Naruto has been alone his entire life, I mean this is the reason why he's trying to get Sasuke back, to get back to the happiest moment in his life. So I have two theories: One, Naruto fails to get Sasuke back as he is killed by Madara but Naruto is damaged mentally like this as his best friend is now killed but he learns that he has to let go of Sasuke and be with the people that truly care about him so they, his true friends, make the Rasengan with him to defect Madara or Two: Naruto finally conceives Sasuke to come back with a few chapters finally making Sasuke realizes the pain in he is in but also the pain he bought to everyone else and in the final fight against Madara, Sasuke and Naruto finally made the final Rasengan. Those are my theories and I'm finally glad I got to share this with someone.

Tf, why would be people like that?! Shojo is a genre that has great anime but has stuff like this where its hard to enjoy like Maid-Sama is basically this Stalker assaulting this girl, even when she clearly doesn't like him. I have only read the manga, so is the anime weird? Yeah, it's just a story that tries to be good but fails to the point where I slightly like something and I attached myself to this one but that one thing gets ruin constantly! (Like why did Mine have to die, why couldn't Tatsumi and Mine be happy?!) But I'm curious about how it all ends.

I don't really like Fire Force and the same way with God of Highschool (Whats' your opinion on those anime?) but Rental Girlfriend, Re:Zero, and Uzaki-Chan are top tier anime. (Also who's the best girl in Rental Girlfriend and remember there is only one right answer but if you like Mami Nanami, please explain). I'm glad you're going to be watching them and I will do the same with Gintama (Really want to watch it so bad!) I'm glad you got the best grade but are you a student that performs greatly or poorly most of the time? (I'm assuming you perform greatly but I don't really know) I'm also going outside but for exercises purposes and I wish also had that feeling of missing friends so I'm sort of glad you have that but sad that you feel that way but what can you do. How have you been affected greatly by the virus? I understand that but the bright side is that you can experience a lot of great stories.

I think you would like Food Wars but too binge it, watch 1 to 2 episodes as you quickly get tried but this is just advice so do what you want. I did enjoy Re:Life until Kariu started with her problems but I will read the manga/manhwa since, from what I heard, her character is better there but do tell why you like Re: Life. I have seen one episode so far and I'm very intrigued but I still don't see yet what the hype is about as I'm getting Attack on Titan vibes from it (but that's only because I saw AOT first) but how the heck is this anime 25 episodes when Lelouch has the most op power?! But I will keep watching, also the Japanese name for When They Cry is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni to help you search it better.

I only have one Husbando and its Kaworu, and when you see Evangelion episode 24 and when we discuss it you will know why. Oh, Rem is the best girl but I sorry but I like Ram better, I just like Tsunderes a lot. I did hear Nux Taku saying he hated it but from what I saw of Yu-Gi-oh I love it. I feel the same way about Fariy Tail like I should dislike it but I guess can't and its the same way about Eden Zero (Made by the same creator) For me its Eromanga Sensai like I think its unironically love it, its so funny and the last episode is comical genius. (Also who's your favorite/least favorite characters and waifus from Fairy Tail?) Yeah, the anime is really hard to get thought so I'm thinking of dropping in return for the manga but I can't drop an anime so tough luck for me. Also for me its Nanatsu no Taizai, Gurren Lagann, and any Studio Trigger anime.

So I have something to say but to explain I have this thing where if I regret something, it plays in my head until I correct it, which never happens but this time I can correct. When I read your reply and re-read my, I regret typing it as it wasn't a good counter to your joke so I truly apologize and that's the second reason why I redid my profile: To correct my mistake of saying that. So after reevaluating my waifu list, she actually ends up between B and C-Tier instead of F Tier. So you probably weren't affected by it but I was and I just couldn't let it go so I'm sorry for what I said, please forgive me.

My questions: What are your other hobbies, what's your favorite soundtracks, and what got you into anime?

(One last thing, I actually passed out and slept for 3 hours when I was typing this since I was so tired so sorry for getting it a bit late) So with all that said and done, I look forward to your reply and see you soon. El Psy Kongroo (Also I don't mind your long comment as it was very enjoyable so I hope you don't mind my)
Afzal629 Sep 5, 2020 11:31 PM
You don't need to apologize.I am not expecting an immediate reply.Just reply to it whenever you feel comfortable to.Also I consider this an early reply so don't worry.

I am trying my best to prevent any more harm than it has already done and also trying to use electronics as less as possible.(Electronics are not the reason)The place where I live doesn't have good eye hospitals. So yeah I am going to Chennai for my surgery(heard it has one of the best eye hospitals in India). Train hasn't started yet so it is really hard to go.India has some great hospitals but yeah they are generally in major cities.

If we are talking about non anime YouTubers I am nowadays generally watching Longbeachgriffy, Caleb City, Ashish Chalchalani(Indian Youtuber), Pewdipie(Rerely), Hardstoplucas, Vsauce.

For now I don't have any idea to how i am going to do it. I do want to be original.Almost all anitubers start their channel when they start college so that is why this came up to my mind just very recently so that is why I don't have any idea on which format I am going to do.And you are right if I am going to start a YouTube someday then I will have to do it sooner rather than later.
And if we are talking about anitibers I think we like very similar channels because my favorite ones are trash taste boys,Aleczandxr, Nuxtaku, Supereyepatchwolf,Masked man(following him since he had some 30k and I am glad that his channel is growing), Scamboli Reviews.
Gigguk has a very unique style and i want to have very great unique type of content like him.I mean his video is really entertaining to watch.And it also looks like that he also has fun making the video.

I also am not very serious. If I can't have some creative ideas right now I will not make it but when I do then I will definitely make video.I will not try to be pure analytical I want something creative added to it but that creativity is not coming to my mind right now.And yes there are so many youtubers that are just analytical and don't have much creativity and I don't want to be like that.

Thanks, I also hope that all things resolve as soon as possible and in a very positive way.

Also I have just caught up with the chainsaw man and damn, things have gone really crazy.And am really excited for the next chapter(excited to see where denji's character go)
Afzal629 Sep 4, 2020 5:02 AM
Oh, so Subaru suffers more than he did in 1st season,I thought it was impossible for any person to suffer more than that lol.

And well, due to this quarantine I have been going through hell.
My eye sight is decreasing at a very fast rate.Initially I thought that it was a very normal case.I would have gone to a hospital in a big city but due to lockdown I thought I will go in the future.But due to that it got so worse. And today I just had my checkup and I have an eye disease which is very rare and dangerous(Keratoconus)Also this disease has no cure yet,the only thing we can do is stop the progrese..And I was having my college entrance exam too which I expected myself that I can clear it easily but due to my eyesight it didn't go that well.Also I am not watching anime even after exam is because of my eye sight.

I will have my surgery in 3 days and till then I think I will pass my time by reading some manga.(Maybe I will read Kaguya Sama, right now I am reading chainsaw man which is really good).

But also during quarantine since I was not able to use my eye that much I just am usually listening to the anime podcast(trash taste podcast especially) also have been listening to review and analysis.

And that is why if I cant watch I can atleast talk about it(Like with you).

Sorry for the negative talk but talking about it to someone makes you feel a little better so thanks for hearing all that. don't want to be just negative.
So let's switch to another topic. .

I want to start a YouTube channel about anime.I will just do it as a hobby because I have other goals in my mind.(it takes a lot of time for anyone to reach a point where they start to make money)
And if by some miracle I reach enough subs to get a good amount of sallery I will become a full time youtuber.
I will not start it now. I will start it probably after 2-3 years.Anime isn't that much famous here so it is going to be extra hard. It is just like a dream for now.
I really love the living style of some anituber like anime man.It is a job you can enjoy and also make money and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I need much more experience in anime than I have now to talk about it more analytically.Also it takes a lot of creativity to be famous. So what are your thoughts on it. Did you ever thought of becoming one?

I will start my college this year that is why I am having these types of thoughts.

Afzal629 Sep 3, 2020 5:27 AM
I have already watched Fate stay night(2006) version and thought it was ok.But I do regret watching it because it spoiled a little bit of Fate/Zero ending.

At this point I can't even give my honest opinion on hxh. It has been a long time since I watched it. I have to rewatch it to know my honest thoughts.

And you are so right about that. Askeladd is one of the most well written character I have ever seen.
Before watching vinland saga I heard so much great things about Askeladd and got really curious to know why people love him that much. And honestly when I started it I thought why are they praising him.I mean he seemed so selfish and did so much cruel things but when I finished the series,I really had a huge respect for this guy and I was really amazed how well written this character is. That last episode just blew me away. I thought that is how you conclude a masterpiece arc of a masterpiece series.

I experienced one piece through anime and yes I agree it has such a weak adaptation. It deserves so much better.
Also I was already forgetting so many things about one piece and then I made my decision and started reading manga from the very start.But I stopped reading it and thought I will continue it later since it would take another 4-5 years or even more(since it is Oda lol)

I haven't watched rezero season 2.I will watch it all when part 2 also comes out. But yes I am really curious to see how Echidna is as a character.

I see. I havent experienced such burnout yet. I don't get that much time to watch anime and read stuff.But I really want to start Fate Zero so much but unfortunately I can't.I am also watching yu yu hakisho although it has been on hold for so long due to the same reason but I really liked the main cast of yu yu hakusho and also the dark tournament arc.
Afzal629 Sep 2, 2020 2:56 AM
Apologies for the late reply.
I am not really that good at replying in time.

I am a very character driven person and I have heard that F/Z has great characters and also it is the work of one of my favorite author(Gen Urobuchi). So I think I am gonna love it.

HxH has pacing issues but it has some really great episodes, moments and characters. So I myself love it for that reason. It has one of the best antagonist in anime. So I can see why you love HxH so much.Also great hxh character list. Hisoka is probably my 2nd favorite antagonist in anime after Askeladd. I also love Killia a lot.

Steins gate has a really slow start and takes its time to build up the world and its characters so I can understand why many people wouldn't like first half but I personally really enjoyed the first half although I would have prefered the first half to be on same level as second half.So that is why steins gate is a perfect and a masterpiece anime for me. But as you said earlier everyone has different opinion so I can respect that.

My favorite shonen is one piece.It was my favorite of all time until I watched Monogatari Series.And the thing that these both shows have in common is comedy.Most of the arc in Monogatari are really dark but it feels so enjoyable at the same time because it has good dialogue and comedy. Even in the most serious situation,comedy comes so naturally and I love it.
And one piece also has great comedy. It has one of the best shonen arcs too.
So I think I am going to love Gintama since it has great and serious arcs and great comedy. I will try my best to watch it to the end because I have heard really great things(From you and from other people too).

It is so common in the anime community that whenever any new shonen even if it is mediocre comes out,it gets overhyped so much although I agree that normee are the ones who do that.And I also was really upset that vinland saga didn't get the attention it deserved.Vinland saga cannot be even compared to demon slayer imo.

And well Emilia wouldn't make into my top favorite best girl and maybe after watching season 2 I would even prefer Echidna idk lol. But if I have to chose one I would definitely prefer Emilia.
But everyone has different opinion and I respect your opinion. (Still I LOVE EMILIA lol)

Also I am really surprised that you haven't watched Monogatari yet. It is my favorite of all time.Are you planning on watching it in the future?
Afzal629 Sep 1, 2020 11:04 PM
Thanks for sending the FR!
You have seen a lot of anime also I see.
I just started watching anime recently which was 3 years ago. And I have never looked back since then.There are definitely very great shows that I need to watch like Gintama and Fate/Zero.
And I will start F/Z soon.
And great favorites.
I assume hxh is your favorite anime?
I love HxH a lot. It is one of my favorite as well.It would have been close to steins gate for me but there were some flaws in it like the pacing especially in chimera ant which is almost one third of the entire series. So that holds it back to be higher.But still it is easily my 2nd favorite shonen ever.So who are your top 5 characters in HxH?

I need to watch Gintama too. I really wanna get into it because I heard great things about it.

I also really loved vinland saga season 1.I thought that arc was a masterpiece. I need to read the manga because I heard that the best arc in vinland saga is the next arc which is in the manga.

And wow you haven't dropped any single anime yet. That is quite surprising since you are watching it for so long.

And sorry but I LOVE EMILIA.
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