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Death Note

Death Note

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English: Death Note
Japanese: デスノート


Type: TV
Episodes: 37
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 4, 2006 to Jun 27, 2007
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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This seems to be a pretty common comparison - probably because Light and Lelouch are practically the same character. Both shows feature quite a bit more intellectual sparring than your typical shounen fare, and both main characters have very similar personalities (they're closer to being villains than heroes) and abilities (ridiculously powerful but with prominent weaknesses that require careful planning to circumvent).
Both of these Anime deal with notes that fortell things. On one side, you have a strong male lead who writes the death futures, on the other side, you have a weak male lead who sees his own future predicted and his possible death.
Both are about someone with a hidden power that is trying to change the world. Someone close to them is one of the main enemies. Something like that.
Both top tier anime for the Mystery genre. Very entertaining and very well done. If nothing else binds these two anime together, than their flawlessness would do just that. Regardless of whether or not you are fans of this genre, it is still highly likely that you will come to love and enjoy both of these vastly entertaining titles.
It's rare enough for an anime NOT to pander to otaku with sexual fetishes disguised as female characters. Death Note and Terror in Tokyo have roughly FOUR noteworthy female characters between them, much less fanservice! I could recommend the two based solely on that aspect... even though Terror is undermined by its two plot device female characters. But there are NUMEROUS far more concrete similarities, ranging from the tone / direction (subdued real-world grit) to the characters and plot that made me automatically link them in my head.

DN and Terror are mind-game series where geniuses go head-to-head with one another. A police investigation is started in the wake of vigilante acts of terrorism / murder, with a task force formed, and an extremely intelligent detective appears to duel with with his new nemesis / nemeses in the public domain. From there it becomes a game of cat & mouse, with the respective leads leaving clues for the police whilst also covering their tracks perfectly.

Also, it in both series genius children are 'cultivated' at orphanages and - I assume - are ranked according to their intelligence. In Terror the leads even refer to themselves and other children from their orphanage by their numbers, rather than names. In DN each genius child had a false name starting with a different letter from the alphabet, rather than numbers to distinguish themselves. But, regardless, Terror follows DN in terms of the mind games involving more than just the initial characters.

In addition, Near in DN and Five in Terror are introduced as the two series progress; both backed by the FBI. AND THAT HAIR! Fans will argue that both characters' introduction coincides with a nosedive in quality in terms of the series themselves, but Five having little to no motivation, or depth, seems to bother people more than Near.
If you've ever found yourself wondering about what would happen if Light Yagami was a pitcher in a baseball series, instead of attempting to become a God using his notebook of death, then the answer is simple: One Outs. It was made by the same studio, Madhouse, and every aspect of the show - ranging from the dull colour choice and realistic art style to internalised thought emphasis - highlight this fact. It's impossible for anyone aware of Death Note to watch One Outs without thinking 'DEATH NOTE!'. Both the series itself and the way it was adapted are just too similar. Even the vibe the opening and ending give off just screams DARK PSYCHOLOGICAL, as opposed to baseball anime.

What you have to understand about One Outs is that it isn't a sports anime. Baseball, taken to absurd extremes for entertainment purposes, is just for decoration. What One Outs is is a psychological warfare series. Every pitch becomes a life-or-death mental battle. This is because, rather than just winning matches, Toua (the lead of One Outs) bets everything on not giving up even one run. By the end he has to deal with sabotage from his own team, in addition to the opposing team, due to his Light Yagami-esque genius resulting in his 'no outs' contract bonuses costing his team so much money. The series is actually more enjoyable if you don't know anything about baseball and can overlook the baseball rule absurdity.
The series have the same showcase of "Law versus Crime", the only difference is the themes. In terms of characters Death Note revolves around two Genius students with different personality and the anti-hero holding a handy-dandy Reaper Notebook while Psycho-Pass revolves between Cops using Advance Techno weapon that has full duplex psychological inspection that switches the gear from a Neurological paralyze r to Anti-matter shooting bullet and Masterminds that have odd different assassination fetish.
There is a fine line between revenge and justice. Death Note has Light (Kira) hell bent on bringing justice and order to a new world by killing the criminals and ruling by fear. Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) will exact revenge upon your enemy at the price of your soul. At first, right and wrong seems pretty clear cut for both anime; bad guys get punished but as the serieses progress, the lines get blurred. The person in the wrong isn't always the one getting killed/sent to hell.
Both of these series have a similar vibe for me. Both the main characters are highschool students bored of their current lives, who accidentally end up with power over a huge amount of people. They both keep their real identities a secret from their followers, and their followers are a mixture of old, young, rich, poor, etc.

Both series also have darkly fantastical creatures; in Death Note, the Shinigame, and in Durarara, the Dullahan. However, despite their ominous appearances and folktales, neither being is evil. They both give guidance to the main character, without supplying all the information and working for their own cause.

I would definitely recommend Durarara to anyone to enjoyed Death Note, and vica-versa.
Both animes are very similar to each other, both heroes plot an ingenius plan to survive, both keeps you guessing until the end and hunger for the next one, both has amazing storyline.

Kaiji is a genius anime without the supernatural stuff from Death note.
Both are about how the people who have powers use them in the right and clever way to outdo their opponent, and not that if one person has a slightly better power that he wins by default or something like that. They both have that detective vs. plotter, and also they both have that mid-episode cliffhanger where you really have no idea how they would solve or handle the solution, but then they come with the most awesome things that you really never would have thought of. PS: they're both very good animes by default, you should watch them both anyway.
doing what's best for the world is the aim in both..
in death note using a note to get rid of criminals, in Higashi no Eden there is a mobile phone that grants any wish for it's carrier.. and they both have some rules that makes it more like a game..
they also share that there is a companion with each one (shinigami in death note, and juiz in HNE)
it is somewhat similar because both is about solving a case.., in detective conan there are random cases in death note it ahs only one case, the Kira case~ ... both are good ., those two are anime to watch for!
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These anime both has a similar supenseful approach in solving mysteries by out wittting their opponent. Both animes have their characters think of detailed and ingenius plans. Both keeps you guessing.
Both of these happen to have a dark side to the story line, both deal with the supernatural and have a majorly gothic style to the drawings.
Both series contain things/people that control others, except in Higurashi it's not obvious what it is.
There are definitely parallels between the main four geniuses that become engaged in mind-game warfare in Death Note and Legend of the Galactic Heroes; to such an extent that it's very possible for LotGH to have been an inspirational factor for DN's author.

On one side you have pampered pretty boys (Light and Reinhard) that ALWAYS seem to hold all the cards and have events play out in their favour. Their handsome appearances and manipulative abilities are used to their advantage.
On the other, you have pure geniuses (L and Yang) that have to contend with never having the advantage due to their circumstances and never being able to fight on an even playing field. One is eccentric, while the other is lazy and has no desire for warfare of any kind--both failing to appeal in terms of social skills (mainly L, although Yang is also clumsy in this regard) / politically.

There are differences, however. DN has Light and L get to know each other up close and personal as their mental battle plays out. LotGH, on the other hand, only has its leads meet ONCE in its 110 episode entirety: Reinhard and Yang battling it out at a distance by commanding space fleets against each other and making assumptions based on what little they know about each other.

The mind-games having a third factor - circumstance - that pushes the plots in the required directions is too obvious to ignore. Also: successors continuing the battle.
Both are packed with: - shinigami and shinigami eyes - hot bishies - cool storyline
Mysteries, dark settings, detectives..If you liked Death Note you might like Kuroshitsuji, though it's not that serious and a more funny setting. (There are Shounen-Ai hinted themes in Kuroshitsuji, so for the LxLight shippers, you can get your moments in Kuroshitsuji too)
characters fight for their own sense of justice
From the same creators as Death Note, Bakuman will certainly not dissapoint you. There are some small similarities in the story, as it's all about reaching your goals, and there is also a lot of rivalry between the characters. If you have an interest in maybe slightly autistic characters (as far as I know it was never really confirmed), Eiji Nizuma from Bakuman makes me think of L from Death Note.
Death Note turned comedy. MC from both series are intelligent and confident in their abilities. Playing mind games with anyone who faces them. In Death Note: MC uses the power of the Death Note to create a new world. While in No Game No Life: Sora and Shina ( Siblings) are transported to a fantasy world where they play a game. Both series involves Life and Death situations. One is dark while other comedy and ecchi at times.
Both are great, mature, serious psychological anime made by the same studio (Mad House) and with the amazing character design of Takeshi Obata (but only for the first 4 episodes of Aoi Bungaku).
Raito & Yozo are very similar: both are handsome, well-known young men with their own vision of the world and who don't have a good relationship with society. Oh, they both have a lovely crazy laughter, too.
Very similar in that there is a supernatural cause making people die. They are both thrillers but Death Note has some deep thinking aspects while Another is Horror
Although the main storyline is completely different, I had a feeling like I watched Yagami Light adventures in a different universe... Why? First of all the character design is similar, secondly how he thinks and acts, yes an anime character that actually thinks!!! In many cases the action felt like it was a battle of minds with careful strategy rather than mindless chase/shoot... I didn't expect the anime with title like that would be so good, I was impressed and I would put it next to Death Note...
This anime has the same level of thrill. It's not as good as the death note masterpiece but it is really good. I recomend it to all thrill seekers
While it wouldn't seem they have much in common i felt both were amazingly deep and both kept me interested all the way through and made me have this feeling like "This is awesome."
Both of these series deal with the concept of Human life and essentially how much it's worth. They both are commentaries on how people devalue human life.
These anime have overall a very similar feeling to me.
Firstly, both are serious, dark, mature, and psychological anime which deal with crimes, death, making plans and strategies, murders, secret identities. Both have secret organizations, mystery, police, guns, bishounen, some violence, and no comedy.
In both we see the male protagonist’s life and personality changing completely after a certain event.
Plus, some characters are incredibly similar (Raito=Zwei, Reiji Namikawa=Raymond McGuire, Shingo Midou=Shiga, Misa=young Cal).
Both have a good OST, and I’ve instantly found Death Note’s 2nd OP & Phantom’s 1st ED visually very similar (not to mention that Zwei’s sexy grin in the ending theme reminded me of Raito in Kira mode).
Last but not least, both have amazing character design and animation, but uber disappointing endings.
Both Ergo Proxy and Death Note are anime that present battles of wit instead of pure strength and flashy moves. Anyone who feels up to it should follow up Death Note. And vice versa...
Same Animation Studio, OP by same band, deals with the supernatural, overall both are excellent series.
While both of these shows have different storylines, they both feature a clever and somewhat cold protagonist who plans his every move very carefully. Both are very entertaining.
Lots of death and dark storylines, characters that arent who they appear to be to other characters in the series, great music.
Steins;Gate are similar in the way that they both require critical thinking and your absolute attention for a clear understanding of what is really going on. Both these anime"s are dark, though Steins;Gate starts of with a lot of humour.Also, the voice actor of the main characters are indeed the same.
These two are both similar genres containing mind tricks, undercover agents, secrecy and the aspect that sucks you in. they both keep you well at the edge of your seat. It's understandable after watching it.
Both are about unexplainable deaths related to supernatural. In both, fighting and surviving is a matter of intelligence and there are twists and surprises. Personally I enjoyed Shiki more, because it gives a deeper development to its characters and a more intricate plot. Still, Both are awesome animes that will keep you thrilled till the end, so if you enjoyed one, you will probably enjoy the other.
Though not similar in atmosphere and plot, both male protagonist have an incredible ability to solve problems heuristically and analyze situations in a way no other characters can.
They are similar by the share intensity of each and every episode. You just want more and more. Its kind of hard holding back untill two episodes go past. But in comparison these two are both great
*This is a three way reccomendation, as this (likely threw coincidence) has taken popular elements out of Durarara and Deathnote, added a few modern cliche character types and tried to turn it into something new*
*Kamisama almost meets Durarara!! and Deathnote in the middle; whether or not it is of equal or even half good quailty is still yet to be seen*

Kamisama and Deathnote:
- Starts with young, passive highschool boys who come across as intelligent
- A 'high power' who goes by one name and acts threw technology
- Creepy smart child who still harbours innocents playing the high-up boss (Alice = Near)
- Same boss is quirky and enjoys sweet treats (Alice = L, the guy Near replaced)
- Immoral activity plays on the minds of the mains
- A decent, yet not too close relationship with his family (basically, he'd get away with a lot, parents not knowing better)
- 'Memo pad of the Gods', 'Deathnote' (a notebook of a death god)
Spice and Wolf is the Death Note of romance anime. You have a similar plotting protagonist - not one who's out to rule the world, but rather the marketplace. If you enjoyed the "out-thinking my opponents" and "conceiving and executing a plan in the face of adversity" of Death Note, Spice and Wolf will give you more of the same.

In addition, both have supernatural companions who have enhanced senses that help them in their plotting. Light, however, isn't in love with Ryuk =p
Both series leave you constantly at the edge of your seat with your heart pounding. Both manage to create a rather sinister atmosphere in the background. That being said, an anime about Mahjong may not have the generic appeal that a Death Note has, so don't follow this advice blindly.
This may seem a bit of a stretch, but both series have very dark storylines involving lots of delicious manipulation and mind-screwery. They also each have characters pursuing their own controversial brand of justice.
Both have logic and psychological fights and death involved
Both are psychological, and will keep you at the edge of your seat.
both has more on drama,action and especially more on blood thing xD...
Dig out your sleuth hats. Both series follow a plot that is very challenging to figure out. While Ghost in the Shell has a greater focus on action, Death Note and GitS share the ability to baffle with plot twists and complex schemes.
Both shows:
*Produced by Madhouse.
*Main characters are accompanied by a being that is outside of their ''normal'' world.
*Main characters hide their secret from everyone else.
*People having ''mysterious deaths'', although the causes are different in each show.

Although there are many differences, they are both great if you enjoy series with good quality and dark undertone.
The elements of mystery and suspense are all there. Though the plots are both very different, I think if you enjoy the type of anime Death Note is, then you'll definitely love Shion...
Believe it or not ... It is a bit like Death Note. I feel like some of the themes are the same. "Every one loses" is one of them. It feels ... gritty ... but clean at the same time. And I feel that the elements tie together into one big great anime.
It's a original and also deep thinking story where the characters face each other choosing what they consider to be right or wrong, leading to a big development of events.
Brilliant minds. Life and death situations. Story gets darker just as Death Note does.
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As soon as I saw Death Parade, I couldn't help but associate it with Death Note. Both series revolve around death and even though themes/plots are different in a sense, the atmosphere is quite similar.
An ideal watch for those who enjoyed either of the series and if you are new to anime and only just finished Death Note and are looking for more, Death Parade is your next best bet.
These shows do touch on dark themes such as power-abuse, betrayal, crimes, and deaths, giving them a mystery and psychological thriller feel, along with tragedy, so I feel they may be similar in that way.
Both animes are very similar to each other, both heroes plot an ingenius plan to survive, both keeps you guessing until the end and hunger for the next one, both has amazing storyline.

Kaiji is a genius anime without the supernatural stuff from Death note.
Both series start with an average boy encountering the sole fantasy element in an otherwise true-to-life setting and being irresistibly drawn into a world in which is allowed to demonstrate his true abilities and judgment. And of course they both have a flair for the dramatic: board games and notebooks have never been so thrilling!
Both these anime involve solving supernatural mystery (singular for death note, plural for gosick)
The differences show where the super smart protagonist is male in Death Note but female in Gosick.
Victorique has wierd habits and solves mysteries insanely fast and police often rely on her, just like L. She also only takes cases that interest her, just like L. Also Gosick is told from protagonist point of view, where as Death Note is told from antagonist point of view (mostly)
-Both animes have a type of "intellectual" battle going on. They both feature battles of wits. Even though Hunter x Hunter focuses more on action and Death Note with more psychological aspects, they still closely coincide with each other.
-Both protagonists are in pursuit of a goal. Light to become God and Gon to find his father
Maybe it's just me, but "notebook that kills people" is kind of like "camera that explodes shit".
There's a slight difference: The theme of Death Note is justice/morality, while Speed Grapher is about corruption and vice.
Protagonist non-intentionally stumbles upon a supernatural power. The power poses a danger for mankind and the protagonist (as well as other "ghouls" in Tokyo Ghouls) must avoid a police-like group.
Both have a dark, gritty atmosphere. The main characters are interesting, and very well-developed. Death lurks behind every corner in both anime, and the Japanese voice acting is professional. Make sure to check them both out, as they both are really good and stay true to the manga.
Both are mature anime with both fantastic and horror elements. They pose philosophical questions regarding justice, morality and perspective, showcasing the contrast between two strong male leads that represent the dark and light sides of the moral issues posed. They show gritty realism and mature themes, both are awesome shows for people who like to think as well as be surprised by something new and immersive. Zetman is much shorter, a little more science-fiction-based, and full of action, while Death Note is longer, more analytical and supernatural, and full of suspense and thrills. Both are interesting, well done anime on the borderline between seinen and shounen.
It's dark! It's depressing and has death! Supernatural hoo-ha! Boobies! .. Er .. Actually, X and DN are just really good and you should watch both! Both are big on character and plot development, and have that same 'omg world is ending' feel .. Except X is more literal! ^w^
Both anime revolve around constantly changing plots and unique characters with intense thrilling moments and complex character profiles. If you like mystery and psycho thrillers these are the anime for you.
Not many people may think of Death Note related to Danganronpa but the two series shares a number of similarities.

On the surface, both series involves mystery where the main character uses their intellect to solve problems and conflicts. The main characters from both series are intelligent and often uses clues and their own experiences, observations, and are capable of dealing with complex situations.

There is a sense of psychological atmosphere as the episodes progresses where the mysteries gets more and more complex. Among these mysteries revolves around death and discovery of crucial evidence in order to combine pieces to a puzzle to a greater ordeal. There is also supernatural elements involved in both series that are abnormal and out of this world.
They both contain large amounts of blood and killing.
Both of these shows involve a ridiculous amount of plotting and tactical gambits. They both take place in a modern day setting, but both have a supernatural element involved. Fate/Zero has a lot more major characters and different motivations whereas Death Note has a 1v1 feel, but there is a life-and-death competition in both and plenty of suspense as you wonder what the characters have up their sleeve next.
Both series focus on psychological issues, crime, and motivation. An eccentric yet brilliant detective also figures prominently in both anime.
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gives you the same feeling of the anime, and shares the dark and sinister p.o.v
Both are dark series that deal with the paranormal. The paranomal dealt with is ugly, in each series own way. And that is not meant as an insult.
Persona 4 sometimes give off the same dark feel that death note emits. Also Yuu and Light's physical character design are the same. Only difference is that Light has a red hair.
Both are really dark anime and have someone and something from another world.In Pandora hearts Alice gives Oz a power that she has and in Death Note Ryuk gives Light a power that he has.Both are just really good anime and I love both.
Both are dark, involve moves that cause instant heart failure, things like hostage situations and car chases, and characters that have to think very carefully before executing complex plans.
Both are supernatural dramas featuring teenage protagonists and police investigations.
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Another mystery anime from Madhouse studios.
the way they solve murder cases, two detectives
Both have main characters that gain power and go nuts with it. Both classic examples of ultimate power corrupts absolutely. Light and Kouichi both have that evil laugh.
Another Madhouse over-acclaimed show that, imho, only deserves a watch for its awesome technical side: top notch OST, uncanny lighting, very fluid and detailed animation, outstanding directing and much more.
Of course and still imho, if you are looking for a rock hard story with thing like coherency and a well developed character psychology, I wish you good luck searching elsewhere...
Fight to change the world (Death Note-Psychological and Gundam 00-Physical and Mecha), light and dark moments, tragedy, twists, and similar outcomes and conclusions
Peace solutions through the concept of "ends justify the means" are applied to both shows through characters who fight whether it's through good, evil, or neutral. Death Note however is between the battle of geniuses and wits whereas Gundam Wing is between pilots and soldiers.
Light and Char are extremists who are trying to end corruption through any means. The only difference is that Light is trying to create a utopia whereas Char wants to move people out of Earth.
There is the expression in Russia "Scandals, intrigues, investigations". This phrase most fully opens similarity of these two works. Blood, murder, a detective, extraordinary history - all is here.
Both series have a protagonist with a determined way for victory. Death note has more mind battles, while Fate/zero has more fights.
Characters fight to change the world back to the way it was against an enemy who changed it. Dark and gritty tone increased as well as suspense.
Conflicts revolve around moralities as well as peace seeking solutions, anti heroism, drama, villainy, and ends to justify means involved. Gilbert Durandal's motives and intentions are similar to Light Yagami.
Light and Kaiba are similar due to their character and personality. Both shows involve strategy, intellectuals, spiritual beings, school, and rivalry.
The setting is similar in Japan and real life but deals with spirits as well. Sense of Justice, blood, suspense, twists, and dramatic moments are involved as well.
The point of view of the two main characters (Sven and Selene) is similar to Light and L (Villain Protagonist and Hero Antagonist). Both stories are dark, tragic, and intense.
Both are psychological anime about shinigami (death gods) that only selected can see. While in Death Note the main character is trying to kill people, In Kuro no Sumika he´s trying to save them.
Anime that both worship gods and have spacial plot in the environment. The both consist of deep thoughs and inner emotion of the anime and continues with critical thinking to be made.
-Both Light and Kaito are geniuses with crazy deductive skills while toeing the line between right and wrong (Light kills only 'bad' people and Kaito steals jewels in order to avenge someone dear)

-Both also really love to outwit people and will gleefully explain how exactly they did it.
CG Akito like CG is mecha and tactics but takes the same approach as DN as they are both about dark stories that revolve around supernatural users who fight for their own cause. One aspect however catches me fascinating since Shin reminds me of so much of Teru Mikami and they have the same seiyuu. Death Note on the other hand is as good as CG while CG Akito is trying to be up there in the next 2 episodes which is potentially possible. Last of all the animation quality is superb and it enthralls you with every detail as possible to make the story good.
Similar characters with a cold dark air about them but are highly intelligent, and have a special ability.
similar feel to the anime (if you truly watch anime you know what I mean)
Similar characters with a cold, dark air about them. They both kill in extraordinary ways and are lone wolves that use others/clients
similar feel to the anime (if you truly watch anime you know what I mean)
If you love the cat and mouse psychological chases in this anime, you will adore Death Note.
Similar characters with a cold dark air about them but are highly intelligent, and have a special ability.
similar feel to the anime (if you truly watch anime you know what I mean)
Both anime have similar characters, not so much a similar story line.
The main male character plays the anti-hero and get help from some sort of supernatural being

(watch the first two seasons in order to understand the relationship an story of Shakugan no Shana).
Pein and Light Yagami (Kira) wants to rule the world through their God Complex like traits only to be opposed by Naruto and L in their respective shows. Both are different in terms of character's point of views to change the world in different ways. Only the main story in both Naruto and Death Note are centered in that. Madara and Mikami also have similar design and personality as well.
D Gray Man and Death Note have very similar plotlines. The main protagonists are trying to rid the world of evil in their own unique ways, whether it be with a notebook that has the power to kill people or with an anti akuma weapon. D Gray Man has more action in it, but both series have a plot that will draw you in and will keep you addicted for weeks on end.
They are both methodical. They make you think and try and figure things out as you go. You never know what will happen next.
Dark animes with books and mystery/supernatural involved.

Both have contracts with demons.
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-Both of these anime deal with the theme of trying to be as equal or greater than god

-Also deals with the sense making the world a better place to live in.

-Using violence in order to stop violence is quite present in both anime

*Death Note deals with killing criminals to achieve the goal and in Jormungand stopping all wars by shutting down the skies

*In order to achieve these goals, Light uses a death note while Koko uses satellites and a quantum computer
The characters are very strong and proud. They don't doubt themselves at all.
Both anime have a main character who gains a special ability and use it to "save the world" but Ty end up getting corrupt in the process.
If you love dark anime with gorry scens then these two are for you. The stoies have a dark premies about them that youll love
Both have mc with incredible deducing skills, the stories involve police, detectives, both have a darker vibe to them.
While Death Note does not include the science fiction elements Ghost in the Shell does and Ghost in the Shell does not have the one on one revelry of Death Note, they both deal with tough ethical dilemmas. In addition both of their stories have moments and ideas that are interesting and inventive. Both of them make you think and are full of brilliant ideas.
Since this Valvrave is similar to Code Geass, you may be familiar with Death Note or either way. A lot of twists, suspense, funny moments, and dark moments happen out of nowhere in both shows. L-Elf is like Lelouch who is like Light Yagami as well. Characters use supernatural powers but in a different way: Valvrave-Mecha and Death Note-Psychological.
Both anime have a huge amount of fear elements worked into them, and suspense is a key element. Murder is the center of the story for both shows, and each has its own style of immorality.
Chrno Crusade is similar to Death Note in that it digs into people's beliefs and mistakes.
Both are extremely captivating murder mysteries, while Death note focuses on the supernatural Denpateki simply relies on the darkness found in all humans. The mystery in both is quite entertaining as well as well written. Also Ochibana resembles "L" in many ways and provides the same type of detective prowess that makes Death Note so great.
Death is ever present in both of these anime. It's a main theme and kinda makes you have to realize tht death is an every day thing. Both show the consequences of death on the minds of people ...
Light and Ryuuichi share a lot in common: they're both sociopaths, they're both willing to use and discard women, they both view their families as expendable, and they're both more than willing to do anything to achieve their goals. They should be best friends, really.

Blue Flames is a lot more appealing to those lacking vaginas - that has to be said. Its story is about a guy sleeping with various woman, getting what he wants, and then moving on to his next target - not giving a damn about their feelings. It's captivating because so rarely does something show the true selfishness of humans, but it goes without saying that the ladies won't be best pleased seeing representations of their own gender getting deceived over and over/won over by the power of Ryuuichi's penis... Of course, it also goes without saying that they wouldn't mind so much if the story was about a woman tricking foolish men instead.

You probably won't like Ryuuichi very much, but - just like in the case of Light - you might still find yourself cheering him on order to see what nastiness he has up his sleeve next.
Both are cerebral shonen that have little to no fighting in them. Both have a stylistic darkness in the art style. Both involve excellently executed melodrama.
Both shows make you think - ''Who is the real evil in this world?''
Maincharacters have two options: do nothing or change everything.
Also, the artstyle is quite similar in both series.

If you have a mood for dark, yet amazing anime, give them a try.
The MC's are similar in their moral ambiguity, uncompromising ideals and the-ends-justify-the-means philosophy.
Death note is similar to GunxSword down to two main characters...
'Light' could be cosidered a villian or anti-hero, just like the character known as 'The Claw' in GunXSword.

Both Light and 'The Claw' are murderers with a God complex, yet both belive that are doing the right thing.

It's up to you however, who are you rooting for?
Both can be realistic in a way and have very understandable human characteristics esp. NANA which actually made me cry at points. Death note is good for the psychological views of humans and our sadistic evil nature.
I can't believe this one hasn't been added yet! They both involve killing criminals and questionable morals.
Completely different plot-wise, but the foundation of the same studio, director, and lead actor give a kind of deja vu feel. Other factors like a handsome but morally-dubious protagonist, a similar aesthetic sense, an overall dark tone, frenetic pace, and clever but secretive and occasionally treacherous cast make it a sealed deal.
Both are dark. Both are philsophical. Plus, if you sqiunt, Count D kinda has traits of both Raito and L.
Both are about having notebooks that could change fate - one controls death while the other controls fate but comes with a price instantly. Deathnote has a darker tone and heavier messages/wordy whereas penguindrum has a deep tone but makes up for it using colorful artwork as well as whacky music and mahou shoujo theme anime.
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While I was watching "Silent Service" I couldn't help but thinking "damn this is like "Death Note"! Now here me out, I know it sounds odd at first that a submarine War drama set in the cold war, and a Mystery/ Psychological thriller set in modern day Japan would be anything alike, but let me explain.

Both animes have a type of "intellectual" battle going on. They both feture battles of wits. And while "Death Note" pits L verses Light, "Silent Service" puts Captain Shiro Kaieda against the world. In "Silent Service" you watch Kaieda use his wit, and unconventional use of a submarine (a highly advanced one, in fact the most advanced sub in the world) to outsmart, and outfight the U.S. Navy (it's entire Pacific Fleat) and at times Japan's SDF Navy. In "Death Note" we watch Light outsmart the worlds best police and detectives, and fight a "battle of wits" against L. While in "Death Note" international geopolitics keeps coming up in regards to Kira, it's not a main part of the show and always in the backdrop, however i"Silent Service" is almost entirely about realistic intense international geopolitics , especially the relationship between the U.S. and Japan.

And in both shows you can't walk away, and come back 5 minutes later, or you will be lost. Things happen very fast, and the status quo changes faster then you can blink!

Also in both series one man is out to change the world, and has a weapon of incredible power. In "Silent Service" Shiro Kaieda has the most advanced nuclear submarine in the world, and wants to change the world with it. In "Death Note" Light wants to make the world a better place by use of the supernatual notebook, the Death Note, which is an increble tool, and become the new God of the world. Both of these characters are so alike it's scary. They are both 100% sure of themselves, and outsmart the worlds best multiple times. They think what they are doing is right, and could be considered red the main villian of their anime series by many people (although not all), even though they are both the main characters.

While I find "Death Note" to the the better of the two, do not dismiss "Silent Service" as even for it's lenght and age it still has some great moments, and is a fun watch. "Death Note" is much more suspensful though, and that is where it is the strongest. "Silent Service" focuses more on political intrigue and that is where it is strongest.

If you like one of these, check out the other!
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Both have detective type of story with paranormal issues. And watching both of them makes you want to see more and more!
They both have the same dark theme. The art is dark, as so is the story.
And plus, Kigeki has to do with The Black Swordsman liking a certain type of book, while in Death Note, there's a book that can kill other people.
Aku no Hana gives some kind of dark vibe, grain of interest out similar to Death Note. Also, it seems like both of the stories are involved with a weird book/notebook that plays a role in the story. So if you liked Death Note and are up for calm, yet creepy stories, you should give Aku no Hana a try.
Believe it or not, if you liked Ookami Kakushi, you'll LOVE death note. If you loved Death Note, you'll either like or love Ookami Kakushi. :3
Both animes have an amazing plot, both animes have INCREDIBLE artwork and animation, both start off ''^_^ '' and process more to the ( °_° ) kind of anime.
Death Note :: Mysterious deaths going on, by the deathnote notebook. Kira writes the name down. The Shinigami(Death God) is always by the kira's side, and knows the rules+punishments of the deathnote.

Ookami Kakushi :: Mysterious deaths going on, too.. by someone*i'm not naming anyone because it kind of counts as a spoiler if I say who it is :[ * .

They both kind of have the same theme. :]
I STRONGLY suggest this recommendation.
Adicted story lines with action and unpredictable endings. Both are created with clever minded scenes full of strategy and slice of fantasy.
Death Note is similar to the everyday life and Code Geass is similar to the World War with high advanced weapons.
These two anime fight to create a new and bether world with different methods.
Both have dark story-lines and twist's.
conflict between the main characters
Super-natural themes
dramatic build up
both are battles between diametrically opposed forces of dark vs. light with forces and both ends changing sides occasionally...both are about creating reality from our imagination and the responsibility we bear for what we create...both are morality tales that question why man commits murder and the world it has created.......and both show that redemption is possible (for some)...........
Both series are created by the same author (in original manga form). Although they aren't the same genre, the main characters are both very well developed. Both main characters want to achieve their goal although the goals themselves are totally different. The way they handle the situations they come in is very similar, they treat them with pure logic. If you like main characters who are total geniuses and would do anything in order to achieve their goals, then these series are for you!
Both series are created by the same author (in original manga form). Although they aren't the same genre the main characters are both very good developed. Both main characters want to achieve their goal although the goals themselves are totally different. The way they handel the situation they come in is very similar, they treat them with pure logic. If you like main characters who are total geniuses and would do anythhing in order to achieve their goals, than these series are for you!
Main character is voiced by Miyano Mamoru (in the same timbre as well) - also the main characters of both shows are very crazy, spontaneous and have a "badass" vibe to them. Both shows in general pull lots of twists and have very unnatural situations. A supernatural aspect lies in both. Both main characters' love interests are blonde (and are full of fanservice).
Both has shinginams in it that oversees the main Charcthers actions,But other than that they are pretty different.Death Note is mainly a mystery while Soul Eater is more a shounen.
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Well, to begin with, both anime have the main theme of psychology. There are twists and turns in the plot which leave you baffled and at the edge of your seat. On top of this, the Man in Death Billards and Light in Death Note both gradually spiral into insanity.
Both have a gothic feel to them, both deal with mystery, not to mention they have a mild psycology effect to them.
It's mysterious, amazing .. and Many characters are evil and dark.
Overall both have the same - this sad but in the end happy aura, which makes them both very good anime. well of course D.N. is more tragical.
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If you like battle of wits and have plans that spans over time; these two have it! Both involve the main characters devising strategies and to out do the other opponent.
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-Human(s) gain amazing power
-Fight to save the world
-Evil non-human comic relief character (Ryuuk and Dung Beetle)
-Many people die
A main character seeks to change the world in secret but must consider the sacrifices he must make in order to do this.
The 3rd season of Jigoku Shoujo now gives more emphasis on how injustice annihilates justice.

Both series deal with morality that ranges from white to black. In both series, there is no absolute good or evil, mostly everything is debatable. Both series focus on human morality (mostly dark shades of gray). ... Both series show that humans are bastards. There's a lot to be learned from watching these shows.
I wonder why nobody made this recommendation, as L and BPS are similar in many ways:
- similar outer looks (round back, sleepy eyes, shabby clothes);
- both are extremely clever;
- both are badly adjusted to the real world, and both need another person as a support (Watari in DN, Misao in BPS);
- similar way of working (both prefer freelancing and take only the cases they're interested in, main part of work is done via computer, both use nicknames).
However, L isn't interested in women while BPS may have a look under a girl's skirt.
Both anime revolve around death although in different ways.
Both anime are EXTREMELY supernatural & hard to explain